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  1. Cody Blaszak

    Cody BlaszakMonth ago

    Next year go to the Wisconsin dells wilderness

  2. Cody Blaszak

    Cody BlaszakMonth ago

    Hey I love daily bumps water park

  3. Lifestyle of Lex

    Lifestyle of Lex3 months ago

    It seems like every water park you guys went too, they got older🥺🥺🥺 I love your boys❤️they are growing up soo fast!!

  4. Mahra K

    Mahra K3 months ago

    The first DB video I ever watched is when ollie got stuck in the water park 2014. 🙂

  5. kenmaiscute

    kenmaiscute4 months ago

    *i hit my head*

  6. genny Whitley

    genny Whitley4 months ago

    I remember when brain hit his head an the waterfall

  7. jj_xx_beauty

    jj_xx_beauty4 months ago

    Bryan has lost so much weight like if u agree ❤️❤️🔥🔥

  8. Michael Hazelwood

    Michael Hazelwood5 months ago

    So cute the flash back

  9. Nova World

    Nova World5 months ago

    I went to Hersheypark like about two days ago and it was really fun I hope you guys get to go

  10. Avery Brown

    Avery Brown5 months ago

    That looks so fun

  11. B-rock W

    B-rock W5 months ago


  12. Kathryn Gordon

    Kathryn Gordon5 months ago

    ANOTHER recap issue? Enough already

  13. Kathryn Gordon

    Kathryn Gordon5 months ago

    Those of us in Phoenix are laughing at those of you out there complaining about the heat. ;)

  14. Chloe Becker

    Chloe Becker5 months ago

    Oh my god Finn got so big

  15. That girl Isabel Vlogs and more

    That girl Isabel Vlogs and more5 months ago

    I love you guys so much, your such an amazing family. I have watched you guys since before Ollie was born. Finn and Ollie are amazing

  16. Vic Valencian

    Vic Valencian5 months ago


  17. Laura Evenden

    Laura Evenden5 months ago


  18. Caroline rowley

    Caroline rowley5 months ago

    hi gys

  19. Delaney K.

    Delaney K.5 months ago

    me when i saw their fence in the back: waterpark you say?

  20. Diamond Man

    Diamond Man5 months ago

    I love your vids

  21. Ellies life

    Ellies life5 months ago

    Why are there no comments only 411

  22. Raven Elliott

    Raven Elliott5 months ago

    I’ve been watching u for 6 years

  23. Sh00k

    Sh00k5 months ago

    You should take them to Aerosports trampoline park!

  24. Tayla Brookes

    Tayla Brookes5 months ago

    Oh it's not

  25. Tayla Brookes

    Tayla Brookes5 months ago

    That's no fair I want but I can't cause corona and how dis you cause of corona

  26. Amy Valdez

    Amy Valdez5 months ago


  27. Jayel Dela Cruz ll

    Jayel Dela Cruz ll5 months ago

    I finally found you guys after not watching you guys for 3 years! Keep up the great work

  28. Gursimran Sohal

    Gursimran Sohal5 months ago

    Its more hot in the Philippines 🇵🇭

  29. haley sinn

    haley sinn5 months ago

    Apparently sun splash was open

  30. Karen Hoyt

    Karen Hoyt5 months ago

    Fun Fun!!!!

  31. ᑭEᗩᑕh̶ᒪIKEᔕᗷu̶ᗷᗷᒪETEᗩ

    ᑭEᗩᑕh̶ᒪIKEᔕᗷu̶ᗷᗷᒪETEᗩ5 months ago

    but why during corona-

  32. Kay Morrow

    Kay Morrow5 months ago

    Bro I haven’t watched you in like 3 years the boys are getting so big!

  33. christopher khalaf

    christopher khalaf5 months ago


  34. Hannah Plays

    Hannah Plays5 months ago

    I went to the great wolf lodge 4 years ago it’s so fun!!!!

  35. Charene Stuart

    Charene Stuart5 months ago

    Marry me senpi im a wifu♥️♥️JK XD JUST IVE NEVER SEEN U

  36. Caroline McCall

    Caroline McCall5 months ago

    I love Daily Bumps

  37. Eddie Travis

    Eddie Travis5 months ago

    watching the beginning is so sad seeing ollie grow up make my eyes water. 😃😭😃😭😭😭

  38. RocketFire

    RocketFire5 months ago


  39. Montanna Anderson

    Montanna Anderson5 months ago

    Omg I watched you like 5or 6 years ago y'all look so different:O

  40. Paul Abbott

    Paul Abbott5 months ago

    Its soon crazy to think that that was 5 years ago I was 7 I'm 12 now😮

  41. Tyson Hall

    Tyson Hall5 months ago

    For some reason I actually thought they were at the waterpark

  42. Dani Vargas

    Dani Vargas5 months ago

    Add the fire our house the fire is gone

  43. Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog

    Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog5 months ago

    This is so cute and adorable I love this family so much

  44. Toga Himiko

    Toga Himiko5 months ago

    8:41 Aphmau Emerald Secret Song:Be with you

  45. Jayden TV 37

    Jayden TV 375 months ago

    Casey is

  46. Jean

    Jean5 months ago

    Anyone else remember this like it was yesterday?🥺💘

  47. Ekam Singh

    Ekam Singh5 months ago


  48. Adamari

    Adamari5 months ago

    I haven’t watched you guys since finn was a couple months old and your boys have gotten so big!

  49. Cloroxcockoxx900

    Cloroxcockoxx9005 months ago

    Been while watching them

  50. vale g

    vale g5 months ago

    first time watching your vids after years!!, omg they’re so big ahh 🥺🥺🥺

  51. Heather Hart

    Heather Hart5 months ago

    Me and My family are getting horses!I love riding horses!

  52. Morgan In motion

    Morgan In motion5 months ago

    Who thinks that the lanning fam is so cute

  53. Killian Batdorf

    Killian Batdorf5 months ago

    Hey missy your sister is having a baby

  54. Mercedes Cabrera

    Mercedes Cabrera5 months ago

    I love you guys so much you guys make me happy every time I am sad or mad

  55. kindly cash

    kindly cash5 months ago

    ur family is so cute!

  56. Jayden TV 37

    Jayden TV 375 months ago

    Case Is 👶🏼

  57. Killian Batdorf

    Killian Batdorf5 months ago


  58. Lily Delfgou

    Lily Delfgou5 months ago

    Who else just stated watching them since they stopped in 2017 😂 I loved you guys! And I still do ❤️😅

  59. Lily Delfgou

    Lily Delfgou5 months ago

    Amna Alobaidly haha 😂

  60. Amna Alobaidly

    Amna Alobaidly5 months ago

    I though I was the only one 😂

  61. Amelia Paco Mimi

    Amelia Paco Mimi5 months ago

    Human skin starts melting at 100°

  62. Amelia Paco Mimi

    Amelia Paco Mimi5 months ago

    Bloggers sometimes don't even experience the experience to the fullest because they are so worried about filming


    LIL PEWIZ5 months ago

    HI I LOVE you guys I Been Watching you for 5 years and I am 11 right now

  64. svgblossom 2007

    svgblossom 20075 months ago

    When are u guys going to have another baby

  65. Views_lul

    Views_lul5 months ago

    Not only have the boys gotten so big but I never realized how much weight Bryan lost, it’s so cool and I’m so proud of him

  66. Murktime 834

    Murktime 8345 months ago

    I haven’t watched you guys in such a long time I missed so much

  67. Robert Miller

    Robert Miller5 months ago


  68. The 4 musketeers

    The 4 musketeers5 months ago


  69. Mila Carr

    Mila Carr5 months ago

    Where the OG (non-corona time) fans at

  70. Andrew Saucier

    Andrew Saucier5 months ago

    I am at Disney world when you filmed

  71. Tami Simpson

    Tami Simpson5 months ago

    and it has a waterpark

  72. Tami Simpson

    Tami Simpson5 months ago

    we are at Lagoon in Utah

  73. Riley McLaughlin

    Riley McLaughlin5 months ago

    I love waterside I love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️

  74. Mike Law

    Mike Law5 months ago

    It’s not possible for your eyes to sweat

  75. matthew grace

    matthew grace5 months ago

    how old are ollie and finn?

  76. Mega Harry Potter Fan

    Mega Harry Potter Fan5 months ago

    The beginning gave me such nostalgia. Can’t believe the boys have gotten so big 😭❤️❤️

  77. Jamie Shaw

    Jamie Shaw5 months ago

    The temperature where y’all live would feel so good to me because I live in Texas

  78. I-Property

    I-Property5 months ago

    And Bryan also lost weight

  79. Bryan Ziga

    Bryan Ziga5 months ago

    Here I don t no what to say but some people are telling you that they will not be able to help you

  80. Isaac De Los Santos

    Isaac De Los Santos5 months ago

    I’ve watched them since they had 30k subs

  81. Isaac De Los Santos

    Isaac De Los Santos5 months ago

    Me coming back after 4-5 years of not watching them- I watched since Olive was not born-... And I come back seeing his brother and him grown up...

  82. MZ J

    MZ J5 months ago

    Fun Times! Good Memories Guys XO 💋 I always have loved how Finn keeps up and is down for anything Ollie does. They're both so adorable and of course baby Ollie💙💙

  83. Solo Slice

    Solo Slice5 months ago

    I love the intro

  84. Foxy Boi

    Foxy Boi5 months ago

    Last time I watched 4 years ago

  85. Xxxsnoweyxxx1

    Xxxsnoweyxxx15 months ago

    I stoped watching you and never will stop never again

  86. Xxxsnoweyxxx1

    Xxxsnoweyxxx15 months ago

    It is 23 in the United Kingdom and I am boiling

  87. Mia Spencer

    Mia Spencer5 months ago

    my god you brother ollie and finn baby over my god jesus

  88. Chalk

    Chalk5 months ago


  89. Vicky Nguyen

    Vicky Nguyen5 months ago

    Maybe you guys should try camping

  90. LPS Wolfie

    LPS Wolfie5 months ago

    U r Lucky l Iove y'all

  91. Mikena Meehan

    Mikena Meehan5 months ago


  92. Ried Symonds

    Ried Symonds5 months ago

    OMG I love your family and so sorry that the corona is messing up the water park trip

  93. WinterAndKat

    WinterAndKat5 months ago

    Who’s been here since Ollie went through the tunnel?

  94. Tayson Gaxiola

    Tayson Gaxiola5 months ago

    I met you at raging waters 4 years ago

  95. christy weber

    christy weber5 months ago

    hey i dont have a pool yet not fare


    SLIME_VCR ASMR5 months ago

    Looking at baby Finn and Oliver makes me wonder when are you gonna bring the next baby Comment if you think they should try for a baby TODAY.

  97. Sophie Taylor

    Sophie Taylor5 months ago

    The first ever daily bumps video I watched was when Ollie was one and he went through the tunnel

  98. Christy Bourque

    Christy Bourque5 months ago

    Our local water park didn't open this year too! Was missing it this year too!

  99. Ella Bella Sullo

    Ella Bella Sullo5 months ago

    Who else was watching since Ollie was a baby


    CHAZY CHAZ5 months ago

    Looking back at videos, it just feels new for me.


    CHAZY CHAZ5 months ago


  102. Kimberly Gomez

    Kimberly Gomez5 months ago

    Thinking about the times where corona wasn’t around and we would of been going out and doing stuff this year 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  103. xxMxrxssa_Plxysxx

    xxMxrxssa_Plxysxx2 months ago

    This was posted during corona :((

  104. Ox mysticchcneybun xO

    Ox mysticchcneybun xO5 months ago


  105. Cathy Straw

    Cathy Straw5 months ago


  106. dream

    dream5 months ago

    can’t wait until u guys can come back to hawaii

  107. dream

    dream5 months ago

    when are we getting oliver’s songs?🤩

  108. Jody Satterlee

    Jody Satterlee5 months ago