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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps7 months ago

    GOOD MORNING and thanks for watching! ❤️ Have you pre-ordered SAME TOWN yet?? What's your favorite song so far??

  2. kristy,mom,with Raisingmomanddad

    kristy,mom,with Raisingmomanddad6 months ago

    Hey guys wish I could meet u again bc last time I couldn’t bc I was sick but just found u again and u are so cool

  3. KaKa Chow

    KaKa Chow6 months ago

    A J is the day I am a little bit

  4. Michelle Winstanley

    Michelle Winstanley6 months ago

    I’m just eating pizza right now and I just wanna say hi to you guys like you guys are my star eyes watching you guys for like lots of years

  5. Connor Plunkett

    Connor Plunkett6 months ago

    Daily Bumps I’ve supported you Bryan I also have presave the new one same town is going too my Spotify music library

  6. omario

    omario6 months ago


  7. Mahra K

    Mahra K3 months ago

    Who else remembers Karma meeting new born ollie 🤗

  8. Mahra K

    Mahra K3 months ago

    2014 Gang!!

  9. Rizwan Abbasi

    Rizwan Abbasi6 months ago

    And my tooth is little wiggiling and waited to come out for 1000 days and still it didn't come out

  10. Rizwan Abbasi

    Rizwan Abbasi6 months ago

    Why karma and luna need to go to the d

  11. Fay Dalawir

    Fay Dalawir6 months ago

    Im so happy❤❤🥰🥳🥳

  12. Hafiye sancak

    Hafiye sancak6 months ago

    Hi guys who loves to look at DAILY BUMPS i do give a like if you love to look at there video's

  13. daily life laetitia Cox

    daily life laetitia Cox6 months ago

    I’m young and I have never been to summer school 🏫 ☀️

  14. karen povey

    karen povey6 months ago


  15. Maemaeroa Kira

    Maemaeroa Kira6 months ago

    I fell so sorry for your dog

  16. Meghna Deva

    Meghna Deva6 months ago

    Having a camera at the same time

  17. Taylor Tiret

    Taylor Tiret6 months ago


  18. Suleima Santibanez

    Suleima Santibanez7 months ago

    The dogs went to the dentist

  19. Xander Castro

    Xander Castro7 months ago

    My favorit song is daily bumps!

  20. Dove Ozo

    Dove Ozo7 months ago

    I❤ your🐕

  21. dundry11

    dundry117 months ago

    What about summer vacation,it's only for 2 months?September is when school starts again.

  22. Anna Like DOGS

    Anna Like DOGS7 months ago

    You can see her at school but you might have to from home work home

  23. mary ellen martinez

    mary ellen martinez7 months ago

    Cute Ollie and Finn and Luna

  24. LankyBox JS

    LankyBox JS7 months ago

    I love your videos ❤️♥️

  25. Beto

    Beto7 months ago

    I lost mai te chor

  26. Omar Hernadez

    Omar Hernadez7 months ago

    I Love your vids Win I fand your video I Love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

  27. Lauren Seston

    Lauren Seston7 months ago

    By the way I LOVE your pool

  28. Whitney Iocca

    Whitney Iocca7 months ago

    Can I have one

  29. Abigail The Leo

    Abigail The Leo7 months ago

    I went to summer school for 5 years straight and I loved it so much

  30. Emily Luke

    Emily Luke7 months ago

    I used to do summer school and it's really awesome I really like it

  31. Devil Wolfie

    Devil Wolfie7 months ago

    I’ve had summer shcool it was fun extra work fun

  32. ꧁Mermaids Of The Sea꧂

    ꧁Mermaids Of The Sea꧂7 months ago

    I might get same town!

  33. The phonix Flock

    The phonix Flock7 months ago

    Get a pararcet I have one🐥

  34. The phonix Flock

    The phonix Flock7 months ago

    I have to pararcts🐥

  35. Marcella Johnson

    Marcella Johnson7 months ago


  36. Evelin Moran

    Evelin Moran7 months ago


  37. Evelin Moran

    Evelin Moran7 months ago


  38. Antoine Issa

    Antoine Issa7 months ago


  39. Faith Hanaway

    Faith Hanaway7 months ago

    I respectfully don't want the PHYSICAL pre order, I want the NON PHYSICAL pre order. :)

  40. Davy Corona

    Davy Corona7 months ago

    No I never think I have been in summer school

  41. Carlos Marquez

    Carlos Marquez7 months ago

    My brother went to summer school

  42. Kelsey & Makayla

    Kelsey & Makayla7 months ago

    The boys are getting “BIG” 💙 🛴 GOOD luck 🍀 with your 🎶 🎶 music!!!!

  43. OnTargetHunting

    OnTargetHunting7 months ago

    Can you play a game with your family tonight

  44. Jannell Perez

    Jannell Perez7 months ago

    poor oli he has to do summer shool

  45. Rachelle Eversole

    Rachelle Eversole7 months ago

    It is fun and you can make more friends

  46. mi gatito y yo

    mi gatito y yo7 months ago

    !!Hello famili Daily Bumps!!

  47. Wayne Solomon

    Wayne Solomon7 months ago

    I have summer school

  48. Karen Williams

    Karen Williams7 months ago

    In summer school

  49. Emily j

    Emily j7 months ago

    I've been in summer school before but it was for me to learn and be better at reading I was want ing to get out because I would want to get out for a while because it would take the hole day and I could only have summer for like 3 or 2 days I was so bummed

  50. Zamokuhle Mazimela

    Zamokuhle Mazimela7 months ago

    i have never been to summer school love u guys

  51. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo7 months ago

    Love you guys

  52. Gacha Directioner

    Gacha Directioner7 months ago


  53. Lizette Zeno

    Lizette Zeno7 months ago

    hey ollie let me tell you some thing i have to do summer school too and i think its really fun so i think you will love it too ollie

  54. lovelyshawdowz

    lovelyshawdowz7 months ago

    Poor karma 💙💙💙💙

  55. Jeremy Stanley

    Jeremy Stanley7 months ago

    Fan since 7k subs

  56. Keira Bravo Lopez

    Keira Bravo Lopez7 months ago

    Pleaseee tell me im not the only one who has not watched them in a while and then just came back. sorryy :( i love you guys

  57. lassotta1

    lassotta17 months ago


  58. omar alharmoodi

    omar alharmoodi7 months ago

    I have summer school

  59. tuanhang34

    tuanhang347 months ago

    I went to summer school before

  60. Tiko

    Tiko7 months ago


  61. Ranger Rick

    Ranger Rick7 months ago

    Bryan got skiny

  62. Cameryn eva

    Cameryn eva7 months ago

    I had to go to summer school

  63. Queen 13

    Queen 137 months ago

    omg i havent watched you guys in soooo long and im so sorry, i hope yall are doing well and staying safe, ill be sure to keep up with you guys more often... yall used to make my day, and i started watching yall again and you still do, thank you guys... STAY SAFE :3

  64. Ana world

    Ana world7 months ago

    Omg karma i love dogs and this made me cry sorry if i spelled his name wrong i love your vids soooooooooooooooooooooo much haha love you guys❤ hope uou guys are ok

  65. Jennifer Gonzalez

    Jennifer Gonzalez7 months ago

    Missy, you look like my aunt

  66. Ricardo Gonzalez

    Ricardo Gonzalez7 months ago


  67. BorkBork

    BorkBork7 months ago

    I havent watched you guys sense 2015

  68. yara

    yara7 months ago

    omg, i just remembered you guys, i watched you before ollie was born, and you guys had 50-100k followers now you guys have 5 million. you guys are a part of my childhood. i swear time just flew by. i love you guys❤️❤️

  69. Blxssom tings

    Blxssom tings7 months ago

    y a r a me to I have been watching them since second grade they were like half of my childhood now I’m in middle school and remember them cause now my brother watches them

  70. [Mod] Daisie

    [Mod] Daisie7 months ago

    Im back and now starting to watch and they need a hair cut 😂😂

  71. Carlos M Figueroa

    Carlos M Figueroa7 months ago

    I have summer school to

  72. Lissy Lulu

    Lissy Lulu7 months ago

    I’ve been here since Ollie was a baby 🥺 they’ve grown up so fast!

  73. Gesiah Scott

    Gesiah Scott7 months ago

    Ok u

  74. Claire Hastings

    Claire Hastings7 months ago

    I'm your best fan in the world I really want to visit your house or you can come to 46 Navigation Street Seaford Meadows in Australia South Australia

  75. Claire Hastings

    Claire Hastings7 months ago

    I love you guys I seriously do I really really really really love you I really love you you're the best song in the world besides Ellie v toys and I love them too and Finn so cute and the dogs are so cute and I have new room

  76. Jayne Spell

    Jayne Spell7 months ago

    im 1frst grad

  77. Jayne Spell

    Jayne Spell7 months ago

    i hav it watching you gaz in so log you hav a new incho and finy is so big

  78. Kai Paul

    Kai Paul7 months ago

    Come today

  79. Mona Lisa Anna gane Jones

    Mona Lisa Anna gane Jones7 months ago

    I go to summer school to

  80. Lyndi Pena

    Lyndi Pena7 months ago

    I joined USlikes at the age 11 that’s crazy right

  81. Shanequa Gumbs

    Shanequa Gumbs7 months ago


  82. Shanequa Gumbs

    Shanequa Gumbs7 months ago


  83. cleaningwithIsabella

    cleaningwithIsabella7 months ago

    with the goost i like that song so much!

  84. cleaningwithIsabella

    cleaningwithIsabella7 months ago

    hay! i like that song

  85. LifeWith Bri

    LifeWith Bri7 months ago

    Wait, ollies never worn flip flops??

  86. michelle diaz

    michelle diaz7 months ago

    I’ve been to summer school before

  87. Josh Gray

    Josh Gray7 months ago

    I hope y'all are safe

  88. Lorraine Garcia

    Lorraine Garcia7 months ago


  89. Tanya Rouse

    Tanya Rouse7 months ago


  90. Emery Jade

    Emery Jade7 months ago

    Y’all are awesome

  91. Gabriel

    Gabriel7 months ago


  92. Dark Gamer

    Dark Gamer7 months ago

    The puppys are so CUTE❤❤❤

  93. Dark Gamer

    Dark Gamer7 months ago

    Hey daily bumps I love your videos and Bryan I Love Your Songs

  94. lil hank williams JR

    lil hank williams JR7 months ago

    BABY LEAGE OLIVER " that's alot of ketchup"

  95. Caryn Priestap

    Caryn Priestap7 months ago

    Wall since school was over half of the year I think you guys should because since you you were home a lot and you been at your house a lot I think you should start summer school and yes I know is not like last year when you don't had to do this last year

  96. Caryn Priestap

    Caryn Priestap7 months ago

    Hi Olie

  97. Sunita Jat

    Sunita Jat7 months ago

    Who misses the old intro and the small ollie and finn

  98. Nico Fan

    Nico Fan6 months ago

    Sunita Jat meeee

  99. Aj Rapi

    Aj Rapi6 months ago


  100. Hunter Ayers

    Hunter Ayers7 months ago


  101. diana lebron

    diana lebron7 months ago

    Ollie is so funny

  102. kevin motee

    kevin motee7 months ago

    I love your vids🌌🌌❄❄

  103. Hyperz

    Hyperz7 months ago

    If been subbed 4 years now and you guys never let me down yet GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  104. SnapesPrincess4

    SnapesPrincess47 months ago

    I'm so glad the pups are doing well after their dentist visit!! That is definitely a rough visit. Our cat had to have dental surgery. They had to pull 2/3rds of her teeth. We found out that she's diabetic and she had an infection that wasn't gealing right bc of her diabetes. Her new nickname is Gummy Sue. xD

  105. Stacey Arneil

    Stacey Arneil7 months ago

    Karma is sassy

  106. audrey s

    audrey s7 months ago

    I haven’t watched you guys in forever, you guys don’t do the “goodbyeee boop” thing with Ollie :(

  107. Pamela Hatfield

    Pamela Hatfield7 months ago

    I love dogs

  108. Miranda Mijares

    Miranda Mijares7 months ago

    Do you guys living in the United States or feta

  109. Spider Man566335

    Spider Man5663357 months ago

    I wonder what Finn and Ollie are going to look like in 2 years