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There are so many surprises in this video as we pack up and start loading up the moving truck! Watch our last video ➡️ uslikes.info/house/X3-lpZqAlX9tpdw/video.html


  1. sammi starkey

    sammi starkeyHour ago

    No Bryan I don’t remember that sign.

  2. Jack McRobbie

    Jack McRobbieDay ago

    Can you give me a PS5

  3. Bex

    Bex3 days ago

    Where’s Luna

  4. Jessie Riendeau

    Jessie Riendeau5 days ago

    40 seconds in and already so upset their moving 😭😭

  5. Äsh_ sücks

    Äsh_ sücks5 days ago

    I just remembered that it’s been 3 years since I last watched you guys and I realized that I get really happy every time I watch you guys

  6. Lira Brothers

    Lira Brothers5 days ago

    So gown. Ya. Nag

  7. Ema Carballo

    Ema Carballo6 days ago

    I remember the first time you guys went into this house you guys have made so many good memories in house I am happy for y’all

  8. Beatrice Antonio

    Beatrice Antonio7 days ago

    where is lunu

  9. Pip 27

    Pip 278 days ago

    I love you guys

  10. Sophia-Kailey Lori

    Sophia-Kailey Lori9 days ago

    We’re is lona

  11. Hart vs Vega

    Hart vs Vega9 days ago

    4:46 HaHaHaHa

  12. Paige Lol

    Paige Lol10 days ago

    I can’t believe they’re moving the boys have basically lived there they’re whole in tire life!! I can’t wait to see new memories in the new house good luck daily bumps I love your videos!!!❤️❤️

  13. Penny G

    Penny G10 days ago


  14. Aria Fun world

    Aria Fun world10 days ago

    Congrats 🎉🎊🎈

  15. DOODRAGON804

    DOODRAGON80410 days ago

    I have been here since baby gets stuck at the water park

  16. EXTREME 3kidz

    EXTREME 3kidz10 days ago

    Who wants them to have another baby

  17. SDT NGUYENDebt

    SDT NGUYENDebt10 days ago

    They moved to new house.

  18. Gracie Wasson

    Gracie Wasson10 days ago

    I remember when Ollie was obsessed with buzz lightyear!

  19. Patrick Wolford

    Patrick Wolford10 days ago

    Have a shade trip

  20. Anthony Gonzalez

    Anthony Gonzalez11 days ago

    Where’s luna

  21. Giselle Dobrev

    Giselle Dobrev11 days ago

    Nooooo I'm sooo sad your moving iv wanted a house like yours for about scince I saw your house it's soooo fantastic but I'm happy for you ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜😎😎😎

  22. mayara yanez

    mayara yanez11 days ago

    Hi I am Jovanna and I have a dog girl

  23. Tyler and friends

    Tyler and friends11 days ago

    I haven’t watch y’all in a month

  24. Natalie Hernandez

    Natalie Hernandez11 days ago

    I have not what watch daily bumps sens 2 long years

  25. melinda hetrick

    melinda hetrick12 days ago

    the boys have gotten so tall yall have 2 handsome lil guys

  26. Mikaykay's FUNDAY

    Mikaykay's FUNDAY12 days ago


  27. Ollie Timmins

    Ollie Timmins12 days ago

    I'v watched every video

  28. B R E Y A U N N A K A Y Y

    B R E Y A U N N A K A Y Y12 days ago

    Why did you guys leave you’re old house it’s beautiful and cute and cozy in that house

  29. Alex Ciraco

    Alex Ciraco12 days ago

    4:45 who saw ollie throw that stick 😂

  30. Martina Yurish

    Martina Yurish12 days ago

    Hopefully you guys like Trump if not I'm sorry

  31. Martina Yurish

    Martina Yurish12 days ago


  32. Martina Yurish

    Martina Yurish12 days ago

    What about America black outage

  33. adela205

    adela20512 days ago

    Is it just ne or did you just get this yt after about 3 years and see how everyone go older?

  34. Crazy Clan!!

    Crazy Clan!!12 days ago

    Where's the other dog

  35. notiamSummer

    notiamSummer12 days ago


  36. Buddy Davella

    Buddy Davella12 days ago

    Who plays Roblox if you do like

  37. chicho1371

    chicho137112 days ago

    Omg the boys are so big

  38. The Cornell Kids

    The Cornell Kids12 days ago


  39. The Cornell Kids

    The Cornell Kids12 days ago


  40. The Cornell Kids

    The Cornell Kids12 days ago


  41. Jack Cardino

    Jack Cardino12 days ago

    How old is olly

  42. Cathy Carter

    Cathy Carter12 days ago

    Thats sad to leave your old house but thats exciting to move to a new home 🏡

  43. Rhonda Crabtree

    Rhonda Crabtree12 days ago

    Fin is so big now

  44. Mrs Rydland

    Mrs Rydland13 days ago

    Where’s Luna

  45. Campisty’s Gaming

    Campisty’s Gaming13 days ago

    I have a question we’re is draco the bearded dragon

  46. Paulie Trataros

    Paulie Trataros12 days ago

    Draco is at meemee and papas house

  47. _billyroberts_

    _billyroberts_13 days ago

    Where are the goats

  48. crazy me

    crazy me13 days ago

    Bye bye beautiful big house.😭😱

  49. Unicorn girl 2020

    Unicorn girl 202013 days ago

    Hi 🙋‍♀️ Bryan Missy Ollie Finn Luna karma the dogs 🐶 and the chickens 🐓 and the goats 🐐 too awesome 🤩 video as always hi 🙋‍♀️ Isabel Rose 🌹 Darcey O Isobel C and everybody else in the world 🌎 of daily bumps 👊 they’re putting everything into the van 🚚 it’s lizard 🦎 skin trying to find winston there was a giant rat 🐀 in the loft and winston ate the rat 🐀 they’ve found a giant tree 🌳 and the boys are climbing 🧗‍♀️ the tree 🌳 moss a play park near the tree 🌳 karma is going down the slide Ollie and Finn are speaking to each other they used to take him to parks before Ollie and Finn weren’t born moving the fish 🐠 tank

  50. The gamer Wolf

    The gamer Wolf13 days ago

    Guys I also got a new house to!

  51. Camron Grant

    Camron Grant13 days ago

    I cried watching this

  52. its reegan

    its reegan13 days ago


  53. Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown13 days ago

    This is my dad’s account

  54. Sky

    Sky13 days ago

    u are the best

  55. Southpaw

    Southpaw13 days ago

    Where are they moving to?

  56. Fate Supr4me 44

    Fate Supr4me 4413 days ago

    I like how Finn goes I have to go fee and Brian goes well go over behind the bush somewhere then his laugh

  57. Deedo

    Deedo13 days ago

    Do any of you like Star Wars I built the millennium falcon

  58. Ibrahim Khalique

    Ibrahim Khalique13 days ago

    Oliver the green ninja is called loid

  59. Titus Gabel

    Titus Gabel13 days ago

    NO don’t move🥺

  60. Playing with Ollie

    Playing with Ollie13 days ago

    were is lune

  61. Graciela Castro

    Graciela Castro13 days ago

    you guys are the best and I love all so much you guys are the best family 😀😁

  62. Sarah c

    Sarah c13 days ago

    I totally remember the chalk board! So crazy!

  63. Addie Syverson

    Addie Syverson13 days ago

    You guys should move back to Boise

  64. Benjamin Sardinas

    Benjamin Sardinas13 days ago

    where are you guys move to

  65. XxdaisyxX XxykxX

    XxdaisyxX XxykxX13 days ago

    What about Oreo


    DIANA KHOO13 days ago

    Where is the another dog what happen????


    DIANA KHOO13 days ago

    I wondered how is it like I'm moving in 2 years

  68. Justine Favell

    Justine Favell13 days ago

    A lot of the time my family is to slack to take the Christmas decorations down so they stay up till around easter, but I’m absolutely fine with that!!!

  69. Barbara Marques

    Barbara Marques13 days ago

    I bet the boys are so sad about leaving there house

  70. Dubious Jester

    Dubious Jester13 days ago

    I love you so much Ollie

  71. Brooklynn D

    Brooklynn D13 days ago

    I am so excited

  72. Gavin Maxwell

    Gavin Maxwell13 days ago

    Where is luna is she okay

  73. Jacob Leak

    Jacob Leak13 days ago

    what happened to Luna

  74. Johannes Palola

    Johannes Palola13 days ago

    Nothing happened to her. She was inside while the others were outside in the park.

  75. Sally Hall

    Sally Hall13 days ago

    If you don't mind me asking what happened to your horse

  76. Grace Simmons

    Grace Simmons13 days ago

    I love this house so much I don’t want you to move☹️

  77. force ghostgamer 454

    force ghostgamer 45413 days ago

    I haven't watched y'all in 5 long years

  78. Heidi Davies

    Heidi DaviesDay ago


  79. Megan’s World

    Megan’s World2 days ago

    Me too they seem so older

  80. Debbi West

    Debbi West7 days ago

    You made the wrong decision!

  81. Debbi West

    Debbi West7 days ago


  82. Samantha Kellermann

    Samantha Kellermann7 days ago

    Same here. I forgot about them

  83. Chricace Life

    Chricace Life13 days ago

    That is a cool aquarium!!🐠


    IM IN-SALTED13 days ago

    It’s so funny bc my fam and I just did this! We’re moving completely in a week!

  85. Elaine Higham

    Elaine Higham13 days ago

    Where’s Luna and the Goats 🐐?

  86. Van Cunz

    Van Cunz13 days ago

    What's the breed of karma

  87. Barbara Lance

    Barbara Lance13 days ago

    What are you going to do with your chickens and goats, are you going to keep them?

  88. Koland Smith

    Koland Smith13 days ago

    i dot lik fenlle

  89. Joel Melton

    Joel Melton13 days ago

    I think you should move to Kentucky.

  90. Ashton Victoria. skylar

    Ashton Victoria. skylar13 days ago

    Move to midland

  91. Ashton Victoria. skylar

    Ashton Victoria. skylar13 days ago

    I have been here since day one

  92. Ashton Victoria. skylar

    Ashton Victoria. skylar13 days ago

    More nature

  93. Brittney Lianna Gil Felts

    Brittney Lianna Gil Felts13 days ago

    I totally remember that in one of your old video

  94. Kitty Kins

    Kitty Kins13 days ago

    I am really sad to see them leave I hope they get a nice house and they like it

  95. Carlos Rivera

    Carlos Rivera13 days ago

    And I think you should move to Las Vegas

  96. Carlos Rivera

    Carlos Rivera13 days ago

    I've been watching you since I was 3 years old and I've been watching you since you were in the house but I'm excited to see what your new house looks like

  97. AxoYah20

    AxoYah2013 days ago


  98. Olivia Robertson

    Olivia Robertson13 days ago

    I can’t believe they’re moving out of the house🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭

  99. thea and trixie

    thea and trixie13 days ago

    How old is Ollie and Iam now 7

  100. Danny Johnson

    Danny Johnson13 days ago

    I hope you get good house

  101. Gerson Arias

    Gerson Arias13 days ago

    They grew so much

  102. Gerson Arias

    Gerson Arias13 days ago

    I was here before Ollie was born

  103. Robin Terrey

    Robin Terrey14 days ago

    Can u do a house tour for the new home

  104. Gamer Girl of roblox

    Gamer Girl of roblox14 days ago

    I watch them ever when I moved from to house then from to house I still watch them

  105. Shirley-Ann Ellares

    Shirley-Ann Ellares14 days ago

    Omg it feels like yesterday since ollie was born 🥺🥺

  106. Martha Moholland

    Martha Moholland14 days ago

    I don't want you to move it's going to be sad but the boys will have a new adventure a waiting for them you guys will have so much fun in your new house probably hope you guys have a good 20 20 I will be following along the whole journey journey / 20 21 20 20 been a rough start

  107. Janine Maxwell

    Janine Maxwell14 days ago

    what happens to the chickens?

  108. Olivia Marshall

    Olivia Marshall14 days ago

    Love it!

  109. Misty Marie

    Misty Marie14 days ago

    Are you moving away from your family