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  1. Alexa Young

    Alexa Young2 months ago

    We went to the same pumpkin patch

  2. Jerrilyn Parker

    Jerrilyn Parker2 months ago

    Omg lucky I never even have a like farm or barn

  3. Tenx 757

    Tenx 7572 months ago

    i like your guys incrow

  4. Alen Rezej

    Alen Rezej2 months ago


  5. Kensie Mae

    Kensie Mae2 months ago


  6. Allison Baynor

    Allison Baynor2 months ago

    Ollie in and fin are so cute

  7. Allison Baynor

    Allison Baynor2 months ago

    And Allie and pen I love like I love Brian’s music they’re so cute Ali and fin are Ali

  8. Allison Baynor

    Allison Baynor2 months ago

    I love Brian

  9. Cambria Escribano

    Cambria Escribano2 months ago

    I love peltzers and I volunteer with the baby goats!

  10. Mia Coulter

    Mia Coulter2 months ago

    Why aren’t you hyped werring masked

  11. Sanchana Naidu

    Sanchana Naidu2 months ago

    I have a pet bird it's name is sky

  12. Isabel Fraga

    Isabel Fraga2 months ago


  13. Angela Schultz

    Angela Schultz2 months ago

    Baby goats are so cute 🥰😀☺️

  14. Shannon Fletcher

    Shannon Fletcher3 months ago

    What happen to the horse nacho and they goats?

  15. Novia Woods

    Novia Woods3 months ago

    Hey I Carter

  16. tala burllos

    tala burllos3 months ago

    I’m so happy too happy too see you hi

  17. Tammy French

    Tammy French3 months ago

    I haven't seen ollie's liserd

  18. ella

    ella3 months ago

    Omg I used to watch you guys all the time!!!

  19. Ben Alexander

    Ben Alexander3 months ago

    Can we see chickens in the next video

  20. Hershel rose Bayron

    Hershel rose Bayron3 months ago


  21. Nicole Walton

    Nicole Walton3 months ago

    We had 2 inches of snow that just melted today here in cold Iowa. Brrrr!

  22. Cara Johnston

    Cara Johnston3 months ago

    I am so happy that they Exist

  23. Damien Sherrard

    Damien Sherrard3 months ago

    Are you guys having Halloween

  24. Joselyn Crespo

    Joselyn Crespo3 months ago

    I mean Rice Christie's

  25. Joselyn Crespo

    Joselyn Crespo3 months ago

    I like my marshmallows really marshmallowe

  26. Joselyn Crespo

    Joselyn Crespo3 months ago

    My brother said hi

  27. Joselyn Crespo

    Joselyn Crespo3 months ago

    i love daily bumps.

  28. Leah Collins

    Leah Collins3 months ago

    i love your vizs.i hope i can seeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu1 dayyyyyyyyyyyyy🥰🥰

  29. Leah Collins

    Leah Collins3 months ago

    I love your vizs oi

  30. Leah Collins

    Leah Collins3 months ago

    i love your vizs.i hope i can seeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 1 dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  31. Leah Collins

    Leah Collins3 months ago

    i love your vizs.i hope i can see yoo

  32. Remi Webber

    Remi Webber3 months ago


  33. Fernanda Torres

    Fernanda Torres3 months ago

    Do you guys know sonic?

  34. Sky

    Sky3 months ago

    I love your videos guys ilysmmmmm

  35. vanessa denila

    vanessa denila3 months ago

    to theeariy spuad readlng this sendsvirual higs to every to

  36. • Finley •

    • Finley •3 months ago

    omg i forgot about this again..

  37. Kelsey Stewart

    Kelsey Stewart3 months ago

    I love your Music Album so much

  38. Dinesha Shrestha

    Dinesha Shrestha3 months ago

    Where are your goats !?

  39. Brandee Goldade

    Brandee Goldade3 months ago

    Is Zuri still alive😥😥

  40. Dunkelheit Skelett

    Dunkelheit Skelett3 months ago

    Hey bill &amp i valorie to the u da i with friends emud auch eckert brive 3 ähm i o i want to be friends und auch bei

  41. DetectiveFoxie

    DetectiveFoxie3 months ago

    I don’t eat Rice Krispy treats

  42. Mellmick26

    Mellmick263 months ago

    One time my grandma made a batch of rice crispy treats with maple flavouring instead of vanilla (by accident) they were delicious 😋

  43. Mellmick26

    Mellmick263 months ago

    I have a similar problem with my speech. I have no teeth and a bit of a lisp

  44. Nicole4707

    Nicole47073 months ago

    Do you guys still have your goats?

  45. Valerie Melendez

    Valerie Melendez3 months ago

    My son is 4 too and struggle with the same..

  46. sarah

    sarah3 months ago

    you guy's should build a big barn in you're backyard

  47. Chelsey Caldwell

    Chelsey Caldwell3 months ago

    What about the coronavirus tho when you went to the pumpkin patch

  48. Itzabby :3

    Itzabby :33 months ago

    Please see my comment I saw you at the Uss Mindway I wanted to say Hi but I didn’t do Hi 👋

  49. Ian Mintz

    Ian Mintz3 months ago

    Awww! So cute and adorable! Daily Bumps, you should do a video of Ollie and Finn petting Koda, Karma, Luna, and all the farm animals

  50. Molly amma life

    Molly amma life3 months ago

    I got a pumpkin today hey who else got a pumpkin🎃🎃🎃🍉🇮🇪

  51. Jayla Wagley

    Jayla Wagley3 months ago

    It still hot in October were I live☀🌡

  52. Laila Vlogs

    Laila Vlogs3 months ago

    Where are you guys’ goats Marsha and Rae

  53. Itz Jocelynzz

    Itz Jocelynzz3 months ago

    Ok so I haven’t watched u guys since 2016. That’s 4 years. I was 9. I’m 13 in the 8th grade. Ollie has grown up a lot! And Finn can talk what?!?!? Ok well I got stuff to do. Later

  54. The E House

    The E House3 months ago

    Loved the pumpkin patch!! We went to an Apple orchard and it had a petting zoo there as well. We are so happy to vlog and catch those memories on camera! The weather here does the same thing! Last year it was in the 90s in October and then the temp drops then it’ll go back up. Ohio weather is bi polar in the fall and spring lol! 🤣🤣 great video guys keep up the great work! 👊🏼👊🏼

  55. Clarice Acevedo

    Clarice Acevedo3 months ago

    pls make more vids

  56. Clarice Acevedo

    Clarice Acevedo3 months ago

    i,m happy to see you guys

  57. Clarice Acevedo

    Clarice Acevedo3 months ago

    i love you guys'

  58. nobl00d

    nobl00d3 months ago


  59. LilaRuby BK

    LilaRuby BK3 months ago


  60. ไป๋ฝูเฉิน

    ไป๋ฝูเฉิน3 months ago

    so cute ollie touching mama.

  61. Christian Mena

    Christian Mena3 months ago

    Who else here loves Ollie and Finn?

  62. Iron Zeus

    Iron Zeus3 months ago

    I do

  63. mlfuqua09

    mlfuqua093 months ago

    I like my rice crispy treats regular and shaped to a gingerbread man and I like them with orange juice this is just my opinion

  64. Kati Nava

    Kati Nava3 months ago

    The animals were so cute daliy dump

  65. hannah herrrera

    hannah herrrera3 months ago

    I love your video Daily Bumps

  66. Lanita Simers

    Lanita Simers3 months ago

    I like my rice Kristy little bit dry

  67. Your local Idiot

    Your local Idiot3 months ago

    Did you forget about Gabriel?...

  68. Kathia Velazquez

    Kathia Velazquez3 months ago

    Dont worry Missy the weather in Texas is super crazy too

  69. Melissa Hayden

    Melissa Hayden3 months ago

    Where are your goats????????

  70. Tina Gayman

    Tina Gayman3 months ago

    It’s definitely fall in Pennsylvania and we are enjoying it! Beautiful fall trees and pumpkin everything!

  71. Everett Mullins

    Everett Mullins3 months ago

    Get a king snake and it will eat the raddel snakes

  72. Beason 25

    Beason 253 months ago

    Currently watching this while in the hospital for open heart surgery


    OMG YASSS3 months ago

    Ooh I have not seen y’all in so long I been here since two years then I left but I’m back I think it been two years or ond

  74. BD Simon

    BD Simon3 months ago

    Try making them with lucky charms instead! So good 😊

  75. Chloe Miller

    Chloe Miller3 months ago

    You can take to Leavenworth Washington

  76. Lori Wilt

    Lori Wilt3 months ago

    Where are your goats??

  77. C-c-Camilo Hi

    C-c-Camilo Hi3 months ago

    Them: complaining about 100 degrees in California Me: i live in Florida and it’s so how so I don’t know what you mean

  78. Tyler Jensen

    Tyler Jensen3 months ago


  79. Avery Brown

    Avery Brown3 months ago

    So cool

  80. Ilovekookie 11

    Ilovekookie 113 months ago

    I ilke it

  81. Patrick Walshe

    Patrick Walshe3 months ago

    Hey Ollie I have the same shirt to

  82. Quinn Rebecka Culla

    Quinn Rebecka Culla3 months ago


  83. Mia- Plays!ఌ

    Mia- Plays!ఌ3 months ago

    Missy and Bryan um I have a goat there and um I saw her there and I know exactly we’re u guys are bc I live in the same city at u

  84. Sassy SAMMI

    Sassy SAMMI3 months ago

    Answer to question number 1: Missy, I like my Rice Crispy Treats chewy and not that hard.

  85. Aiden Gorder

    Aiden Gorder3 months ago

    In California its 100 degrees and in Minnesota its snowing

  86. Nico Fan

    Nico Fan3 months ago

    What happen to goats

  87. Nico Fan

    Nico Fan3 months ago

    Who else just loves daily bumps?

  88. Grace Hartfield

    Grace Hartfield3 months ago

    How I finn doing at school am Wondering

  89. Grace Hartfield

    Grace Hartfield3 months ago

    Yay olle

  90. G Kon

    G Kon3 months ago

    Qwvn fbfh

  91. Ella McGregor

    Ella McGregor3 months ago

    Ow I remember when Ollie was just little and he was the best big brother ever to fin and they have just grown up to be so insanely cute!! 💖 u guys

  92. Caprial Nichols

    Caprial Nichols3 months ago

    Will Finn go to kindergarten next school year because he’s turning 5 this month

  93. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo3 months ago

    Love you guys

  94. Raegan Mack

    Raegan Mack3 months ago


  95. Rose Fox

    Rose Fox3 months ago

    ❤❤❤LUV UR GUYS VIDS❤❤❤ and I named my cat after finnley!😺

  96. kittykat

    kittykat3 months ago

    It's Finley not Finnley

  97. MS

    MS3 months ago

    Where are your goats? Gone?

  98. kittykat

    kittykat3 months ago

    No they still have them

  99. Sandy Cheek

    Sandy Cheek3 months ago

    Missy have tried making Cocoa Rice Krispies since you like chocolate so much?

  100. becka love

    becka love3 months ago

    Missy what happened to your goat's?

  101. Emily Lipsitz

    Emily Lipsitz3 months ago

    Do you have any horses?

  102. anso Paulino

    anso Paulino3 months ago

    I love your video'sssssssssss

  103. Kane Richard Cota

    Kane Richard Cota3 months ago

    What are your plans for Finns birthday this year

  104. Folito M

    Folito M3 months ago

    I love your vids

  105. Xhaferi Leon

    Xhaferi Leon3 months ago

    I now right 100 degrees