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    LILY THE BOSSY 123 CAMPBELL28 days ago

    awww olli and finn in the in the intro

  2. Jolly Wolfie

    Jolly Wolfie2 months ago

    I have been watching them since before Ollie was born

  3. Avery Brown

    Avery Brown4 months ago

    That is so funny 😂

  4. Annie Bryant

    Annie Bryant5 months ago


  5. Precila Mosqueda

    Precila Mosqueda6 months ago

    Ole luv you

  6. Sam Ahlf

    Sam Ahlf6 months ago

    I love your videos could you make more like this

  7. AYDEN Burke

    AYDEN Burke6 months ago


  8. Khaila Mcquillan

    Khaila Mcquillan6 months ago

    Finn get him

  9. Christy Jobe

    Christy Jobe6 months ago

    You guys are the best USlikesr I love your makeup Missy

  10. Jimmy Jones

    Jimmy Jones6 months ago

    Why does Ollie have a Karen hair cut? I keep waiting for him to ask to speak to the manager.

  11. Agash Agash

    Agash Agash6 months ago

    I have some good pigeon 🕊

  12. Koa Wilson

    Koa Wilson6 months ago

    I love your video’s and olie is my favourite

  13. giannleann Hurtad

    giannleann Hurtad6 months ago

    Have you ever seen a girl movie

  14. Kayla Eyley

    Kayla Eyley7 months ago

    I haven’t watched for a couple years and the boys have shot up they are massive wth 😂😂❤️

  15. Gumboll Galvan

    Gumboll Galvan7 months ago

    Hello This is how men plpl like it 👇🏻

  16. •NotArianna•

    •NotArianna•7 months ago

    wow, Ollie and Finn have became so much bigger since i last watched you guys! keep continuing to make us smile and laugh and stay safe -Arianna

  17. months ago

    I haven't watched you guys in a bit and the boys are so tall and handsom

  18. Fidgets And dolls

    Fidgets And dolls7 months ago

    You guys are the best

  19. Milees toy chest World

    Milees toy chest World7 months ago

    Freddie is so cute and all he is such a little insight

  20. Kristine Donnelly

    Kristine Donnelly7 months ago

    I have that same shirt as Ollie

  21. Rick Alaniz

    Rick Alaniz7 months ago

    Ollever how are you

  22. sao khang

    sao khang7 months ago


  23. outrider551

    outrider5517 months ago

    Objection! In Florida when you walk out with nothing dogs up. Sorry Missy you’re wrong. Take it from me a Floridian

  24. Jose Flores

    Jose Flores7 months ago


  25. Dazy 999

    Dazy 9997 months ago

    I haven’t been here in like a year wow Ollie and Finn r so grown up!!

  26. Ayan’s9922 Gaming

    Ayan’s9922 Gaming7 months ago

    i love your vds ;username for fortnite crazy955crowd

  27. Evelin Rodriguez

    Evelin Rodriguez7 months ago

    Ollie and Finn grow up so fast

  28. Harry Kingdom

    Harry Kingdom7 months ago

    I love all of your videos 👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🐶🐶 🐐

  29. katy !

    katy !7 months ago

    oh god ollies talking now? how long has it been i took a long break but, omg i remember when he was just a baby 🥺

  30. Ted Brovarski

    Ted Brovarski7 months ago

    Love your videos

  31. Lussh

    Lussh7 months ago

    The boys are so tall I remember when Ollie was only a baby

  32. TYA_creepy

    TYA_creepy7 months ago

    Who’s Ben watching since 2017

  33. lil hank williams JR

    lil hank williams JR7 months ago

    Bryan and missy should I call you mr lanning and Mrs lanning or just Bryan and missy

  34. OnTargetHunting

    OnTargetHunting7 months ago

    Can you play a game with your family and your dog

  35. lovelyxxgaby

    lovelyxxgaby7 months ago

    I haven’t watched them in foreverrr omg they grew a lot

  36. Jeff Earl

    Jeff Earl7 months ago

    Finn does not need flotus anymore

  37. Bakudeku Bakudeku

    Bakudeku Bakudeku7 months ago

    I am watching you guys since a long time and Ollie and then have gotten so big you guys are so cool

  38. Lina Lina

    Lina Lina7 months ago

    O🥴🥴🥴 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴😍😍😍😍😍🥰

  39. Lina Lina

    Lina Lina7 months ago


  40. •Pastel •Roxy•

    •Pastel •Roxy•7 months ago

    And what about karma and the other dog?

  41. •Pastel •Roxy•

    •Pastel •Roxy•7 months ago

    And I remember your old intro!

  42. •Pastel •Roxy•

    •Pastel •Roxy•7 months ago

    I remember watching you when I was little so many memories!

  43. Rachel Camacho

    Rachel Camacho7 months ago

    Missy and Bryan have you had sex

  44. Brandon Weiser

    Brandon Weiser7 months ago

    i mean ollie

  45. Brandon Weiser

    Brandon Weiser7 months ago

    haw old is olli

  46. Ronald Timbalaco Villamor

    Ronald Timbalaco Villamor7 months ago

    I have never watched y’all for like a year sorry btw but the boys r so big

  47. cuddle07

    cuddle077 months ago

    Omg I never seen ya vid in like 1 year!

  48. Light_And_Sunny

    Light_And_Sunny7 months ago

    it's been YEARS since I watched, it's weird seeing ollie talking now

  49. Jolly Wolfie

    Jolly Wolfie2 months ago

    I know it so hard to watch them grow up feels like they were babies just yesterday

  50. Tatjana

    Tatjana7 months ago

    Ollis hair looks different sins he was yungre

  51. Angel Torres

    Angel Torres7 months ago

    i love you guys

  52. Imagen2000Production

    Imagen2000Production7 months ago

    I havent watched yall sence ollie was a baby

  53. Radiance Divine

    Radiance Divine7 months ago

    Ok so like i havent watched your videos in a year.. And Missy you sound different... Something is different..

  54. Kaylin Reyes

    Kaylin Reyes7 months ago

    I used to watch you guys everyday but I stopped watching and now I remember now Ollie and Finn grew so much 😄

  55. Michelle Vlogss

    Michelle Vlogss7 months ago

    Damm i haven’t watched their video’s im like soo long & finn is so big!😭& ollie too! 😭♥️

  56. Angelina Sherwood

    Angelina Sherwood7 months ago

    my b day is in 7 days

  57. Elf on the shelf playz

    Elf on the shelf playz7 months ago

    I have orded a CD and I'm SSSSOOOOOO EXCITED for it to arrive

  58. Ava m

    Ava m7 months ago

    I love you guys so much😍😙😘😚 stay safe😷❤💛💚💙💜💖

  59. Angel ¿

    Angel ¿7 months ago

    wow... i haven’t watched y’all in so long ollie has grown so much 😔

  60. Life with Ruth

    Life with Ruth7 months ago

    Omg finn is so much bigger I haven’t watched you guys in 2 years


    BARB KRINER7 months ago

    Thank you for sharing

  62. SnapesPrincess4

    SnapesPrincess47 months ago

    OMGosh, what a funny game!! I think my nephews would love it!!

  63. Charles Vera

    Charles Vera7 months ago


  64. A.Michelle.S Channel

    A.Michelle.S Channel7 months ago

    Hi daily bumps i just want to tell you that yesterday is actually Peyton's Birthday

  65. Kelly Rogers

    Kelly Rogers7 months ago

    I haven’t watched in like 4 years they are so adorablee

  66. lovelyxxgaby

    lovelyxxgaby7 months ago


  67. The adventures of Frances

    The adventures of Frances7 months ago

    Did you know Jesus loves you.

  68. Jessica Braun

    Jessica Braun7 months ago


  69. Dayana m

    Dayana m7 months ago

    Ollie is growing up so fast and Finn to 😎

  70. Brieah michaela 2012

    Brieah michaela 20127 months ago


  71. bobsisyourunkle

    bobsisyourunkle7 months ago

    I wonder what life would be like with there long lost son, Gabriel 😢

  72. Casi Pinch

    Casi Pinch7 months ago

    Hi you are the best

  73. Emmanuel Favela

    Emmanuel Favela7 months ago


  74. Kvxtlyn

    Kvxtlyn7 months ago


  75. babyyholy

    babyyholy7 months ago

    i use to watch u guys all the time, all the way up to finns birth, seeing him grow this much, where did the time go? 😭🥺

  76. nick sherriff

    nick sherriff7 months ago

    Hi daily bumps

  77. Cari v

    Cari v7 months ago

    Happy Father Day Bryan, hope u have an amazing day with the fam🤗

  78. Sensei roblox

    Sensei roblox7 months ago

    I have seen your vids for like a year or to cuz I just forgot

  79. coral ocean

    coral ocean7 months ago

    They showed there lisnice place!

  80. Astro Piggy

    Astro Piggy7 months ago

    I remember when that boy Ollie was like 3 and seeing finely and stuff bro. I haven’t watched this in so long

  81. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo7 months ago

    You guys are the best

  82. Jahiem Pierre

    Jahiem Pierre7 months ago


  83. Mc imagination

    Mc imagination7 months ago

    I can't wait for the album I ordered it from the UK that's how much we love you guys 🇬🇧

  84. MZ J

    MZ J7 months ago

    Oh my goodness I'm loving Finn's cute little personality come through. He's so dang cute and funny.

  85. Dj Dawkins

    Dj Dawkins7 months ago

    i love your yt videos i first

  86. Roberta Munhoz Braga

    Roberta Munhoz Braga7 months ago


  87. Virtual_ReaIityDevYT

    Virtual_ReaIityDevYT7 months ago


  88. Virtual_ReaIityDevYT

    Virtual_ReaIityDevYT7 months ago


  89. T J

    T J7 months ago

    Omg I remover when Ollie was Finns size. I literally took like a long break from them and I just came back and I’m like OMG THEY GOT SO BIG😩💗

  90. mrsamandaq

    mrsamandaq5 months ago


  91. Mr.Savage

    Mr.Savage7 months ago


  92. 「 ʚ ellie ɞ_ 」

    「 ʚ ellie ɞ_ 」7 months ago

    I just realised my bro is the same age as Ollie :o (I think)

  93. 「 ʚ ellie ɞ_ 」

    「 ʚ ellie ɞ_ 」7 months ago

    I know right, I watched them since 2014??

  94. Mr.Savage

    Mr.Savage7 months ago

    Goatys cute

  95. destiny shannel

    destiny shannel7 months ago

    I haven’t watched you guys for about 2 years and now Ollie is so big omg 🥺🥺

  96. Madison Wilder

    Madison Wilder7 months ago

    I know it’s crazy !!

  97. Elm 22

    Elm 227 months ago

    i know who owns the holl a rat

  98. Kiran Fernando

    Kiran Fernando7 months ago

    Holy cow 🐮 the boys are growing up so fast I can remember watching Ollie”s birth the day the vid came out you guys are amazing

  99. Smitha Cherian

    Smitha Cherian7 months ago

    Do a slime prank while someone is sleeping

  100. c&m

    c&m7 months ago

    Lol. Fun. Cute. Crazy.

  101. itsme sheckinah

    itsme sheckinah7 months ago

    Love your vids

  102. Sean Hunt

    Sean Hunt7 months ago

    Please keep some baby chicks

  103. Shauna L.

    Shauna L.7 months ago

    U should set up a camera in the chicken coop to see what’s been stealing ur eggs🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  104. m3lody 。

    m3lody 。7 months ago

    Bruh I forgot about you guys and omg Ollie and Finn are so big 😭😭😭

  105. Jose Guillen

    Jose Guillen7 months ago

    Your one of the most happy families 💖💟👍👏 . And come to our house in orland and our house is white with a lot of flowers and come any day....💕💖

  106. Smitha Cherian

    Smitha Cherian7 months ago

    Id love the daily bumps to come to my house

  107. rg sales

    rg sales7 months ago

    It is humid in United Arab Emirates short form uae it is to hot I stay for a minute in the balcony of my house I sweat so much

  108. Shannon O’MALLEY

    Shannon O’MALLEY7 months ago

    Aww omg fin can swim now al by himself

  109. Cherryl Lim

    Cherryl Lim7 months ago

    That is so funny,you are the best Daily Bumbs.

  110. Joanna

    Joanna7 months ago

    I love your chickens

  111. Joanna

    Joanna7 months ago

    Cute baby goats !