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  1. Donna Harrison

    Donna Harrison4 days ago

    Love your sinig

  2. Amazing song Edits for fun 101

    Amazing song Edits for fun 1018 days ago

    ollie has grown so much

  3. Ria Reihana

    Ria Reihana14 days ago

    i can sing

  4. brook schorer

    brook schorer16 days ago

    Yes I would get the song if Ollie realsed a song

  5. Jerrisa Naicker

    Jerrisa Naicker21 day ago

    If you see this comment please tell Ollie to sing the hole son

  6. Penny G

    Penny G26 days ago


  7. That’s so Lex !

    That’s so Lex !Month ago

    I mean to be fair Ollie is a good singer but I’m just a lil better but not much

  8. Courtney Villano

    Courtney VillanoMonth ago


  9. Apryl Turner

    Apryl TurnerMonth ago

    I would get any song's ollie would put out he so good at singing

  10. Not_Savannah.Murray2009

    Not_Savannah.Murray2009Month ago

    Remember when Ollie was born🥺he has a amazing future in front of him he’s still just a little baby he’s an amazing singer though love y’all so much🥰❤️


    FIONA CHORNMonth ago

    can you watch my videos

  12. Indie Lew

    Indie LewMonth ago

    Sing the hashtag song

  13. tala burllos

    tala burllosMonth ago

    goood gap

  14. xxstrawberriesxx

    xxstrawberriesxxMonth ago

    I found this in my recommendation and I used to watch them when Ollie was a baby!

  15. Autumn Grinstead

    Autumn GrinsteadMonth ago

    I love 10thousand hours, that my fav song

  16. tawhiri hepburn

    tawhiri hepburnMonth ago

    Ollie is so cute

  17. Isabelle Boyle

    Isabelle BoyleMonth ago


  18. Alicia Trevino

    Alicia TrevinoMonth ago

    I’ve been watching y’all since Ollie wasn’t even born!😭😭❤️❤️

  19. Zoe Barajas Martinez

    Zoe Barajas MartinezMonth ago

    Hay hay

  20. Dana

    DanaMonth ago

    That kinda runs in the family

  21. aris

    arisMonth ago

    he is too cute i cant

  22. Ryleigh Platt

    Ryleigh PlattMonth ago

    I love your music and your videos

  23. Qetsia

    QetsiaMonth ago

    Omg I used to watch yall 😭 I still remember the old intro And ollie sings soooooo good

  24. Jennifer Zwolinski

    Jennifer ZwolinskiMonth ago

    you are the best you tuber ever can you play fotnite agen

  25. 25jayred

    25jayredMonth ago

    Hi hi hi

  26. Zombie Gachalife 2220

    Zombie Gachalife 2220Month ago

    awwww he a good Singer

  27. Drippy M

    Drippy MMonth ago

    Who watched them in 2015?

  28. Isᴀʙᴇʟʟᴀ

    IsᴀʙᴇʟʟᴀMonth ago

    Oliver said: " A thousand hous " ¡Hous? hours!!

  29. inbal

    inbalMonth ago

    4:22 look at finn

  30. Iya C

    Iya CMonth ago

    Like they say like father like son , hus singing is sooooo good

  31. Brentley Darter

    Brentley DarterMonth ago


  32. Kaylynn Hubbard

    Kaylynn HubbardMonth ago

    I love singing

  33. YNR Globe

    YNR GlobeMonth ago


  34. jaaaylaaa

    jaaaylaaaMonth ago


  35. neethusiva

    neethusivaMonth ago


  36. The Jackson Bro

    The Jackson BroMonth ago

    Hi I’m back and I haven’t been here bc my family has been dieing and my dog just died so it’s been hard to keep up

  37. Roxie G

    Roxie GMonth ago

    I remember when Ollie was born 🥺. He was sooooo tiny.

  38. Katy Norton

    Katy NortonMonth ago

    Do they still have the goats?? I haven't seen them in a long time....

  39. Lps cookie Crew

    Lps cookie CrewMonth ago

    OMG 🥳🥺he’s so big now

  40. Pat Za Eng Nu

    Pat Za Eng NuMonth ago

    Omg Ollie I can't see u and good one Ollie 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

  41. Pat Za Eng Nu

    Pat Za Eng NuMonth ago

    Amazing 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤗🤗🤗🤗😇😇😎

  42. Antonius Khoshi

    Antonius KhoshiMonth ago

    You guys should get a bunny

  43. Ashlyns World

    Ashlyns WorldMonth ago

    Hi my name is Ashlyn I am you’re biggest fan you are my favorite USlikesrs .

  44. Jocelyn 1001

    Jocelyn 1001Month ago

    dude Ollie is mad big now😳

  45. adela

    adelaMonth ago

    i've been watching them since ollie was a baby, and now he is this big omg!! cant believe it👍🏻👍🏻😢

  46. Maddison Clough

    Maddison CloughMonth ago

    I have been watching since Ollie was just born and he is such a good singer wowwww!!

  47. Jackson Traub

    Jackson TraubMonth ago

    Im 6 and hvae a yt account *giggles* but i didn’t remember you SINCE RN

  48. Bristol Gee

    Bristol GeeMonth ago


  49. Heather Poulsen

    Heather PoulsenMonth ago

    I know that song it’s cool oh wait I think you’re cool

  50. Heather Poulsen

    Heather PoulsenMonth ago

    The music video was so awesome I really liked it and really know who you really like you guys girls

  51. Deaconp Pittuck

    Deaconp PittuckMonth ago

    Ollie is mint

  52. Ivan Batalla

    Ivan BatallaMonth ago

    Good jod ollie

  53. Steve Garcia

    Steve GarciaMonth ago

    He is such a good singer non like me

  54. Sky

    SkyMonth ago

    u are the best

  55. Ashanti Franklin

    Ashanti FranklinMonth ago

    Yes I will

  56. Charlotte Trengove

    Charlotte TrengoveMonth ago

    Well done ollie xx

  57. Maria Sanchez

    Maria SanchezMonth ago

    Ollie beat me already

  58. Charlotte and Harvey’s Adventures !

    Charlotte and Harvey’s Adventures !Month ago

    So adorable 😊🥰

  59. Charlie Puth

    Charlie PuthMonth ago

    I would love to make a verse of river by charlie puth l With Oliver and or with Bryan like if so

  60. sue smith

    sue smithMonth ago

    I love you guys I've bin a fan for ever

  61. Padilla Jose

    Padilla JoseMonth ago

    I can sing better than Ollie

  62. Dr MONKEY

    Dr MONKEYMonth ago

    ollie pls 🥺 play pubg

  63. joshua xiong

    joshua xiongMonth ago


  64. Cameron Naubereit

    Cameron NaubereitMonth ago

    I love you guys so much and love your family

  65. Panda Bear

    Panda BearMonth ago

    He his dad son for sure

  66. woopZEWT

    woopZEWTMonth ago

    small subscriber here

  67. Jordan Bate

    Jordan BateMonth ago

    Hi I'm Jordan from UK

  68. Kk Koala

    Kk KoalaMonth ago

    Gosh Ollie is a good singer I didn’t know he could sing

  69. Iron Zeus

    Iron ZeusMonth ago

    Yes I would get Ollie’s debut song and EP

  70. Janine Martinez

    Janine MartinezMonth ago

    I swear Ollie is definitely walking in your steps with your music ❤️

  71. Kaylee Bonham

    Kaylee BonhamMonth ago

    Holy cow Ollie can sing

  72. Colby Martin

    Colby MartinMonth ago

    Next Finn needs drum lessons

  73. Amanda Caprioli

    Amanda CaprioliMonth ago

    Oly Is. Mean

  74. Landon Kline

    Landon KlineMonth ago

    If it was country then yes


    MALEAH DENNIS 2028 WCSC 5Month ago

    Omg soooo cutttteee


    MALEAH DENNIS 2028 WCSC 5Month ago

    I live singing to buddy

  77. Harry Potter Girl

    Harry Potter GirlMonth ago

    I wish I lived in your family you have so much fun

  78. Harry Potter Girl

    Harry Potter GirlMonth ago

    Ollie has such long eyelashes

  79. Devin Lowe

    Devin LoweMonth ago

    Wow he is doing what I am learning in 6th grade coir

  80. ted meriwether

    ted meriwetherMonth ago

    im good at old time role but idk all the words

  81. vanessa denila

    vanessa denilaMonth ago

    oile can sing way better than me 🙇🏻‍♀️ its adorable

  82. Madison Elizabeth

    Madison ElizabethMonth ago

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!🦃🥔✨

  83. Christy W

    Christy WMonth ago

    Olliy sound so good and adorable you did good

  84. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi TumeloMonth ago

    Ollie is a really good singer Awesome video

  85. Scott P

    Scott PMonth ago


  86. vanessa denila

    vanessa denilaMonth ago

    lf and when oile comes out wih a song of his own l d aget it in a heat he such a good songer for his age

  87. Scott P

    Scott PMonth ago

    That was cot

  88. fake little Carly and kelly

    fake little Carly and kellyMonth ago


  89. fake little Carly and kelly

    fake little Carly and kellyMonth ago

    Hi it is a whayl sice i sice i see your chanel

  90. Sonia Finn

    Sonia FinnMonth ago

    If ollie released a song i would most definately get it ollie is definately an awesome singer like his dad 🥰

  91. Baked Bean

    Baked BeanMonth ago

    Ollies had definitely developed Bryans vocal talent

  92. Chantelle Dornan

    Chantelle DornanMonth ago

    Lollllll soooooo cuteeeeeeeee

  93. Isabel Olmeda

    Isabel OlmedaMonth ago

    I would get ollie's song in a heartbeat

  94. B-02 Cian Bañaga

    B-02 Cian BañagaMonth ago

    Does anyone else hear a airplane in the background?

  95. Lea’s Cloud

    Lea’s CloudMonth ago

    what did happen to draco?

  96. Heather Hughson

    Heather HughsonMonth ago

    I love Ollie singing

  97. jose A.

    jose A.Month ago

    I Love you

  98. Foxy_mark

    Foxy_markMonth ago

    Ollie is mini Brian

  99. unfunny_ _tatyana

    unfunny_ _tatyanaMonth ago

    Omg..i just found you guys again! I have been watching you guys since the intro where bryan hit the gold block and a bird dropped ollie into missy hands! The good memories. I literally watched ollie grow up.

  100. Halie Saltzman

    Halie SaltzmanMonth ago

    I swear Ollie is going to be a heartbreaker

  101. Alijah Stafford

    Alijah StaffordMonth ago