OUR CAMPGROUND IS ON FIRE! - Daily Bumps x Ellie & Jared Camp 2020

Things just went from bad to worse! Our Camping Fail! → uslikes.info/house/qHVksdOk2Xugldg/video.html Listen to Bryan’s new music! → ffm.to/sametown
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  1. Laura s

    Laura s2 months ago

    Hey what happened to the ghost that was in your house🤔

  2. MS mtrspt

    MS mtrspt3 months ago

    Hi. My. Name. is. Ellie

  3. Christina Cragun

    Christina Cragun3 months ago

    Where did you go camping

  4. Kevin Molina

    Kevin Molina3 months ago


  5. Andrea Sings

    Andrea Sings3 months ago


  6. Lex Ward

    Lex Ward3 months ago

    Lex se rty rttu gghuu dffhii ruii fit ru ru dgjj r3rgj euyyh Thu r3rgj?

  7. Tiara Grimes

    Tiara Grimes3 months ago


  8. Believe in Yourself

    Believe in Yourself3 months ago

    Come camping for Fall in Ohio. The trees here are gorgeous Fall colors.

  9. christina dziadek

    christina dziadek4 months ago

    nice hat missy and ellie lol

  10. Feleena Macdonald

    Feleena Macdonald4 months ago

    Are they with fans or or by themselves

  11. Lucas Hallman

    Lucas Hallman4 months ago

    When they were like but we have a pool

  12. alejandra zavala

    alejandra zavala4 months ago

    You should also try BALCH Park or Frazier Mills Camp ground then a very nice river and waterfall at hidden falls

  13. Paea Faanunu

    Paea Faanunu4 months ago


  14. Paea Faanunu

    Paea Faanunu4 months ago

    you guys do all the fun stuff

  15. Bridgett Felix

    Bridgett Felix4 months ago

    Why am I watching this while camping😂😂😂

  16. Ed Alfonso Arcega

    Ed Alfonso Arcega4 months ago

    Do you know the shares

  17. Emma Songmoon

    Emma Songmoon4 months ago

    Missy, Are you still riding I haven’t been watching u guys for years I just got back to u and need to catch up!

  18. Kirsten Sullivan

    Kirsten Sullivan4 months ago

    I dont think she is but idk 😂

  19. dream

    dream4 months ago

    reunite with the leblanc family 💚

  20. Bryan Sirokman

    Bryan Sirokman4 months ago

    Be careful there might be water snake

  21. Kham 1

    Kham 14 months ago

    my broher and liltel sister are a bog fan

  22. Theunlengendaryegg

    Theunlengendaryegg4 months ago

    This how much times they said crew 👇🏿

  23. Avery Brown

    Avery Brown4 months ago


  24. Kristin Fujimura

    Kristin Fujimura4 months ago

    Hey Bryan I ordered your cd. And i didn't get yet

  25. Dp_ Smotth

    Dp_ Smotth4 months ago

    Is been long time 😔

  26. Kendra Donaldson

    Kendra Donaldson4 months ago

    I haven’t watched you for years and I’m glad you’re still posting videos

  27. Leyla Mackenzie

    Leyla Mackenzie4 months ago

    Good morning

  28. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo4 months ago

    You guys are the best

  29. xXSunshineTeaXx

    xXSunshineTeaXx4 months ago

    who else remember the old intro? :)

  30. Laila Barker

    Laila Barker4 months ago

    I have been watching your videos for years and you guys have grown so much and I’m just now seeing your channels growth and I love you guys so much and I hope you all are staying safe ❤️

  31. Jayden Perez Prieto

    Jayden Perez Prieto4 months ago

    📺 tv

  32. Gametastic

    Gametastic4 months ago

    You guys are my childhood

  33. Ally Morgan

    Ally Morgan4 months ago

    You should get a German Shepard puppy

  34. Erin Brooks

    Erin Brooks4 months ago


  35. Brooke Ward

    Brooke Ward4 months ago

    What happened to your horses

  36. Arroyo fam2016

    Arroyo fam20164 months ago

    We live in lake Isabella

  37. Piper Omari

    Piper Omari4 months ago

    OMG finn and Ollie have grown so so sooo much since the last time I watched your vids

  38. Bailey Bullins

    Bailey Bullins4 months ago

    Missy please take a video today please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

  39. Dominique Burdick

    Dominique Burdick4 months ago

    They all forgot to say Calvin, Jackson, and Tommy

  40. PumpkinSugar Studios

    PumpkinSugar Studios4 months ago

    Coming back after about 3-5 years, they’re SO GROWN UP

  41. Tabitha Bradley

    Tabitha Bradley4 months ago

    Omg 😱 Sasquatch hahahah

  42. kuwumie FN

    kuwumie FN4 months ago


  43. Matthew Bauer

    Matthew Bauer4 months ago

    I know this doesn’t have anything to do with this video but so cassie says that luna stinks.

  44. Deslyn Xu

    Deslyn Xu4 months ago

    Hi missy and Bryan I have breaking news the killer clowns are back and is in California too so be careful

  45. Allie Waugh

    Allie Waugh4 months ago

    You’re not family with them. It’s just C&c life

  46. Hunter Brooks

    Hunter Brooks4 months ago

    Eddx srd

  47. Rivals Boy

    Rivals Boy4 months ago

    Hey guys 👍🏻

  48. Dominic Menchaca

    Dominic Menchaca4 months ago

    Eli and jarred make another video

  49. Dominic Menchaca

    Dominic Menchaca4 months ago

    Hi Oliver I love you daily bumps

  50. Hannah Vanburen

    Hannah Vanburen4 months ago


  51. Dudley McDudeson

    Dudley McDudeson4 months ago

    space engineers

  52. Milesh fishing Outdoors

    Milesh fishing Outdoors4 months ago

    I was eating fruity pebbles when you were eating fruity pebbles

  53. Jessie Flores

    Jessie Flores4 months ago

    My birthday was actually yesterday an you guys so cute family and I like the like a lion Brian you're such a good singer

  54. Jessie Flores

    Jessie Flores4 months ago

    It's Jessica and I am 12 years old

  55. Gareth Coleman

    Gareth Coleman4 months ago

    I’m new

  56. Rose Mary Estrella

    Rose Mary Estrella4 months ago

    This song is incredible👉🏻👍💪🏼

  57. Laurie Stephens

    Laurie Stephens4 months ago

    Ollie is so cute

  58. Nico Fan

    Nico Fan4 months ago

    Who else thinks Ollie Finn Calvin Jackson Tommy are so cute

  59. liv tingle

    liv tingle4 months ago

    Cool man

  60. Jonathan Avila

    Jonathan Avila4 months ago

    Y’all look cool all of you

  61. Katharine Lang

    Katharine Lang4 months ago

    That RV was so cool! Sounds so fun! Sorry about camping and lake misfortunes! 😁

  62. Katharine Lang

    Katharine Lang4 months ago

    Love the daily bumps! 👊🏻

  63. Eronn Pymer Palad

    Eronn Pymer Palad4 months ago

    This youtubers are so so so amazing

  64. Leigh Danielle C. chica

    Leigh Danielle C. chica4 months ago

    Make a tiktok with Eli and jared

  65. Cherryl Lim

    Cherryl Lim4 months ago

    That is so fun.

  66. Star Everything

    Star Everything4 months ago

    They should stay at ur house

  67. Amanda Lee

    Amanda Lee4 months ago

    Ruby Absolute LEGEND. They are with their friends, and nobody else.

  68. Betsy Reynolds

    Betsy Reynolds4 months ago

    how is your horse missy

  69. Aimee Schmulian

    Aimee Schmulian4 months ago


  70. Mindy Glittenberg

    Mindy Glittenberg4 months ago

    can you guys tell Ali that I got about 3 craw dads at lake pleasant

  71. Daniel Ozersky

    Daniel Ozersky4 months ago

    Been a fan since 2013 jus twanged to see how y'all doing goin to guess good yeeeee

  72. Kaelyn Ysabel Rosana

    Kaelyn Ysabel Rosana4 months ago


  73. Emmy Dalugdog

    Emmy Dalugdog4 months ago

    Why are they going out when theres covid and quarantine!?!??!

  74. SwabyGames

    SwabyGames4 months ago

    I know, I love DB and EJ, but sometimes makes me wonder what they were thinking of getting together like that. That goes for lots of others that make me wonder about their decisions during these crazy times. I would rather wait till i knew 100% this thing was done with before doing anything with others, but not alot of folks or the government has that much patience i guess.

  75. Eamonn Grimes

    Eamonn Grimes4 months ago

    Love your videos

  76. Christian Mena

    Christian Mena4 months ago

    I love watching you guys, especially the vacation videos

  77. Veda

    Veda4 months ago


  78. Crystal Jones

    Crystal Jones4 months ago

    It's ok that it falld at least you guys had fun love you guys

  79. Isaac Vasquez

    Isaac Vasquez4 months ago

    You luck

  80. Manon Mitron

    Manon Mitron4 months ago

    Love your family🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  81. Amber Murray

    Amber Murray4 months ago

    Do you no Easton

  82. Poppy Lamb

    Poppy Lamb4 months ago

    I hope you are having a good. Holiday 🌲🍀☘️🌷🌸🌺🌹🌹🌻🌼🐬🦄🦉


    BOBBY. NEN NELSONS4 months ago

    I like daily bumps everybody is so cute

  84. Emmanuel Encarnacion

    Emmanuel Encarnacion4 months ago

    Have a blessed day everyone

  85. Emmanuel Encarnacion

    Emmanuel Encarnacion4 months ago


  86. The E House

    The E House4 months ago

    Love seeing you guys with Ellie and jared! Crazy how smoke it looks cause of the fires. Glad you guys are having fun and enjoying Labor Day weekend 2020 lol. Those s’mores looked amazing! Definitely one of the best pets of camping lol. Great job guys!! 👊🏼

  87. Paula Ohm

    Paula Ohm4 months ago

    you should get a new pet maybe a bunny

  88. Timmy Singh

    Timmy Singh4 months ago


  89. julianne tiktok

    julianne tiktok4 months ago

    I like going to beach

  90. Silvy itsamomslife44

    Silvy itsamomslife444 months ago

    Maybe you should have been there are 3miles

  91. Myra Morales

    Myra Morales4 months ago


  92. Julius Bricker

    Julius Bricker4 months ago

    omg I was there at that river


    KEN TBNRFRAGS4 months ago

    FALL 🎑

  94. Kendall Mondo

    Kendall Mondo4 months ago

    Tommy when they say they’re with Ellie and Jared Jackson and Calvin 👁👄👁

  95. Kirsten Sullivan

    Kirsten Sullivan4 months ago

    Prob because Jackson and Ollie are close and Calvin and Fin since Tommy is way smaller

  96. Jasmine Boutte

    Jasmine Boutte4 months ago

    i now jaren he is my moms moms frend sorry my spelling

  97. Crystal Vega

    Crystal Vega4 months ago

    It was 115 in Pomona

  98. Christine Quinn

    Christine Quinn4 months ago

    I love you guys 😍😘

  99. Cazric

    Cazric4 months ago

    Bryan sounds like stephan sharer lol

  100. Chloe Miller

    Chloe Miller4 months ago

    You can take trip to Leavenworth Washington

  101. Brittany Murillo

    Brittany Murillo4 months ago

    I used to live there. Wise idea, to leave.

  102. coco Monique

    coco Monique4 months ago

    Where have Cullen and Katie been ?

  103. Red_Moon

    Red_Moon4 months ago

    I haven’t watched your guys videos in years! Woooow all if you guys have grown a whole lot!! Omg!

  104. Dora

    Dora4 months ago

    I will never get tired of Daily Bumps and E+J vacays 😊💛

  105. kmmbatwood05

    kmmbatwood054 months ago

    i have been with yall since day one!