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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps4 months ago

    Watching Ollie and Finn swim underwater is so CRAZY!! Would you ever use one of these?

  2. citric clan

    citric clanMonth ago

    Hi daily bumps it is Roxy and I love you so much

  3. Aldo Quintana

    Aldo Quintana3 months ago


  4. Ruth Zacariaz

    Ruth Zacariaz3 months ago

    Yes if I had a pool

  5. Emiliano Virgen

    Emiliano Virgen3 months ago

    Wow so much fun

  6. Rusty Hill

    Rusty Hill3 months ago

    Finn is so cute

  7. samantha jakeway-crooks

    samantha jakeway-crooks12 days ago

    That bick was to big


    JOSHUA HUGHESMonth ago

    Really sorry for that I just don’t

  9. citric clan

    citric clanMonth ago

    Hi daily bumps I am Roxy am funny and I Love you so much.

  10. citric clan

    citric clanMonth ago

    Hi daly bumps it is Roxy I love you so very much for your videos Love you.

  11. citric clan

    citric clanMonth ago

    Hi Baily bumps l Love you

  12. Katasha Hall

    Katasha HallMonth ago

    I love you

  13. X ItsGhostly X

    X ItsGhostly XMonth ago

    cool i love it daily bumps!

  14. Shangjunli Li

    Shangjunli Li2 months ago

    who is home school

  15. tim arkosz xxxddhyyfffdewq

    tim arkosz xxxddhyyfffdewq2 months ago

    I I don't know I don't have a pool

  16. Reem Hamed saif al shuhaibi

    Reem Hamed saif al shuhaibi3 months ago


  17. Jodee Potter

    Jodee Potter3 months ago

    My gma and her friends dress up as the Sanderson sisters

  18. Camilla Ceni

    Camilla Ceni3 months ago

    Oliie's face is the best, scootering underwater! Haha

  19. Mike Messer

    Mike Messer3 months ago


  20. Blyss Hall

    Blyss Hall3 months ago

    You are the best. Can we please be friends please

  21. D. Morales

    D. Morales3 months ago


  22. Java Mama

    Java Mama3 months ago

    I would!!!

  23. Emiliano Virgen

    Emiliano Virgen3 months ago

    Wow it looks so fun

  24. Ava malone

    Ava malone3 months ago


  25. Mahir Erdem Soydar

    Mahir Erdem Soydar3 months ago

    code vein

  26. Hernandez Family

    Hernandez Family3 months ago

    And how old is Ollie and Finn I haven't seen daily bumps in a long time

  27. Hernandez Family

    Hernandez Family3 months ago

    I love the new intro and car was beautiful and the scooter underwater thing looked really cool

  28. Kinetic Kayla

    Kinetic Kayla3 months ago

    OMG that looks so fun!!!!

  29. Oscar y Collado

    Oscar y Collado3 months ago

    Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣💛❤❤❤❤❤🙉🙉🙈🙈😚😍😍🤩😘🥰🤣🤣🤣

  30. Mahra K

    Mahra K3 months ago

    Those scooters look like a blast! Hope ya’ll enjoyed them.

  31. Zack Eisenzimmer

    Zack Eisenzimmer3 months ago


  32. Zack Eisenzimmer

    Zack Eisenzimmer3 months ago


  33. Jose Jimenez

    Jose Jimenez3 months ago

    I’ve been watching you guys since I was five years old and I am 11

  34. Norm Rivers

    Norm Rivers3 months ago

    I love your videos

  35. addrianna vasquez

    addrianna vasquez3 months ago

    hi daily bumps

  36. The Jackson Bro

    The Jackson Bro3 months ago

    I should be at school but part of my family has carona

  37. Anderson Garcia

    Anderson Garcia3 months ago

    That looks fun

  38. Danielle Jordan

    Danielle Jordan3 months ago

    Sick man ha ha

  39. Gracie Hill

    Gracie Hill3 months ago


  40. Meghan Pierce

    Meghan Pierce3 months ago


  41. The Martinez Family

    The Martinez Family3 months ago

    Your videos would be better without Biden ads.

  42. Mary Wylie

    Mary Wylie4 months ago

    You guys have grown omg Love the video you do

  43. Bennie Swartz

    Bennie Swartz4 months ago

    I love your Murch but you should just have three of the Murch come in different colors you only have three maybe you should get like 10 different matches👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤱🏻🤱🏻🤱🏻🤱🏻🤱🏻🤱🏻🤱🏻

  44. martin tyndall

    martin tyndall4 months ago

    Do olli have a tattoo

  45. Stacey Henderson

    Stacey Henderson4 months ago


  46. Jewel Bickel

    Jewel Bickel4 months ago

    No yes

  47. Amy Durham

    Amy Durham4 months ago

    You have a baby

  48. Brylee Posey

    Brylee Posey4 months ago

    so cool

  49. Milton lara

    Milton lara4 months ago

    Ollie and fin are getting big!! So cool🤓🤩

  50. candace gouedy

    candace gouedy4 months ago


  51. Kristofer Clark

    Kristofer Clark4 months ago


  52. the gray gamer

    the gray gamer4 months ago

    at first I thought it was a underwater drone

  53. Zech Govender

    Zech Govender4 months ago

    Why don't you get a phone for oliver and finn

  54. Zech Govender

    Zech Govender4 months ago

    What's your phone number I really want to talk to you guys

  55. Nastassia Anderson

    Nastassia Anderson4 months ago

    He is like OMGOSH this is awsome

  56. Erica Niles

    Erica Niles4 months ago

    Does oli have a tattoo

  57. Stacey Attanasio

    Stacey Attanasio4 months ago

    How old is fin

  58. Avery Brown

    Avery Brown4 months ago


  59. Thomas Wisnefske

    Thomas Wisnefske4 months ago

    That is so cool

  60. scqrrxd

    scqrrxd4 months ago


  61. scqrrxd

    scqrrxd3 months ago

    Jude TV It’s still long.

  62. Shiminations Animation

    Shiminations Animation3 months ago

    Bruh that’s just 4 yrs

  63. Joshua Archuletta

    Joshua Archuletta4 months ago

    I will try that

  64. Emily Hahn

    Emily Hahn4 months ago


  65. xox. Grace

    xox. Grace4 months ago

    I used to watch you guys like 4 yeare ago and i only just found u guys i am so happy💞

  66. Paea Faanunu

    Paea Faanunu4 months ago

    yall lucky

  67. Blake's world

    Blake's world4 months ago

    Flashback to i was your subscribers no i'm not i'm just kidding to you but i don't watch you anymore i'm already 7

  68. Ethan Williams

    Ethan Williams4 months ago


  69. millmom

    millmom4 months ago

    How the heck did Ollie get that blonde hair??! So cute!!

  70. matt legs

    matt legs4 months ago

    Hi love ur vids! Sorry I'm late~love ya music bryan!

  71. Gabby_grace 23

    Gabby_grace 234 months ago

    Wow!! I older and I can swim like that, Ollie amazing

  72. Nicole Castaneda

    Nicole Castaneda4 months ago

    Hi there👍❤️

  73. citric clan

    citric clanMonth ago

    Hi daily bumps I love you so much

  74. Renee lynch

    Renee lynch4 months ago

    The underwater scooter look so much fun

  75. Hannah Vanburen

    Hannah Vanburen4 months ago

    Malisse said peg live out side at vet

  76. Hannah Vanburen

    Hannah Vanburen4 months ago

    Do want pug or not

  77. Hannah Vanburen

    Hannah Vanburen4 months ago

    Do want peg

  78. Not so anonymous Cr10

    Not so anonymous Cr104 months ago


  79. Asha Ramful

    Asha Ramful3 months ago

    I love yours video

  80. Asha Ramful

    Asha Ramful3 months ago


  81. best friends forever oglesby

    best friends forever oglesby4 months ago


  82. vanessa denila

    vanessa denila4 months ago

    daily bumps

  83. Brooke Starnes

    Brooke Starnes4 months ago


  84. Tesha Naila

    Tesha Naila4 months ago

    Wow, memories, I used to watch you years ago and now Finn is so big and Karma is still here!! This is great to see you guys still uploading. Great video!

  85. The Deanrz

    The Deanrz4 months ago

    That thing is dooooope!!

  86. joanne dugue

    joanne dugue4 months ago


  87. Cortne Ousley

    Cortne Ousley4 months ago

    POV:your scrolling down the comments while watching this video

  88. Angel Leon Perez

    Angel Leon Perez4 months ago


  89. Brinley Williams

    Brinley Williams4 months ago

    whers luna

  90. Ebony Brown

    Ebony Brown4 months ago

    Bro your wife. They and we know ??

  91. Ebony Brown

    Ebony Brown4 months ago

    3 too boy are you son and bryan. Why. Told ??

  92. Shannon Ray

    Shannon Ray4 months ago

    Year 7 of daily bumps!!

  93. An-Nisa Haynes

    An-Nisa Haynes4 months ago

    I love that show which is your number I love that show which is your number

  94. Ayie Rahim

    Ayie Rahim4 months ago

    Me I like Ollie and finn so cute tergeter

  95. KittyPlayz

    KittyPlayz4 months ago

    I love the vids so i followed them but they never post

  96. Evie OLD

    Evie OLD4 months ago


  97. Keiji Akaashi

    Keiji Akaashi4 months ago

    omg i used to watch you when you first had ollie no joke.

  98. zac goldman

    zac goldman4 months ago

    Maybe it could fli

  99. nadia h

    nadia h4 months ago

    Oh my gosh they're so big now! That's what I get for not watching for 2 years. : (

  100. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo4 months ago

    You guys are awesome

  101. Annalyse Davies

    Annalyse Davies4 months ago

    Hi Ollie, hi Fin, hi missy, hi Bryan and Luna and karma

  102. Morgans Vlogs

    Morgans Vlogs4 months ago

    I remember when I was younger I started watching you guys before Ollie was born

  103. cookies ***

    cookies ***4 months ago

    I love your vids but my tablet broke and I couldn't watch you for about 2 years Ollie and Finn are so big I'm crying so hard😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  104. Adam Lacey

    Adam Lacey4 months ago

    We have a kitten named Karma Larry

  105. Adam Lacey

    Adam Lacey4 months ago

    We meant Karma!

  106. Katsu Kun

    Katsu Kun4 months ago

    Is it a coincidence that I got an add for those under water scooters?

  107. Ben Smith

    Ben Smith4 months ago

    New video need to haircut 💇🏼‍♂️

  108. Angel Chavez

    Angel Chavez4 months ago

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  109. Syn Flood

    Syn Flood4 months ago

    How about 130in South Bay Ford👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  110. Syn Flood

    Syn Flood4 months ago

    How about 130in South Bay Ford👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  111. Sabrina Rivera

    Sabrina Rivera4 months ago

    that's so cool