He Finally Caught One! 🦂 (AND ITS SCARY!!)

Mini Coyote Peterson is back at it!
Turn on Reminders for the Hey! music video Premiere here!! → uslikes.info/house/c3mr0piAtXl_h50/video.html


  1. Rebecca Liggett

    Rebecca Liggett24 days ago

    i love your videos

  2. Megs Lolz

    Megs LolzMonth ago

    Oh no he’s dead. KILLED ME

  3. Rutchiti Warriors

    Rutchiti WarriorsMonth ago

    filmed in vertical mode for 5 million people to later watch lol. 😆

  4. Sonia Ornelas

    Sonia OrnelasMonth ago




    Omg I can’t ollies so cute he just casually says “ oh no he’s dead”

  6. Devon Scoon

    Devon ScoonMonth ago

    Way to go olive

  7. Carmen Davila

    Carmen Davila2 months ago

    Rip Mr froggy 2020

  8. Carmen Davila

    Carmen Davila2 months ago

    Poor Mr froggy

  9. Dominic OMEGASLAM

    Dominic OMEGASLAM2 months ago

    Those animals are so cool and I also have an iguana

  10. James Parsons

    James Parsons2 months ago


  11. Layla Grajeda

    Layla Grajeda3 months ago

    Wow i want to get animals now 🤩🤩🤩

  12. Reem Hamed saif al shuhaibi

    Reem Hamed saif al shuhaibi3 months ago

    Poor frog died 🐸😢

  13. tala burllos

    tala burllos3 months ago

    What is it

  14. Cameron Blumberg

    Cameron Blumberg3 months ago

    Cool Ollie

  15. Mari AriasMunoz

    Mari AriasMunoz3 months ago

    Did you know the smaller the scorpion the deadly it is the bigger the scorpion not that deadly so if someone gets done with it there’s zero chance that you’re gonna survive

  16. Rashed Alblooshi

    Rashed Alblooshi3 months ago


  17. Hi Who his reading this

    Hi Who his reading this3 months ago

    How does he catch the animals it’s awesome

  18. vincent ryan

    vincent ryan3 months ago

    hey i saw it the new song it looks cool

  19. Felix Hernandez

    Felix Hernandez3 months ago

    It was so funny when olie said the frog was dead his face

  20. Joanne Robinson

    Joanne Robinson3 months ago


  21. little mia nasypany

    little mia nasypany3 months ago


  22. FairyDoll

    FairyDoll3 months ago

    I remember watching this in 2016 and I just loved you guys!

  23. Nada Al Bastaki

    Nada Al Bastaki3 months ago

    hiiiiiiii omg loveeee

  24. Sus

    Sus3 months ago

    I love you guys❤️, the frog tho F for him🥺

  25. Colton Hockett

    Colton Hockett3 months ago

    If you keep the snake make sure you get heat lights


    BROOX LAUGHERY3 months ago

    mac book

  27. Sxnflower_bri _Gacha

    Sxnflower_bri _Gacha3 months ago

    Wow I-those are some scary animals Ollie you are very brave I’ve caught crickets but I don’t think I would ever catch a scorpion,frog,or a snake.Thank you for the wonderful videos!

  28. Rahlei Birdsall

    Rahlei Birdsall3 months ago


  29. Sarah Star

    Sarah Star3 months ago

    Daily bumps. They ar. So cool

  30. MV Wavzoo

    MV Wavzoo3 months ago

    Are used to watch this six years ago LOL

  31. Tessa Ozmun

    Tessa Ozmun3 months ago


  32. Yolanda Navarro

    Yolanda Navarro3 months ago

    Hey daily bumps since november is comig soon can you tell finn happy early birthday thx and i cant wait for a vifeo for that

  33. Matildas quirky life

    Matildas quirky life3 months ago

    i have been watching sice 2013

  34. Nicky

    Nicky3 months ago

    The frog 🐸 was dead bye the way made me laugh 😂 so much

  35. Nicky

    Nicky3 months ago

    Missy I love your top it’s so pretty 😍 congratulations Bryan in the hey music video it’s so good love ❤️ it.

  36. Luis Roman

    Luis Roman3 months ago

    We're is drago

  37. Crystal Jones

    Crystal Jones3 months ago

    Tell him to catch a jumping spider

  38. Crystal Jones

    Crystal Jones3 months ago

    OMG 😂 my daughter is literally just like Ollie she will catch so many bugs

  39. Crystal Jones

    Crystal Jones3 months ago

    Rip.... for Eddie Van Halen just keep rocking hard🤘

  40. Lazy Play's

    Lazy Play's3 months ago

    You need to make a hole so they can be alive

  41. Snailcraft

    Snailcraft3 months ago

    How are the goats? I love you guys!

  42. Katelynn Shipe

    Katelynn Shipe3 months ago

    Oh wow

  43. Gavin James

    Gavin James3 months ago


  44. Gavin James

    Gavin James3 months ago

    So can you make me a song

  45. catherine jane girao

    catherine jane girao3 months ago

    yall are getting old lol

  46. Saul Osornio Ugalde

    Saul Osornio Ugalde3 months ago

    I saw you since you had 1 million subs

  47. Matthew Jones

    Matthew Jones3 months ago

    Hi missy

  48. Poppy berry

    Poppy berry3 months ago

    They need air the air will run out in red lid ones.

  49. Tijah Pretty

    Tijah Pretty3 months ago

    Ollie face when he said that his frog was dead :-P


    REESE MUSHKIN3 months ago

    Sometimes my phone or iPad

  51. Kylie Kittle

    Kylie Kittle3 months ago

    I watched the live chat I loved it I loved how old he then got stuck in the bars

  52. Theresa Gosine

    Theresa Gosine3 months ago

    Hey I love u guys

  53. Nasser Alsaeed

    Nasser Alsaeed3 months ago

    Good vid computer and ipad

  54. Kreekcraft plays Roblox fan

    Kreekcraft plays Roblox fan3 months ago

    Today is October 10th probably in your area is not butter in my area it is

  55. Plasma

    Plasma3 months ago

    Who has been a fan since 2015! I remember them only having 500k subs

  56. Adeline Taylor

    Adeline Taylor3 months ago

    It very 👍

  57. murjana ahmad

    murjana ahmad3 months ago


  58. Dan_quinn29

    Dan_quinn293 months ago

    I never saw ur vids for two years and today I was like WHATS THERE NAME 🥺

  59. MaddieStanton

    MaddieStanton3 months ago

    Where are the goats

  60. Azul & Alexa

    Azul & Alexa3 months ago

    He was shaking

  61. Isabella Baris

    Isabella Baris3 months ago

    that is fun I love it

  62. Melany Lucero

    Melany Lucero3 months ago

    I haven’t seen them in 5 years

  63. glorija vogrin

    glorija vogrin3 months ago

    He is so brave I never could do somting like that 🙈 he will have so good life 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

  64. Analise Charters

    Analise Charters3 months ago

    Oily that’s amzing

  65. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo3 months ago

    Love you guys

  66. Kaelyn Ysabel Rosana

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  67. Neuirvan Kurniawan

    Neuirvan Kurniawan3 months ago

    my computer

  68. Ives 123

    Ives 1233 months ago

    Can they breathe

  69. apoulsen01

    apoulsen013 months ago

    Take a black light to the scorpion. They glow in the dark

  70. Caleigh Williams

    Caleigh Williams3 months ago

    such a cool fact!!!!

  71. skick man0

    skick man03 months ago

    Phone c:


    BOBBY. NEN NELSONS3 months ago

    Hey Daily bumps ✨ 😌 ☺ 😉 👌 😊 ✨

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    Zoe Steenvoorden3 months ago

    Olive is you so cute

  75. Allyson Trevino

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  76. Kaliana Klavon

    Kaliana Klavon3 months ago

    Where is Draco

  77. alyssa

    alyssa3 months ago

    so cool! i love how passionate ollie is about wildlife!! but maybe have him let them go before they get too weak & die 🥺all animals are very important to our planet's ecosystems! ❤️

  78. Avery Brown

    Avery Brown3 months ago

    So cool

  79. Lûñâ Møøn

    Lûñâ Møøn3 months ago


  80. Stephanie Watkins

    Stephanie Watkins3 months ago

    I was literally about To cry when Ollie said oh no he's dead

  81. James

    James3 months ago


  82. Mike and Angie Bortness

    Mike and Angie Bortness3 months ago

    ?? ?? ?? ??

  83. Mike and Angie Bortness

    Mike and Angie Bortness3 months ago

    can i live with u guys!!

  84. Lanita Simers

    Lanita Simers3 months ago

    I will not be able to watch live tommorow but I really in joy watch family

  85. Mike and Angie Bortness

    Mike and Angie Bortness3 months ago

    i mean scorpion

  86. Mike and Angie Bortness

    Mike and Angie Bortness3 months ago


  87. Mike and Angie Bortness

    Mike and Angie Bortness3 months ago

    a scorphene

  88. Piper

    Piper3 months ago

    Ollie I'm sorry but you should let all of there reptiles go please do it cause those reptiles should be wild

  89. The E House

    The E House3 months ago

    Oh my goodness!! His excitement ❤️❤️ we loved seeing him so excited! That’s so awesome Ollie!!! Good eye!!! 😂 I love how into all of it he is! Awe buddy... :( so sad 😂 we loved this video we were watching on our phone but we watch on our tv a lot of the time too!!! ❤️ we love any video you all put out!

  90. Taylor Hughes

    Taylor Hughes3 months ago

    ur kidz ry rsum

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  92. Taylor Hughes

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    you are awsome

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    Love u guys

  98. Ronnie Lani

    Ronnie Lani3 months ago

    Oh my gosh! I remember watching you guys so long ago, Ollie grew up so much 🥺 hopefully you guys are doing ok

  99. Unicorn Kittle

    Unicorn Kittle3 months ago

    I don’t like the new filter

  100. Sachi Pacheco

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  101. Taliya Godoy

    Taliya Godoy3 months ago

    It’s a razor snake ! So cool

  102. Jazelle Aleman

    Jazelle Aleman3 months ago

    There was a baby frog in my home this morning I was so scared I don't like frog's