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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps6 months ago

    Happy Father's Day!! ❤️ What did you get your dad for Father's Day???

  2. blue•flower

    blue•flower6 months ago

    EnemyConch same-

  3. blue•flower

    blue•flower6 months ago


  4. Charles Julian

    Charles Julian6 months ago


  5. Kelli Brownotter

    Kelli Brownotter6 months ago

    I live so far from my dad

  6. Silvia Lenih

    Silvia Lenih6 months ago


  7. Unicornpowernivin _thebest

    Unicornpowernivin _thebest3 months ago

    Ollie is an amazing singer

  8. Derek Jacobus

    Derek Jacobus5 months ago

    I have been supporting you guys since I as like 3 years old

  9. Jirouwu

    Jirouwu5 months ago

    9:19 Ollie sounded really good

  10. Asyifa Hutami

    Asyifa Hutami5 months ago

    In Indonesia dragon fruit color is purple and sweet

  11. Meco Solomon

    Meco Solomon6 months ago

    Sorry for not watching for 2 months

  12. Funcheer 1

    Funcheer 16 months ago

    The song ‘hey’ is such a country bop ❤️😂

  13. Super Mario Zhao

    Super Mario Zhao6 months ago

    We have three little frogs in our house that we ordered online but there were six tadpoles the three of them died

  14. Antoine Ayrouth

    Antoine Ayrouth6 months ago

    I got a Lamborghini for my dad

  15. Faith Otero

    Faith Otero6 months ago

    For the dragon fruit you’re supposed to add sugar

  16. Nacby and Ebo

    Nacby and Ebo6 months ago

    Dragon fruit is so good

  17. Fhelences Posa

    Fhelences Posa6 months ago


  18. Gabriela Munguia

    Gabriela Munguia6 months ago


  19. Tiffany Silker

    Tiffany Silker6 months ago

    Missy I would love to come hang out with you and Bryan and the boys and go swimming

  20. Gatcha LifeForFam

    Gatcha LifeForFam6 months ago

    I like dragon fruit

  21. prachi priya

    prachi priya6 months ago

    My sister has TIKTOK

  22. prachi priya

    prachi priya6 months ago

    I love your videos 😻

  23. ayub.thegoat _123

    ayub.thegoat _1236 months ago

    Omg i didn't watch daily bumbs since 2017

  24. Cathy Bedeski

    Cathy Bedeski6 months ago

    The purple ones are better then the white dragon fruit

  25. Peter Jinggan

    Peter Jinggan6 months ago

    I love you guys so much happy father's Day

  26. stephcomp04

    stephcomp046 months ago

    Make more videos please

  27. Square Brix

    Square Brix6 months ago

    Dragonfruit is one of my favorite fruits

  28. John Turner

    John Turner6 months ago

    I live in Cambodia

  29. Christine Christopoulos

    Christine Christopoulos6 months ago


  30. Sean Chrest

    Sean Chrest6 months ago

    I will home pot uv you and the family

  31. Sean Chrest

    Sean Chrest6 months ago

    Hi I love you more than a deal with the other day but I love you so much

  32. Sean Chrest

    Sean Chrest6 months ago

    Hi I love you more than a big deal

  33. Charles Julian

    Charles Julian6 months ago


  34. Tabitha Bradley

    Tabitha Bradley6 months ago


  35. Cameron Lowe

    Cameron Lowe6 months ago

    dragonfruit is flavorless kiwi

  36. More Zydrex

    More Zydrex6 months ago

    i got my dad chocalte

  37. dream

    dream6 months ago

    looove ollie singing 9:20

  38. Chase Allen

    Chase Allen6 months ago

    Happy Father’s Day to you all including Bryan!😀

  39. Leonah Pozuelos

    Leonah Pozuelos6 months ago

    A t short pizza and a mug

  40. Chau Dang

    Chau Dang6 months ago

    I love your dogs I wish I had a doggies 🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺😍🥰😘



    Hi do u make tik tok

  42. maricel santos

    maricel santos6 months ago

    We have a dragon fruit in ower house

  43. Jami Lo

    Jami Lo6 months ago

    I have tasted dragon fruit and I thought it was good...

  44. karina enriquez

    karina enriquez6 months ago

    Happy father s day

  45. Gracie

    Gracie6 months ago

    9:19 that was beautiful Ollie

  46. Patricia Bustillo

    Patricia Bustillo6 months ago

    Dragon fruit needs to be pink so it could be sweet

  47. Catherine Rich

    Catherine Rich6 months ago

    You are rubish

  48. Ray Casey

    Ray Casey6 months ago


  49. Skylynn Johnson

    Skylynn Johnson6 months ago

    Sweet singing ollie

  50. Ruby Garcia

    Ruby Garcia6 months ago


  51. Mak B

    Mak B6 months ago

    Daily bumps play roblox before

  52. Rina Salim

    Rina Salim6 months ago

    You are so dump the drogon frut are oredi old but the drogon frut are oredi old and the drogon frut test good 😋😋😋😋

  53. dreamsmpsimp ßßß

    dreamsmpsimp ßßß6 months ago

    What with draqko?

  54. Jack McInnis

    Jack McInnis6 months ago

    Happy Father’s Day

  55. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo6 months ago

    Love you guys so much

  56. Allison Tucker

    Allison Tucker6 months ago

    who is cuter ollie: like finn:reply

  57. alex southern

    alex southern6 months ago

    Happy fathers day

  58. Mariaelena Montoya

    Mariaelena Montoya6 months ago


  59. Divina Minch

    Divina Minch6 months ago

    I like

  60. Shaquan Welch

    Shaquan Welch6 months ago


  61. karina enriquez

    karina enriquez6 months ago

    Happy father day


    SMELLY BELLY TV6 months ago

    I’ve had dragon fruit and I love it what are you up to ask you about it’s so good I literally craving it right now it’s so sweet and good

  63. Hassan Kawir

    Hassan Kawir6 months ago

    thank you guys

  64. Azauq Blue

    Azauq Blue6 months ago


  65. Lola Gameing

    Lola Gameing6 months ago

    I was here since Olive was born

  66. Shawn Spicer

    Shawn Spicer6 months ago

    Does Ollie still watch kyodey peterson?

  67. reiss chua

    reiss chua6 months ago

    this is the best family I’ve ever seen here

  68. reiss chua

    reiss chua6 months ago

    who remembers when ollie was in the water park when he was a baby

  69. Nicole Walton

    Nicole Walton6 months ago

    I ordered the new CD yesterday. My daughter and I are so excited & can't wait to listen to it!!

  70. Natalie's TOTEally Awesome Bags

    Natalie's TOTEally Awesome Bags6 months ago

    Ollie is just like his daddy lol 😂 I can not wait to see him grow.

  71. Natalie's TOTEally Awesome Bags

    Natalie's TOTEally Awesome Bags6 months ago

    Love it

  72. Ibrahim Mohamed

    Ibrahim Mohamed6 months ago

    happy father day bryan

  73. chill131taste

    chill131taste6 months ago

    Do a fortnite reaction video pls

  74. Pro rob

    Pro rob6 months ago

    I love you videos

  75. Nalin Prasad

    Nalin Prasad6 months ago

    it is not farthers day but i have not have not have had dragon frouit

  76. Mehar Brar

    Mehar Brar6 months ago

    Happy father's day 😇😇

  77. Cheyenne Jordan

    Cheyenne Jordan6 months ago

    Haven’t watched you guys in a long timeee

  78. jayden majer

    jayden majer6 months ago

    I haven't watched you guys in years and ollie looks the same

  79. Pluto xu

    Pluto xu6 months ago


  80. siera innerarity

    siera innerarity6 months ago

    my dad don't care about me

  81. Idc_ Gacha

    Idc_ Gacha6 months ago

    It's been years since I've watched you guys and now Finn isn't a baby and their both so big!

  82. Ailie Snyder

    Ailie Snyder6 months ago

    Just me or was Ollie’s riff actually really good!!!

  83. Missy De la peña

    Missy De la peña6 months ago


  84. Rosario Ruiz

    Rosario Ruiz6 months ago

    Happy Father's Day Bryan

  85. ALYSSA K

    ALYSSA K6 months ago

    I have never had dragon fruit before

  86. Psyduck gamesッ

    Psyduck gamesッ6 months ago

    It is not father's day. Fathers day is tomorrow

  87. Sammie Sutton

    Sammie Sutton6 months ago

    Add some honey to the dragon fruit it does help with the taste

  88. Arianna Donkor

    Arianna Donkor6 months ago

    Am from New York am a big fan i love you guys 🥰

  89. Erin Wrigley

    Erin Wrigley6 months ago


  90. Pe̷a̷ƈhy Sl·o̷th

    Pe̷a̷ƈhy Sl·o̷th6 months ago

    Ollie and his brother are so big!

  91. jolyne cujoh

    jolyne cujoh6 months ago

    I’ve not watched this in 4 years, man I feel old

  92. Mikaylas Corner

    Mikaylas Corner6 months ago

    Hi love you guys

  93. ohTae7

    ohTae76 months ago

    Jdjdjdjd woow I was here when both of them were babies! I just came back after not watching for a long time, and they both have grown alot hahaha!

  94. Sun Tzu

    Sun Tzu6 months ago

    Oh god I haven't watched since ollie was just a few months old. Alot has happend since then huh.

  95. Gaming kk Kaleb

    Gaming kk Kaleb6 months ago

    I love my dad but I don’t not like you guys suckers

  96. Adrianna Vellon

    Adrianna Vellon6 months ago

    Happy Father's Day Brian and happy birthday to your dad too messy.

  97. eArThWoRm SaLlY

    eArThWoRm SaLlY6 months ago

    Oh my gosh I havent watched your videos in YEARSS. Ive watched you guys before Ollie was born! Im so glad to be back :D

  98. Gamer Girl 0

    Gamer Girl 06 months ago

    I was


    MAISIE ORTEGA6 months ago

    My favorite fruit is all

  100. kitty world

    kitty world6 months ago

    They are the best

  101. Gia Anzaldua

    Gia Anzaldua6 months ago

    Happy Father’s Day Brian and Oliver’s gampma you raised a amazing daughter

  102. Ianpecanplays

    Ianpecanplays6 months ago

    Stop 🛑 with the wine 🍷 I don’t want you to die

  103. Tim Fricke

    Tim Fricke6 months ago

    How old is Ollie now?Luv ur vids I've been watching since Ollie turned 3

  104. mayra roman

    mayra roman6 months ago

    I try dragon fruit but as a ice cream it is good

  105. Johnny Diaz

    Johnny Diaz6 months ago

    i got my dad grill stuf and fishing stuf

  106. Arisa Vrzivoli

    Arisa Vrzivoli6 months ago