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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps7 months ago

    Thanks for watching! 🙏🏻 Would you ever get a nose piercing??? 😂 Maybe a giant safety pin nose piercing?!

  2. Ben Llewellyn

    Ben Llewellyn4 months ago


  3. Bailey Ballard

    Bailey Ballard4 months ago

    i have three nose piercings 😳 kinda awkward

  4. The Gemelke Girls

    The Gemelke Girls7 months ago

    Nope. Never have, never will. O.O"

  5. Sandra rendon

    Sandra rendon7 months ago

    Oh no I would not

  6. Chris Sil

    Chris Sil7 months ago

    Tomorrow is my b day🥳

  7. Johannes Palola

    Johannes PalolaMonth ago

    We watched Free Willy in school

  8. Henry Barragan

    Henry BarraganMonth ago

    You did the one with the cup and Brian did the one with the bottle

  9. Jason Adams

    Jason Adams3 months ago

    When Bryan screamed it scared me so much I almost pooped my pants🤣lol

  10. Parker Crim

    Parker Crim3 months ago


  11. Lex Ward

    Lex Ward4 months ago

    Lex dd dh dggf Thu dvbb gghuu gnu gh fj gh gg?

  12. mary ellen martinez

    mary ellen martinez6 months ago

    You little man what are you doing

  13. Eden Reyes

    Eden Reyes6 months ago

    i love free wille

  14. Kellie Spooner

    Kellie Spooner6 months ago

    I think the left one is yours

  15. Yuki Pham

    Yuki Pham6 months ago

    U did the cup

  16. Whitney Iocca

    Whitney Iocca6 months ago

    Class missy

  17. Jaelyn Cyr

    Jaelyn Cyr6 months ago

    Wine glass

  18. corona time!

    corona time!6 months ago

    Beep boop

  19. Rosendo Velasco

    Rosendo Velasco6 months ago


  20. calvin anderson

    calvin anderson7 months ago

    I think the 🍷wine glass is missy s

  21. Jaden Dionco

    Jaden Dionco7 months ago

    Hi 👉👈

  22. Natalie D.

    Natalie D.7 months ago

    Awww I love that show

  23. Angelina Sherwood

    Angelina Sherwood7 months ago

    missey did the wine and briyin did the glase

  24. Za’Niya Driver

    Za’Niya Driver7 months ago

    I remember you guys now I watched you ever since before Ollie was born

  25. Azariah Agee

    Azariah Agee7 months ago

    I love you so much daily bumps

  26. Maximus Williamson

    Maximus Williamson7 months ago

    Max Oskskskkskkslslslslslsosososoososososooso

  27. Debbie Phair

    Debbie Phair7 months ago

    I love it

  28. Roberto Zambrano

    Roberto Zambrano7 months ago

    Love. You. Busy

  29. Faye Hall

    Faye Hall7 months ago

    Well hello Sydney not because I want to meet you there love heart

  30. Iris Amoro

    Iris Amoro7 months ago

    Omg ollie's hair is cool and cute

  31. Ashley Cochran

    Ashley Cochran7 months ago


  32. Lily Singer

    Lily Singer7 months ago

    60 is not cold

  33. debbie garcia

    debbie garcia7 months ago

    That’s one of our family favorites in ok 🐳🐳🐳❤️

  34. Adriana Martinez

    Adriana Martinez7 months ago

    That nose perishing is crazy

  35. Danny Rivera

    Danny Rivera7 months ago

    We can’t see chilley

  36. Alicia

    Alicia7 months ago


  37. Always Abby

    Always Abby7 months ago

    I've been watching since 2013 before ollie was even born and now he is 6 it's crazy!! Btw love y'alls family!!!

  38. james pederson

    james pederson7 months ago

    I’m a huge fan

  39. Cassie Whitaker

    Cassie Whitaker7 months ago


  40. Kathia Velazquez

    Kathia Velazquez7 months ago

    I love the song will you be there by Michael Jackson from the movie

  41. Crishtain Knox

    Crishtain Knox7 months ago

    Who else thinks Brian should do the masked singer next year

  42. Angel DownstairsRachael

    Angel DownstairsRachael7 months ago

    I love you guys I wish I could meet you guys in person but I live too far away. I love Bryan’s music. I love free Willy it’s a really great movie

  43. Cameryn eva

    Cameryn eva7 months ago

    Your paintings are so pretty

  44. Tatjana

    Tatjana7 months ago

    I woode get wone of the diskes bute i cant :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  45. Tanya Rouse

    Tanya Rouse7 months ago


  46. Ruth Pastern

    Ruth Pastern7 months ago

    Today winter for was cos we in a sailor

  47. Daniel Saucedo

    Daniel Saucedo7 months ago


  48. Julie Weisman

    Julie Weisman7 months ago

    When Brian screamed he scared me

  49. ASMR Carissa

    ASMR Carissa7 months ago

    Ollie is like "I have been pranked all of my life"

  50. Sadhbh McNeill

    Sadhbh McNeill7 months ago

    I am favorite fam

  51. Eric Coryell

    Eric Coryell7 months ago

    Hi I LOVE your super cool videos

  52. Ryder Knoefler

    Ryder Knoefler7 months ago

    Ooooof for Bryan when he screamed

  53. Makayla Braden

    Makayla Braden7 months ago

    i have watch free willy before you guys Bryan Missy Oliver Fin should all watch fgteev fv family if you want a good laugh Bye The Way i love you gise

  54. Keagan Mcfadyen

    Keagan Mcfadyen7 months ago

    You guys are so cute to be a family ollie💚 fin💛 missy💜 bryan💙

  55. pelletier2302

    pelletier23027 months ago


  56. pelletier2302

    pelletier23027 months ago

    No I don’t no 3 Willys

  57. Parker Crim

    Parker Crim7 months ago

    Parker Crim

  58. Melissa Noble

    Melissa Noble7 months ago

    Heck yes! Free Willy!

  59. Greg Beecher

    Greg Beecher7 months ago

    The cup is Brian and the other one is Missus pantings

  60. Cora's Kitchen Food Truck

    Cora's Kitchen Food Truck7 months ago

    Can you shout my name out please my name is rylee and I liked and subscribed

  61. Cora's Kitchen Food Truck

    Cora's Kitchen Food Truck7 months ago

    Omg no!

  62. L V

    L V7 months ago


  63. Mr. cheese

    Mr. cheese7 months ago


  64. So cool Kamarion

    So cool Kamarion7 months ago

    What has he done now

  65. josue martinez

    josue martinez7 months ago


  66. josue martinez

    josue martinez7 months ago


  67. Steve Howe

    Steve Howe7 months ago

    Omg big time fan! Stay safe ♥️❤️🌈🌈

  68. Liliana Hernández

    Liliana Hernández7 months ago


  69. Iris :P

    Iris :P7 months ago

    The boys looks so much older now

  70. fateen

    fateen7 months ago

    Bryan has nose 😂😂😂😂

  71. Gina Cavins

    Gina Cavins7 months ago

    What happened to Luna?

  72. John Ang

    John Ang7 months ago

    4:16 Bryan Screams

  73. Alberto Martinez

    Alberto Martinez7 months ago

    Is a prank

  74. rainmal04

    rainmal047 months ago


  75. Mia Mills

    Mia Mills7 months ago

    When you think 60° is chilly lol thats hot for me

  76. Nevaeh Perez

    Nevaeh Perez7 months ago

    omg Bryan not good missy was what happened but love you daily bumps [:

  77. Josh Castellano

    Josh Castellano7 months ago


  78. Brendan

    Brendan7 months ago

    4:17 I thought that was a demon in their house screaming but it was bryan screaming

  79. Chase Morris

    Chase Morris7 months ago

    Sorry about Brian

  80. Iman El kartaoui

    Iman El kartaoui7 months ago

    Yes I Watch free Willy

  81. Gxs1ly

    Gxs1ly7 months ago


  82. Shelda Brantley

    Shelda Brantley7 months ago

    So basically iha e know idea what just happened 🤣

  83. Kathrine Maeweathers

    Kathrine Maeweathers7 months ago

    It’s still quarantine

  84. ROACH -ES

    ROACH -ES7 months ago

    It was chilly 2 days ago

  85. Veronica Perez

    Veronica Perez7 months ago

    I love you music video

  86. Sadjia Hemmaz

    Sadjia Hemmaz7 months ago


  87. Dangelo Jacob

    Dangelo Jacob7 months ago


  88. Calliei Hudson

    Calliei Hudson7 months ago

    The door was moving when you guys were talking in the living room

  89. Grace Hapeta

    Grace Hapeta7 months ago

    grace love your boys

  90. Jessica Mathew

    Jessica Mathew7 months ago

    I will never get a noes peere!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    LUKE SKYWALKER7 months ago

    The whole thing


    LUKE SKYWALKER7 months ago

    My house used to look like that

  93. Joshua Merrison

    Joshua Merrison7 months ago

    Bryan made me scared when he screemed gosh!!!!!!!

  94. April Porter

    April Porter7 months ago

    Bryan left missy right

  95. elijah britton

    elijah britton7 months ago


  96. Stag Craft

    Stag Craft7 months ago

    I have

  97. Jt online 13

    Jt online 137 months ago

    This is good

  98. Kiwi_The_Panda's_Audios

    Kiwi_The_Panda's_Audios7 months ago

    I wached you guys when I was little omg ollie grew up so fast! fin was just baby! I stop watching for two years awwwwwwww

  99. Ar 15

    Ar 157 months ago

    Who been watching since the baby trap in water park I was 4 or 6 years old

  100. Jasper Outdoors stanley

    Jasper Outdoors stanley7 months ago

    I love ❤️ free Willy 🐋

  101. Jasper Outdoors stanley

    Jasper Outdoors stanley7 months ago

    I think u did the wine 🍷 painting 🖼

  102. Jason WH1977

    Jason WH19777 months ago

    I live all the way in Canada NL

  103. Lissette Reyes

    Lissette Reyes7 months ago

    So when are y’all having another baby!!!!😭❤️

  104. Tammy Pleasant

    Tammy Pleasant7 months ago

    omg Finn and Ollie have gotten so big! last time I watched you guys Finn was a baby!

  105. Kaitlyn Royce

    Kaitlyn Royce7 months ago

    Byran so funny and the boys I love you guy so much


    JACQUELINE PORCARO7 months ago

    that scream kinda gor me and im like Is Someone Giving Birth?