Brothers First Day of HOMESCHOOL Special!

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  1. Nancy Nu Le

    Nancy Nu Le3 days ago

    Am Second Grade and am seven and I am using my moms iPad and I wanna be a singer or a mini artist and my name is Kay:)

  2. Nancy Nu Le

    Nancy Nu Le3 days ago

    And also your supposed to be second grade if your seven=)

  3. Nancy Nu Le

    Nancy Nu Le3 days ago

    And also your not supposed to go in first grade when your seven but it’s your opinion:D

  4. Aiden Shivel

    Aiden Shivel22 days ago

    Bs love you too

  5. Cinemalick Ninja

    Cinemalick NinjaMonth ago

    B. Natsumi

  6. Kelly Black

    Kelly BlackMonth ago

    At school

  7. Kevin Routledge

    Kevin RoutledgeMonth ago

    They. Are growing up so fast Ollie I. Want to be a park. Ranger aswell

  8. sam viola

    sam violaMonth ago

    I am in school and in 3rd grade

  9. Addi B

    Addi B2 months ago

    At school

  10. Zianna Watley

    Zianna Watley2 months ago


  11. perfecto88

    perfecto882 months ago

    omygodd.. i love your handwriting tho!!

  12. Mischa Bree

    Mischa Bree2 months ago

    I'm in school and I love it!!!!!!!!

  13. Vaeh LeCross

    Vaeh LeCross3 months ago

    It is so cute how the boys kept saying they love Missy

  14. Marcia Beseke

    Marcia Beseke3 months ago

    I love new music vid

  15. Alejandro Tellezsamano

    Alejandro Tellezsamano3 months ago

    I'm in 3rd grade and I'm 9 and I go to a actual school

  16. Jessica Staggs

    Jessica Staggs3 months ago

    Ollie and Finn are so sweet

  17. Jessica Staggs

    Jessica Staggs3 months ago

    Y’all guys are so nice

  18. mary ellen martinez

    mary ellen martinez3 months ago

    Now bryan got a Beard

  19. Riley's Toy Box

    Riley's Toy Box3 months ago

    Finley and Oliver are so big and cute

  20. Dary world

    Dary world3 months ago

    I'm in high School 11th grade zoom meetings

  21. Xx Silence_ Studios xX

    Xx Silence_ Studios xX3 months ago

    Who wants the old bitmoji intro thing back

  22. Fishy Boy57

    Fishy Boy573 months ago

    Bwo I’m a fishy I like to eat 🌯🌯🌯

  23. Fishy Boy57

    Fishy Boy573 months ago

    I ment neey

  24. Finn *

    Finn *3 months ago


  25. Brody Peck

    Brody Peck3 months ago

    at school

  26. Ellie 12

    Ellie 123 months ago

    When Ollie said he loves swimming I thought he said I love women, no lie. 😂

  27. One Blended Bunch

    One Blended Bunch3 months ago

    I think this is great! We have decided to homeschool this year as well, and we are also using the Good and Beautiful! I just posted our first homeschooling video.... I will be honest, I am VERY nervous about this journey, but also excited 💓

  28. Dr. Miller, School Psychologist

    Dr. Miller, School Psychologist3 months ago

    Brooklynn love 💗

  29. Kenzie Pardy

    Kenzie Pardy3 months ago


  30. miguel lopez

    miguel lopez3 months ago

    I’m doing 5th grade zoom

  31. jewels the cools

    jewels the cools3 months ago

    Are they fully home schooled or where the they supposed to go to normal school if covid didnt happen

  32. yulisa rico

    yulisa rico3 months ago

    I remember when fin was just born

  33. Haruka Nanase

    Haruka Nanase3 months ago

    It's been to long since I watch y'all

  34. Teresa Jourden

    Teresa Jourden3 months ago


  35. Liz Barnes

    Liz Barnes3 months ago

    Good Luck

  36. Dale Ryan

    Dale Ryan3 months ago

    hi daily bumps

  37. Bluey Blue

    Bluey Blue3 months ago

    This is one week for me in 2020 there still alive so don’t worry peeps!

  38. Nicole kennetz

    Nicole kennetz3 months ago

    At 5:13 I thought ollie said "women" hahahaha

  39. Annie Bryant

    Annie Bryant3 months ago


  40. Tanya Burts

    Tanya Burts3 months ago

    My b day is Sep 14

  41. King Jaden TV

    King Jaden TV3 months ago

    I used to watch yall in 3rd grade im 14 now

  42. fatma elhammali

    fatma elhammali3 months ago


  43. Wildey Fam

    Wildey Fam3 months ago


  44. Nicole Castaneda

    Nicole Castaneda3 months ago

    I am doing home school to

  45. Dior Porteous

    Dior Porteous3 months ago

    Omg I haven’t watched you guys for like 2 years and the boys have grown so much omgggg🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  46. sunflower's

    sunflower's3 months ago

    School time with him and him

  47. Jack

    Jack3 months ago

    I remember my first day of preschool 5 years ago...

  48. Jack

    Jack3 months ago

    Can you please heart my comment

  49. Tasha R

    Tasha R3 months ago

    I reckon Ollie would be a really good park ranger

  50. Danielle Levesque

    Danielle Levesque3 months ago

    Bryan with a mullet!?!?

  51. Xxbubbly cloudsxX

    Xxbubbly cloudsxX3 months ago

    I haven’t watched ur videos since I was 5 this is crazy you guys have grown so much!!!🥰🥰

  52. Hussien Diab

    Hussien Diab3 months ago

    I haven’t watched them in years they grew so much

  53. Ashley

    Ashley3 months ago

    omgg like last week finn was a baby🥺and ollie was 3 omg

  54. pris

    pris3 months ago

    omg I remember watching u guys when I was 6 and now I’m 14. Ollie and Finn grew so much!

  55. __________

    __________3 months ago


  56. Carri Jo Torrance

    Carri Jo Torrance3 months ago

    Hi. I’m Aiden. I. Hope olly. And Fin. Are. Doing well. In. School.

  57. Carri Jo Torrance

    Carri Jo Torrance3 months ago

    Great video! My son loves you guys!! He says “HI” 😁

  58. maddys vlogs

    maddys vlogs3 months ago


  59. LycheeRxsez

    LycheeRxsez3 months ago

    My childhood memory: A E I O U and sometimes Y

  60. Maddie Louie

    Maddie Louie3 months ago

    Used to watch daily bumps everyday since fin was born and I stopped and I came back and omg they are so grown up omg i feel old

  61. Ems Nieto

    Ems Nieto3 months ago

    Omg their so big now I remember when they we like babies I haven’t watched them in like 4 years

  62. Heidi Holom

    Heidi Holom3 months ago

    So proud of oli

  63. Heidi Holom

    Heidi Holom3 months ago

    Can’t believe Finn is gonna be in kindergarten next year!

  64. Shayla Carr

    Shayla Carr3 months ago

    ollie is my age but hes in first but im in 2 grade

  65. Isabella

    Isabella3 months ago

    I’m doing both because I’m doing zoom with my friends and teacher

  66. jason gurule

    jason gurule3 months ago

    Home school

  67. melinda bunten

    melinda bunten3 months ago

    i am so happy you are staying safe i hope you guys are having so much fun

  68. Any_ Flamingo

    Any_ Flamingo3 months ago

    Me in 6th grade wishing I was in preschool again 👁👄👁

  69. Raegan And maggie

    Raegan And maggie3 months ago

    I am at school

  70. Jessica Petrova

    Jessica Petrova3 months ago

    What is cassie gender

  71. William Martin

    William Martin3 months ago


  72. William Martin

    William Martin3 months ago

    i am in 3 grade now! its hurd but i sill dk how to spall

  73. heidi puerzer

    heidi puerzer3 months ago

    Aww his getting to old BTW love ur videos so much

  74. Layan Show

    Layan Show3 months ago

    I love you guys I’m your biggest fan ever 😍🥰😘😗😙❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖🤍🤎🖤

  75. Cyn_BossLady Official

    Cyn_BossLady Official3 months ago

    who's coming back like years later and seeing them all grown up

  76. Beth Brown

    Beth Brown23 days ago

    Not me

  77. Argie Gergatsoulis

    Argie GergatsoulisMonth ago

    bruh me im just like i wonder what ollie and fin are doing

  78. Pia Slekovec

    Pia Slekovec2 months ago


  79. Lewis

    Lewis2 months ago


  80. Danny Dog

    Danny Dog2 months ago


  81. Ryan Belknap

    Ryan Belknap3 months ago

    I think missy and I have the same eye color

  82. Leah Hampton

    Leah Hampton3 months ago

    When arnt they cute

  83. Leah Hampton

    Leah Hampton3 months ago

    Stay home and stay safe💖

  84. Julia Kennedy

    Julia Kennedy3 months ago

    How old is Oliver

  85. Kacie Clarke

    Kacie Clarke3 months ago

    I watched u 3 years ago and I’m back now and u have. All grown up so much omg ♡︎

  86. Sue Hoyt-O'Neill

    Sue Hoyt-O'Neill3 months ago

    Well done for your first day of home school!

  87. Christopher Teague

    Christopher Teague3 months ago


  88. Cecil Anderson

    Cecil Anderson3 months ago

    Where are the goats we have not seen them in like three months

  89. SML YT

    SML YT3 months ago

    Omg I like u guys so much

  90. Anton Kleinhans

    Anton Kleinhans3 months ago

    Have a amazing day

  91. Lɪᴀʜɴᴇ Lᴏʏᴀɢᴀ

    Lɪᴀʜɴᴇ Lᴏʏᴀɢᴀ3 months ago

    I remember daily bumps i was here when olli was only 2 years old 🥺i started watching them since 2015-2016✨🥺🥺 They grow up so fast i was only 6 at the time now im 10

  92. Sxcrd Zak

    Sxcrd Zak3 months ago

    We work 6 hours they work one and they have no friends

  93. Claudia Chavez

    Claudia Chavez3 months ago

    I haven’t watched their videos since Finn was born & oh my!! Bryan has lost so much weight!! That’s awesome

  94. Strawberry Yogurt

    Strawberry Yogurt3 months ago

    How old are olie and fin

  95. Richard Chong

    Richard Chong3 months ago

    Idk why but I think you guys should try Minecraft :-P 🙂

  96. jjjjjackie467

    jjjjjackie4673 months ago

    Your a great family

  97. Siena and max Vlogs

    Siena and max Vlogs3 months ago

    Who else has been here since their intro was “ hey nah nana nana nana nana this is our son” (basically since Ollie was really little

  98. Isabella Myers

    Isabella Myers3 months ago

    Are you guys going to do the vlogmas this year

  99. nicole bell

    nicole bell3 months ago

    Are you going to be teaching a Olie math and science and history

  100. Anna Geiger

    Anna Geiger3 months ago

    They might get covid If they go to the school.

  101. ILK Gaming

    ILK Gaming3 months ago

    I’m Jewish?

  102. ILK Gaming

    ILK Gaming3 months ago

    I’m shorter then fin and I’m two year older then then him

  103. Lily J

    Lily J3 months ago

    I’m going full time to my school all day too, I wish y’all the best of luck with the boys and they are so cute. I have a question when is Karma and Luna’s Birthday?

  104. Ashley Amirault

    Ashley Amirault3 months ago

    I’m in my last year of highschool!so far we’ve been actually going to school, I’m in Canada 😊🇨🇦

  105. golden_dime 157

    golden_dime 1573 months ago

    most of the video is just missy talking no offence

  106. Allison Woodward

    Allison Woodward3 months ago


  107. Arielle Richardson

    Arielle Richardson3 months ago

    I can’t believe how much they have grown over the years it’s crazy good luck this year Ollie and Finn

  108. Kayla Forsythe

    Kayla Forsythe3 months ago

    OMG the boys are so cute and BIG