Turning the Kids Into Elf On the Shelf! 🎅🎄

Ollie and Finn have shrunk a bit! 😮 Thanks for all the love on Bryan's new Christmas song with @TheJenlilley! Listen here! uslikes.info/house/oa6jsbqgya99gtg/video.html
Baby It's Cold Outside 2020 Edition: ffm.to/bico2020


  1. Alex O’Keefe 15

    Alex O’Keefe 1513 hours ago

    I cold wash this all day

  2. vanessa denila

    vanessa denila2 days ago

    who else been since before finnand oile wasborn

  3. Emily Hahn

    Emily Hahn4 days ago


  4. Mina Reynolds

    Mina Reynolds12 days ago

    No i have don't seen santa

  5. Coraline Dream

    Coraline Dream14 days ago

    I've lived in my house for 6 years

  6. Leonel Ege

    Leonel Ege17 days ago

    Santa didn’t come to my house

  7. Rita Carter

    Rita Carter18 days ago

    Hi Brian and Missy hope you have a nice Christmas love Rita

  8. saidashannon

    saidashannon20 days ago


  9. Annie Young

    Annie Young20 days ago

    Reeeeee is MY NAME

  10. Heather Reed

    Heather Reed22 days ago


  11. Heather Reed

    Heather Reed22 days ago


  12. Heather Reed

    Heather Reed22 days ago

    My friend Michael is a big fan of daily bumps. Please please give him a shout out and me too!

  13. Lilabeth Frazier

    Lilabeth Frazier22 days ago

    hi love your vidos! i have bin wosing your vidos for loge time!

  14. Awesome 4some

    Awesome 4some23 days ago

    You are my fav USlikesrs

  15. sonja van jaarsveld

    sonja van jaarsveld23 days ago

    I love you guys love bryan missy olie finn karma and luna

  16. Ella Osmola

    Ella Osmola26 days ago

    I find it funny that Bryan compared Finn to a 13 year old because I am 13 years old

  17. Averylynn Woodson

    Averylynn Woodson27 days ago


  18. Regina Connell

    Regina Connell27 days ago

    no and no we ded not see seta

  19. Denine Bailey

    Denine Bailey27 days ago


  20. Amanda Braun

    Amanda Braun27 days ago


  21. Katerin Garay

    Katerin Garay28 days ago

    Do you know the song jingle Bell rock 🎸 🎶

  22. Christopher Brassard

    Christopher Brassard28 days ago

    I haven’t watched your videos and I just found this and Finn and Ollie have grownup

  23. Tobin M

    Tobin M29 days ago


  24. Melinda Mendez

    Melinda Mendez29 days ago

    You guys watch the Mandalorian

  25. Kinzie Gantt-Thomas

    Kinzie Gantt-Thomas29 days ago

    Merry Christmas

  26. Penny G

    Penny GMonth ago


  27. Sky

    SkyMonth ago

    u guys are the best

  28. gary gazdzicki

    gary gazdzickiMonth ago


  29. Leah Hampton

    Leah HamptonMonth ago

    I count up

  30. Leah Hampton

    Leah HamptonMonth ago

    That was so cute

  31. Leah Hampton

    Leah HamptonMonth ago

    Love yall

  32. Christy Cummerford

    Christy CummerfordMonth ago

    That’s. Fun

  33. Lauren Johnston

    Lauren JohnstonMonth ago


  34. Carolina. Alvarez

    Carolina. AlvarezMonth ago

    I like your video

  35. the wolfy gang

    the wolfy gangMonth ago


  36. the wolfy gang

    the wolfy gangMonth ago

    I been wachting since ok if was born

  37. Kayleigh Persia

    Kayleigh PersiaMonth ago

    I have

  38. Jemma Gates

    Jemma GatesMonth ago


  39. Megan Griffin

    Megan GriffinMonth ago

    It’s already chrismas for me

  40. hannah Vanorman

    hannah VanormanMonth ago

    I move in to condo in apartment building be fist Christmas in my new place

  41. hannah Vanorman

    hannah VanormanMonth ago

    Iam ready for Christmas told Santa bring me new iPhone sE for Christmas this year

  42. Patrick Brandl

    Patrick BrandlMonth ago


  43. Patrick Brandl

    Patrick BrandlMonth ago


  44. Nixon Cardinalsyverson

    Nixon CardinalsyversonMonth ago

    For us it’s only one day

  45. Milagros Mejia Barragan

    Milagros Mejia BarraganMonth ago

    Why you do that

  46. Denise Corrales

    Denise CorralesMonth ago

    U said it’s 2 weeks till Till Christmas and you just posted this two days ago and it’s Christmas Eve

  47. dglendinning0518

    dglendinning0518Month ago

    I want a haverbard

  48. Erin Seiler

    Erin SeilerMonth ago

    For me it is 1day till Christmas in 2020

  49. Evelyn Corwin

    Evelyn CorwinMonth ago

    for me it is 1 more day in till christmas 🎄

  50. Evelyn Corwin

    Evelyn CorwinMonth ago


  51. Evelyn Corwin

    Evelyn CorwinMonth ago

    merry christmas eve

  52. crazy gamer 135

    crazy gamer 135Month ago

    i got a ipad for chrismas

  53. Drama Hawks

    Drama HawksMonth ago

    I love your family have a merry Christmas!

  54. Chris Wilcox

    Chris WilcoxMonth ago

    not seeing Santa but I think I'm watching the wrong video

  55. Ehsaan Ali Bhalloo

    Ehsaan Ali BhallooMonth ago

    Don’t celebrate Christmas

  56. Mick Boland

    Mick BolandMonth ago

    My plans for Christmas is I'm going to be gone to my Auntie houses like and it's coming put my darling the whole bike and it's going to be like and this can be my friend

  57. Mick Boland

    Mick BolandMonth ago

    It's Christmas Eve for me and tomorrow it's Christmas what are the present

  58. Grayson land

    Grayson landMonth ago

    Whens vlogmas coming

  59. Brittany Sartin

    Brittany SartinMonth ago

    I want a ps5

  60. Erica Niles

    Erica NilesMonth ago

    Tomorrow is Christmas

  61. hyunnibunni

    hyunnibunniMonth ago

    omg i haven't watched y'all in almost 6 years.. i feel so old i just turned 16 😭

  62. Elizabeth Whitehorn

    Elizabeth WhitehornMonth ago

    My elf's name is jingle in Dallas

  63. Finley Miller

    Finley MillerMonth ago

    Today its Christmas eve

  64. NIcole Goebel

    NIcole GoebelMonth ago

    Me to

  65. Jetzabelly Martinez

    Jetzabelly MartinezMonth ago

    I have to Elvis man is leaving today cry’s

  66. Esme Reborndoll

    Esme ReborndollMonth ago

    Its Xmas tommorew! Merry xmas

  67. Allen Pero Vukoje

    Allen Pero VukojeMonth ago

    Yes yes yes yes yes

  68. Fanny Sanchez

    Fanny SanchezMonth ago

    Have a good day of Christmas Eve

  69. Fanny Sanchez

    Fanny SanchezMonth ago

    I love you I'm a big fan

  70. Robert bon bon Ritchie

    Robert bon bon RitchieMonth ago


  71. Avril Bissell

    Avril BissellMonth ago

    Its Christmas eve here in the UK

  72. Tessa Doucette

    Tessa DoucetteMonth ago

    For me there's one day till Christmas

  73. Lola Dunlap

    Lola DunlapMonth ago

    wait omg how old is ollie and finn

  74. Beverley Joiner-Swift

    Beverley Joiner-SwiftMonth ago

    We are already decorating our tree

  75. Beverley Joiner-Swift

    Beverley Joiner-SwiftMonth ago

    It’s Christmas Eve

  76. Max's Channel

    Max's ChannelMonth ago

    Yes I have seen Santa this year

  77. firewolfrl

    firewolfrlMonth ago

    What's up

  78. Anquan Wilkins

    Anquan WilkinsMonth ago


  79. Invader

    InvaderMonth ago

    Now tomorrow is Christmas

  80. Andrea Helmuth

    Andrea HelmuthMonth ago

    Not me

  81. Wyatt Trumpower

    Wyatt TrumpowerMonth ago

    no i did not see sata

  82. Marshall Minott

    Marshall MinottMonth ago

    im a big fan of u guys

  83. Chloie Clark-Loerzel

    Chloie Clark-LoerzelMonth ago

    you guys know christmas is in 2 day right

  84. rebecca robinson

    rebecca robinsonMonth ago

    I remember when they filled the playroom with ball pit balls now that’s funny 😃👍

  85. laura singleton

    laura singletonMonth ago

    I really like your little family, I pray God continues to bless you!

  86. Sonic and elijah are the best Frometa

    Sonic and elijah are the best FrometaMonth ago

    I FaceTime Santa

  87. Caleb Cook

    Caleb CookMonth ago

    love all tell fin i said hi and olley and cassie

  88. Cheryl Rogers

    Cheryl RogersMonth ago

    1 more DAY!!!!!!!!!! Today

  89. Ciara Ellis

    Ciara EllisMonth ago


  90. Tessa Tesmarie

    Tessa TesmarieMonth ago

    For me a day

  91. Nakisha Hardy

    Nakisha HardyMonth ago

    Nobet i have t seen san

  92. Sharon Hartmann

    Sharon HartmannMonth ago

    1 day till Christmas

  93. Shawna H

    Shawna HMonth ago

    2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Nate Osborne

    Nate OsborneMonth ago


  95. Emma Legaspi

    Emma LegaspiMonth ago

    1 more day for us

  96. Vin Ben

    Vin BenMonth ago

    Christmas is 2 days for me

  97. Kevin McAvoy

    Kevin McAvoyMonth ago

    There are 2 days left Elise

  98. Kita Wright

    Kita WrightMonth ago

    Me one day till Christmas

  99. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi TumeloMonth ago

    You guys are the best

  100. Mark Harrison-Gauchwin

    Mark Harrison-GauchwinMonth ago

    We didn’t get to see Santa because of COVID 😩😭😭😭