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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps7 months ago

    Thanks for watching!! ❤️ What's your favorite movie theater snack??

  2. Isla Honeybun

    Isla HoneybunMonth ago

    You are amazing I watch You every day



    POPCORN. 🍿🍿🍿🍿

  4. Susie Brooks Lee

    Susie Brooks Lee7 months ago

    It was so awesome

  5. Cookie_ _gacha

    Cookie_ _gacha7 months ago

    Apple 🍎

  6. Vryan & Axel Fun Time

    Vryan & Axel Fun Time7 months ago


  7. Gayle Nixon

    Gayle Nixon2 days ago

    Hi everybody

  8. Justin Lally

    Justin Lally17 days ago

    I love the 🐕 🐶

  9. Ramenhead movies

    Ramenhead movies3 months ago


  10. Xavier Hernandez

    Xavier Hernandez6 months ago

    I love daily bumps

  11. roberta schoedler

    roberta schoedler6 months ago


  12. Capri Brown

    Capri Brown6 months ago

    I wish I could see your beautiful family 💗😍

  13. Evan Alamos

    Evan Alamos6 months ago


  14. Haylee Bart

    Haylee Bart6 months ago


  15. Emily Thompson

    Emily Thompson6 months ago

    i live at the beach 🏖 And every day it is hot 🥵so every day I go swimming 🏊‍♀️ but some days I’m at my home 🏡

  16. Ned Campbell

    Ned Campbell6 months ago

    Actually im English and I have 2 more weeks of home schooling before summer vacation

  17. davaylah hill

    davaylah hill6 months ago

    I love Finn he so cute and I have been swimming

  18. nikita singh

    nikita singh6 months ago

    you’re dog is soo cute

  19. Rinku Chopra

    Rinku Chopra6 months ago

    I have been watching you guys since year 1

  20. Abbii Wedge

    Abbii Wedge6 months ago

    Sure I've pre ordered that film here in the UK, I can't wait to see it 😃

  21. Fly Abbie

    Fly Abbie6 months ago

    plz say hi to me

  22. Luna Aguila

    Luna Aguila6 months ago

    You’re welcome! We love it

  23. Luna Aguila

    Luna Aguila6 months ago

    Hi Brian

  24. Megan Smith

    Megan Smith6 months ago

    I completely you I love love love you 😍

  25. Caelyn

    Caelyn6 months ago

    How can we text you guys

  26. Wendi Basham

    Wendi Basham6 months ago

    I love your music video hey

  27. Martha Cumberworth

    Martha Cumberworth7 months ago

    Your music is amazing

  28. Deni Freer

    Deni Freer7 months ago

    I love you daily bumps you are the best in the world. If you like me I love you,my name is Deni Freer do you like my name,,,yes. arrow no

  29. Waluigide

    Waluigide7 months ago

    Haven’t watched you guys in like 5 years. Bryan’s lost weight

  30. Jones Family

    Jones Family7 months ago

    i lova yr vebo

  31. Nichole Wachtman

    Nichole Wachtman7 months ago

    You grew a beard

  32. Jessie Escobedo

    Jessie Escobedo7 months ago


  33. Kristen Palmer

    Kristen Palmer7 months ago

    i a wathing this a bit late but i love your new song HAY itsso good thx !!!

  34. Madden Mobile Heat

    Madden Mobile Heat7 months ago

    I like the dogs¥

  35. Joshua Lopez

    Joshua Lopez7 months ago

    I saw a glitch

  36. Brooks Buongiorno

    Brooks Buongiorno7 months ago

    Since Covid has been ruining our plans my babysitters and keep coming over and we were going to the pool and stuff.

  37. •Pastel •Roxy•

    •Pastel •Roxy•7 months ago

    I love the new intro!

  38. Jemma Biddle

    Jemma Biddle7 months ago

    I love your vids

  39. Michelle Kensler

    Michelle Kensler7 months ago

    No I'm in my jacuzzi

  40. Jessica Nab

    Jessica Nab7 months ago

    It’s not summer for me it’s winter I’m Australian🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺



    I love you guys so so much

  42. Nancy Bueno

    Nancy Bueno7 months ago

    I love you guy and you guys are 😎 cool

  43. Bailei Barnett

    Bailei Barnett7 months ago

    I love you all I hade a dream I was at your house

  44. Fate Teks27

    Fate Teks277 months ago

    You guys are my favourite youtuber!

  45. Nicole Berenguer

    Nicole Berenguer7 months ago

    Hello to you too goats and I love the goats and everyone of you

  46. Nicole Berenguer

    Nicole Berenguer7 months ago

    Hello do you do goats

  47. Nicole Berenguer

    Nicole Berenguer7 months ago

    My name is Melina and I am your

  48. Nicole Berenguer

    Nicole Berenguer7 months ago

    I am your biggest fan

  49. Daniel vanegas

    Daniel vanegas7 months ago

    I love all of your pets

  50. Daniel vanegas

    Daniel vanegas7 months ago

    have you ever gone camping

  51. Mercurrii

    Mercurrii7 months ago

    woah- i haven’t watched you guys in a few years and FINN IS SO BIG NOW WOW, ollie has grown up so much too! :) also bryan you look like you’ve lost so much weight, congrats.

  52. Crystal Cooper

    Crystal Cooper7 months ago

    I love y’all and stay safe

  53. cali partin and family fun

    cali partin and family fun7 months ago


  54. Lightning2241 Gamer

    Lightning2241 Gamer7 months ago

    For me it’s winter so I’m definitely not swimming

  55. Melissa Elloitt

    Melissa Elloitt7 months ago

    Ur song is so amazing and I am sorry I can’t get it so sorry love u bye

  56. Melissa Elloitt

    Melissa Elloitt7 months ago


  57. Luke Martin

    Luke Martin7 months ago

    I had a dream I was at your house and that we were brothers

  58. Fun Gaming

    Fun Gaming7 months ago

    i got lost from there chanel about a year ago and now i have finaly found them again and oliver and finnly are soooo much older now :(

  59. Ashley Martin

    Ashley Martin7 months ago

    I know I got lost in over channels to so it hurt a lot and then eventually I had to get Daily Bumps divorce and then I found them again

  60. RJ Thompson

    RJ Thompson7 months ago

    What I am doing this summer is going swimming

  61. JUDE THE PRO Rogers

    JUDE THE PRO Rogers7 months ago

    Atmine it's winter

  62. Amber Hicks

    Amber Hicks7 months ago

    Missy landing I love you

  63. Esther Taylor

    Esther Taylor7 months ago


  64. Martha Polley

    Martha Polley7 months ago

    I love your music

  65. Martha Polley

    Martha Polley7 months ago

    Bryan you have so much hair

  66. Sheena Nusbaum

    Sheena Nusbaum7 months ago


  67. LPSLittleBear

    LPSLittleBear7 months ago

    Oh my gosh Ollie is so old he is so grown up

  68. Avinash Narsigadoo

    Avinash Narsigadoo7 months ago

    I'm Noveysha, 13 years old and here in Mauritius it's very cold.

  69. Meghan Gilchrist

    Meghan Gilchrist7 months ago

    Can you play fortnite

  70. Vanisha Biju

    Vanisha Biju7 months ago

    3:23 *me when I haven't had for for an hour*

  71. ashley wishard

    ashley wishard7 months ago

    I have the song i love it

  72. ashley wishard

    ashley wishard7 months ago


  73. Bella Williamson

    Bella Williamson7 months ago

    I love your videos I love your videos so much I can't wait to watch your new one

  74. The Gillett Fam !!

    The Gillett Fam !!7 months ago

    I have a pool 🏊‍♀️

  75. Tinker Potter

    Tinker Potter7 months ago

    Coke and popcornn

  76. Davy Corona

    Davy Corona7 months ago

    I am actually doing nothing I’m just playing Fortnite

  77. SlimeWorks Studios

    SlimeWorks Studios7 months ago


  78. The Dream Team

    The Dream Team7 months ago


  79. teresa flynn

    teresa flynn7 months ago


  80. Ford guy 2021

    Ford guy 20217 months ago

    I’ve been inside my mansion.

  81. Angel Torres

    Angel Torres7 months ago

    finn is so big

  82. Lindsey Rainville

    Lindsey Rainville7 months ago


  83. Kid Kholby

    Kid Kholby7 months ago

    I might come over in a couple days

  84. Kirsty Campbell

    Kirsty Campbell7 months ago

    What breed is Karma sorry if I spelt his name wrong

  85. Carmen Rodriguez

    Carmen Rodriguez7 months ago

    Hi Brain Hi Missy Hi Oiie

  86. Makayla Divine

    Makayla Divine7 months ago

    Please reunite with dbejck

  87. Annas Fun Club

    Annas Fun Club7 months ago

    Swimming in my new pool it is so much fun

  88. Devil Wolfie

    Devil Wolfie7 months ago

    Hewo I’m just getting sick a lot for summmer break

  89. Jenny songlist

    Jenny songlist7 months ago

    Your vids make me cry happy teers

  90. Jenny songlist

    Jenny songlist7 months ago

    Your bids make me cry happy ters

  91. Jenny songlist

    Jenny songlist7 months ago

    I like popcorn

  92. Aleena Stewart

    Aleena Stewart7 months ago

    I love you guys

  93. Harriet Atkinson

    Harriet Atkinson7 months ago

    Love you guys 🐕🐕😅😅💙💙💜💜😂😂🐴🐴

  94. HeiseyBoys

    HeiseyBoys7 months ago

    I’ve been to the lake I’ve been to the pond I’ve been to the creek


    LOUIE AND LARRY7 months ago

    Where are the goats

  96. Nathaniel Billings

    Nathaniel Billings7 months ago

    Brayn I love your music

  97. LindaV

    LindaV7 months ago

    The song hey is the best I wish I can meat you some time

  98. Holly Ragan

    Holly Ragan7 months ago

    Yummy bears

  99. Kevin Made

    Kevin Made7 months ago

    You sing butiful

  100. Isla Star Gaming

    Isla Star Gaming7 months ago

    I'm only here for......... Everyone 😄😄

  101. Welcome Moser

    Welcome Moser7 months ago


  102. Kierra Paolini

    Kierra Paolini7 months ago


  103. Totally Descendants

    Totally Descendants7 months ago

    Karma’s Getting Pretty Old, Isn’t He?

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    Jahiem Pierre7 months ago


  105. Taylor Devoe

    Taylor Devoe7 months ago


  106. Allison Woodward

    Allison Woodward7 months ago


  107. Morgan cox

    Morgan cox7 months ago

    Bryan: *hair looks curly* My dad: *hair is very very curly*