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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps5 months ago

    Who remembers when I was pregnant with Ollie!! I'm so excited to watch my sis experience the same things!! Who else is excited?!

  2. Julia Capozzoli

    Julia Capozzoli2 months ago


  3. Mushu World

    Mushu World4 months ago

    Are you exited to be a Aunt

  4. lissa1684

    lissa16844 months ago


  5. Alberto Araújo

    Alberto Araújo4 months ago

    Microfaser jugendmuseum

  6. Alberto Araújo

    Alberto Araújo4 months ago

    Micky und Du Film missing you now Lied

  7. Liz robin

    Liz robinMonth ago

    Yes Missy!! Have another baby!!!

  8. MintyBee

    MintyBee2 months ago

    Ah the old daily bumps

  9. nessa m

    nessa m3 months ago

    yes it’s a definite yes to have another baby your still young girl it will be something with no regrets you should definitely have another but do it whenever you want and only do it if you want to , your the only one who really knows if you should but i hope you guys are doing good ily guys soooo much ❤️❤️❤️ you guys are an incredible family 💖

  10. Kãî

    Kãî3 months ago

    You should have another baby! Your such a amazing mother and Bryan is such a amazing dad! I'd love to see another baby added to your amazing family!

  11. Joselyn Zavaleta

    Joselyn Zavaleta3 months ago

    Why is your name missy im not mean just saying but you look Beautiful

  12. A l f

    A l f4 months ago

    105!? My HIGHEST degree is 35 witch is REALLY TEALLY HOT

  13. Selma Kaunis

    Selma Kaunis4 months ago

    Please the third one will be a girl.

  14. Selma Kaunis

    Selma Kaunis4 months ago

    I hope the third one is a girl 👧 👱🏻‍♀️

  15. Selma Kaunis

    Selma Kaunis4 months ago

    Do a gender Reveal party 🎉

  16. Selma Kaunis

    Selma Kaunis4 months ago

    Is the New Baby is A Boy or a Girl?

  17. Olivia Oliver

    Olivia Oliver4 months ago

    another one!!

  18. Ignacio Valenzuela

    Ignacio Valenzuela4 months ago

    I Love Animal Crossing Like Ollie Lol

  19. Regina Kirkland

    Regina Kirkland4 months ago

    Yes you should have have another baby

  20. Emmalee Glaser

    Emmalee Glaser4 months ago


  21. Anthony Craven

    Anthony Craven4 months ago

    Yes you should have another BABY

  22. Anthony Craven

    Anthony Craven4 months ago

    I think you should show Olivier his actual baby video of him talking as baby. I think that would be so cute

  23. Denisse Sosa

    Denisse Sosa4 months ago

    It was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Student Kylie Evans

    Student Kylie Evans4 months ago


  25. kelby snelson

    kelby snelson4 months ago

    Yes you should have another baby

  26. Madison Howard

    Madison Howard4 months ago

    i agree that missy should have another baby!!

  27. MaryMary Silver

    MaryMary Silver4 months ago

    WHAT Brian look so different

  28. MaryMary Silver

    MaryMary Silver4 months ago

    Me older than Oliver 👁👄👁


    CRAZY ANIMALS4 months ago

    I love your videos

  30. Priscilla Lucero

    Priscilla Lucero4 months ago


  31. Haleysdumbass

    Haleysdumbass4 months ago

    Still my overall favorite video of baby Ollie is when he goes to the doctor for his 12 month check up??? I think??? haha he was talking away and it was so funny.

  32. Lucie Walker

    Lucie Walker4 months ago

    “Favourite Pregnancy Moments” but it’s all Ollie and nothing of Finn..?

  33. Jacqueline E.

    Jacqueline E.4 months ago

    Ive been around since your pregnancy with Oliver! To hear your sister is having a baby, i freaked out!! Last time i checked she was 18 and just got a hair cut!

  34. Rhiki Clark

    Rhiki Clark4 months ago

    You say this now missy

  35. Laura Highfield

    Laura Highfield4 months ago

    Yes you should

  36. Hannah King

    Hannah King4 months ago

    God I so want missy to have another one I have been watching a year before Finn was born and I so want them to have another one xx

  37. aroseazad

    aroseazad4 months ago

    Such a jealous sister Let her enjoy her pregnancy

  38. Family diamond Fp

    Family diamond Fp4 months ago

    I love you you’re the best please reply

  39. Natallie Chan

    Natallie Chan4 months ago

    i remember this from years ago ;(

  40. Ang Rodriguez

    Ang Rodriguez4 months ago

    When did Ollie become a teenager?! 🥺

  41. Jessica Harvey

    Jessica Harvey4 months ago


  42. Grace Tannahill

    Grace Tannahill4 months ago

    Yess have a baby

  43. Jerry's fun world

    Jerry's fun world4 months ago

    Ollie look like a duck

  44. Ox mysticchcneybun xO

    Ox mysticchcneybun xO4 months ago

    Ollies bands and my bangs are completely different xD his goes left and mine goes right. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  45. Eva K.

    Eva K.4 months ago

    “You look different but beautiful” 🥺🥺

  46. Squeaky ・ᴗ・

    Squeaky ・ᴗ・4 months ago

    You guys should definitely show us your animal crossing towns!!

  47. Tina Kong

    Tina Kong4 months ago

    I love these type of videos! It’s great to go back to the past! ❤️

  48. Nickie Temperino

    Nickie Temperino4 months ago

    Having a baby during this hole panic has really been difficult trust me i just had a baby July 10th at 34 weeks due to high blood pressure and preeclampsia and not being able to have friends and family be able to be involved while being in the hospital because I was in the hospital a week before I was able to have the baby was really hard

  49. Lindsey Collignon

    Lindsey Collignon4 months ago

    Missy Have Another BABY!!! I LOVE Babys There The Cutest

  50. esmeRea

    esmeRea4 months ago

    Baby #3

  51. Sue Koch

    Sue Koch4 months ago

    I love this video

  52. MoanaMarie Mahusay

    MoanaMarie Mahusay4 months ago

    "Different but beautiful" here we have a 7-year-old who said this I OVE YOU OLLIE!

  53. trap boys and girls story

    trap boys and girls story4 months ago

    I think you should have a baby I'm having baby fever FOR YOU! although would you want a girl or a boy?

  54. Grace Madrid

    Grace Madrid4 months ago

    Love daily bups Olie

  55. Grace Madrid

    Grace Madrid4 months ago

    I wath the holowen party vido i did not see olie or finn Wuy brain and misy wu

  56. Grace Madrid

    Grace Madrid4 months ago

    Wuy barian and misy

  57. Vanessa Maullon

    Vanessa Maullon4 months ago

    Ollie saying “different but beautiful”🥺

  58. Joice Vento

    Joice Vento4 months ago

    Yes 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  59. This Girl Loves Harry Styles

    This Girl Loves Harry Styles4 months ago

    You all look stunning

  60. Kayla Abrams

    Kayla Abrams4 months ago

    Ollie has gotten so cute

  61. Niomi Kane

    Niomi Kane4 months ago


  62. Teddy123

    Teddy1234 months ago

    You should have $£x

  63. Aleyda Garcia

    Aleyda Garcia4 months ago


  64. Sorayah Smith-cunningham

    Sorayah Smith-cunningham4 months ago


  65. Emily Lemon

    Emily Lemon4 months ago

    Love those I’ve been here since the beginning and I loved watching those bumpdates!!! I would use them for reference with my pregnancies:) thanks! Also go for another one! If you wait for a perfect/easy time you may never get the chance;)

  66. Braelyn Johnson

    Braelyn Johnson4 months ago

    I think you should have one more

  67. Laila Gallegos

    Laila Gallegos4 months ago

    I love your channels so much❤️❤️❤️❤️✌🏻😇💕😇💕

  68. Trinity Vartanyan

    Trinity Vartanyan4 months ago

    Oh my god I haven't been here in about 2 years and Ollie and Finn got so big

  69. Ashley Bellerose

    Ashley Bellerose4 months ago

    You should have a baby. you will be fine if you give birth in a pandemic. I did

  70. Laseda

    Laseda4 months ago

    Awwwww 👶🏻

  71. Faith Morris

    Faith Morris4 months ago

    I think you should definitely have another baby

  72. Sally Marsh

    Sally Marsh4 months ago

    Yes have another baby

  73. Hannah G

    Hannah G4 months ago

    How crazy is it that I've been subscribed since the first pregnancy, flown by!

  74. Tobee Penaredondo

    Tobee Penaredondo4 months ago

    What’s your new name for your brand new baby

  75. Larry Morrow

    Larry Morrow4 months ago

    No not yet. Let Cassie be the star of the show. You can help her.

  76. Lee Anne dkskdk?ieicieduxuri? ? Hanger

    Lee Anne dkskdk?ieicieduxuri? ? Hanger4 months ago

    Hi you should have a 👶🏼🍼

  77. Melissa Velicu

    Melissa Velicu4 months ago

    You should have another baby!👶🏻

  78. Amy Simpson

    Amy Simpson4 months ago

    I loved looking back definitely have another lol

  79. Lane & CoCo

    Lane & CoCo4 months ago

    you should have another one missy and it might be a girl

  80. Alison

    Alison4 months ago


  81. Janaya Dombroski

    Janaya Dombroski4 months ago

    Yes please

  82. Itskaymclaughlin

    Itskaymclaughlin4 months ago

    When Ollie said “you look different but beautiful” my heart can’t take it🥺

  83. Carmela Arch

    Carmela Arch4 months ago


  84. ashleigh femmer

    ashleigh femmer4 months ago

    ive watched you guys since the video where missy was playing family feud! oh my gosh, i will never forget the video of missy when she was trying a bunch of foods blindefolded! you guys should remake that! haha! love you guys and love watching your journey! now have a girl already!!!! :)

  85. Paula Bowen

    Paula Bowen4 months ago

    Should you have another baby? That's a BiG Yessss from our family! :) I have a strong feeling it will be a girl! :)

  86. Toga Queen

    Toga Queen4 months ago

    Yes Missy I think u should have one more baby I want it to be a girl and I love y’all

  87. Antonella Vasquez

    Antonella Vasquez5 months ago

    Yesssss hava a. BeBy !!!!!!!

  88. Alexandria Wonta

    Alexandria Wonta5 months ago

    Yes it is time for a little one.. I've been here from the beginning and it's time for baby number 3 ..you can't wait any longer I'm 35 and only have one son.. It's my biggest regret.. I wish my husband who I love dearly would allow us to have another... but I'm too old now and our son is 10 years old now and our first son was born sleeping which traumatised my husband. X x

  89. Bailey See

    Bailey See5 months ago

    Tbh this country video song is werid :( in my opinion

  90. Amy Robinson

    Amy Robinson5 months ago


  91. Marleyssya Francois

    Marleyssya Francois5 months ago


  92. Marleyssya Francois

    Marleyssya Francois5 months ago


  93. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo5 months ago

    Love you guys

  94. zet001 Lopez

    zet001 Lopez5 months ago

    I watched pretty much all of your gise videos

  95. Savage BatKitty

    Savage BatKitty5 months ago


  96. Taryn Violet

    Taryn Violet5 months ago

    I want you to have a girl

  97. ily fw

    ily fw5 months ago

    ollie is so big 💔

  98. Amberr Clark

    Amberr Clark5 months ago

    I hope your next baby is a girl because i remember you saying you aready have a girls name

  99. Amberr Clark

    Amberr Clark5 months ago

    YESSSSSS pls have another baby

  100. Eunice Advincula

    Eunice Advincula5 months ago

    HI Missy, you are still young to have your third baby. I had my first baby when I was 31, and he was born at home. .. I think you should have "home birth" if you are worried about Covid.

  101. Amy Valdez

    Amy Valdez5 months ago

    Please another baby

  102. •Chewwy Wolfie•

    •Chewwy Wolfie•5 months ago

    AnImAl cRoOsInG

  103. TBNR _RO

    TBNR _RO5 months ago

    I think Missy should def have another baby because it would be awesome 🙂

  104. Crystal Jones

    Crystal Jones5 months ago

    I wish I could guess give Ollie and Finn a big o hugs I love them so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  105. Frozen Wolf

    Frozen Wolf5 months ago

    I think y'all should have another baby soon! I remember that when Bryan felt Ollie kick for the first time that y'all used it for the intro, and I also remember when you guys had merch that said "Ollie Pop". It was just so cute!!

  106. Hailey Davis

    Hailey Davis5 months ago

    Baby NOW pls