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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps4 months ago

    Who else loves Karma and Luna!? They are the sweetest addition to the Daily Bumps fam! What are you pets names?!

  2. Serena Murschel

    Serena MurschelMonth ago

    Love them

  3. Ailany Valdivias

    Ailany ValdiviasMonth ago

    I have a bearded dragon named echo, a bird named pidgey, and a maltipoo named cocopuff

  4. Angelina My last name is Non ya business UwU

    Angelina My last name is Non ya business UwU2 months ago

    I luv karma and Luna to their the best my dogs names are Benny,Elsa,and bb,we have a leopard gecko to named dune and a fish named galaxy

  5. Mari Rivera

    Mari Rivera3 months ago

    Their so cute! Mine doggo is Named Bennie and he just turned 5

  6. Vera Mashups

    Vera Mashups4 months ago

    Kirsten and grimm, grimm is a cat Kirsten is a puppy


    ANUJANI CHAUDHARY20 days ago

    You are so cute Olly and fin and your 🐕.

  8. noahsark1962

    noahsark196223 days ago

    where is luna. All I see is Karma now.

  9. Sara Elwell

    Sara ElwellMonth ago

    If bryan doesnt see this comment pls tell him that I just listened to hey and illegal thnx

  10. Sarah Warren

    Sarah WarrenMonth ago

    I have 2 cats and their names are Luna and luigi

  11. Sarah Warren

    Sarah WarrenMonth ago

    Hey hey hey as hot as I sound we go rolling around rolling around we love...Hey!!

  12. Angelina My last name is Non ya business UwU

    Angelina My last name is Non ya business UwU2 months ago

    I like to sing but I am 12 and I doubt I’m good at it but um I was just wondering if you wanna make songs where do you go?like how do you start?

  13. Breanna Weisenberg

    Breanna Weisenberg2 months ago

    i have been wathing this chanel before olle was born they even cuter evrey time

  14. Fizzarolli

    Fizzarolli3 months ago

    Missy lanning Bryan lanning oliver finley

  15. Fizzarolli

    Fizzarolli3 months ago

    I love pumkins

  16. Fizzarolli

    Fizzarolli3 months ago

    dear the fam I had surgry

  17. Fizzarolli

    Fizzarolli3 months ago

    but we have mascks

  18. Fizzarolli

    Fizzarolli3 months ago

    missy I go to school

  19. Fizzarolli

    Fizzarolli3 months ago

    you guys are awsome

  20. calicartel69619

    calicartel696193 months ago


  21. calicartel69619

    calicartel696193 months ago


  22. Gloria Scott

    Gloria Scott3 months ago

    you shod triy we feed raw

  23. Kayla Milania Boodoo

    Kayla Milania Boodoo4 months ago

    But I have to say one thing that you need to know ,with food like that it needs to be warmed up before you give them because giving your dog cold food can upset their stomach and it’s not good at all so just warm it up a bit before you give it to them

  24. Kayla Milania Boodoo

    Kayla Milania Boodoo4 months ago

    I know you care about them a lot and switching to that food is better for them

  25. Amy Peraza

    Amy Peraza4 months ago

    I use Nom Nom for my cat and she loves it my dog uses Farmer Dog

  26. Jason Brendle

    Jason Brendle4 months ago

    No one should give you thumbs-down whoever does give them thumbs Down you should be banned you are so mean but everyone else is so nice

  27. Sara Elwell

    Sara ElwellMonth ago

    Pwhos so mean and who should get banned

  28. Lex Ward

    Lex Ward4 months ago

    Lex dhyf sdfg dgjj dh at du Shi do rj Flo hhk b fj jh?h

  29. Jenine Pagulayan

    Jenine Pagulayan4 months ago


  30. Giselle Dobrev

    Giselle Dobrev4 months ago

    I have 2 dogs one is Moritz & the other one is Nikki

  31. Lily Pyle

    Lily Pyle4 months ago

    my dog is named blue

  32. Pilar Villanueva

    Pilar Villanueva4 months ago

    Karma Anna Lune they are so cute

  33. Pilar Villanueva

    Pilar Villanueva4 months ago

    Pets name is Buddy how do you get to same town song I don’t know how to do that

  34. Sxcrd Zak

    Sxcrd Zak4 months ago

    He’ll have no friends in homeschool tho which will make it harder for him to socialise

  35. Jo browne

    Jo browne4 months ago

    Hi 👍🛏😅

  36. Mireille M.

    Mireille M.4 months ago

    14:02 the death stare

  37. Jessica Singh

    Jessica Singh4 months ago


  38. Leah B

    Leah B4 months ago

    I think I grew up in the wrong family. No one in my house shares a love for animals. Ollie reminds me of myself as a little girl. I loved watch Nat Geo wild, Animal planet, dino documentaries(age 11!!), sea life documentaries ect...I LOVED Dinosaurs, Lizards, Big cats, frogs, crocodiles and other sea animals. I was never girly💁 The Love Ollie has for animals will never die!

  39. Leah B

    Leah B4 months ago

    Sigh what a great life😊😌

  40. Erika Garcia

    Erika Garcia4 months ago


  41. Loren Lovitt

    Loren Lovitt4 months ago

    I have been watching since I was 5

  42. Aishly Crain

    Aishly Crain4 months ago

    Where is the goats

  43. sarah

    sarah4 months ago

    hi what happen to the goat's you had ?

  44. lily robinson

    lily robinson4 months ago

    I love your videos

  45. Katte Cotti

    Katte Cotti4 months ago

    Oakley & daizey

  46. jess kullhem

    jess kullhem4 months ago

    Karma is so old i have been watching sense Oliver was a baby

  47. kenzi wenzi

    kenzi wenzi4 months ago


  48. Collette

    Collette4 months ago

    hi do you lay minecraft

  49. Benita Butler

    Benita Butler4 months ago

    Hey Brian are you still doing stuff with Mattie faith

  50. foxycanada

    foxycanada4 months ago

    I feed my dog raw been doing it for years

  51. Kanaya Isyana Dewi

    Kanaya Isyana Dewi4 months ago

    Is it nom nom bat a do no

  52. Kanaya Isyana Dewi

    Kanaya Isyana Dewi4 months ago

    A no yum yum

  53. Sky

    Sky4 months ago

    u are the best daily bumps

  54. Mia Barth

    Mia Barth4 months ago

    I love your videos

  55. Corinna Alvarez

    Corinna Alvarez4 months ago

    I think Ollie would fit in with the Lost Boys and Peter Pan really well

  56. Mariah Hartzell

    Mariah Hartzell4 months ago


  57. Abby H

    Abby H4 months ago

    We have a brother/sister pair of 2yo pups and they’re livestock guardian dogs for our farm/40 acre property, and We feed them a mainly raw diet! Not like a brand of natural food, but actual raw meat, like chicken, pork, ground beef, turkey, etc.!! Their names are Ranger and Bryleigh

  58. Mathew Bodart

    Mathew Bodart4 months ago

    What are the tisges

  59. Mathew Bodart

    Mathew Bodart4 months ago

    I Méan tiaNges

  60. BattleDoze op

    BattleDoze op4 months ago


  61. Grace Vela

    Grace Vela4 months ago

    Missy you when are you gonna post

  62. super and Ella gaming

    super and Ella gaming4 months ago

    THERE is the exact same comments every video

  63. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo4 months ago

    Love you guys

  64. Mishka Allen

    Mishka Allen4 months ago


  65. irda yanti

    irda yanti4 months ago

    No thanks,and also i dont hafe apet

  66. irda yanti

    irda yanti4 months ago

    What nom nom😯?

  67. Molly Taylor

    Molly Taylor4 months ago

    How old is Karma and Luna?

  68. Jonny Hadden

    Jonny Hadden4 months ago

    Questions what is your favourite candy skittles or m&ms would you rather Live in the wild or live in a normal house

  69. Betsy Reynolds

    Betsy Reynolds4 months ago


  70. Jessica Sauter

    Jessica Sauter4 months ago

    my kitten is named luna :)

  71. Sanne Dreef

    Sanne Dreef4 months ago

    Oh yeah .... Where are the horse and the goats at???

  72. James Wutchak

    James Wutchak4 months ago

    I love it ❤️👍❤️

  73. Kyndrah Batz

    Kyndrah Batz4 months ago

    Hi daily bumps I love your you tube

  74. Kinley Kroll

    Kinley Kroll4 months ago

    I thought you’re gonna say Carmas dead taking a mini heart attack

  75. le skille

    le skille4 months ago

    Missy, do you still have the goats? We never see or hear them anymore. We see the chickens all the time, but no goats! Did you get rid of them?

  76. Allison Christensen

    Allison Christensen4 months ago

    le skille no she didn’t

  77. Genesis Point

    Genesis Point4 months ago

    You guys are my favorite youtuber

  78. That Gemini Gamer

    That Gemini Gamer4 months ago

    Do they still have the goats?

  79. Marshall Klawitter

    Marshall Klawitter4 months ago

    Your my Favourite you youtubers i love you guys so much and Especially Olly fin luna missy and bryan especially karma tho

  80. LPS noodle

    LPS noodle4 months ago

    I LOVE ur guys intro ❤💋❤💋❤💋❤🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👁👄👁

  81. Tyquincia Richardson

    Tyquincia Richardson4 months ago

    Did she call lona a boy

  82. Kati Nava

    Kati Nava4 months ago


  83. Kati Nava

    Kati Nava4 months ago

    Heyyyyy daliy dump I like your chickens and the dog and your home

  84. Kati Nava

    Kati Nava4 months ago

    Hi dally bumps and the dog

  85. Christian Mena

    Christian Mena4 months ago

    Awww he looks so cute

  86. greatbiyoshi

    greatbiyoshi4 months ago

    Love Ollie’s sense of adventure and his imagination! Hope he never loses that! 🦎🌎🏞

  87. Dorothy Whitmore

    Dorothy Whitmore4 months ago

    Missy what a Great Teacher You are!

  88. hannah herrrera

    hannah herrrera4 months ago

    I love your video Daily Bumps

  89. tim reed

    tim reed4 months ago

    Sam said he was gonna be there at the time and the boy is it 😅😉😁😊😂 with you and I will see what I can we do the same thing 😌🙂👶👣

  90. Taylor Tallulah

    Taylor Tallulah4 months ago

    My dogs use nom nom

  91. Simone Laing

    Simone Laing4 months ago

    And I'm using my mom's phone and I am a good drawler and a good singer just like Ali plus I love animals

  92. Overcomer

    Overcomer4 months ago

    I cook for my dog everyday. I cook this exact meal for him.

  93. Justin Troy Corporal

    Justin Troy Corporal4 months ago

    Hi guys I'm your old fan

  94. shayleigh nolan

    shayleigh nolan4 months ago

    did the horse die or did you get rid of him?

  95. Kayla Kern

    Kayla Kern4 months ago

    Hey I just got a puppy and it’s name is Oliver


    HANNAH ASPINWALL4 months ago

    Do they still have the goats???

  97. caroline Moreno

    caroline Moreno4 months ago

    if your reading this have a blessed day!

  98. Killian Batdorf

    Killian Batdorf4 months ago

    What about your cat

  99. Tera Johnson

    Tera Johnson4 months ago

    You should do that for you chickens @dailbumps (the link in my other comment)

  100. Meowscles

    Meowscles4 months ago

    Ollie and finn are so cute

  101. Ava Thompson the animal lover

    Ava Thompson the animal lover4 months ago

    Carma and Luna are so cute

  102. Meowscles

    Meowscles4 months ago

    And ollie and finn are so cute to

  103. Lemon_fridge

    Lemon_fridge4 months ago

    Omg Finn is hilarious and funny 😆😆

  104. Kaidee Kelly

    Kaidee Kelly4 months ago

    Omg I miss y'all the boys have grown up so much!

  105. Zoza Hassan

    Zoza Hassan4 months ago

    Do you and bryan wanna get a baby girl

  106. Small town girl

    Small town girl4 months ago

    I finally watched the Christmas vlog from when finn was a baby and Ollie was a toddler when you guys got Luna she was so tiny

  107. Mia Maynard

    Mia Maynard4 months ago

    I hope to meet you all sometime

  108. Mia Maynard

    Mia Maynard4 months ago

    You are the best

  109. Torie Salazar

    Torie Salazar4 months ago

    Can you please say your Skype account

  110. Ashleigh Pyke

    Ashleigh Pyke4 months ago

    Omg at the studio I can actually hear Ollies singing voice