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  1. Lilli Statham

    Lilli Statham15 days ago

    Omg Ollie is so cute singing x 💕💕💕💗💗💗💞💗💖💖

  2. Rayla Simone

    Rayla Simone18 days ago

    OMG ollie♡♡♡♡♡


    CHI CHAI4 months ago


  4. Abby Farkas

    Abby Farkas4 months ago

    My grandma has goats and I think it’s great you have them too!

  5. Mikenzii Gilmore-Muldrow

    Mikenzii Gilmore-Muldrow4 months ago


  6. Zamu Shire

    Zamu Shire4 months ago

    💩 POOPY finnley says that when new this is home stared

  7. Rock Lee's simp

    Rock Lee's simp4 months ago

    Missy and Bryan actually sound good singing together

  8. amaiya jarrett

    amaiya jarrett4 months ago


  9. gavin Lewis

    gavin Lewis4 months ago

    I haven't been getting notifications

  10. Kayla B

    Kayla B4 months ago

    Ollie is awesome at this. Can’t wait to see where he goes in the future with this. 👍🏽❤️

  11. Inferno Plays

    Inferno Plays4 months ago

    Omg Oli is getting so big and fin so like what will happen with the baby fin and the new baby will be fighting 😹😂😹

  12. The flappy birds Lanzen

    The flappy birds Lanzen4 months ago

    U want a singer then u need me

  13. Robert J. Golubski

    Robert J. Golubski4 months ago

    How do you guys pronounce button. Sounds like to me like you're saying bu un

  14. Anika Gorton

    Anika Gorton4 months ago


  15. Shannon

    Shannon4 months ago

    Ollie takes after his dad musically I think he would be an amazing little singer 😍

  16. Elizabeth Anne

    Elizabeth Anne4 months ago

    Ollie is so cute at singing

  17. Annie Bryant

    Annie Bryant4 months ago


  18. Carlee Taylor

    Carlee Taylor4 months ago

    What do you mean

  19. D _10

    D _104 months ago

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  20. D _10

    D _104 months ago


  21. D _10

    D _104 months ago

    play fortnite

  22. D _10

    D _104 months ago

    play Fortnite

  23. D _10

    D _104 months ago

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  24. D _10

    D _104 months ago

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  25. D _10

    D _104 months ago


  26. Lachy Hamilton

    Lachy Hamilton4 months ago

    How long has Finley been hooked to fortnite

  27. veerendra palthia

    veerendra palthia4 months ago

    Ollie is so good at singing better than me

  28. veerendra palthia

    veerendra palthia4 months ago

    Ollie is so good at singing better than me

  29. gaming gang

    gaming gang4 months ago

    fin is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute same with olli

  30. Shane Borders

    Shane Borders4 months ago

    When is the song Coming out

  31. Allison Aguilar Dominguez

    Allison Aguilar Dominguez4 months ago

    Ummm I what to tell that cat is my is name is jack

  32. god_is_life_to_us

    god_is_life_to_us4 months ago

    I do I do I love this family there awesome I wish I was there daughter

  33. O J

    O J4 months ago

    Ollie sound just like Bryan

  34. Mister Mango

    Mister Mango4 months ago

    Hi I am watching this family and it is soo cute I wish I lived in your house!! I am having a baby cousin soon! And I cant wait to meet her!!

  35. Iron Zeus

    Iron Zeus4 months ago

    His songs are due to be recorded I can not wait For your music career to start like Bryan’s Ollie James Lanning

  36. Noah Rosner

    Noah Rosner4 months ago

    Missy have a baby

  37. Bailey Bullins

    Bailey Bullins4 months ago

    Missy your sister baby is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so cute you and the boys will cry when you see the pictures of it because I did when I seen the video today

  38. Adrian Jimenez Muñoz

    Adrian Jimenez Muñoz4 months ago

    paw patrol full episodes

  39. Lauren Taylor

    Lauren Taylor4 months ago

    Ollie Is going to have a huge music career he picks up so fast ❤️

  40. Bailey Bullins

    Bailey Bullins4 months ago

    Please take a video today please please please pleese🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  41. Buggy_bugs

    Buggy_bugs4 months ago

    Such a awesome video Oliver is gonna be a great singer like his father. Missy you also sounded awesome

  42. Lia the Equestrian

    Lia the Equestrian4 months ago

    Why is Ollie better than me at singing

  43. JoJo

    JoJo4 months ago

    Awww.... poor Luna wanted in the pool with you and Karma. I love how beautifully the studio is done... LUV IT! Can't wait to hear all you singing together. YAY!

  44. Sharon Dingle

    Sharon Dingle4 months ago

    Ollie is so good ❤

  45. Sharon Dingle

    Sharon Dingle4 months ago

    Haha karma in the back when she was talking in the hot tube 😂

  46. Brandon Shriver

    Brandon Shriver4 months ago


  47. Tania Valencia

    Tania Valencia4 months ago

    Hey Daily Bumps! I have been a fan since years ago! Since your stillbirth and i found you because i had stillbirth too and my stillborn baby had due date of Ollies Bday so watching this fills my heart with joy! I honestly love you guys! I wish you guys the best in trying for new blessing!

  48. Giselle

    Giselle4 months ago

    Omg they’re so adorableeee

  49. Kayleigh Hutto

    Kayleigh Hutto4 months ago

    Ollie is gonna be a amazing singer one day

  50. MickeyOwO

    MickeyOwO4 months ago

    Oh My God... I just came across this in my recommended! I used to watch you guys like 5 years ago, wow. Olly has grown so much!

  51. tigress md

    tigress md4 months ago

    Am a big big big big big fan

  52. Strawberry Yogurt

    Strawberry Yogurt4 months ago

    Omggggg its been soo long since I watch your video's

  53. Teresa Van Buren

    Teresa Van Buren4 months ago

    Team girl

  54. Eads Brothers

    Eads Brothers4 months ago

    They are going to be a singing duo

  55. Hayden Grossman

    Hayden Grossman4 months ago

    y'all need to have another baby!!

  56. Gracie

    Gracie4 months ago

    Ollie is an amazing singer he should join with Bryan often when he sings

  57. atticus z

    atticus z4 months ago

    its been around 4 years and suddenly i thought of you guys and here i am

  58. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo4 months ago

    Ollie and Finn are so cute

  59. Lenora Tindal

    Lenora Tindal4 months ago

    ever wonder what your life would be like with a little girl

  60. Victor Alexander Noriega

    Victor Alexander Noriega4 months ago


  61. •sømé slõth• • barney is a dinosaur•

    •sømé slõth• • barney is a dinosaur•4 months ago

    Awwwww I want baby bumps

  62. Super Rhino Bros

    Super Rhino Bros4 months ago

    I’m a good singer my favorite music is rap and pop music

  63. Bailey Bullins

    Bailey Bullins4 months ago

    Please take a video today please 🙏🙏🙏🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  64. Aleena Stewart

    Aleena Stewart4 months ago

    Hi is cool and awesome

  65. Pat McMahon

    Pat McMahon4 months ago

    I am awesome

  66. Lexi Braaten

    Lexi Braaten4 months ago

    I love how Ollie and Bryan are matching

  67. dream

    dream4 months ago

    oliver should definitely take vocal lessons as he once told bryan bc he has potential and he’s so good!

  68. dream

    dream4 months ago


  69. koko que

    koko que4 months ago

    one day we’ll see ollie as a future singer just watch.

  70. Mia Van Staden

    Mia Van Staden4 months ago

    Can you guys please have another baby please ❤️❤️

  71. Ella Kettler

    Ella Kettler4 months ago

    You guys rock!

  72. Austin Chartier

    Austin Chartier4 months ago

    YOU FAMILY IS SOOOOO CUTEEE I CANT STOP WATCHING it will mean a lot to me if you reply 🙃

  73. Marta Gonzalez

    Marta Gonzalez4 months ago

    Wow. L

  74. Ashleigh Pyke

    Ashleigh Pyke4 months ago

    I haven't heard Ollie Sing for a while. I know he sang the old Christmas song to Happy Birthday Jesus

  75. James Wutchak

    James Wutchak4 months ago

    I love it ❤️👍❤️

  76. Suie SaiNt

    Suie SaiNt4 months ago

    Haven't been watching lately but I used to watch when Ollie was still soooooo smallll

  77. Kimpossible fan77 agvsp auttp edcp ad

    Kimpossible fan77 agvsp auttp edcp ad4 months ago

    Wow ooooop

  78. Dylan Flores

    Dylan Flores4 months ago

    Hey daily bums I saw you guys at Vegas you guys were wating at the restrooms next to Johnny rockets

  79. Nicole Lloyd

    Nicole Lloyd4 months ago

    Whatever happened to zuri


    LAURIE MAGDEFRAU4 months ago

    Ollie is a very good singer. It amazes me. His lizards, bug, and singing should get him far in life. Fin loves his games, and, to me, he is a little daredevil! Both boys are Amazing!

  81. Sean Grandon

    Sean Grandon4 months ago


  82. Kendra H

    Kendra H4 months ago

    Grinch and the only

  83. BD Simon

    BD Simon4 months ago

    How are the goats?

  84. Molly Carleton

    Molly Carleton4 months ago

    If you have a baby you new baby and cassie’s baby will be best friends

  85. Caprial Nichols

    Caprial Nichols4 months ago

    Will schools in California be doing remote learning for the month of August and September

  86. Jazzy Robertson

    Jazzy Robertson4 months ago

    I think you should have a baby missy

  87. Daniel

    Daniel4 months ago

    Can we pls show some love, my grandad just died. And u guys are really helping me through this tough time, love u guys 🙏🥰😢

  88. Miley&Sam Gacha

    Miley&Sam Gacha4 months ago

    I’m so sorry for your loss sending you a hug thru the screen 🤗

  89. Daniel

    Daniel4 months ago


  90. Daniel

    Daniel4 months ago

    Katie Ferrell thank you 🥰☺️🤗

  91. sammey2

    sammey24 months ago

    I'm so sorry to hear about your grandad. 🤗

  92. Katie Ferrell

    Katie Ferrell4 months ago

    Aww I'm so sorry praying for you and your family!I pray father God that you strengthen this person Lord wrap your loving arms around them Lord and give them peace father God amen 😊

  93. Gacha Grace_58

    Gacha Grace_584 months ago

    Ollie is so goodddddddddd eeeee He’s like even better then meeeeee

  94. Sans The skeleton

    Sans The skeleton4 months ago

    @Inferno Plays meh makes scence

  95. Inferno Plays

    Inferno Plays4 months ago

    Boy :p

  96. Inferno Plays

    Inferno Plays4 months ago

    Like Elsa he ain’t no girl he ain’t a boy he’s the noy

  97. Gacha Grace_58

    Gacha Grace_584 months ago

    Christopher Villamar hm?

  98. Christopher Villamar

    Christopher Villamar4 months ago

    You do nice

  99. Nico Fan

    Nico Fan4 months ago

    Who else loves this adorable family

  100. gaming gang

    gaming gang4 months ago

    me i do

  101. Jose Jose L Gonzalez

    Jose Jose L Gonzalez4 months ago

    Me to

  102. Lee Bridges

    Lee Bridges4 months ago


  103. Andrew Halbruner

    Andrew Halbruner4 months ago

    Nico Fan... ME!!!!!

  104. lyssa dipnarine

    lyssa dipnarine4 months ago

    Hi I'm a huge fan of your s🐶🐶🐶🎃🎈

  105. Nicolas Harder12

    Nicolas Harder124 months ago

    eating grapes, watching u guys both my favorite things

  106. Nicolas Harder12

    Nicolas Harder124 months ago

    bonus about the grapes they r from California!!

  107. Harriet Metcalfe

    Harriet Metcalfe4 months ago

    Is it just me or do you always sing brians songs like me 😅

  108. Maureen McGlone

    Maureen McGlone4 months ago

    Teagan’s 📱

  109. Squirtle Fan

    Squirtle Fan4 months ago

    Ollie is a great singer

  110. Marshall Klawitter

    Marshall Klawitter4 months ago


  111. Squirtle Fan

    Squirtle Fan4 months ago

    How old is Ollie now I seen him before when he was born

  112. Alexis Gee

    Alexis Gee4 months ago


  113. Cash Haub

    Cash Haub4 months ago


  114. Kate O' Mahony

    Kate O' Mahony4 months ago

    Missy it’s time for u and Bryan to have another baby

  115. Queen of Hawaii

    Queen of Hawaii4 months ago


  116. Gacha Unlimited

    Gacha Unlimited4 months ago

    Hope it’s a girl

  117. Danielle Hurley-O'Neill

    Danielle Hurley-O'Neill4 months ago

    Yea lol!

  118. Lillian Chapman

    Lillian Chapman4 months ago


  119. Mykale Elbe

    Mykale Elbe4 months ago

    you guys are amazing