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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps5 months ago

    Thanks for all the love!! This was super unexpected and we really wanted to take you along the journey! ❤️

  2. Dorothy Duncan

    Dorothy DuncanMonth ago

    Please respond to my message I'm your biggest fan

  3. Antonia's Life

    Antonia's Life2 months ago

    Omg same 🥺🥰

  4. Kathleen Granger

    Kathleen Granger3 months ago

    Vend hf db au4

  5. Daniel Atayde

    Daniel Atayde4 months ago

    Hi how are

  6. Miracle Thomas

    Miracle Thomas4 months ago

    I hope your pregant i would love to see anotyer baby lanning

  7. Joni Kraus

    Joni Kraus18 hours ago

    Please a girl

  8. slug

    slug2 days ago

    ive been watching since ollie was itty bitty 😧😧😧

  9. Tim Spillane

    Tim Spillane8 days ago

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCH.I watch your videos when I’m sad because they make me happy.

  10. Lesley Allinson

    Lesley Allinson12 days ago

    Let your sister have her baby before you try let her have the highlight firsr

  11. Zaidee Latif

    Zaidee Latif15 days ago


  12. Amelia Pezzuti

    Amelia Pezzuti22 days ago

    I looooovvvvveeeeee you so so much and so happy for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Mason Painter

    Mason Painter27 days ago

    My ant is pregnet to and she is having twins to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Reagan Corney

    Reagan CorneyMonth ago

    I haven’t watched them for 4 years and now this happend

  15. Charlie S

    Charlie SMonth ago

    Be a girl

  16. Rob Hineline

    Rob HinelineMonth ago

    I watched y’all since Ollie was a little baby

  17. __KingKiwii

    __KingKiwiiMonth ago

    This is disgusting. You finally get a test for your wife and the FIRST THING you think of is to make a REACTION VIDEO. Disgusting. You’re gross.

  18. Jivy Mdz

    Jivy MdzMonth ago

    Imagine if they had a girl 🥰

  19. Briana Marie

    Briana MarieMonth ago


  20. Gaia Ting

    Gaia TingMonth ago

    I missed so much since kpop took over my life lol welp hi again😺

  21. happy wonder sisters vlog

    happy wonder sisters vlogMonth ago

    Bryan looks slim

  22. Savanna Perkins

    Savanna PerkinsMonth ago

    I can remember baby Ollie

  23. Jess and Brie’s life

    Jess and Brie’s lifeMonth ago


  24. Millies Videos

    Millies Videos2 months ago

    Deffo have another baby, I remember being at the caravan and the video comming up of Finn being born, I remember jumping up and shouting “he’s born” Xx

  25. TJ MH

    TJ MH2 months ago

    So excited and my dad has that same truck but blue

  26. Ava Cordelli!

    Ava Cordelli!2 months ago

    Aww I just found your account again! I used to be a huge fan in 2017!

  27. Brax Garrett

    Brax Garrett2 months ago


  28. steven Bull

    steven Bull2 months ago

    have anotha nb

  29. Eh Friends

    Eh Friends2 months ago


  30. Aiden Shivel

    Aiden Shivel2 months ago

    I'f have a baby I will get something

  31. Yelhsa91

    Yelhsa912 months ago

    Ovulation tests don’t test for pregnancy

  32. Bloop It’s Sarah

    Bloop It’s Sarah2 months ago

    When u watched them before Ollie was born and stoped and still come back sometimes to see if anything is new

  33. J&e life Julia

    J&e life Julia2 months ago


  34. J&e life Julia

    J&e life Julia2 months ago


  35. Nina Searles

    Nina Searles2 months ago


  36. Hailey Reed

    Hailey Reed2 months ago

    want them to have a girl 😀😀😀

  37. Alison p

    Alison p3 months ago


  38. teighlor Kay

    teighlor Kay3 months ago


  39. B Ant

    B Ant3 months ago


  40. Camryn Walker

    Camryn Walker3 months ago

    I stopped watching a couple years ago, then I casually run into this video.

  41. Heather Richards

    Heather Richards3 months ago

    You can do it

  42. Allison Tiegs

    Allison Tiegs3 months ago

    I am so excited for another baby when it happens

  43. Taylor James

    Taylor James3 months ago

    Is rite aid like Walgreens? Lmao

  44. Unlikely Cat

    Unlikely Cat3 months ago

    Omg what if they have a bb at the same time as Cassie?

  45. albert lopez

    albert lopez3 months ago


  46. Xx_{mischa}_xX Xx_{mountford}_xX

    Xx_{mischa}_xX Xx_{mountford}_xX3 months ago



    GALATIC ACORN3 months ago


  48. mary ellen martinez

    mary ellen martinez3 months ago

    Use the clear blue pregnancy test again

  49. Giancarlo Husen

    Giancarlo Husen3 months ago

    Have an other baby.

  50. Karlee Nakata

    Karlee Nakata3 months ago

    I’ve been watching since Ollie was a baby 🍼

  51. Sophia Valdez

    Sophia Valdez3 months ago

    Dad are da best

  52. James Rieman

    James Rieman3 months ago


  53. Chico Love

    Chico Love3 months ago


  54. Vanessa Tompunu

    Vanessa Tompunu3 months ago

    I havent watched them since Christmas 2019 i missed them so much

  55. Allie Robertson

    Allie Robertson3 months ago

    Wow they look so different then what I remember

  56. Neveah bunny channle

    Neveah bunny channle3 months ago

    My sister🏥

  57. Neveah bunny channle

    Neveah bunny channle3 months ago

    I know🚘

  58. Ashley Kong

    Ashley Kong3 months ago

    I am so sorry for not watching your vid I forgot you chennel

  59. Katerine

    Katerine3 months ago

    You are Lucky

  60. Random stuff

    Random stuff3 months ago

    remember when ollie was born,nostalgic

  61. Story Russell

    Story Russell3 months ago

    Bruh it's weird to think they did the dirty but hope you have another baby like a girl

  62. Victor Canfield II

    Victor Canfield II3 months ago

    Make That Baby! GO!

  63. Chris Groenewald

    Chris Groenewald3 months ago


  64. Chris Groenewald

    Chris Groenewald3 months ago


  65. Matthew Davis

    Matthew Davis3 months ago


  66. Ddd Bxtyu

    Ddd Bxtyu3 months ago


  67. Rebecca Richardson

    Rebecca Richardson3 months ago

    and so did my pop pop :(

  68. Rebecca Richardson

    Rebecca Richardson3 months ago

    also my kittens both died not even a year after we got them

  69. Rebecca Richardson

    Rebecca Richardson3 months ago

    yall also look like you were attacked by the death reaper but survived that goes to missy and bro you just look like a dork to me honestly :/ no offense

  70. Rebecca Richardson

    Rebecca Richardson3 months ago

    im poor so i cant afford alot of good stuff :(

  71. Kristy Tidey

    Kristy Tidey4 months ago

    Omg wow

  72. A K

    A K4 months ago

    Whats the name of this restaurant?

  73. TCSingsforyou

    TCSingsforyou4 months ago

    Yay 2 babies Cassie and missy's will be close in age.

  74. Ella Siegumfeldt

    Ella Siegumfeldt4 months ago

    I watched you guys like 2/3 years ago and Ollie was so little then! Now he looks so much older and grown up and he can even talk really well! love you guys!:)

  75. Brodee Sawicki

    Brodee Sawicki4 months ago

    i remember being so young watching your videos. i remember watching ollie grow up to be the young man he’s becoming. i love y’all so so much!!

  76. Melody Meechan

    Melody Meechan4 months ago

    me singing the inchrow

  77. Naudia Taylor

    Naudia Taylor4 months ago

    I think Ollie Should have his own room because He won’t he’s getting older and he might not want to share a room

  78. Jesse Husband's

    Jesse Husband's4 months ago

    Yes missy should another baby

  79. Chile Ravanes

    Chile Ravanes4 months ago

    I also have baby sister

  80. Thegirlfromslytherin

    Thegirlfromslytherin4 months ago

    You counted down for an ad

  81. RubyDoo Playz

    RubyDoo Playz4 months ago

    this was so short 🤣

  82. Jaslyn Lee Esposito

    Jaslyn Lee Esposito4 months ago

    I was here since Oliver was a tiny baby and when Finn was born I stop watching and now I’m gonna start watching again!!

  83. Unicorn Gamer girl

    Unicorn Gamer girl4 months ago

    I love your videos I Been watching your videos sense I Was 6

  84. Unicorn Gamer girl

    Unicorn Gamer girl4 months ago

    I am 7

  85. Brady Ferguson

    Brady Ferguson4 months ago

    You guys did not tell us I'm so shocked right now that's so cool. I'm so sad for the new baby is going to be so cute bye love you

  86. Ashley Elizabeth

    Ashley Elizabeth4 months ago

    Is cassie happy for feel like you took her shine with the pregnancy

  87. Keedyn Searcy

    Keedyn Searcy4 months ago

    Oliver looks like Bryan but at the same time he looks like missy but I cannot tell who Finn looks like

  88. Sylvia Cassidy

    Sylvia Cassidy4 months ago

    y’all have been fishing another pregnancy for years

  89. Angelia Manley

    Angelia Manley4 months ago

    I remember when Ollie was born 🥺

  90. Abby joy

    Abby joy4 months ago

    Yeah have another baby and if you do I would hope it's a girl since you have to boys

  91. •Bxby_ BearXX•

    •Bxby_ BearXX•4 months ago

    My childhood USlikesr

  92. Alex Baines

    Alex Baines4 months ago

    Aww congratulations hopefully a girl this time that would be sooo cute xx. 💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️

  93. Ollie Butler

    Ollie Butler4 months ago

    I remember when you got Luna

  94. Dillon Crawford

    Dillon Crawford4 months ago

    I love you guys but I think two is enough.

  95. Aries Rainbow Child

    Aries Rainbow Child4 months ago

    I was here since two weeks before Oliver was born.😱

  96. Carly S

    Carly S4 months ago

    idk why but this annoys me... let Cassie have her time to shine!!!!

  97. champagne luver

    champagne luver4 months ago


  98. Kenisse Duenas

    Kenisse Duenas4 months ago

    Here before Ollie was born ad seeing the family grow makes me happy :))

  99. mary ellen martinez

    mary ellen martinez4 months ago

    You have to use the clear blue pregnancy test

  100. nancy johnson

    nancy johnson4 months ago

    I’m so excited for you guys to have another baby. Go ahead and try so your baby would be a few months behind your sister. That would be so cool. Luv you guys

  101. Rachel Dee

    Rachel Dee4 months ago

    if you ever have another Baby name it and its a girl name the girl kyla and if you have a boy name the Boy marllen

  102. Vanessa

    Vanessa4 months ago

    Yeah you should have another baby!! It’d be nice to have a baby close to the age of Cassie’s

  103. シAxmz

    シAxmz4 months ago


  104. Noah Rosner

    Noah Rosner4 months ago

    Daily bumps having a 3,rd baby

  105. kaylee jacobi

    kaylee jacobi4 months ago

    i’ve been here since ollie was born!! SO crazy how time flies💕💕praying for your sweet fam!!

  106. Cameron McWilliams

    Cameron McWilliams4 months ago

    Why is Ollie like a super model😍😍