The Biggest Christmas Surprise of 2020! 🎁 Daily Bumps Christmas Special!

We got the biggest surprise on Christmas morning! Can you believe Cassie's pregnant belly?!? Don't forget to presave Bryan's new song "Walls" coming January 22! and check out our Christmas Eve Vlog:


  1. Betty Creamer

    Betty CreamerHour ago

    Finly and Ollie look beautiful family

  2. amazon user

    amazon userHour ago

    I think my favorite Finn and ollliver and karma and brayand

  3. Trevor Philips

    Trevor PhilipsHour ago

    Istg ima cry I remember watching them all the time loved watching ALL the new intro with their animations I literally grew with them everytime I got a noti of them I RAN TO YT


    MARINA SIELER3 hours ago

    Love this

  5. Abel Palomino

    Abel Palomino6 hours ago

    Hi Abel

  6. Lucie Gardner

    Lucie Gardner16 hours ago

    I haven’t watched these since fin was just born but I’m back

  7. Powers Culver

    Powers CulverDay ago


  8. Powers Culver

    Powers CulverDay ago

    How old is olly

  9. Sienna McCoy

    Sienna McCoyDay ago

    I watched Ollie when he was a baby

  10. Melissa Dawson

    Melissa Dawson2 days ago

    When did they get in love with fortnite

  11. brexbrie

    brexbrie2 days ago

    I remember when Ollie was 1 😭😭😭

  12. rms titanic Cook

    rms titanic Cook3 days ago

    I have the same sloth stuff animal!

  13. Heather Parrott

    Heather Parrott3 days ago

    i watched for 5 yeas and now i am 16

  14. Connor Diana

    Connor Diana3 days ago

    Remember when Ollie said oh my god every time he opened a present

  15. Heather Keith

    Heather Keith4 days ago

    My birthday was January 5 yay

  16. Isya Aswad

    Isya Aswad4 days ago

    uhmmm the last time I watched them, Finn couldnt even talk ._.

  17. Ella and Caleb Play among us

    Ella and Caleb Play among us4 days ago

    Happy new year

  18. Brad Macneil

    Brad Macneil4 days ago

    Man it’s crazy. I remember 5 ish years ago watching. Crazy

  19. Nadine williams

    Nadine williams4 days ago

    Me to

  20. Alicia Kiessel

    Alicia Kiessel5 days ago

    Omg. I haven’t seen daily bumps in like 5 years-

  21. Laura playz Roblox

    Laura playz Roblox5 days ago

    I watched u when i was six

  22. Sara Vold

    Sara Vold5 days ago


  23. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob5 days ago

    Fun and Ollie have grown so much it’s crazy

  24. Sh00k

    Sh00k5 days ago

    This should’ve been premiered 🥺

  25. Emma Blanchard

    Emma Blanchard5 days ago

    Merry Christmas hope you all had a good cristmas

  26. Jeni Neumann

    Jeni Neumann5 days ago

    How old is Olle an fin

  27. Adrienne Moore

    Adrienne Moore5 days ago

    Hey! I haven’t came back in years I’m back!

  28. Ashlynn Alley

    Ashlynn Alley6 days ago

    Hi everyone is daily bumps I have liked this video and subscribed

  29. tattiana stamos

    tattiana stamos7 days ago

    You know you can just grab them with your own hands they probably come back he did and nothing happened he just heard he was always move in around every day

  30. Kotaro Bakutos wifey

    Kotaro Bakutos wifey8 days ago

    I've missed y'all 😭😔✌️

  31. The Haikyuu man

    The Haikyuu man8 days ago



    LUKE SKYWALKER9 days ago

    Love the haircut dude

  33. Help Me, my spaghetti is trying to eat me

    Help Me, my spaghetti is trying to eat me9 days ago

    I’m sorry but why a pocket knife??????

  34. Maria Krygier

    Maria Krygier9 days ago

    Say sorry then

  35. Mia Perez-Ventura

    Mia Perez-Ventura9 days ago


  36. Angelina Martinez

    Angelina Martinez9 days ago

    And also my grandma cried when he passed at least he’s in a better place now but I’m still sad but he makes me strong I’m sad and good to at the same time 😣😣😣

  37. Angelina Martinez

    Angelina Martinez9 days ago

    I am in love with your videos and I hope you guys have a great year say goodbye to 2020 and I wish my grandpa didn’t past away I’m still sad my grandpa passed away He passed away since I was 6 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  38. Ryan Keen

    Ryan Keen9 days ago

    There adorable!!!!

  39. Fabiola Lopez

    Fabiola Lopez10 days ago

    I love you I been Waching them growing

  40. Isabella Miranda

    Isabella Miranda10 days ago

    Who is an og I have been here since Oli was a baby

  41. Rainbow_ playz

    Rainbow_ playz10 days ago

    I watched u guys when I was like 4 or 5 and until I was 7 or 8 I used to watch ur videos😄

  42. Angelee McCollum

    Angelee McCollum10 days ago

    Me and my brother got the Santa Skittles

  43. Amelia Hubbard

    Amelia Hubbard11 days ago

    I've been watchingthem since the cartoon intro 👁👄👁

  44. Daisy Wright

    Daisy Wright11 days ago

    Happy Christmas 🎄🥳🥳🥳🥳🎄🎄🎄🎄🥳🎄🥳🥳🎄🥳🎄🥳🎄🐶🐶

  45. Nicole Chen

    Nicole Chen11 days ago

    Omggg poor ollie waited so patiently for u to help him open his Swiss army knife 🤣☺️

  46. Sumo Sumo

    Sumo Sumo11 days ago

    I got laser tag to. How funny.

  47. Ramon Nunez

    Ramon Nunez11 days ago

    I read the socks but i dont know the last word i dont really know cersave

  48. Wasabi Cat

    Wasabi Cat11 days ago

    Jax is my cats name 😂

  49. Abby’s loves the spy ninjas YAY

    Abby’s loves the spy ninjas YAY11 days ago


  50. Moonlight SkyFlyer

    Moonlight SkyFlyer12 days ago

    Love your vids an i hope you hade a grate Christmas!!!!

  51. Evie Wilsan

    Evie Wilsan12 days ago

    Who watched when Ollie was a baby

  52. Fan Charli and addisonrea

    Fan Charli and addisonrea8 hours ago

    Me -

  53. Kyra Grimes

    Kyra GrimesDay ago


  54. Adrienne Moore

    Adrienne Moore5 days ago


  55. Rainbow_ playz

    Rainbow_ playz10 days ago


  56. Jimmy Stewart

    Jimmy Stewart12 days ago

    i dindt know they where moving

  57. The Brito Bunch

    The Brito Bunch12 days ago

    Me either! Love their house!

  58. _*Inky Demon*_

    _*Inky Demon*_12 days ago

    im so sad that they are selling there house i wish i could have it XD

  59. The Brito Bunch

    The Brito Bunch12 days ago


  60. _*Inky Demon*_

    _*Inky Demon*_12 days ago

    meh i has

  61. Landon Bevins

    Landon Bevins12 days ago

    what do u mean your reading I don't see a book

  62. Landon Bevins

    Landon Bevins12 days ago

    i red it and im not getting you wine

  63. Luisa Caval

    Luisa Caval13 days ago

    You can just put the elf’s in a cup and pick the cup up

  64. Joe Ficker

    Joe Ficker13 days ago

    Cool video

  65. Ryan Slaton

    Ryan Slaton13 days ago

    i started watching in 2017 and now in 2021it brings back so many memories

  66. Cyrich Andales

    Cyrich Andales13 days ago

    But where is luna at the moving day vid?

  67. Brooklynn D

    Brooklynn D13 days ago


  68. eugene ma

    eugene ma13 days ago

    I didn’t watch you guys for so long and now Finn and Ollie had grown a lot

  69. Marco Quintero

    Marco Quintero13 days ago


  70. Karly Sturgill

    Karly Sturgill14 days ago

    Hello my name is Karly

  71. Rebecca Patrick

    Rebecca Patrick14 days ago

    those are lots of presence

  72. Madilaine Cooper

    Madilaine Cooper14 days ago

    Poor Ollie sat there the hole proses of opening present trying to open the knife 😂

  73. Fernanda Garza

    Fernanda Garza14 days ago

    OMG i love that when they were cuddling Karma Cassie was just eating in the back hahahahahahhaha 🤣

  74. Hannah Pieplow

    Hannah Pieplow14 days ago

    Sloth O yes

  75. Anastasia Hess

    Anastasia Hess14 days ago

    The gifts for my entire family was containers and hand towels. Wow. Just wow.

  76. Quadders !

    Quadders !15 days ago

    My elf name is jingles

  77. kittycatsofia

    kittycatsofia15 days ago

    i pick up my elves taffy and cocoa with tongs to

  78. ayana Barnes

    ayana Barnes15 days ago


  79. ella Atherton

    ella Atherton15 days ago

    Hi I know I am late to comment but I love your chanel so much and happy new year😄😄

  80. Chick Nugget

    Chick Nugget15 days ago

    I don’t know why but I was smiling why watching Ollie and Finley open their presents

  81. Jeeah Lee

    Jeeah Lee16 days ago

    I got the exact 2 hand & body lotions from Sephora for my birthday last year that you got in your stocking Bryan!

  82. Lincoln & Franklin's Story Wyckoff

    Lincoln & Franklin's Story Wyckoff16 days ago

    You guys got great gifts

  83. Toca Melanie and other videos about family Family

    Toca Melanie and other videos about family Family16 days ago


  84. Adrien Davis

    Adrien Davis16 days ago

    Last time I watched theses I was 7 I’m 15 now time flies

  85. crayon

    crayon16 days ago

    Omg I haven’t watched y’all in so long Finley used to be so tiny 🥺🥺

  86. M May

    M May16 days ago

    if ollie is eight and he didnt have a tabblet time limit he would be in his room for the hole day

  87. Peyton Seymour

    Peyton Seymour16 days ago

    Who is watching this in 2021

  88. Jahnie Maignan

    Jahnie Maignan16 days ago

    Im one year older than ollie ans i would like to meet this family one day 😀

  89. Addyson Croll

    Addyson Croll17 days ago

    OMG I FORGOT ABOUT THEM! I think the first video I’ve ever seen with them was the Chuck-e-cheese lost and found like 5 years ago.

  90. Waffercookie Gaming

    Waffercookie Gaming17 days ago

    I keep laughing at Ollie: Animal Rescue? IT HAS A SUBMARINE!!! :#

  91. Tim Caruso

    Tim Caruso17 days ago

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 💝💝💝💝💝💝💖💖💖

  92. Tyshawn Santiago

    Tyshawn Santiago17 days ago

    Ollie is that a jog wire or a jaugar

  93. johnny wills

    johnny wills17 days ago

    Can you do more Zuri videos I mean the cat

  94. Ava Chavarria

    Ava Chavarria17 days ago

    You can get chocolate bombs and they like open and there's marshmallows inside of it and all you do is put hot milk in it and it will like open and there's like powder

  95. Jannray QUINTANA

    Jannray QUINTANA17 days ago

    I havent seen them for a year

  96. lil rainbow

    lil rainbow17 days ago

    I love you Chanel and I love Christmas

  97. Crew Lykins

    Crew Lykins17 days ago

    Tin is so cute

  98. jason mccann

    jason mccann17 days ago

    I love you so much love case

  99. Noah Gal

    Noah Gal18 days ago

    merry late christmas i hope you have a good one.and im 13

  100. anne pray

    anne pray18 days ago

    I was up at 4 am I was so tired

  101. Amy George

    Amy George18 days ago

    Merry Christmas all🎄

  102. • L c v e d •

    • L c v e d •18 days ago

    *I haven't watched stall y'all in years*

  103. Lilabeth Frazier

    Lilabeth Frazier18 days ago


  104. RecognizeMyWork- YT

    RecognizeMyWork- YT18 days ago

    I’ve been watching you guys for more then 3 years

  105. Erika Alonso

    Erika Alonso18 days ago


  106. Tina Johnson

    Tina Johnson18 days ago

    What the name of that game