Elf on the Shelf Returns with Mini Mystery Gifts!

What’s inside these tiny gifts? Watch our old elf on the shelf videos here!
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  1. Penny G

    Penny G26 days ago


  2. Regina Cook

    Regina Cook29 days ago

    I have a shirt just like Finn

  3. Adventure With Arianny

    Adventure With AriannyMonth ago

    When you said "its funny how both of you guys are different" before i watched this video i was like its funny how one loves inside and one loves outside i was also like wow its funny how they are the completely opposite and then seen this and i started laughing cause i was like lol i was just thinking that THATS SOO FUNNY!!!!! oh and btw i love your vids and i have been watching for a LONG!!!!!!time and lie and fin is so cute and i hop you guys are doing good with the new house and life that we dont see bye

  4. Mel Kenny

    Mel KennyMonth ago

    Hi Fred hi jingle

  5. GraceDiy

    GraceDiyMonth ago

    3:34 this is the face we have been waiting for...

  6. Chloe Kline

    Chloe KlineMonth ago

    Hi I love your USlikes

  7. Apryl Turner

    Apryl TurnerMonth ago

    What happened to the goat's

  8. Richard Garcia

    Richard GarciaMonth ago

    I have the same but in a braslit

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    Brandy PinestrawMonth ago

    Hey Siri silly I love you are you Phinne

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    Xhaferi LeonMonth ago

    Snowy is a god name for the winter chicken 🐔

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    charmaine nelMonth ago

    hi from caitlin from south africa

  12. Camila gaming tik tok

    Camila gaming tik tokMonth ago

    And a wild zoo ceaper

  13. Camila gaming tik tok

    Camila gaming tik tokMonth ago

    I see Oliver as a hero

  14. Timmy the tourtise and little shiny friendship

    Timmy the tourtise and little shiny friendshipMonth ago

    I gust to watch you guys but then I stopped now I have started again and now it brings back my memory’s back

  15. Flor Silva

    Flor SilvaMonth ago

    It’s been a year I never watched you guys ❤️❤️❤️🎄❤️❤️❤️

  16. Esperanza Escarria

    Esperanza EscarriaMonth ago

    Oles just like me, we b8th love animals!

  17. neko_kid 66

    neko_kid 66Month ago

    U are not my favorite yt but u the best yt :)

  18. ShadowOmega999

    ShadowOmega999Month ago

    Imagine if Fred and jingle made a zipline that would be cool

  19. edwin velasquez

    edwin velasquezMonth ago


  20. R3wind

    R3windMonth ago

    And who came here from sniper wolf XD

  21. R3wind

    R3windMonth ago

    I was watching this and there was dolls like the elf’s XD

  22. Maddy’s Lifee

    Maddy’s LifeeMonth ago

    I have not watched this game n a long time BUT THEY GROWN SO MUCH ITS SOOOO CUTE🥰🥰

  23. Riley Blazek

    Riley BlazekMonth ago

    Your house is beautiful

  24. oopsay yur

    oopsay yurMonth ago

    Well its not Christmas yet but i know that

  25. Charles Stephens

    Charles StephensMonth ago

    So cute

  26. Abby Espinoza

    Abby EspinozaMonth ago




    I LOVE 😍 YOU GUYS 💖💘💝💗💓💞

  28. Rachel Wright

    Rachel WrightMonth ago


  29. Rachel Wright

    Rachel WrightMonth ago

    You should name the chicken hairy feet

  30. Rachel Wright

    Rachel WrightMonth ago

    They were cute little babies when I got them

  31. Rachel Wright

    Rachel WrightMonth ago

    I have one of those Hairy feet chickens

  32. Redpuppy-plays

    Redpuppy-playsMonth ago

    Ollie was so surprised when he’s elf’s came the cutest reaction ever.

  33. Marta Hercules

    Marta HerculesMonth ago

    I wish i hade a. Dog

  34. Amelie Williams

    Amelie WilliamsMonth ago

    I have not watched you guy in 4 years FINN GOT SO BIG OMLLLLLLLLLL I CANT I WAS CRYING

  35. Jose Guzman

    Jose GuzmanMonth ago

    Finn and ollie are so big

  36. Maria Garcia

    Maria GarciaMonth ago

    __hi __cute

  37. BANANA

    BANANAMonth ago

    Oh mah gosh u have been doing since I was 1 LIKE IM 19 now

  38. Kyra MURATALLA

    Kyra MURATALLAMonth ago

    I have an elf named Fred and he couldn't come this year so his sister came and her name's buttercup

  39. Addi Restemayer

    Addi RestemayerMonth ago

    love your videos so much

  40. Lori Thompson

    Lori ThompsonMonth ago

    O M G!💙❤️we LOVE you gus🤶🏻🎅🏻

  41. mary ellen martinez

    mary ellen martinezMonth ago

    Bryan and Missy I want you to move to the new house

  42. Crystal Vera

    Crystal VeraMonth ago

    My elf came 5 weeks ago

  43. Leavenworth Family

    Leavenworth FamilyMonth ago

    I’ve been watching your videos for three years

  44. Leigh Leigh KK

    Leigh Leigh KKMonth ago

    Omg I luv your vids

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    elk elloelleMonth ago

    How old is Finn and Ollie?

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    William UlarioMonth ago

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    Alexander CarrilloMonth ago

    Finn learn to talk

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    James RiemanMonth ago

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    alohaxlylyMonth ago

    finn got so big ☺️🥺

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    Kelly McDonoughMonth ago

    My name is Elizabeth Mcdonugh an I love 💘 your song🎤🎵🎶

  51. Roblox gamer 123

    Roblox gamer 123Month ago

    My elf is named fred

  52. Blair Guzman

    Blair GuzmanMonth ago

    The Elsa Dingle and body they said have a merry 2020 Christmas

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    Amy SavastaMonth ago

    Jingles is my elf to hahahah

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    Aulelei AtuailevaoMonth ago


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    make a christmas intro

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    SimplyxMikoMonth ago

    I used to watch them when ollie was like 3 or 4-

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    UwU OwOMonth ago

    I used to watch you I’m glad you guys are still at it

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    Owens WorldMonth ago

    today our elves are playing sorry under the coffee table

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    RAHEIM SMITHMonth ago


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    vanessa denilaMonth ago

    who else thinks oilie and finn s0 cute 332

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    vanessa denilaMonth ago

    l can see olie being a zoo keeeper when’s 9older332

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    Taylor OropezaMonth ago

    Lol my elf also came back and he is silly too XD

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    Sue HewittMonth ago

    Omg yay they came!!! What lucky boys they got gifts from jingle and fred! My two elves are jingles and buddy!

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    Finn and olie is growing so fast. I really want to see you guys.

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  70. Princess Lilly Monster's Toy Review!!

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    Love the New 2020 song

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    I don't I have a elf

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    Molly WooliscroftMonth ago

    I subscribed and followed your music

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    Jessie HarrisonMonth ago

    I think the boys are so so lovey

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    Carlos 4realMonth ago

    Me and Ollie are literally the same person I like adventures Like yesterday I built a shield made from wood spray paint and rope

  83. Miracle Marise

    Miracle MariseMonth ago

    I remember watching u guys years ago olly is so bigger than he was before🥺 and so is fin

  84. heyitz _ karen

    heyitz _ karenMonth ago

    this is the first time im watching them again after years and ollie is so grown 🥺.


    JENNA KIRKMonth ago

    I love them so much that I named my elf fred

  86. Mia Perez-Ventura

    Mia Perez-VenturaMonth ago


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    kristina avilaMonth ago

    Have not been here and a year I’m back!

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    Brittany NorrisMonth ago

    do not tuch the elfs

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    Are you doing vlogmas?


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    I don’t know if you guys will read this but it would be cool if you did a Christmas Day live stream

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    Here’s a hint to see if your chooks are hens or roosters. If their tails are pointing straight up to the sun they’re hens, if they’re not they’re roosters.