Something crazy happened and it might just be the end of everything!
Watch our moving sale vlog:


  1. Hello Hippy

    Hello Hippy3 days ago

    I think there so cute

  2. Adam Saad

    Adam Saad7 days ago

    When I looked at the thumbnail it was a global warming so I was shocked and like omg

  3. Sushxy

    Sushxy9 days ago

    That star comes out every 80 years!

  4. Celia Castañeda

    Celia Castañeda10 days ago


  5. Valentina Estrada

    Valentina Estrada11 days ago


  6. Raymond _Gaming07

    Raymond _Gaming0713 days ago

    When I saw it through my telescope it was so cool.

  7. Lynn Myers

    Lynn Myers15 days ago

    The didn't end 🤣 u thought

  8. Dora Mendoza

    Dora Mendoza16 days ago

    hi daily bumps family i am a big fan of you guys .

  9. Maizong Yang

    Maizong Yang16 days ago

    I am a big fan and I think Ollie and fun are cute

  10. kittyYT puppyYT

    kittyYT puppyYT17 days ago

    Stars are burning planets btw keep up the videos

  11. Shelby Elkins

    Shelby Elkins17 days ago

    Saturn and Jupiter

  12. Kaung Khant Kyaw

    Kaung Khant Kyaw17 days ago


  13. cooper tone

    cooper tone17 days ago

    Billy is poverty January 5

  14. Maria Cordova

    Maria Cordova17 days ago

    Happy birthday Maria Cordova

  15. moonlight gacha

    moonlight gacha18 days ago

    That looked scary

  16. Shane Parton

    Shane Parton18 days ago

    My name is Stella and for Christmas I got a hey! poster from Santa Claus i was so excited!?

  17. Unicorn girl 2020

    Unicorn girl 202018 days ago

    Hi 🙋‍♀️ missy Bryan Ollie Finn Luna karma the dogs 🐶 and Winston the cat 🐱 and the chickens 🐓 and the goats 🐐 too awesome 🤩 video as always hi 🙋‍♀️ Isabel Rose 🌹 Darcey O Isobel C and everybody else in the world 🌎 of daily bumps 👊 they brought back the St. Bernard dog 🐩 Ollie is eating lunch 🥗 outside backyard is looking empty and packed up and ready to move to a new house 🏡 such a beautiful 🤩 day sunset 🌅 is coming chickens 🐓 are grabbing dinner 🍽 Jupiter and Saturn 🪐 are going to be in front of the house 🏡 saw bright stars 🌟 in the sky 🌌 combine chickens 🐓 are eating Bryan made cinnamon toast crunch it’s so good 😊 serve them up when they’re cooled

  18. Rayla Simone

    Rayla Simone18 days ago

    stay safe☺️

  19. Q

    Q19 days ago

    Everyone here is you in a past or future life ⭐

  20. Isha Pandey

    Isha Pandey19 days ago

    Ollie is such a sweetheart ♥️ much love to you all

  21. Bløomie is potato

    Bløomie is potato19 days ago

    I kinda don’t believe in the end of the world coz why would god create his creation and destroy it. He would never

  22. Jaden Alejos

    Jaden Alejos19 days ago

    Finn and Ollie are so big now I haven’t watched you since the first day with newborn video

  23. hannakin1985

    hannakin198519 days ago


  24. Cesar Cortez

    Cesar Cortez19 days ago

    Its cold in texas like is the end of the heat and then is a hello to the cold.

  25. Amie and Harold Baker

    Amie and Harold Baker19 days ago

    What are you guys doing with the chickens when you move?

  26. carmenhdz1979

    carmenhdz197919 days ago

    Save the earth the earth is dying😭😭

  27. amandaiholloman

    amandaiholloman19 days ago

    I'm a big fan I've been giving your chanal Soo much likes

  28. Cretu

    Cretu19 days ago

    Putting the weight back Bryan.

  29. Brooklynn Lewis

    Brooklynn Lewis19 days ago

    My elf left Dec, 24 it is Jan, 2 you still have your elf ?

  30. Vincent P

    Vincent P20 days ago

    Can we pls have a house tour before you guys move?

  31. Rafael Orozco

    Rafael Orozco20 days ago


  32. the Mayger family & friends

    the Mayger family & friends20 days ago

    Why are Ollie and fin sharing a room

  33. Fishy Gaming

    Fishy Gaming20 days ago

    It’s not the end of the world it’s the end of 2020

  34. XXXPuppy_ kittenXX

    XXXPuppy_ kittenXX20 days ago

    4:18 watch it it looks like the sun glitched

  35. XXXPuppy_ kittenXX

    XXXPuppy_ kittenXX20 days ago

    nobody: brian: eat your end of the world lunches LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO that made me laugh so hard lol

  36. KRB Vlogs

    KRB Vlogs20 days ago

    I’m so mad that I live in Illinois. We didn’t see it here because it was cloudy😒

  37. Ange82ify

    Ange82ify20 days ago

    it is 2021

  38. Oliver Oliver

    Oliver Oliver20 days ago

    Guys we I am sad or scared you make me happy or safe then

  39. Saraii Lopez

    Saraii Lopez20 days ago

    4:15 you know, moving can be challenging especially when you don’t know if you’re making the right decision, but I think you should leave it to God, and ask Him to give you a sign that you are doing the right thing. That’s the only thing to do, is to leave it to God and see if he approves.

  40. John Humphrey's Innovation Station

    John Humphrey's Innovation Station20 days ago

    you saidacuss word you said 2020

  41. Brenda Davis

    Brenda Davis20 days ago

    How is Fred and jingle still there it is after Christmas

  42. shyanne amirault

    shyanne amirault20 days ago


  43. Julie Maughan

    Julie Maughan20 days ago

    Grab your not early ticket 🎫 here

  44. julian keefer

    julian keefer20 days ago

    People who are watching this in 2021🤡🤡

  45. Gemskii04 #Letsdothis

    Gemskii04 #Letsdothis20 days ago

    I hope that Finn and Ollie are ok and you

  46. Marion Benzo

    Marion Benzo20 days ago

    Are you guys going to do a house tour of the new house?

  47. Donna Parker

    Donna Parker20 days ago

    I love your boys

  48. Gabby C's World

    Gabby C's World20 days ago

    Hi Ollie my baby brother name is Ollie as well

  49. Itz Gacha Tornado

    Itz Gacha Tornado20 days ago

    HAPPY NEW YEAR ... or happy new one day late year?

  50. Rhonda C

    Rhonda C20 days ago

    Happy new year’s

  51. Sarah Gardner

    Sarah Gardner20 days ago

    Happy New Year's

  52. Yeetzy Plays

    Yeetzy Plays20 days ago

    Anyone else used to watch them like 4yrsvago?

  53. Jade Sings

    Jade Sings20 days ago

    Oh wow it has been maybe 2 or 3 years since I've watched Daily Bumps. I stopped watching because I got busy and never really opened youtube in my free time. And it wasn't until maybe 2 or 3 days ago I remembered you guys. I think it was hearing the Name Ollie somewhere, when all these memories came back. And I kept trying to remember your youtube name and I finally looked it up today! So glad I did because I am reliving my childhood by watching these videos! Also- HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  54. Breezing 3

    Breezing 320 days ago

    happy new years

  55. Carlin Montgomery

    Carlin Montgomery20 days ago

    I grew up with u I was with u since Ollie was born

  56. Mishka Allen

    Mishka Allen20 days ago

    Hey guys wish you the best for 2021 xx

  57. Bryson Rothfus

    Bryson Rothfus20 days ago

    The Christmas star could be Jupiter and Saturn

  58. Ash Hamlin

    Ash Hamlin20 days ago

    I moved like four months ago or so and I had that same thought process but then it worked out so I wish y’all the best of luck

  59. victoria stephens

    victoria stephens20 days ago

    Oliver has grown up so fast

  60. Ivan Moran

    Ivan Moran20 days ago

    ... yes

  61. Carson Higbee

    Carson Higbee20 days ago

    Move to Nashville Tennessee

  62. Erm Magherd

    Erm Magherd20 days ago

    Everyone watching in 2021 👇🏽

  63. Angel Zarate Del Villar

    Angel Zarate Del Villar20 days ago


  64. Ageless, Young at Heart Vlogger

    Ageless, Young at Heart Vlogger20 days ago

    its not d end of the world yet...what is happening in our world is a sign that we should have strong faith in God and pray more...


    SMELLY BELLY TV20 days ago

    I have a question how are you gonna to take the secret door in Ollie and Finn Room will you have Papa take the door down some how Or what will you just leave it and build one in the new house or something I don’t know

  66. Johannes Palola

    Johannes Palola20 days ago

    I think they are going to leave the door for the next owner.

  67. Marie whitacker

    Marie whitacker20 days ago

    It's been 5 years since I've seen your blog

  68. Marie whitacker

    Marie whitacker20 days ago

    you guys need to go back to your old intro

  69. Gwen Milliman

    Gwen Milliman20 days ago

    No one knows when the world will end. It could be today, tomorrow, next week or even years from now. It's in God's hands.

  70. Moon Stone the bunny

    Moon Stone the bunny20 days ago

    Yeah, your right! And if it is the end, never be scared. Just know there has to be a big reason the world is ending ❤️ he loves everyone

  71. Erika Alvarez

    Erika Alvarez20 days ago

    Are you also love hot pockets😜😇

  72. SIM JIA XUAN Moe

    SIM JIA XUAN Moe20 days ago

    Yay finally early no that early but at least no like 1 day late

  73. Foxy_mark

    Foxy_mark20 days ago

    Don't you mean 2021

  74. Juliana Riegsecker

    Juliana Riegsecker20 days ago


  75. Wendy Anderson

    Wendy Anderson20 days ago

    Its surreal to think thats the star of Bethlehem. The same star the 3 wise men followed to find baby Jesus. Its incredible to think that we saw exactly what they saw. Wont happen again for 600 years !!

  76. zz zz

    zz zz20 days ago


  77. zz zz

    zz zz20 days ago


  78. Alexander

    Alexander20 days ago

    Do the cinnamon toast crunch replace it with Fruity Pebbles trust me it’s soo good

  79. Kooky Kat

    Kooky Kat20 days ago

    I just can’t believe you are moving 😭😭🥺🥺

  80. Brigette Bondy

    Brigette Bondy20 days ago

    Oliver looks like he's about 6 7

  81. Shan

    Shan20 days ago


  82. Cute cookie bunny

    Cute cookie bunny20 days ago

    Nooo we love u don’t die ☹️🙁😫😭😢🥺

  83. fi lee

    fi lee20 days ago

    Happy new year

  84. Josh Farley

    Josh Farley21 day ago

    Where are the goats 🐐

  85. bluedimonesp1

    bluedimonesp121 day ago

    Omg I actualy saw the two bright stars and I was like what is that

  86. Amanda Garmon

    Amanda Garmon21 day ago

    How world gonna end

  87. Beatriz Warden

    Beatriz Warden21 day ago

    Daily bumps when I go to school next time I will get a paper write I'm looking for a girl named jemma

  88. MamaNanc

    MamaNanc21 day ago

    Guys I hope you have a better year and we’re all here together

  89. MamaNanc

    MamaNanc21 day ago

    Happy new year!🥳🎆

  90. Beatriz Warden

    Beatriz Warden21 day ago

    You should

  91. Beatriz Warden

    Beatriz Warden21 day ago

    You should

  92. archangel 41489

    archangel 4148921 day ago

    finn is so funny

  93. Hannah M

    Hannah M21 day ago

    I love your videoDaily Bumps

  94. Kenly Owens

    Kenly Owens21 day ago

    Bye 2020 hello 2021!!!!!!!!!

  95. archangel 41489

    archangel 4148921 day ago

    you guys are the best and a hug fan and my name is kadie

  96. It’s Taylah

    It’s Taylah21 day ago

    I saw it the star is so cool 🌟

  97. Ideal Flaze

    Ideal Flaze21 day ago

    I worried all day and I didn't actually see that you seen it already

  98. Avery Brown

    Avery Brown21 day ago

    Where are you guys moving to

  99. Elena Alvarez

    Elena Alvarez21 day ago


  100. Amber Gleaves

    Amber Gleaves21 day ago

    Happy new year

  101. Vimala Leong

    Vimala Leong21 day ago

    I going to move to but not now soon we get the key

  102. Penny G

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  103. Pyikhant Lin

    Pyikhant Lin21 day ago

    Is 2021