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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps4 months ago

    What do you think auntie is having??! Leave your guess here! 🎀 or 🎩

  2. Cartoony

    Cartoony3 months ago

    I think its a girl

  3. Addisyn James

    Addisyn James3 months ago

    I thank she have a boy

  4. Jade Murray

    Jade Murray3 months ago


  5. Claire Jenkins

    Claire Jenkins3 months ago

    Girl 100% sure it's a girl if it's not a girl I'll ree

  6. Yuliana cruz Cruz

    Yuliana cruz Cruz3 months ago

    Daily Bumps girl

  7. Daniel Bundy

    Daniel Bundy14 hours ago


  8. Loly Pop pop

    Loly Pop pop29 days ago

    To be honest I think it’s a boy do you know why because there is actually more boys in the world sofa bed if I’m coming my boy in the world

  9. TheGamingCow

    TheGamingCowMonth ago

    I think it’s a girl!! I’m so excited!

  10. Rebecca Mitchell

    Rebecca MitchellMonth ago


  11. POR GAMES YT YT 1000%

    POR GAMES YT YT 1000%Month ago

    is boy

  12. POR GAMES YT YT 1000%

    POR GAMES YT YT 1000%Month ago


  13. Lauren Dziwulski

    Lauren Dziwulski2 months ago

    I haven't watched in so long the boys got so big

  14. Toni Tot

    Toni Tot2 months ago

    did you guys know that it could be a mix of both genders

  15. brett lwesah

    brett lwesah2 months ago


  16. Colleen Marie Cook

    Colleen Marie Cook2 months ago

    cassie is haveing boy

  17. Swiser

    Swiser2 months ago

    It’s a bot

  18. Swiser

    Swiser2 months ago


  19. Xziatlana Arcineda

    Xziatlana Arcineda2 months ago

    Is a Boy

  20. Martina Mogan

    Martina Mogan3 months ago

    A boy

  21. Cameron Hudson

    Cameron Hudson3 months ago

    hi im a big fan

  22. Destiny Harden

    Destiny Harden3 months ago

    Say boy

  23. Aubrey Gwilliam

    Aubrey Gwilliam3 months ago

    After Bryan’s reaction it’s definitely a girl

  24. Unima The Unicorn

    Unima The Unicorn3 months ago

    Haven't watched the gender reveal party yet but everything is pointing to boy

  25. Alyssa Cruz

    Alyssa Cruz3 months ago

    You guys should make sweatshirts for merch, I’ve always wanted a daily bumps sweatshirt but I don’t think you guys sell it.

  26. Charlie Khoury

    Charlie Khoury3 months ago

    I think Cassie is having a boy

  27. Family Youtube Channel

    Family Youtube Channel3 months ago


  28. Nilesh Nayi

    Nilesh Nayi3 months ago


  29. Catherine Santiago - Jose

    Catherine Santiago - Jose3 months ago

    I think is a girl

  30. Nicole Waller

    Nicole Waller3 months ago


  31. Anjie Ruba

    Anjie Ruba3 months ago

    A boy

  32. Shamarjay Perkins

    Shamarjay Perkins3 months ago

    its a boy

  33. Michelle Gailloux

    Michelle Gailloux3 months ago

    i don’t know what the gender is but i think it’s a boy

  34. Rondalynn Truex

    Rondalynn Truex3 months ago

    🎩 it’s a boy not a girl

  35. Rondalynn Truex

    Rondalynn Truex3 months ago

    It’s a boy

  36. Lilypad

    Lilypad3 months ago

    It’s a boy

  37. Roar Bye

    Roar Bye3 months ago

    I think it. Is a gril

  38. jubilee perez

    jubilee perez3 months ago

    It is a ***

  39. Claudia Consuegra

    Claudia Consuegra3 months ago


  40. Jennifer Atienza

    Jennifer Atienza3 months ago


  41. gacha potato

    gacha potato3 months ago


  42. Haley Clarke

    Haley Clarke3 months ago


  43. Carissa Ulmer

    Carissa Ulmer3 months ago

    It’s officially a BOY 💙

  44. Maya’s World

    Maya’s World3 months ago

    im 100% girl

  45. Olivia Trevino

    Olivia Trevino3 months ago

    I think she is haveing a girl

  46. Zaide Rosas

    Zaide Rosas3 months ago


  47. Elena Lejeune

    Elena Lejeune3 months ago


  48. Doll Story’s

    Doll Story’s3 months ago

    Think it’s a boy


    AMILA HABIBOVIC3 months ago

    Right now we all know the Cassie is having a boyyyy 💙💙💙

  50. Hi . . Welcome To Jerzi

    Hi . . Welcome To Jerzi3 months ago

    It is a girl

  51. the doggo vloggo

    the doggo vloggo3 months ago

    A boy

  52. j j

    j j3 months ago

    Its definitey a boy lol bc his reaction was like LMAO another boy?! 🤣🤣🤣

  53. Systematic Mermaid

    Systematic Mermaid3 months ago

    Maybe it's twins 😂

  54. Brenda Lichner

    Brenda Lichner3 months ago


  55. Shae Smith

    Shae Smith3 months ago

    im 100% sure cassie is having a girl

  56. Paige Janack

    Paige Janack3 months ago

    i think cassie is having a girl

  57. Carlos Henrique

    Carlos Henrique3 months ago


  58. jill kessner

    jill kessner3 months ago

    I say girl

  59. Simona Scheetz

    Simona Scheetz3 months ago


  60. Tabatha Ault

    Tabatha Ault3 months ago


  61. Princess heart Heart

    Princess heart Heart3 months ago

    Girl PS I love you all ❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕

  62. aona Petrie

    aona Petrie3 months ago


  63. nicola shields

    nicola shields3 months ago


  64. Debra Long

    Debra Long3 months ago

    I think it’s a girl

  65. Anna Epperly

    Anna Epperly3 months ago

    It said happy Friday if you haven’t heard of him

  66. Anna Epperly

    Anna Epperly3 months ago

    I saw a tweet

  67. Anna Epperly

    Anna Epperly3 months ago

    Yay it’s a boy

  68. Katie Elliott

    Katie Elliott3 months ago

    It's a girl.

  69. KnK Atkinson

    KnK Atkinson3 months ago

    Be a boy

  70. Savannah Coward-moore

    Savannah Coward-moore3 months ago


  71. Addison Aikens

    Addison Aikens3 months ago


  72. Melvanator42

    Melvanator423 months ago

    I think cassy is having twins boy and girl because Brian was look like omg it’s going to be a lot more work

  73. Chloe Atkins 22

    Chloe Atkins 223 months ago

    Girl all the way

  74. Danielle Villarreal (406DanVill)

    Danielle Villarreal (406DanVill)3 months ago

    Messi is a girl boy. Can you tell me the video, please?

  75. lori flagg

    lori flagg3 months ago

    Do the eggs is what the baby is

  76. Magic Playz

    Magic Playz3 months ago

    Also I love you guys

  77. Magic Playz

    Magic Playz3 months ago


  78. Amanda Howard

    Amanda Howard3 months ago

    I love the videos

  79. BAB Prasad

    BAB Prasad3 months ago

    I think Cassie is having a girl

  80. The dark ninja

    The dark ninja3 months ago

    I think she will have a ailen

  81. Kylie Marie Wood

    Kylie Marie Wood3 months ago

    I feel like its a girl because of his reaction

  82. Haley Hendricks

    Haley Hendricks3 months ago

    Does your intro have a full version?

  83. Natalie D.

    Natalie D.3 months ago


  84. Victoria reyes

    Victoria reyes3 months ago

    She gave it away already she put girl so going be boy

  85. Luciana Valente

    Luciana Valente3 months ago


  86. Madison Violante

    Madison Violante3 months ago


  87. Dorothy Bratcher

    Dorothy Bratcher3 months ago

    I think she's having a girl!

  88. Hannah Kranich

    Hannah Kranich3 months ago

    I think boy

  89. Ben Llewellyn

    Ben Llewellyn3 months ago

    I think it is a girl🌈🌈

  90. Aidee Molina

    Aidee Molina3 months ago


  91. Melanie Barba

    Melanie Barba3 months ago

    yeah cuz there's not a lot of girls in the fam

  92. Brystol.the. hehehe

    Brystol.the. hehehe3 months ago

    When I cut my hair👉👈

  93. Liz Raynes

    Liz Raynes3 months ago

    I think she's having a boy but I want a girl

  94. Hayden Frederick

    Hayden Frederick3 months ago

    I think she is having a boy because Bryan was like okay and then he looked back at the boys

  95. Bella VR Noah Seltzer

    Bella VR Noah Seltzer3 months ago

    Think it’s a boy but I really want it to be a girl

  96. Amy Cully

    Amy Cully3 months ago

    I think Cassie is having twins because Bryan was so shocked

  97. Manda Green

    Manda Green3 months ago

    @Amy Cully well okay 😒 I was just informing you of the fact she knew it wasn't twins.

  98. Amy Cully

    Amy Cully3 months ago

    I am sorry I didn’t know you were the boss of my opinion 😏😏😏😏.

  99. Manda Green

    Manda Green3 months ago

    But she's already had ultrasounds and she said there's only one baby

  100. Ashley Seider

    Ashley Seider3 months ago

    Maybe you could do like cupcakes for the and one of them will have the color??

  101. Swtspirit 45

    Swtspirit 453 months ago

    Team 💕💕

  102. Elma-rose Jonas

    Elma-rose Jonas3 months ago

    Yep a girl

  103. Danna fernanda

    Danna fernanda3 months ago

    Its a girl i think

  104. D Pryor

    D Pryor3 months ago


  105. Noufal Ameer

    Noufal Ameer3 months ago

    A little boy

  106. Grace Exposito

    Grace Exposito3 months ago

    I think it is definitely a boy

  107. Daisy Vazquez

    Daisy Vazquez3 months ago


  108. Rick Turner

    Rick Turner3 months ago

    uhmmmm i think it is a girl

  109. Juliana Garcia-Sajche

    Juliana Garcia-Sajche3 months ago

    i feel like its a girl

  110. Patricia Lindsay

    Patricia Lindsay3 months ago

    Definitely a boy!! 💙