They really were so excited! 😬
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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps7 months ago

    Thanks for watching!! 😁 you think our house is haunted?? Cause I'm not so sure anymore! 👻

  2. Johnathan Pentz

    Johnathan Pentz6 months ago

    Yeah your house is haunted

  3. Puppy Café

    Puppy Café6 months ago


  4. The Gemelke Girls

    The Gemelke Girls7 months ago

    Maybe. I'm not sure! 👻

  5. Rebecca Apps

    Rebecca Apps7 months ago


  6. Keith Johnson

    Keith Johnson7 months ago


  7. Lydia Nicolle Swasey Arias

    Lydia Nicolle Swasey Arias11 days ago


  8. nadia marrero

    nadia marreroMonth ago


  9. Dominic Menchaca

    Dominic Menchaca3 months ago

    I'm gonna be 13From Dominic menchaca

  10. Alejandra Munoz

    Alejandra Munoz3 months ago

    Litle fin sed he wil turno 100

  11. Tracy Osborn

    Tracy Osborn3 months ago


  12. Nicole Chen

    Nicole Chen6 months ago

    I love it when Finn talks. It’s so cute

  13. tabitha blake

    tabitha blake6 months ago

    Haha I think the ghost just wants the animals to keep it company in the house

  14. Gracelyn Rider

    Gracelyn Rider6 months ago

    fin said he wanted to be 4 then 5 then 100 XD


    SMELLY BELLY TV6 months ago

    Why don’t y’all ever show Draco any more yawls bearded dragon did he vanished or something why don’t you show him

  16. Andarius McGuire

    Andarius McGuire6 months ago

    Oh yeah I’ve been doing up today

  17. Victoria Robles

    Victoria Robles6 months ago

    100 years old

  18. Nicole Walton

    Nicole Walton6 months ago

    90 years old

  19. Xx HeyItsMaddiePeace xX

    Xx HeyItsMaddiePeace xX6 months ago

    Your 90 years old?!??

  20. I_hate_ life_xD

    I_hate_ life_xD6 months ago

    Tell it the gost if it used to live in Denver with a family named Josie Rosie and lui And then say if u did than open the door I'm next to........

  21. I_hate_ life_xD

    I_hate_ life_xD6 months ago

    I love the 10th one in this video

  22. Kristin Moeckly

    Kristin Moeckly7 months ago


  23. Jason Boggs

    Jason Boggs7 months ago

    I am watching this in my Hamic!

  24. Dan¡¡¡¡

    Dan¡¡¡¡7 months ago

    It’s Caspar he’s trying to be funny 😆

  25. Sharon Ritchie

    Sharon Ritchie7 months ago

    Do you w

  26. Dominique Naimoli

    Dominique Naimoli7 months ago

    olley is as old as me. im 7

  27. Abdulla Omar Salem Alsharji Almannaee

    Abdulla Omar Salem Alsharji Almannaee7 months ago


  28. Sandra Timeniece

    Sandra Timeniece7 months ago

    Guys you NEED another baby😔 xx

  29. cali partin and family fun

    cali partin and family fun7 months ago

    Maybe the boys are crawling to the doors and open them

  30. Parker Salva

    Parker Salva7 months ago


  31. Shaun Gee

    Shaun Gee7 months ago

    Olive and Finn were so cute when they saw her building the see sa

  32. brett lwesah

    brett lwesah7 months ago

    who know my favorite

  33. Piperisthe Bomb. Com

    Piperisthe Bomb. Com7 months ago

    Wow fin you are going to be 100 years old you look so young to be almost 100. LOL😂

  34. sisters 4 eva kodituwakku

    sisters 4 eva kodituwakku7 months ago

    He said 100

  35. Rosa toys Channel

    Rosa toys Channel7 months ago


  36. C-Dub Media LLC

    C-Dub Media LLC7 months ago

    I love when Ollie says "Byeeeeeee, Boop!" Never stop Ollie! Its so cute!!

  37. C-Dub Media LLC

    C-Dub Media LLC7 months ago

    He said 100 years old

  38. Chris Juenke

    Chris Juenke7 months ago

    I think Finn is going to turn 4

  39. Gael Crane

    Gael Crane7 months ago

    Hey, someone help, what happened to that cool cat Missy took home from the stable??

  40. Sheila & Samuel Guerin

    Sheila & Samuel Guerin7 months ago

    He said 100

  41. Nicole Young

    Nicole Young7 months ago

    he did 10 10 times hahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahah

  42. D J

    D J7 months ago


  43. Lily’s Life

    Lily’s Life7 months ago

    K 👇🏻

  44. ostrɪ ch

    ostrɪ ch7 months ago

    I love your family

  45. Sienna Hughes

    Sienna Hughes7 months ago


  46. Noelle Bowen

    Noelle Bowen7 months ago

    i swear it was like yesterday when fin was born they have both grown up so fast

  47. Rouhnecks are undifeatible

    Rouhnecks are undifeatible7 months ago

    He said he was going to be 100

  48. Addison Spires

    Addison Spires7 months ago

    Can you shoutout me for a video

  49. Addison Spires

    Addison Spires7 months ago


  50. Mattie Damulira Damlira

    Mattie Damulira Damlira7 months ago

    What a sea saw i was wrong

  51. Mattie Damulira Damlira

    Mattie Damulira Damlira7 months ago

    I think race track

  52. John Backovsky

    John Backovsky7 months ago


  53. John Backovsky

    John Backovsky7 months ago

    What about Amazon music

  54. Chelsea Piccolo

    Chelsea Piccolo7 months ago

    Finley said he’s gonna be 105 years old wow

  55. Slay_gamer Queen

    Slay_gamer Queen7 months ago

    I've been watching you since Ollie was born, it's so great to see him grown up! I can't believe he's almost 7!!

  56. ellie lacey

    ellie lacey7 months ago

    Can you guys have a march?

  57. Hey Yo! Hitman Bang

    Hey Yo! Hitman Bang7 months ago

    OMG! I watch them for the first time in 3 years and minding a decision to update them today or tonight again for the pass THREE years (well yeah Im into kpop) and I was soooooo soooooo shock! Ollie is getting older and the features of his dad are showing (well yeah do you expect that Ollie will not grow up in three years huh) and the cute baby toodler Finley is following his big bro's steps. I was so happy! And also Dad is getting slimmer and it suits him well! And ofc Mama is getting prettier like OMG! OK thats all..... Thanks for reading this I appreciate it😁!

  58. Jeni Leonard

    Jeni Leonard7 months ago

    I Think lt lis

  59. Amanda Stewart

    Amanda Stewart7 months ago

    The spider would have died when it was put outside

  60. Kerri Muster

    Kerri Muster7 months ago

    Fin 5

  61. Ronni Peterson

    Ronni Peterson7 months ago

    Her name is Henny penny she is the nicest chicken of all of eight hens.she is the nicest to she's really nice she'll come up to me you want me to pick her up

  62. Ronni Peterson

    Ronni Peterson7 months ago

    I have that same kind of chicken 😂

  63. [Mod] Daisie

    [Mod] Daisie7 months ago

    Hes just like me picking snakes and spiders every time a spider is in the house or bee i always got shouted 🤣🙏🥴

  64. Liz Mae

    Liz Mae7 months ago


  65. Luis Alfredo Fernández Nuques

    Luis Alfredo Fernández Nuques7 months ago


  66. Luis Alfredo Fernández Nuques

    Luis Alfredo Fernández Nuques7 months ago


  67. Papa Gnome

    Papa Gnome7 months ago


  68. Papa Gnome

    Papa Gnome7 months ago


  69. Tanisha Jenaaa

    Tanisha Jenaaa7 months ago

    I use to watch Ollie when he was baby and his brother wasn’t born and then five years later I see Ollie looking like that

  70. Marieshelle

    Marieshelle7 months ago

    I haven’t watched you guys in like a year and Finn and Ollie are so big now and if your seeing this stay safe and have a lovely day 😊

  71. mcdagger1000

    mcdagger10007 months ago

    Ha 100 there growing up so much

  72. Dashawna Vincent

    Dashawna Vincent7 months ago


  73. Jeselle Martinez

    Jeselle Martinez7 months ago

    Yep it's haunted

  74. Jeselle Martinez

    Jeselle Martinez7 months ago


  75. Darren Sokol

    Darren Sokol7 months ago

    Oliver is just one year behind me because I'm 8

  76. aaya almajed

    aaya almajed7 months ago

    My Birthday is at Jully19😷

  77. Heather Gandee

    Heather Gandee7 months ago


  78. Dux Waterflow

    Dux Waterflow7 months ago

    Olive needs a hair cut

  79. Jasmine Rowe

    Jasmine Rowe7 months ago

    Finn got 100 years that’s how old he’s gonna be!

  80. Flix Bored

    Flix Bored7 months ago

    Um it’s called wind

  81. Frxzzty YT

    Frxzzty YT7 months ago

    All of a sudden Ollie gets so tan his more tanned than me like if you realised

  82. Emma Pierce

    Emma Pierce7 months ago

    He said he would be 100 I counted

  83. melinda hetrick

    melinda hetrick7 months ago

    Wow ollie had gotten so big looking so handsome has that lil boy look now to him finn is one handsome lil guy they grow up so fast

  84. Lakita Billiot

    Lakita Billiot7 months ago

    Ollie is cute too and sweet both of them are sweet

  85. Lakita Billiot

    Lakita Billiot7 months ago

    Fin go be 100 lol / cute

  86. Lakita Billiot

    Lakita Billiot7 months ago

    The door is creepy I think y’all should move out

  87. cyberwastaken

    cyberwastaken7 months ago

    i cant believe Finn and Ollie are so big now i feel so old 😭🤚

  88. The Thompson's

    The Thompson's7 months ago

    Finns twisting his hair again. I hope he don't note it, I know it was a pain in the pass that you guys had to cute is hair cuz he made a note.

  89. The Thompson's

    The Thompson's7 months ago

    The force is strong with this one.

  90. Fantastic Gamer

    Fantastic Gamer7 months ago

    100 Zander7

  91. Courtney Havner

    Courtney Havner7 months ago

    finn would be 100 years old

  92. April Cadet

    April Cadet7 months ago


  93. New Ph

    New Ph7 months ago

    And it's so cute how you mention lizards

  94. New Ph

    New Ph7 months ago

    I don't think it's haunted

  95. Linh Luu

    Linh Luu7 months ago

    They grow up so fast 😭

  96. Brocoli Head

    Brocoli Head7 months ago

    my brother is going to be five in october 15 whens fins

  97. Emm & Siah

    Emm & Siah7 months ago

    Which chicken have you had the longest

  98. Kendra Vanwagner

    Kendra Vanwagner7 months ago

    Cute Ollie's hair

  99. Melvanator42

    Melvanator427 months ago

    Hi I love you guys when I was little and today I came back to watch you Ollie and Finn is so big now

  100. gigi chicken nugget

    gigi chicken nugget7 months ago

    fin is 100 know

  101. Emme Keegan

    Emme Keegan7 months ago

    Umm what happened is it a ghost

  102. Best gamer Daud

    Best gamer Daud7 months ago


  103. Sky

    Sky7 months ago

    daily bumps are the best

  104. Katherine Rand

    Katherine Rand7 months ago

    I was thinking how much I love Ollies hair! 💕

  105. vblanco0215

    vblanco02157 months ago

    Living take the things really hot here is my mantra bring you in but it’s not doubt it but maybe read it gonna be hot

  106. vblanco0215

    vblanco02157 months ago