Our New Swimming Pool!

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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps6 months ago

    Thanks for watching!! What is your favorite memory from all our pool adventures? ☀️ 🏊

  2. Tolu Max

    Tolu Max4 months ago

    You so cool

  3. Tolu Max

    Tolu Max4 months ago

    Ummmmm the bubble bath

  4. Bronagh Brennan

    Bronagh Brennan5 months ago

    They’re i❤️🧡🧡💛💙

  5. The YouTube family

    The YouTube family5 months ago

    @hammam ibrahim same me to

  6. The YouTube family

    The YouTube family5 months ago

    @Gryphon Studios same I was 4

  7. mo hassane

    mo hassaneMonth ago

    You should fill up the pool with a bunch a ball pit balls and put soap in there and then it's supposed to make a soap ball explosion

  8. mo hassane

    mo hassaneMonth ago


  9. Akash Kumar

    Akash Kumar2 months ago

    What the heck

  10. Eyvi Kerick

    Eyvi Kerick2 months ago

    Hello so did Thursday October 22 and the time is 4:41

  11. W Nelson

    W Nelson4 months ago

    How old is fin and Ali.

  12. Ted Rivers

    Ted Rivers4 months ago

    My house used to have a simming pool but a year before I was born we got rid of it because of rats and it had a crack in it

  13. Jurgen Catin

    Jurgen Catin4 months ago


  14. Christie Oliver

    Christie Oliver4 months ago

    Me when the daily bumps post a video : HEY I'VE BENN RUNEN AROUND RUNEN AROUND like if you do that ⬇️⬇️ ⬇️⬇️

  15. Syneen Alrousan

    Syneen Alrousan5 months ago

    Me: Wow its a lovely day there Me again: *Looks Outside* its windy, cold , foggy and its raining

  16. Caleb Shore

    Caleb Shore5 months ago

    So videos with Carl and Jinger

  17. H Fam

    H Fam5 months ago

    Sophia 👋

  18. Mac Storey Music

    Mac Storey Music5 months ago

    I love daily Bumps

  19. Brandon Ratliff

    Brandon Ratliff5 months ago

  20. Jester Malinao

    Jester Malinao5 months ago

    Your pool is amazing and l love your videos ♡♡♡

  21. Zoe Mortimore

    Zoe Mortimore5 months ago

    When ollie franked you which the bubbles

  22. Alix Martin

    Alix Martin5 months ago

    This is amazing but same time look how much weight you have lost since filming this Bryan. Xx

  23. Jomyl Echaluce

    Jomyl Echaluce5 months ago


  24. Parker Crim

    Parker Crim5 months ago


  25. blanca rodriguez

    blanca rodriguez5 months ago

    Amazing your pool is so cool LOVE YOUR DAILY VIDS 😁😁

  26. Bryan Ziga

    Bryan Ziga5 months ago


  27. Karen Sernas

    Karen Sernas5 months ago


  28. Deborah Corn

    Deborah Corn5 months ago

    My cousin loves your videos

  29. WillPlayz

    WillPlayz5 months ago

    If only my pool heater worked it's really old😭😭😭😭😭😭

  30. hannah Vanorman

    hannah Vanorman5 months ago

    Love your pools is amazing love swimming in your pool

  31. Sandi Fleet

    Sandi Fleet5 months ago


  32. Kreeo126

    Kreeo1265 months ago

    9:55 legend has ut finn was never seen again

  33. Josefina Tellez

    Josefina Tellez5 months ago

    I have not seen you guys like in 3 years

  34. Christie Oliver

    Christie Oliver4 months ago

    I haven't seen them in 1 year

  35. Lucy And Ella adventures

    Lucy And Ella adventures5 months ago

    Josefina Tellez sane

  36. Angela Isakson

    Angela Isakson5 months ago

    I love you guys so much I’ve been watching y’all since day one

  37. syoffiyah zulaika

    syoffiyah zulaika5 months ago

    I love how Ollie say “ I’m so sorry “ is Soo cuteeee

  38. Dominic Zarate

    Dominic Zarate5 months ago

    I live in usa

  39. Arik Rahman

    Arik Rahman5 months ago


  40. Arik Rahman

    Arik Rahman5 months ago

    Your Phool is amazing 🧠🧠😊

  41. Arik Rahman

    Arik Rahman5 months ago

    Your pool is amazing 🧠🧠 😊

  42. LifeWithCourtney

    LifeWithCourtney5 months ago

    I love, love the swimming pool! That’s awesome! 🤩

  43. nina2489

    nina24895 months ago


  44. Kirin Comstock

    Kirin Comstock5 months ago

    Why do people watch this?

  45. jenell mcelhinny

    jenell mcelhinny5 months ago

    I now a name for the chick Black manta From Aquaman man

  46. Eyvi Kerick

    Eyvi Kerick5 months ago


  47. Eyvi Kerick

    Eyvi Kerick2 months ago

    Cat 😺🐈

  48. Eyvi Kerick

    Eyvi Kerick5 months ago


  49. Marissa Lopez

    Marissa Lopez5 months ago


  50. Animals Queen

    Animals Queen5 months ago

    I love your goat

  51. Ithil

    Ithil5 months ago

    Can I have your pool since your getting a new one it’s to die for🤣🤣no but really I wish

  52. Laudina Lobo

    Laudina Lobo5 months ago


  53. Laudina Lobo

    Laudina Lobo5 months ago


  54. Laudina Lobo

    Laudina Lobo5 months ago

    Love you guys

  55. haslee onofre

    haslee onofre5 months ago

    i love swimming

  56. Sindematic Studios

    Sindematic Studios5 months ago

    Awesome! So happy for you guys, glad you guys are staying cool

  57. Alexandra Grixti

    Alexandra Grixti5 months ago

    hi i am a big fan!

  58. goodaz1000

    goodaz10005 months ago

    Oh wow by the way ily Daily Bumps 😇✨💕

  59. Eloise Williams

    Eloise Williams5 months ago

    E. E eve. Be. V. E. E e

  60. Tatum Schlottfeld

    Tatum Schlottfeld5 months ago


  61. Sky

    Sky5 months ago

    u are the best love ur videos

  62. Nancy Wehmeyer

    Nancy Wehmeyer5 months ago

    I meant suprise

  63. Nancy Wehmeyer

    Nancy Wehmeyer5 months ago

    In the video BRYAN's big day I saw something in the hot tub

  64. Eva Jauncey

    Eva Jauncey6 months ago

    I'm in the UK

  65. Kylie Ferreira

    Kylie Ferreira6 months ago

    i can still remember when you guys bult it

  66. Daniel Bryant

    Daniel Bryant6 months ago

    Underwater bubble thought and yes I’m from England and your song is really good😀😃

  67. Jenny Bai

    Jenny Bai6 months ago

    There are rumors you guys had triplets

  68. Grace Madrid

    Grace Madrid6 months ago

    How the heek are dose guys are with olliver james laning in the pool i love daily bups

  69. Hannah Ondrik

    Hannah Ondrik6 months ago

    I remember when you guys moved into this house and I remember the pool process.

  70. da noobster vids

    da noobster vids6 months ago

    So I'm probably a little late for a name suggestion for the chick but I think midnight

  71. Jeff Luetkehans

    Jeff Luetkehans6 months ago

    Hey bro

  72. Jeff Luetkehans

    Jeff Luetkehans6 months ago


  73. Marisol Hernandez

    Marisol Hernandez6 months ago

    That's terrible song called hey👎👎

  74. Abigail Stilwell

    Abigail Stilwell6 months ago

    Love you guys !❤️❤️🤍💙💚🧡

  75. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo6 months ago

    Ollie and Finn are so cute

  76. oliver Suiter

    oliver Suiter6 months ago

    say hi to oli and tell him my name is oliver

  77. Kimberly Limbaugh

    Kimberly Limbaugh6 months ago

    When you and Missy told Ollie to pour the bath bubbles in the hot tub

  78. Lindsey Collignon

    Lindsey Collignon6 months ago

    I've always sense you got your pool finished ive wanted to swim in it!!!!!! I LOVE you guys Bryan your album is terrific i would love to meet you but not during Covid19

  79. Brendan Schall

    Brendan Schall6 months ago

    Finn What your Favorite Movie

  80. Julia Ritacco

    Julia Ritacco6 months ago

    this was such a cute video 🥺

  81. Bolaji Abdulkadir

    Bolaji Abdulkadir6 months ago

    Bio am a big fan of yours

  82. Natalia Gonzalez

    Natalia Gonzalez6 months ago

    Where ollie was little and he jumped in the pool!

  83. Samuel Russo

    Samuel Russo6 months ago

    i wonder how tall is ollie

  84. Alicia colours for adults Therapy

    Alicia colours for adults Therapy6 months ago

    Yay the is the best

  85. Angelene Ocampo

    Angelene Ocampo6 months ago

    No noooo no noooooo

  86. Rose Robinson

    Rose Robinson6 months ago

    I have not even got a pool

  87. Kian Salvador

    Kian Salvador6 months ago

    Since you got a cat Ollie's 3 birthday

  88. Tricia McKee

    Tricia McKee6 months ago

    ut ut o no

  89. Suhaim Alkuwari

    Suhaim Alkuwari6 months ago

    Why is there 3 boy

  90. Little Gamer

    Little Gamer6 months ago


  91. Thanh Nguyen

    Thanh Nguyen6 months ago


  92. Katie Marie

    Katie Marie6 months ago

    Love your videos are so good🤑🤠🤕💀

  93. Katie Marie

    Katie Marie6 months ago

    I love your videos are so good🤑🤕🤠💀

  94. dream

    dream6 months ago

    can’t wait to see ollie’s spy birthday party

  95. dream

    dream6 months ago

    amazing pool!

  96. Ashley Ormson

    Ashley Ormson6 months ago


  97. NFL Nate

    NFL Nate6 months ago

    thats so cool

  98. chloe barlow

    chloe barlow6 months ago


  99. chloe barlow

    chloe barlow6 months ago


  100. Damashek Family

    Damashek Family6 months ago

    Oh no

  101. squirrelbunny !!!

    squirrelbunny !!!6 months ago

    My place is very hot

  102. Marion Benzo

    Marion Benzo6 months ago

    So if you guys do have concrete and all in the US why are your houses are built with wood? I mean bricks and concrete is MUCH sturdier!!

  103. Tiiianna Hitesh Shah

    Tiiianna Hitesh Shah6 months ago

    Wow I love your song

  104. Katrina Morales

    Katrina Morales6 months ago

    Daily Bumps some one hets ur song i clik it so good ken u meke more song pls i love it is so good i like it pls pls

  105. Danny Danny

    Danny Danny6 months ago


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    Monika Saini6 months ago

    I am in UK

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    Selene Servin6 months ago

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    MrGamer Gaming6 months ago

    Omg your water bill This is how much your water bill is l l l l V

  109. Nicko & Nathan Sumiran

    Nicko & Nathan Sumiran6 months ago

    Family goals! :) We've been a fan from the beginning. Hope you can also support our newly activated youtube account. :)



    I can't believe it's. Almost ollies birthday