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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps5 months ago

    Thanks for watching!! 🙏🏻 I swear we live in a ZOO!! Haha! What animal at the Daily Bumps house is your FAVORITE?

  2. J.D. Rice

    J.D. Rice5 months ago


  3. J.D. Rice

    J.D. Rice5 months ago


  4. paloma fee

    paloma fee5 months ago

    I love you

  5. Ariana N Ieshte

    Ariana N Ieshte5 months ago

    I like Luna she is so cute!

  6. Catrin Jones

    Catrin Jones5 months ago

    I love.......................... All of them And all of you guse

  7. Maribeth Gunn

    Maribeth Gunn3 months ago

    I am a big fan of your videos

  8. Dp_ Smotth

    Dp_ Smotth4 months ago

    I been here since olliy was born 💙

  9. Dp_ Smotth

    Dp_ Smotth4 months ago

    I been here si

  10. David and andrew

    David and andrew4 months ago


  11. Nova World

    Nova World5 months ago

    I am 7

  12. yoyoko 345

    yoyoko 3455 months ago


  13. midnight luna

    midnight luna5 months ago

    The dogs

  14. Ayrbear's Life

    Ayrbear's Life5 months ago

    My brother turned 7 in May!

  15. Allison Woodward

    Allison Woodward5 months ago


  16. Rosemarie Quimzon

    Rosemarie Quimzon5 months ago

    I am a boy and i am using my moms phone it’s going to be mine into months

  17. Thresa Pushpam

    Thresa Pushpam5 months ago


  18. Kirk Morse

    Kirk Morse5 months ago


  19. Trish Harris

    Trish Harris5 months ago

    Happy birthday ollie 💕 💓 ❤ 💖 💗

  20. Rachel Medina

    Rachel Medina5 months ago

    I want a baby chicken

  21. paloma fee

    paloma fee5 months ago


  22. paloma fee

    paloma fee5 months ago


  23. Dina Talerico

    Dina Talerico5 months ago


  24. Aisha khan

    Aisha khan5 months ago

    I love you guys soooooooooooooooooooooo much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  25. Lindsay O'shanick

    Lindsay O'shanick5 months ago

    I love 💘you missy

  26. Lindsay O'shanick

    Lindsay O'shanick5 months ago

    I love 💘missy

  27. Hailey Chapman

    Hailey Chapman5 months ago

    I had a corona birthday

  28. Sean Connery

    Sean Connery5 months ago


  29. Carlo Arellano

    Carlo Arellano5 months ago

    me:wait they are eating chicken nuggets and they have chickens omg🐔🐓🐤🐥

  30. obrienski

    obrienski5 months ago

    Omg! Ive been watching you for 6 years!

  31. Al Tanaleon

    Al Tanaleon5 months ago

    did u know daily bumps my birthday was in July 3

  32. Tori Wales

    Tori Wales5 months ago

    Like your videos

  33. Christopher Hawkins

    Christopher Hawkins5 months ago

    H hi😳

  34. kittygacha pangan

    kittygacha pangan5 months ago

    Wow is so new but byr

  35. Cheryl Lee

    Cheryl Lee5 months ago


  36. Craige French

    Craige French5 months ago

    Hi 👋 to have a new one and it is a w w you get a w yay I got from TiK w you treat you w yay

  37. Marcos Cuizon

    Marcos Cuizon5 months ago

    I love you guys 💕💝💕

  38. Elaina Beissel

    Elaina Beissel5 months ago

    I,m 7!!!

  39. Enrique Penaloza

    Enrique Penaloza5 months ago

    I’m 8 and it not fun

  40. Fearthe90s Kevin

    Fearthe90s Kevin5 months ago

    I can’t believe I’ve been here since the beginning

  41. Elyssa Jacob

    Elyssa Jacob5 months ago

    Hi I have been woching your chanoll for years

  42. Michelle Winstanley

    Michelle Winstanley5 months ago

    You guys are the best I’m a USlikes or myself that’s me I was young I doesn’t look like the song but you guys go look up Carmen at the park

  43. Laraine Hutcherson

    Laraine Hutcherson5 months ago

    it has been a long time sense I watched your videos.

  44. Zakk Allen

    Zakk Allen5 months ago

    Do not sell you house pleez

  45. bros say no

    bros say no5 months ago

    when is finns brithday.

  46. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo5 months ago

    You guys are an awesome family

  47. Lakelynn Fulton

    Lakelynn Fulton5 months ago

    Are chickens really big when they're not grown ups get can I still really good babies and I love him so much an really cute really adorable and love you so much so we were loving me to tell me how come so cute and have a puppy. One dog cuz one died and he's really cute the best friend like you but one guy so we got a puppy and he loves me so much bye

  48. jenksyboy77

    jenksyboy775 months ago

    I'm a year older than him

  49. Rachel Colon

    Rachel Colon5 months ago

    Hi daily bumps My name is Ari Frazer I am your biggest fan I Love how you make new videos love you 💕👄😁😘

  50. Kyran's Crazy Adventure Channel

    Kyran's Crazy Adventure Channel5 months ago

    Now tik tok is ban

  51. Panayioti Simigiannis

    Panayioti Simigiannis5 months ago

    All of them ,Finn is adorable, Ollie is very brave , Missy is beautiful , Bryan is funny

  52. Panayioti Simigiannis

    Panayioti Simigiannis5 months ago

    I think you need to get rid of those huge rocks

  53. Raya Dowe

    Raya Dowe5 months ago

    I can’t believe I have been with you all for seven years

  54. Michael Meyer

    Michael Meyer5 months ago

    Happy birthday

  55. Derp gamer

    Derp gamer5 months ago

    You know you're early when the video is 1 day old.

  56. Liam Lopez

    Liam Lopez5 months ago


  57. Yesenia Garcia

    Yesenia Garcia5 months ago


  58. Haribabu C

    Haribabu C5 months ago

    I like you chanel

  59. Dylan Foss

    Dylan Foss5 months ago

    all I know us u guys have a lot of animals in your family. Dogs, cats, chickens, lizards, goats. ext. I'm pretty sure u don't have the goats anymore and I don't know if u still have fish. I know u use to have a cat named Zuri

  60. Dylan Foss

    Dylan Foss5 months ago

    1st of all did u guys hear that Ellie and Jared and their 3 boys are moving to St. George Utah.

  61. Vicky Dunbar

    Vicky Dunbar5 months ago

    Dont sell the house


    MÖØÑ ŁÎĞHŤ5 months ago

    Love and wish for ur family

  63. Cherry Francis

    Cherry Francis5 months ago

    🥺😊☺ happy birthday ollie

  64. Meryl Liwanag

    Meryl Liwanag5 months ago

    The chickies is soo CUTE!! i can't handle it by the way, the boys are getting bigger and bigger 💙😊

  65. sarah_tan gamer2020

    sarah_tan gamer20205 months ago

    I love ittt🤩🤩

  66. Lynne Fechney

    Lynne Fechney5 months ago

    I cook everything in the airfryer! Those roll things you had for dinner could of gone in the airfryer

  67. ssameli24

    ssameli245 months ago

    Ollie is 2 years younger than me you guys make me smile everytime 😂❤😇😄😀👍please dont sell your house to please 😳

  68. Dove Ozo

    Dove Ozo5 months ago


  69. TRexET6

    TRexET65 months ago

    Missy you should put a fence around the places you don’t want the chicks to go! Great video!

  70. MADTEC

    MADTEC5 months ago


  71. Nico Alcock

    Nico Alcock5 months ago

    Who else loves daily bumps

  72. Elsa Torres

    Elsa Torres5 months ago

    Today. Is my party

  73. alison hall

    alison hall5 months ago

    You are the best

  74. Bb's_corner

    Bb's_corner5 months ago

    I can’t believe I have been hear since Oliver was 3!!!

  75. Avital Baboolal

    Avital Baboolal5 months ago

    I love your vibes

  76. TXF ZXCH

    TXF ZXCH5 months ago

    Sorry Oliver but I older than you😬

  77. Ebelin cruz

    Ebelin cruz5 months ago

    Love your videos I wish I could be in them ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  78. Abby ꨄ Grande

    Abby ꨄ Grande5 months ago


  79. Abby ꨄ Grande

    Abby ꨄ Grande5 months ago

    Thank you to how ever liked my comment

  80. teya luzaj

    teya luzaj5 months ago

    Omggg they grew up so fast 🥺🥺

  81. ILikeBrendanAnd Baltazar

    ILikeBrendanAnd Baltazar5 months ago


  82. Harley Hilton

    Harley Hilton5 months ago

    I’ve not watched these in such a long time it’s been ages last time I watched them was when olly was a baby I can’t believe he’s seven 😧

  83. PePpA pIg PIg

    PePpA pIg PIg5 months ago

    AND he sounds Different Oliver u grown soo fadt

  84. PePpA pIg PIg

    PePpA pIg PIg5 months ago

    I’m 7 years old

  85. PePpA pIg PIg

    PePpA pIg PIg5 months ago

    OMG big fan KEEP up the good work

  86. Jonathan Sepulveda

    Jonathan Sepulveda5 months ago

    wait.... olli is 7!!????!

  87. Sky

    Sky5 months ago

    u are the best daily bumps

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    TT Gacha Galaxy Girl5 months ago

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    Brooks Buongiorno5 months ago

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    Ryan Lion5 months ago

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    FaZe Kid5 months ago


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    sayuri Alvizures5 months ago


  95. sayuri Alvizures

    sayuri Alvizures5 months ago


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    Hannah Miles5 months ago

    I have been with u guys since Ollie was a baby I believe or since he was like 1

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    Taghreed Tommalieh5 months ago

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    Ebony Brown5 months ago

    Oilli buddy bro man 7. old. Vey cool and really will know so will. Can vey Boy happy ?????????????

  99. Jonny Hadden

    Jonny Hadden5 months ago

    My favourite animal in your house is Draco 🦎

  100. dream

    dream5 months ago

    5:40 “my mom” 🥺

  101. Sesame

    Sesame5 months ago

    Did anyone notice that all their vlog thumbnails have a small picture of a house

  102. Ultimate Game on Pro gamer9

    Ultimate Game on Pro gamer95 months ago

    Oh no that’s not good for them trapped maybe killers did

  103. Laura Vient

    Laura Vient5 months ago

    You guys should have a farm with more animals

  104. Vaishali Karanjwadekar

    Vaishali Karanjwadekar5 months ago

    I can't stop watching the new intro song I love it and Ollie and fin are so cute and please don't sell the house

  105. Simply Niqua

    Simply Niqua5 months ago

    Why not keep the house and build a barn and have more animals

  106. rlp2510

    rlp25105 months ago

    Wow it’s been 3 years since I have watched u guys and u have changed so much AND OLIVER IS 7!?!? I REMEMBER WHEN THEY WERE PICKING HIS NAME!

  107. Delilla Hussain

    Delilla Hussain5 months ago

    I miss byeeeeeeeeeeeeee boop