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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps6 months ago

    Thanks for watching ❤️ What is your all-time FAVORITE kind of cookie?? Maybe we'll try your recipe 🤔

  2. Mindy Glittenberg

    Mindy Glittenberg6 months ago

    Ollie should have his birthday a leopard gecko birthday.

  3. Captain CoParent

    Captain CoParent6 months ago

    Chocolate cookie with PB chips or S'mores cookies

  4. Abby Welch

    Abby Welch6 months ago

    I just realized that ollies birthday them could be water park them idk

  5. Jada Slaton

    Jada Slaton6 months ago

    Ceaar Hedane I am sorry that happened

  6. Jada Slaton

    Jada Slaton6 months ago

    Brooklyn Alejos hi

  7. Antoinette Brown

    Antoinette Brown4 months ago


  8. Kristy herd

    Kristy herd4 months ago

    Water park theme

  9. Sahira Cuevas

    Sahira Cuevas5 months ago


  10. Court Smith

    Court Smith5 months ago

    A Pokemon birthday

  11. LILPh0n1x /:

    LILPh0n1x /:5 months ago

    Spy 🕵️‍♀️

  12. Charlene Loves you!

    Charlene Loves you!5 months ago

    You should do Star Wars theme!

  13. Sarah Pike

    Sarah Pike5 months ago


  14. Kal-El Lujan

    Kal-El Lujan5 months ago


  15. Kal-El Lujan

    Kal-El Lujan5 months ago


  16. Steve Kelly

    Steve Kelly5 months ago


  17. Mahd Pilot

    Mahd Pilot5 months ago

    wow i have a channle daily bumps my channles nan is airport updates mahd we can be youtube friends

  18. Jayden Nunez

    Jayden Nunez5 months ago


  19. Victoria Lozano

    Victoria Lozano5 months ago

    Glow in da dark

  20. Joselyne Ramirez-Guel

    Joselyne Ramirez-Guel6 months ago

    Not to be mean or anything but you said an auntie and Mimi were 4 feet something and I am 11-year-old girl and I’m 5 foot something

  21. elvis mcbroom

    elvis mcbroom6 months ago

    Hot wheels birthday

  22. elvis mcbroom

    elvis mcbroom6 months ago

    A hot wheel birthday

  23. Meaghan Hayward

    Meaghan Hayward6 months ago

    Monster birthday?

  24. Mia Rivera

    Mia Rivera6 months ago

    I think they should do a cars theme or star wars

  25. Sofie dossi Lover

    Sofie dossi Lover6 months ago

    You should do a sea theame birthday party put you don’t have to

  26. ComfyNap

    ComfyNap6 months ago

    You should do a space type of Birthday!! 💕

  27. Gamer Layla11

    Gamer Layla116 months ago

    I am four feet three inches and Ollie should do a fortnite birthday

  28. Maria lee

    Maria lee6 months ago


  29. Holly Rearick

    Holly Rearick6 months ago

    Ollie should have a 4 Wheeler birthday party


    JESSICA HARRISON6 months ago

    Jessica Pupple Hair Coz Ollie's Finn Phone Jessica May Harrison 12 August 28 Jessica Birthday 12 Missy Bryan Jessica Phones Mr X Rebecca Zamolo Matt Maddie

  31. Jennifer Lackneby

    Jennifer Lackneby6 months ago

    Food birthday

  32. Sophie Taylor

    Sophie Taylor6 months ago

    For ollie’s birthday you should do a Hawaiian theme

  33. cHiPZ U-U

    cHiPZ U-U6 months ago

    Ooo~ maybe a dinosaur theme party!

  34. Kelly Radomski

    Kelly Radomski6 months ago

    Racet Ralf

  35. Fatima Shah

    Fatima Shah6 months ago


  36. Tocaboca Buddy17

    Tocaboca Buddy176 months ago

    AN UNDER WATER THEMED BIRTHDAY 🐠🐙🦐 OR A SPACE THEMED BIRTHDAY 🚀🚀🚀 I think they would be pretty cool parties 🎉 I have been here since ollies 1st birthday I can’t believe he is going to be 7 😅😅😯😯😂

  37. equanimity

    equanimity6 months ago

    this is crazy. i’ve been watching daily bumps for 7 years!!! i can’t believe how old the boys are now :(

  38. Riea

    Riea6 months ago

    I haven’t watched you since Ollie was about 2!

  39. Karlation Love

    Karlation Love6 months ago

    I like the video that you guys had the pool truck was so cool

  40. Karlation Love

    Karlation Love6 months ago

    I like Olive because he looks super big and the video that I watched

  41. Karlation Love

    Karlation Love6 months ago

    My favorite kind of cookies chocolate chip

  42. Karlation Love

    Karlation Love6 months ago

    I love your videos

  43. Karlation Love

    Karlation Love6 months ago

    A descendants birthday there's a boy in it

  44. eliza mcdonald

    eliza mcdonald6 months ago

    You guys should do a camping themed birthday. Love you guys!

  45. Carie Blake

    Carie Blake6 months ago

    My birthday will be in three months October 11

  46. flamingo lover

    flamingo lover6 months ago

    Ollie's birthday theme should be same town.

  47. The Crafty Mermaid

    The Crafty Mermaid6 months ago

    Maybe cars or dinos??

  48. Captain CoParent

    Captain CoParent6 months ago

    Do a Jurrasic Park or Super hero themed Bday

  49. Bella Rose

    Bella Rose6 months ago

    u should do a flash b day partyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Tazzy Devil12

    Tazzy Devil126 months ago

    I can believe that Ollie is 7 years old

  51. Cherri Consalvi

    Cherri Consalvi6 months ago

    You should do Harry Potter for his Birthday

  52. squishies funny

    squishies funny6 months ago

    loved the new intro video for 2020

  53. Hayley Rankin

    Hayley Rankin6 months ago

    Water park

  54. Isabella Estrada

    Isabella Estrada6 months ago

    peppa pig birthday

  55. ok wo

    ok wo6 months ago

    It should be a fortnite birthday theme 🎉🎉💙🍰🍰🍰💐 love you

  56. Ranjita Konwar

    Ranjita Konwar6 months ago

    This time (Olie's birthday) should be normal

  57. leslye perez

    leslye perez6 months ago

    My favorite cookie is a sugar cookie and I think Ollie Should Have a Demon slayer party

  58. Lori Wilt

    Lori Wilt6 months ago


  59. Josh Cotterill

    Josh Cotterill6 months ago

    Mythical creatures birthday party

  60. Life Of a Robloxian

    Life Of a Robloxian6 months ago

    You could do a fortnite themed party

  61. 緑谷出久MY HEro Bakugan

    緑谷出久MY HEro Bakugan6 months ago

    His theme should be power rangers mega force

  62. Mildred Hernandez

    Mildred Hernandez6 months ago

    U should do pokemon

  63. Daisy Amaya Santiago

    Daisy Amaya Santiago6 months ago

    Fort night

  64. Not_Savannah.Murray2009

    Not_Savannah.Murray20096 months ago

    I saw Ollie when he was just born it’s crazy how he is going to be 7 my birthday is the same day as Ollie’s I’m turning 11

  65. iihttps. urxnus

    iihttps. urxnus6 months ago

    Maybe cars?

  66. Max Griffiths

    Max Griffiths6 months ago

    Happy birthday Ollie🥳

  67. Nelly Chavez

    Nelly Chavez6 months ago

    My b-day is July 4

  68. Malan lk

    Malan lk6 months ago


  69. Btw Toxic

    Btw Toxic6 months ago

    I’m 10 :)

  70. Btw Toxic

    Btw Toxic6 months ago

    I’m 4’9 :)

  71. Gerda van Heerden

    Gerda van Heerden6 months ago


  72. Elan plays

    Elan plays6 months ago


  73. Thetrollkraken

    Thetrollkraken6 months ago

    Mhhhh that is some good improvement

  74. Angel Rutan

    Angel Rutan6 months ago

    monster trucks birthday

  75. Faith Magden

    Faith Magden6 months ago


  76. Bonnie Bryant

    Bonnie Bryant6 months ago

    Chocolate chip

  77. Milo & Hazel's life together

    Milo & Hazel's life together6 months ago

    Cowboy birthday

  78. LIFE WITH KAY 14

    LIFE WITH KAY 146 months ago

    I been hear every since ollie was born like omg it's crazy he growing 💚💚💚

  79. Derek Bainey

    Derek Bainey6 months ago

    Oily got so big I love your fam

  80. Adrian Escobedo

    Adrian Escobedo6 months ago

    My favorite cookie is the sprinkled cookie, I agree with everyone else i think he should have a southern western them and country bc you have goats and you should get horses, ly guys i have been watching sence before he was born and now hes almost 7

  81. mega mega panda kid

    mega mega panda kid6 months ago

    He should do a pool party

  82. Redeyedwolf 1

    Redeyedwolf 16 months ago

    Try a pool water balloon party themish party in the pool

  83. Omaha Baby Fair

    Omaha Baby Fair6 months ago

    tell Ali happy early birthday tell Ali happy early birthday

  84. xxgacha BlackBerry xx

    xxgacha BlackBerry xx6 months ago

    My birthday is in 2 weecks

  85. Bonnie781 Coolsbeangs

    Bonnie781 Coolsbeangs6 months ago


  86. Jazlynn Turner

    Jazlynn Turner6 months ago

    jungle themed

  87. Brayden James

    Brayden James6 months ago

    You should do you a fortnight cake

  88. ??

    ??6 months ago

    Ollie's birthday is 3 days before mine

  89. Paula Kavanagh

    Paula Kavanagh6 months ago

    I remember whacking this sins I was 4 or 5 and tomorrow I'm 11

  90. Lil 1 T

    Lil 1 T6 months ago

    The theme for his birthday should be Legos

  91. Laserbeam Jayden Jay

    Laserbeam Jayden Jay6 months ago

    Oliver can have a fortnight birthday

  92. Inga Maher

    Inga Maher6 months ago

    Olli should have a despicable me party

  93. unicorn poptart123

    unicorn poptart1236 months ago

    u should do a animal themed party for Ollie! Since he likes to catch snakes and stuff!

  94. Zara SMITH

    Zara SMITH6 months ago

    Hey! You should get this app called tik tok I think you’ll like it

  95. Jaime Lamont

    Jaime Lamont6 months ago


  96. SnapesPrincess4

    SnapesPrincess46 months ago

    All the water balloon shenanigans looked like so much fun!! 😊😊

  97. Spider Cam49

    Spider Cam496 months ago


  98. Nico Fan

    Nico Fan6 months ago

    Harry potter

  99. Nico Fan

    Nico Fan6 months ago

    who else loves adorable family?

  100. mosey max

    mosey max6 months ago


  101. Emma P6519

    Emma P65196 months ago

    ou could do a super hero one or a scooby doo one or a lego theme

  102. Leiah Gaddis

    Leiah Gaddis6 months ago

    water theam

  103. Jake Lancelle

    Jake Lancelle6 months ago


  104. Jake Lancelle

    Jake Lancelle6 months ago


  105. Ceaar Hedane

    Ceaar Hedane6 months ago

    Golden brithday