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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps5 months ago

    Where should we head next on a road trip!! I'm ready to travel FAR! 🚙💨

  2. Sandra

    Sandra29 days ago


  3. Drew Kirkland

    Drew KirklandMonth ago

    @Mark Garner hi

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    Jackie WrightMonth ago

    @Angelic Fairydust lovely

  5. Joanie Moritz

    Joanie Moritz2 months ago

    St. Louis,

  6. Annabella The Cool

    Annabella The Cool3 months ago

    Can you move or visit Altoona Iowa cause I live here and want to see you inperson after the pandemic is over.

  7. Jennifer Duke

    Jennifer Duke7 days ago


  8. samantha williams

    samantha williams8 days ago

    Hi there I am your biggest fan

  9. Loleta Williams

    Loleta Williams17 days ago

    AR they watching Sharkboy and lava Girl AR are they watching we can b heroes

  10. Daniel Stones

    Daniel Stones18 days ago

    did you have fun camping

  11. Peter Smith

    Peter Smith19 days ago

    Are you ok don’t want to go there there are so many leaches

  12. Abby Marie Altamira

    Abby Marie Altamira23 days ago

    Omg 😱 r you okay from the 🦈 be careful ok be saf of. Coronavirus🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🎄😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 and merry Christmas already passed Christmas and I already have a bunch of presents for your son and your other son

  13. TJ Krattinger

    TJ Krattinger23 days ago

    Fun Fact sharks only live in saltwater.

  14. Brayden O'Connor

    Brayden O'Connor23 days ago


  15. Leilani Uribe

    Leilani Uribe26 days ago

    Omg me and Oliver have the same pjs

  16. L S

    L S27 days ago

    You should go to 17 milldale close

  17. L S

    L S27 days ago

    Merry merry Christmas daily bumps

  18. L S

    L S27 days ago

    Daily bumps

  19. L S

    L S27 days ago

    Merry Christmas daily bumps

  20. hecko gaming and vlogs

    hecko gaming and vlogs28 days ago

    You should take the dog

  21. Maeve Sheehy

    Maeve Sheehy29 days ago

    9:00 there is a kite in the back round

  22. Maeve Sheehy

    Maeve Sheehy29 days ago

    Love you

  23. Brad Jackson

    Brad Jackson29 days ago


  24. Nadege

    NadegeMonth ago

    oooooooh missy told the secert when she was speaking to ollie oooooooooooh

  25. Marilyn Ghanimeh

    Marilyn GhanimehMonth ago

    I'm so sorry I hope it feeling well now U guys are my favourite family

  26. Athif wahid

    Athif wahidMonth ago

    Yes so cute

  27. Dominga Tiño

    Dominga TiñoMonth ago

    I've been watching your videos when I was two years old.

  28. Dominga Tiño

    Dominga TiñoMonth ago

    OMG 😧😧😧😳😳😳 are you okay that really hurts.

  29. cringer78

    cringer78Month ago

    Cool hat

  30. kearan Gibaldi

    kearan GibaldiMonth ago

    I really like it

  31. anna Rodas

    anna RodasMonth ago

    I love the dog

  32. anna Rodas

    anna RodasMonth ago


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    LEE KAY XUAN MoeMonth ago

    Ya me tooo

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    Edwin TorresMonth ago


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    Craig VarneyMonth ago


  36. jacob coral

    jacob coralMonth ago

    the dog is so so cute i want it

  37. Inquisitormaster fan

    Inquisitormaster fanMonth ago

    U see a bass I found bigger

  38. Eva Domínguez

    Eva DomínguezMonth ago

    So that puppy is so cute

  39. Eva Domínguez

    Eva DomínguezMonth ago

    That kitty cat is so so so cute and so adorable

  40. Amanda Garmon

    Amanda GarmonMonth ago

    She is having a baby

  41. Amanda Garmon

    Amanda GarmonMonth ago

    O m gosh a sharkk🦈🦈🦈🦈🙀🙀🙀🙀

  42. Amanda Flanagan

    Amanda FlanaganMonth ago


  43. Zoe Ali

    Zoe AliMonth ago

    😱🦈 👇🏻

  44. DTK Carrion

    DTK CarrionMonth ago

    I wud never do that

  45. Pete the meat.

    Pete the meat.Month ago

    You can come to swanage

  46. Noah Forber

    Noah ForberMonth ago


  47. Nikki Brown

    Nikki BrownMonth ago

    This video is so cool😎

  48. halE xqxl

    halE xqxlMonth ago

    why is there a shark

  49. London Bond

    London Bond2 months ago

    My name London your videos

  50. Lauren Bridges

    Lauren Bridges2 months ago


  51. azwanazman89

    azwanazman892 months ago

    I love your videos!

  52. Vettina Ramirez

    Vettina Ramirez2 months ago

    I like your video

  53. Suzi's Pilates - Do What You Can!

    Suzi's Pilates - Do What You Can!2 months ago

    Take him home 🏠

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    Elijah Trejo2 months ago


  55. kearan Gibaldi

    kearan Gibaldi2 months ago


  56. kearan Gibaldi

    kearan GibaldiMonth ago

    It’s Jack from GBC Scott Township from Jack From the school John Baptist college

  57. kearan Gibaldi

    kearan Gibaldi2 months ago

    Beach Lake

  58. Felecia Badowski

    Felecia Badowski2 months ago

    Please heart this comment I LOVE your videos

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    Nils B Carlson2 months ago


  60. Chazz Jewell

    Chazz Jewell2 months ago


  61. Talina Griffin

    Talina Griffin2 months ago

    I love camping absolutely love it i'm so happy you guys to do it I wish I can video call you

  62. Catherin Morales

    Catherin Morales2 months ago


  63. Catherin Morales

    Catherin Morales2 months ago

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    Mackenzie Williams2 months ago

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    Lianna Gil Felts2 months ago

    I think Missy will a prove to that cute cute puppy 🐶

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    Ashish Kanjani2 months ago

    The show are awesome and amazing to watch in the world.$$$$

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    Camilla Norager2 months ago

    Take him home!!!!

  69. James Ae Perkins

    James Ae Perkins2 months ago

    Your Dad is m best ever.

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    •It’s starlight YT•3 months ago

    PLS get a new dog

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    Sarah Jorgensen3 months ago

    To Australia :3

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    Emmi Durden3 months ago


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    Jada Slaton3 months ago

    I Shaw Cassie gender review

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    beckys vlogs3 months ago

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    Samhita Dasgupta3 months ago

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    Christine B3 months ago

    Who else thought there was a actual shark

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    A to Z Fun3 months ago

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    jessica higareda3 months ago


  85. jessica higareda

    jessica higareda3 months ago


  86. Yesh Djemil

    Yesh Djemil3 months ago

    Bro that intro makes me wanna say.... HOWDY PARTNERS!

  87. Jill Kelly

    Jill Kelly3 months ago

    They grow up so fast 😃

  88. Jill Kelly

    Jill Kelly3 months ago

    I love your hat

  89. Jill Kelly

    Jill Kelly3 months ago

    Long Meadow Farms

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    Jill Kelly3 months ago

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    Jill Kelly3 months ago

    I love it 😀

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    Nicki Perrins3 months ago

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    Vanessa Rudolph3 months ago

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    Jorge Acevedo3 months ago

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    Éllie Giroux3 months ago

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    Ms1Darlene3 months ago

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    the panda wierdø3 months ago

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    Athena3 months ago

    But be careful the pond monster is there

  100. Athena

    Athena3 months ago

    The pond

  101. Drew Letlow

    Drew Letlow3 months ago

    whos watching in 2020 and is sjocked about how big ollie and finn have gotten?

  102. Madeline Weaver

    Madeline Weaver3 months ago

    You know what’s funny my family has the exact same everything in your camper we have the same thing

  103. Ibrohim Maruf

    Ibrohim Maruf3 months ago

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