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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps5 months ago

    After 3 years Cali Co. Studios IS OPEN!! What song should Bryan OR OLLIE record next?????

  2. Priscilla Anguiano

    Priscilla Anguiano2 months ago


  3. Daisy Da Boss

    Daisy Da Boss5 months ago

    Jen na what ?

  4. Jen na

    Jen na5 months ago

    @Daisy Da Boss Hi again its 18 days

  5. Daniel Mata

    Daniel Mata5 months ago


  6. Lillybettemarreroflo

    Lillybettemarreroflo5 months ago

    Acualy ollie and finn

  7. Kaelyn Ysabel Rosana

    Kaelyn Ysabel Rosana4 months ago


  8. kim brown

    kim brown4 months ago

    Sorry it’s late , but missy your so pretty you look lovely ❤️🎤

  9. Angel Antunez-Cruz

    Angel Antunez-Cruz4 months ago

    I back i have not seen your vid in a year

  10. Ariel Garcia

    Ariel Garcia4 months ago

    Beautiful Make-Up

  11. 2suave76

    2suave765 months ago

    Messi you are so pretty

  12. 2suave76

    2suave765 months ago

    Why are you so pretty

  13. graemekey1978

    graemekey19785 months ago

    I am Caleb. i need olevr

  14. Martine Margalit

    Martine Margalit5 months ago


  15. Sokha Flowers

    Sokha Flowers5 months ago

    This suke

  16. Amiyah Broomes

    Amiyah Broomes5 months ago

    Amiyah was 😁🤐

  17. playtime with L N J

    playtime with L N J5 months ago

    can missy give me the recipe of the cookies

  18. Ruthlessstank3x Young

    Ruthlessstank3x Young5 months ago

    Hi I’m a big fan 💗💗💗

  19. Ruthlessstank3x Young

    Ruthlessstank3x Young5 months ago

    Hi I’m a big fan

  20. Finlay Will

    Finlay Will5 months ago

    Are u guys ever gunna come to Scotland

  21. Alex Flores

    Alex Flores5 months ago

    My name is Ava I watch your sons hours for an hour I’m seven you guys are great USlikesrs I stopped for a second and then I went back to you guys you guys are the best no matter what❤️❤️

  22. elitemex13

    elitemex135 months ago


  23. elitemex13

    elitemex135 months ago

    I've been watching you since I was little

  24. Jennifer Dahan

    Jennifer Dahan5 months ago

    wow Ice Coffee look good so can you do tutorial? Please

  25. C&C

    C&C5 months ago

    OMG 😲 😱 😲 I love you guys ❤

  26. Brinttany Richardeson

    Brinttany Richardeson5 months ago

    5:23 hahaahahaah that guy just smileing lol

  27. Zeyna Centeno

    Zeyna Centeno5 months ago

    Ollie should make a song abt hashtag his fish

  28. Katie Mayers

    Katie Mayers5 months ago

    What the flip doesn’t like tacos taco day or is the best with the 🌮

  29. Bree Yates

    Bree Yates5 months ago

    Omg I love it 😍

  30. Lupe Morales

    Lupe Morales5 months ago

    I think that what they should do next

  31. Lupe Morales

    Lupe Morales5 months ago

    About your whole life in a song

  32. Charlie Molloy

    Charlie Molloy5 months ago

    Do you still ride the horses

  33. Paige Guillot

    Paige Guillot5 months ago

    And I love your family to love y'all

  34. Paige Guillot

    Paige Guillot5 months ago

    I love your Studio

  35. NotSo Cool

    NotSo Cool5 months ago

    guys i have not watch you guys in years i fort about you sorry

  36. Laura Crowe

    Laura Crowe5 months ago

    You work soooooo hard 😍👍👉👈❤💝💗💘💖💖💜💛💚💘💘💓💔💕💕💖🤜🤘nice music

  37. Oskar SkovPhillipsen

    Oskar SkovPhillipsen5 months ago

    I looove you’re new album hey!

  38. Ami_Ramirex

    Ami_Ramirex5 months ago

    Evryone that unliked this family has there phone backwards 😜😜 btw love you daily bumps 😍🥰😜😝😛😋

  39. Curtis Drayton

    Curtis Drayton5 months ago

    Aww i love the studio love you 😘 guys

  40. prachi priya

    prachi priya5 months ago

    I am in love with your videos

  41. The Farm Life

    The Farm Life5 months ago

    I love your videos

  42. Raiza Guzman

    Raiza Guzman5 months ago


  43. Raiza Guzman

    Raiza Guzman5 months ago

    DONT. GO. TO. Chuck-E-Cheese

  44. i farted and it tickled my buttcheeks

    i farted and it tickled my buttcheeks5 months ago

    this is wack, i’ve been watching you guys since ollie was born and just seeing how far you’ve come is so crazy. proud of you guys, excited to see what lies ahead 🙂

  45. Becky Parsons

    Becky Parsons5 months ago

    Be amazing

  46. Becky Parsons

    Becky Parsons5 months ago

    Make a song about love I love you Olivier Brian and Missy and fin

  47. Zaree17 Baui

    Zaree17 Baui5 months ago

    In the future a think in trolls3 brayan is the new troll

  48. Ally&Nika

    Ally&Nika5 months ago

    Y is ollie still one to me🤔🤔🤣🤣

  49. Holly Blyth

    Holly Blyth5 months ago

    I want Ollie to record his hashtag song

  50. amal kaddoura

    amal kaddoura5 months ago

    We're are the horses

  51. Fire Panther

    Fire Panther5 months ago

    Who else has not watched these guys in years and searched them up to see how they were doing

  52. Mohamed Aly Dahy

    Mohamed Aly Dahy5 months ago


  53. Mohamed Aly Dahy

    Mohamed Aly Dahy5 months ago


  54. Shea Casurole

    Shea Casurole5 months ago

    Hey daily bumps!! Big fan!! can you do a Q&A?? PLEEEAASE!!

  55. I Love cats

    I Love cats5 months ago

    I would like to hear ollie sing this is home Congrats bryan and missy for your new music studio❤️❤️

  56. Connor Williams

    Connor Williams5 months ago

    it guy just or direct rug him into not for iron?

  57. Maxwell Franklin

    Maxwell Franklin5 months ago


  58. Jimena Soto

    Jimena Soto5 months ago

    Omggg I remeber yall

  59. Katy Ping

    Katy Ping5 months ago

    Missy lanning how do you keep your face clear

  60. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo5 months ago

    Love you guys

  61. Antonio Ochoa

    Antonio Ochoa5 months ago


  62. Antonio Ochoa

    Antonio Ochoa5 months ago


  63. Arianna Toys TV

    Arianna Toys TV5 months ago

    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  64. Johnny Abundis

    Johnny Abundis5 months ago

    Yee yee

  65. Brandon Zamora

    Brandon Zamora5 months ago

    Love Love 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  66. Luis Angeles

    Luis Angeles5 months ago

    OMG I love you guys

  67. Diedra Rose

    Diedra Rose5 months ago

    Yes I love he's band

  68. Ethan Solano

    Ethan Solano5 months ago

    i just want to tell you that i have been subed seense you guys started yt i just want to say that you guys are doing the right thing soo ya have a good day an please showt me out

  69. ArmaanisMLG 07

    ArmaanisMLG 075 months ago

    Love you guys so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  70. Ismael tik tok

    Ismael tik tok5 months ago

    Omg yall were my childhood

  71. Michael Kennedy Anderson

    Michael Kennedy Anderson5 months ago

    Hi daily bumps 💖❤️❤️💖❤️❤️💖❤️❤️💖❤️☺️😉😉

  72. Chantel Friedrichs

    Chantel Friedrichs5 months ago


  73. SnapHookie_ YT

    SnapHookie_ YT5 months ago

    Long time no see cause I haven't seen you in about 2 to 3 1/2 years

  74. RavenPlayz

    RavenPlayz5 months ago

    congrats lanning fan LOVE YOUR VIDS

  75. Noah Stang

    Noah Stang5 months ago

    I love your video




  77. Ellie Bagshaw

    Ellie Bagshaw5 months ago

    I really love you guys I have been watching you since I was six and im nighn

  78. Mohib'z world

    Mohib'z world5 months ago

    Covid-19 😷

  79. Tom Solari

    Tom Solari5 months ago

    your music is amizing

  80. Korey Swithenbank

    Korey Swithenbank5 months ago

    Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali

  81. Sky

    Sky5 months ago

    bryan I love your music

  82. Osnel Romero

    Osnel Romero5 months ago

    You guys cool

  83. Tiiianna Hitesh Shah

    Tiiianna Hitesh Shah5 months ago

    Congrats bray an and family

  84. FoRsaKeN Slayer

    FoRsaKeN Slayer5 months ago

    And i Order brian new song called hey i love the song

  85. FoRsaKeN Slayer

    FoRsaKeN Slayer5 months ago

    I been here when you Had olie and fine the only reason i had not coment because i did not now what to say olie and fine are so cut brian and missy are the best 😍

  86. Marie Casimir

    Marie Casimir5 months ago

    Were I live it is 34 Drees

  87. Riku_ Anime

    Riku_ Anime5 months ago


  88. Adrian Mueller

    Adrian Mueller5 months ago

    i wish i could try those cookies they look soooo good

  89. Keyara Miller

    Keyara Miller5 months ago

    I'm a big fan of you and your family

  90. Taiyah W

    Taiyah W5 months ago

    congrats you guys have grown so much I remember when I first started watching you guys in elementary school omg🥺❤️ (now I’m in grade 10 lol)

  91. Ishant Singh

    Ishant Singh5 months ago

    Me . it is so long in make up time lapse of 30 second. Missy . It only took me 30 minutes

  92. JM FIRST

    JM FIRST5 months ago

    i like your new intro stay safe and the music

  93. Connar Douglas official

    Connar Douglas official5 months ago

    Congratulations guys

  94. Christine savage fam

    Christine savage fam5 months ago

    Congratulations Bryan!

  95. Fnaf lover Plushies

    Fnaf lover Plushies5 months ago


  96. Olivia Severinsen

    Olivia Severinsen5 months ago

    . I

  97. omer khan

    omer khan5 months ago


  98. omer khan

    omer khan5 months ago


  99. omer khan

    omer khan5 months ago


  100. omer khan

    omer khan5 months ago


  101. __________

    __________5 months ago


  102. Thoughtful Vlogs

    Thoughtful Vlogs5 months ago


  103. Andrea maxine Araneta

    Andrea maxine Araneta5 months ago

    O my gosh congrats and u guys where my childhood fav i started watching u when i was four

  104. charrybie senier

    charrybie senier5 months ago

    omg me too 😚😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😍😍😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 Akward sorry 😐

  105. AzianSpirit

    AzianSpirit5 months ago

    It’s like a tailgate party. I was expecting to see more people attend, but I guess due to the epidemic they could only have a limited gathering.

  106. Snailcraft

    Snailcraft5 months ago

    Congrats Bryan! You have worked so hard to get the studio up and running. Keep writing amazing songs!

  107. Amy Bennington

    Amy Bennington5 months ago

    I’m sooo excited to see it!!!!👍🏼😁👍🏼