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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps5 months ago

    Everything is so crazy this year!! 😜 Are you going to school? Staying home? BOTH?

  2. Linda Hernandez

    Linda Hernandez6 days ago

    Hi Amy

  3. Sylvia Stelfox

    Sylvia Stelfox3 months ago


  4. Zyra Dizon

    Zyra Dizon4 months ago

    I suggest follow the modules that is in the same grade and manage the tim every subject?

  5. Zyra Dizon

    Zyra Dizon4 months ago

    We have school but homeschool only.

  6. Jayden Rangasammy

    Jayden Rangasammy5 months ago

    Daily Bumps What I am I am going online

  7. Linda Hernandez

    Linda Hernandez6 days ago

    What’s your phone number

  8. Salking

    SalkingMonth ago

    I’m in canada

  9. Randol Munoz

    Randol MunozMonth ago


  10. Marcelo Moyano

    Marcelo MoyanoMonth ago

    hey I am the game masters brother I am telling you that the game master will be at the house at 8:00 from game master brother.

  11. Melissa Chapman

    Melissa ChapmanMonth ago

    I’m in Australia

  12. Timmy Oneal

    Timmy Oneal2 months ago

    Why boys have quiet time did they do something wrong again?

  13. Skyann Francis

    Skyann Francis2 months ago

    My sister does zoom schooling at home but the teachers just make them check in and hardly do anything for school we live in Port orchard Washington

  14. Yajaira Santana

    Yajaira Santana3 months ago

    My brother plays F

  15. Amal Almarzooqi

    Amal Almarzooqi3 months ago

    In 🇦🇪 UAE we an go to school or stay home but I am doing both

  16. Cassie Masteller

    Cassie Masteller4 months ago

    We are in alabama and we are going 5 days a week next week we have been home schooled so I suggest doing it in the morning

  17. toxic Wolf

    toxic Wolf4 months ago

    I live in your state so ya same

  18. Fina Lestari

    Fina Lestari4 months ago

    Firus. Corona. Covid. 19

  19. Beck Lojszczyk

    Beck Lojszczyk4 months ago

    I go to Tenambit school

  20. Hannah Kitten

    Hannah Kitten4 months ago


  21. Mini Bear

    Mini Bear4 months ago

    I am doing online learning

  22. 10,000 subscribers no Videos

    10,000 subscribers no Videos4 months ago

    I am going back to school tomorrow I live in UK

  23. Alexandra Pabon

    Alexandra Pabon4 months ago

    I have been here since day one and u all are already so Close😁🥰

  24. Michael rames

    Michael rames4 months ago

    Did you know coronavirus might not go away I hope it will go away

  25. Michael rames

    Michael rames4 months ago

    Have you ever heard immortals

  26. Brody Burdick

    Brody Burdick4 months ago

    We are using computer from the school

  27. Mariahali19

    Mariahali194 months ago

    Are you sure alley in the fan

  28. Mariahali19

    Mariahali194 months ago

    Sure you tell Brian what I said and show him

  29. Mariahali19

    Mariahali194 months ago

    Hey Missy I’m eating pizza with some apple do you say in something just happened to my store I think in its onyx Apple juice apple juice from does a little box juice that’s what I have with me chicken pizza no the chicken is a

  30. Mariahali19

    Mariahali194 months ago

    Video games to I have a Nintendo

  31. Bobber Foote

    Bobber Foote4 months ago

    I live in Florida and I am going back and some people are doing online school

  32. Constance blue

    Constance blue5 months ago

    I have not watch in a will find is so big

  33. Jed Adrian Butil

    Jed Adrian Butil5 months ago

    in🇵🇭 philippines we use zoom class

  34. OgDabbz 420

    OgDabbz 4205 months ago

    Hi I was excited about fourth grade course I’m in fourth grade but I cant

  35. Nohlan Michael

    Nohlan Michael5 months ago

    I am in wales and can I meet ollie

  36. Chase93ify

    Chase93ify5 months ago


  37. Izabella Blackburn

    Izabella Blackburn5 months ago

    Do you have your horse

  38. Olivia Tonubbee

    Olivia Tonubbee5 months ago


  39. Sabina Cernas

    Sabina Cernas5 months ago

    .kmn mjilmnj

  40. Diego Ibarra

    Diego Ibarra5 months ago

    Are you better found

  41. Mary Buchanan

    Mary Buchanan5 months ago

    Where are your goats

  42. Haley McCoy

    Haley McCoy5 months ago

    I live in Illinois and we are at home for school in till October maybe it's or first doy of home school but min is tomorrow

  43. CBgaming 3c

    CBgaming 3c5 months ago

    Olive is like me my brother play every single day and iam like how plays fornite sill

  44. Tasneem

    Tasneem5 months ago

    Well i am in canda and there is 1 week liefet

  45. safe place

    safe place5 months ago

    So at are school we have three choices the 1st one is going back to school not at home are 2 is homeschool and 3 is a little bit of both. We pick choice 1 going back to school not at home

  46. Wang Ping

    Wang Ping5 months ago

    Hi I live in China 🇨🇳 and we go back to school in September

  47. Jenny Chang

    Jenny Chang5 months ago

    Add me plz duel_bros

  48. 5 Kid Homeschool

    5 Kid Homeschool5 months ago

    I homeschool again. We homeschooled a year a half, a year and a half ago. Already planned to homeschool 3 of 5 this year, covid made us push to homeschool the other 2 as well. I have a prek4, 4th, 5th, and 2 7th graders! Using The Good and The Beautiful Primer K and Easy Peasy Primer for math, plus workbooks, and ABC Mouse for my prek.. I’ve got to say, I watched this video and another recent video, first ones in a LONG time, and I’m loving these videos so much better than a lot in the past years. Reminds me of old Daily Bumps. ❤️

  49. The Batstone Girls

    The Batstone Girls5 months ago

    In Canada, we are going back to school full time In elementary school (I’m going in to Grade 5) but high school is different

  50. LED & SWIRL

    LED & SWIRL5 months ago

    Staying home

  51. Chloe Bravo

    Chloe Bravo5 months ago

    Missy you can write to Kendal the neme of the chanel is it’s r life and the Instagram is the same. They had been doing homeschool for a long time I’m sure she can give you some tips contact her.

  52. Inderpal Chana

    Inderpal Chana5 months ago

    Missy you are right this year has been the weirdest so far

  53. Mason Halstead

    Mason Halstead5 months ago

    i am going to the bliding yay

  54. OnTargetHunting

    OnTargetHunting5 months ago

    I’m at school now

  55. Anna Cole

    Anna Cole5 months ago

    I’m starting high school in September and we will still be in lockdown while we go to school

  56. Stacey Walock

    Stacey Walock5 months ago

    Louisiana Baton Rouge in school every day

  57. Chona Bismonte

    Chona Bismonte5 months ago

    I love you guys ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  58. Emily Ardon

    Emily Ardon5 months ago

    When I can't forget you still going to school🤣🤣😅😅


    ITSMEREIDER5 months ago

    Hey daily bumps I used to watch you to help me get through a tough time evacuating my city from a fire a few years ago and I am sooo glad I came back because you guys are still the best USlikes family I know

  60. Steven Letart

    Steven Letart5 months ago

    Lucky~im just glad I'm going to be homeschooled

  61. Freddy DeAnda

    Freddy DeAnda5 months ago

    I’m going to school this year

  62. Minayo Sagala

    Minayo Sagala5 months ago

    spiles desk

  63. Romina Abigail Torralba

    Romina Abigail Torralba5 months ago

    You should pick home school global

  64. Fi Fi

    Fi Fi5 months ago

    I also live In California and ours schools closed as well so we are doing home school :)

  65. Korie Brock

    Korie Brock5 months ago

    We going 2 days a week and I love school

  66. Lea Tirado

    Lea Tirado5 months ago

    I don’t think a glass fence is a good idea 😂

  67. Louis James

    Louis James5 months ago


  68. Benjamin SHARP

    Benjamin SHARP5 months ago

    in Australia, since may we are in home school online for the rest of tearm

  69. Ryan Naylor

    Ryan Naylor5 months ago

    we are going to school in texas

  70. Cooper Hoffman

    Cooper Hoffman5 months ago

    I am doing home school to

  71. Evie Mobley

    Evie Mobley5 months ago

    We're doing online school

  72. XxHypeGamerxX

    XxHypeGamerxX5 months ago

    Im doing online

  73. Syneen Alrousan

    Syneen Alrousan5 months ago

    I ♡ Daily Bumps

  74. Kenneth Melvin

    Kenneth Melvin5 months ago

    I love video games

  75. Thinklikeachip

    Thinklikeachip5 months ago

    I will be doing homeschool witch I’m kinda happy about

  76. Courtney Rybolt

    Courtney Rybolt2 months ago

    I am Ayden

  77. Thinklikeachip

    Thinklikeachip5 months ago

    My cousin plays Fortnite becuse she lives with me. I sometimes play it but I don’t really understand it

  78. Shelina Caropepe

    Shelina Caropepe5 months ago

    We are homeschooling our 15 yr old.... such a transition. She misses her tennis team and basketball team but we all have to learn to adjust 🙂

  79. jason gurule

    jason gurule5 months ago

    I'm going to 5th grade in online school and I'm nervous because I don't want to fall.l behind

  80. Hey Peeps

    Hey Peeps5 months ago

    I Love Fortnite bra come and invite me to play

  81. Miranda holt

    Miranda holt5 months ago

    I love the song hey

  82. Melissa Matias

    Melissa Matias5 months ago

    we home school

  83. Dilanlly Herrera

    Dilanlly Herrera5 months ago


  84. WølfiePlayzRoblox

    WølfiePlayzRoblox5 months ago

    I want to play Fortnite with him 🥺 If he wants to and it’s ok with you guys my epic is FaZe_Wolf1e

  85. Roy Hudson

    Roy Hudson5 months ago

    I'm in highschool

  86. Roy Hudson

    Roy Hudson5 months ago

    I live in Florida

  87. Jennifer Knight

    Jennifer Knight5 months ago

    Hi I am lynette and I am home school 🏫

  88. Carissa Pope

    Carissa Pope5 months ago

    I am going to school 🏫

  89. Its Savannah Plays

    Its Savannah Plays5 months ago

    OMG right after missy said “Ollie loves catching animals and being outdoors” I got an add for the live action lion king movie :o! What a coincidence!

  90. TMX McAllen

    TMX McAllen5 months ago

    We are doing online school and video calling are teachers

  91. Justin Mcinnis

    Justin Mcinnis5 months ago


  92. Kendrick Ventura

    Kendrick Ventura5 months ago

    In new york we have to go online school

  93. MarkyJamesFunTime

    MarkyJamesFunTime5 months ago

    Montessori is where my brother goes

  94. Iatziri Amezcua (ia1350)

    Iatziri Amezcua (ia1350)5 months ago

    am homeschool

  95. Jemma Catterson

    Jemma Catterson5 months ago

    In Scotland we got back last week I'm in p7 last year of primary

  96. Rosa Schwertzler

    Rosa Schwertzler5 months ago

    I am in Alabama and schools here are doing homeschool and you can go in the school but I am doing homeschool❤️❤️❤️❤️

  97. Annie’s Life

    Annie’s Life5 months ago

    I go to private school so we get to go back

  98. Holly Sippola

    Holly Sippola5 months ago


  99. rhonda burger

    rhonda burger5 months ago

    I love you.

  100. DarShee' Clarke

    DarShee' Clarke5 months ago


  101. DarShee' Clarke

    DarShee' Clarke5 months ago


  102. DarShee' Clarke

    DarShee' Clarke5 months ago


  103. Justin Turner

    Justin Turner5 months ago

    I love fortnit

  104. Fahim Siddiqui

    Fahim Siddiqui5 months ago

    In my state(Florida) school is open but I’m doing online school

  105. Karen Plante

    Karen Plante5 months ago

    Hey! They dont know what there doing here in New Hampshire or Massachusetts but they keep saying ill let you know were trying to figure it out. But theyre trying to do a few days and few days home

  106. Quit Quit

    Quit Quit5 months ago

    Guys the year isn’t over there is more to come idk wat it is