Ollie & Finn's Video Letter to Santa 2020 - What I Want For Christmas

The most adorable letter to Santa that you'll ever see! Watch our big update: uslikes.info/house/doOa1KmDkqpqYLo/video.html
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  1. Marina Verte

    Marina Verte23 days ago

    Por Dios pero que adorables son explicándole todas sus cosas a Santa Claus😍 They're absolutely adorable ☺️✨💕

  2. Penny G

    Penny G26 days ago


  3. OverpowerHomer Yes

    OverpowerHomer Yes29 days ago


  4. lizzy Kraft

    lizzy KraftMonth ago

    Did you know that the north pole is in Canada.

  5. lizzy Kraft

    lizzy KraftMonth ago

    Also I have been watching them since before Ollie is born. ♥️💚♥️💚♥️💚♥️💚♥️💚♥️💚♥️💚♥️

  6. Ethan Kaiser Macalalad

    Ethan Kaiser MacalaladMonth ago

    dec 25 is cricmas :)

  7. Azii Kler

    Azii KlerMonth ago


  8. Squish squish Masters

    Squish squish MastersMonth ago

    Where’s Herbert when Oliver was little did you sell him to the jibsys

  9. Okaysbrii I

    Okaysbrii IMonth ago

    OMGGG i found y’all again 😭😭y’all was my favorite USlikes in my childhood tho i remember when Oliver was born 😭💙💙💙and I remember everything

  10. Ry Ry Springs

    Ry Ry SpringsMonth ago

    Merry Christmas guys!!! And happy new year

  11. C & S

    C & SMonth ago


  12. C & S

    C & SMonth ago

    Mary Christmas

  13. Gracie-Lilly Candlish-Jackson

    Gracie-Lilly Candlish-JacksonMonth ago

    Hi can you help me name one of my chick. I have six adults and four baby chicks

  14. Aseel Kadhim

    Aseel KadhimMonth ago


  15. I.like.Anime. Man

    I.like.Anime. ManMonth ago

    Dude I haven’t watched them in like 2 or 3 or even 4 YEARS they have grown so much!

  16. Esperanza Escarria

    Esperanza EscarriaMonth ago

    The movie there about to watch might be Christmas Chdonicals 2

  17. Esperanza Escarria

    Esperanza EscarriaMonth ago

    THEY ARE SO ADOREBLE! IVE WATCHED SINCE OLIE WAS BORN! He was a baby and now look at him😭😭😭, wnd Santa did see the vid cause not one but 2 days later the elves came! Love yall!

  18. Beckett Harrison

    Beckett HarrisonMonth ago

    They are soooo cute

  19. Mini A spy ninjas

    Mini A spy ninjasMonth ago

    How old Is ollie

  20. Joanna Caban

    Joanna CabanMonth ago

    ahhhh i love their christmas videos, they are my favorite.

  21. Mara Davis

    Mara DavisMonth ago

    Finn’s talking is not good for being 5, no offense

  22. ItzTeya _BTW

    ItzTeya _BTWMonth ago

    Man Ollie has grown since I’ve Leah seen him all of them has grown I used to watch u every day years ago

  23. Amber Brazil

    Amber BrazilMonth ago

    They’ve both grown so much! It seems like just yesterday they were born🥺

  24. Carlos Rivera

    Carlos RiveraMonth ago

    Philadelphia videos that you make and I and I'm one of your biggest fans

  25. Dita Kreicberga

    Dita KreicbergaMonth ago

    They both have grown up so much. I've been watching for good couple years, I think a year before Finn was born and it sometimes is so odd to hear them talk and realise, how old they already are :)

  26. It’s Kyra’s Life

    It’s Kyra’s LifeMonth ago

    I’ve watched them for 7 years

  27. Katy Schwartz

    Katy SchwartzMonth ago

    Yo I’m worried about Finns speech

  28. Hyperz

    HyperzMonth ago

    Why bro ?

  29. Marvel Magic

    Marvel MagicMonth ago

    Merry Christmas guys! We love you! ❤️

  30. Gina Orozco

    Gina OrozcoMonth ago

    They are so cute and it is so funny omg by the way such a cool Christmas tree haha love you guys

  31. Dom Doyle

    Dom DoyleMonth ago

    They are so big 🥺 they have such personalities 😂

  32. Ruaridh Mackinnon

    Ruaridh MackinnonMonth ago

    I've been watching for like seven yrs

  33. Bella Shank

    Bella ShankMonth ago

    I’m so glad I’ve gotten to watch Ollie and Finn grow up since he’s been born

  34. Doris Živković

    Doris ŽivkovićMonth ago

    They have grown so much i have bin watching you for 7 years

  35. Giorgia Lapitan

    Giorgia LapitanMonth ago

    They are so cute brotherly love

  36. Parker Bennett

    Parker BennettMonth ago

    R u guys watching Christmas cronicals 2

  37. crunch 0

    crunch 0Month ago

    i havent wacted this stuff in years

  38. Francisca B.

    Francisca B.Month ago

    the next day is my nana birthday and she is 80 now

  39. Lily Goms

    Lily GomsMonth ago

    Are you doing vlogmas

  40. Carolyn Walsh

    Carolyn WalshMonth ago

    are you guys doing vlogmas this year?

  41. Not Ivan ochoa

    Not Ivan ochoaMonth ago

    Does Finn have a mullet

  42. Lani joy mercado

    Lani joy mercadoMonth ago


  43. vanessa denila

    vanessa denilaMonth ago

    they arre s0 cute ! loved how how oile hugged finn when he apologize about taking his candy🍬❤️

  44. expose PZ

    expose PZMonth ago

    Imagine a heart from missy and Bryan

  45. Luna Greenthunder

    Luna GreenthunderMonth ago

    Santa does not existe just get over it guys

  46. Dark Ross

    Dark RossMonth ago

    They grow so much I remember when fin was just a little baby has your elf returned yet?

  47. Emily Jensen

    Emily JensenMonth ago

    So cute. 💕

  48. Zachary Mitchell

    Zachary MitchellMonth ago

    Who remembers when Ollie was just a bay 6 years ago

  49. Vinny

    VinnyMonth ago

    They are so cute they always are like that like this it you agree 👇🏻

  50. Ryan Long

    Ryan LongMonth ago

    I love your songs my name is piper

  51. Dunia Mejia

    Dunia MejiaMonth ago

    my elf is here

  52. Silviya Krasteva

    Silviya KrastevaMonth ago

    I remember when Finn was a babyyyy

  53. Eliza O'Connor

    Eliza O'ConnorMonth ago

    I remember watching you guys when they were younger they have grown so much

  54. marissa shetter

    marissa shetterMonth ago

    Ive been watching ever since Ollie was just a baby and him and Finn grow up is just so amazing. Ollie is getting so big and hes talking so clear!! Merry christmas

  55. thearen888 eang

    thearen888 eangMonth ago


  56. vanessa denila

    vanessa denilaMonth ago

    they are s0 adorbie the cutest thing was that oilver put his hand finns head and say it's you turn that eas s0 cute loe y ail 308

  57. Alex Anic

    Alex AnicMonth ago

    I’ve been a fan for 5 years keep up the good work

  58. Balqis Nuraisyah Sazli

    Balqis Nuraisyah SazliMonth ago

    owh I used to see finn baby but now finn and ollie are big boys already..so cute finn and ollie..I love you finn and ollie

  59. Pickle Central

    Pickle CentralMonth ago

    i cant wait for the elf vids!!!

  60. Lori Peck

    Lori PeckMonth ago

    Love this! Usually dont get to hear Ollie say so much at once! Love to hear him talk and talk... And Finn is getting easier to understand. Merry Christmas guys. Hope the move goes smoothly.

  61. Estefany Zapata

    Estefany ZapataMonth ago

    The boys are so cute together love you guys

  62. jmk2cs

    jmk2csMonth ago

    Is it true that the governor of California has issued that everyone stay home?

  63. vanessa denila

    vanessa denilaMonth ago

    proud that oliver will be a good son

  64. vanessa denila

    vanessa denilaMonth ago

    they are so cute✅

  65. deku villan

    deku villanMonth ago

    I am so sorry I have not been watching lately I am soooo sorry

  66. wawaaahhh wawaaahhh

    wawaaahhh wawaaahhhMonth ago


  67. kittyYT puppyYT

    kittyYT puppyYTMonth ago

    lol there so cute!!!!

  68. Kuroo

    KurooMonth ago


  69. Karte Rex

    Karte RexMonth ago

    And merry Xmas

  70. Karte Rex

    Karte RexMonth ago

    Did Fred come???

  71. Laura Espinal

    Laura EspinalMonth ago

    the fact finn said sometimes sometimes ...........

  72. Calm down Jamal Don’t pull out the nine

    Calm down Jamal Don’t pull out the nineMonth ago

    Omg They have gotten so big I haven’t watched you in a while 😞

  73. Reece Mason

    Reece MasonMonth ago

    Who else watch them when Oliver that was first born

  74. Elijah Butler

    Elijah ButlerMonth ago


  75. Elijah Butler

    Elijah ButlerMonth ago

    I don’t like you I am striving you

  76. Elijah Butler

    Elijah ButlerMonth ago

    Shut up that doing videos

  77. Elijah Butler

    Elijah ButlerMonth ago

    Make milk and cookies for Santa clause

  78. Elijah Butler

    Elijah ButlerMonth ago

    Do you something with the gingerbread

  79. Gloria Solis

    Gloria SolisMonth ago


  80. Cowbell

    CowbellMonth ago

    Wow insane to see how much they grew up.. i remember when fin was still coming😂

  81. Mikaylah Didericksen

    Mikaylah DidericksenMonth ago


  82. Mikaylah Didericksen

    Mikaylah DidericksenMonth ago


  83. Kenly Owens

    Kenly OwensMonth ago

    Aww Ollie and Finn are so cute

  84. Skylare Berge

    Skylare BergeMonth ago

    Omg Ollie and Finn have gotten so big and mature! I love how Ollie takes care of Finn and is so nice to him! Y’all raised them right! Can’t wait for Santa and Jesus birthday (Christmas)

  85. Zacary Fisk

    Zacary FiskMonth ago

    what movie

  86. bbylee091

    bbylee091Month ago

    im a lanning to

  87. Mirko Blaco

    Mirko BlacoMonth ago

    Me who's been watching for 6 years, and came back after not watching for a while: look at how much they've grown *insert crying Matthew McConaughey meme*

  88. Rafael Escobedo

    Rafael EscobedoMonth ago


  89. Rafael Escobedo

    Rafael EscobedoMonth ago


  90. BigRaw12

    BigRaw12Month ago

    I haven't watched these people since 2015

  91. Destiney Collett

    Destiney CollettMonth ago

    They are the cutest

  92. Sky

    SkyMonth ago

    u are the best

  93. Cameron Parker

    Cameron ParkerMonth ago

    Omg so cute😃😃😃😃

  94. The G Life

    The G LifeMonth ago

    Adorable 🤗

  95. The Roberts Family

    The Roberts FamilyMonth ago

    "I been kinda nice, I'm sorry" So innocent!

  96. Brian York

    Brian YorkMonth ago

    Where's Herbert

  97. •Stacy Bubble•

    •Stacy Bubble•Month ago

    They are so cute when they said there name and age and where there from 😍😍

  98. Alyssa Weickel

    Alyssa WeickelMonth ago

    I cant with Finn 😫 he sounds like my little brother when he was little! It’s so sweet 😫😍

  99. Ou Chandonal

    Ou ChandonalMonth ago

    From Cambodia 🇰🇭💙

  100. Kristin Fujimura

    Kristin FujimuraMonth ago

    what time are you watching daily bumps

  101. Super Mc Szuki

    Super Mc SzukiMonth ago

    Hi hahahah

  102. Jocelyn Tanojo 1402002

    Jocelyn Tanojo 1402002Month ago

    look.. they have grown up :)