Let's Catch Santa (Live) 🎅 Daily Bumps Family (ORIGINAL CHRISTMAS SONG!)

This is Ollie and Finn's favorite Christmas song, so we wanted to give you little live performance of it! If you enjoyed our silliness, click THUMBS UP and listen to our entire family Christmas EP here: ffm.to/dbxmas


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    theis clot bryan

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    Nice singing boys

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    When you move what about the studio

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    Bryan Happy birthday

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    This is so good and Ollie is an amazing singer

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    dis video was sooo cute and adorble

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    Daily bumps is cool

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    So cute 🥰 I love you are the best USlikesrs ❤️❤️

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    Bbbnnn m

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    ollies singing is so good I love this song

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    I have watched this 1 million times

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    i love you guys so much

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    I love your gus song

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    You are the beast you are amazing and awesome I wanted to live with you I love you guys🤟

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    I Love Daily Bums ! HUNGARY !

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    Love this guys good work

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    We are listening to your song Mar did you know

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    Fin is picking a winner

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    I love you guys

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Lannings!!! love love love from Philippines! - Theone😘

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    this music mack me happy when i am down .

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    oh, so cute, I love this song

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    Or coffee

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    Love your song let’s catch Santa😍😍

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    I Love you guys and I love you let's catch Santa Claus video

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    This Christmas Santa came he just came for the cookies and milk no presents

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    I like it 👌

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    That was good and this is my frist time watching you

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    I love the song so much

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    Loved it ❤️

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    Weop Hetpiokm B

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    I think oille is taking after Bryan Also missy is really good at singing to

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    Hi 🙋‍♀️ missy Bryan Ollie Finn Luna karma the dogs 🐕 and the chickens 🐓 and the goats 🐐 too awesome 🤩 video as always hi 🙋‍♀️ Isabel Rose 🥀 Darcey O Isobel C and everyone else in the world 🌎 of daily bumps ✊ it’s a brilliant song 🎶 it’s called let’s catch Santa Claus 🎅

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    Awwww so cute I love this so much I’ve memorized this I’ve watched this like 10000000000 times

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    Bryan you are a really good singer

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    Missy is so pretty and Brian and ollie and fin are so handsome

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    Very adorable

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    Here it is Christmas Eve

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    Marry Christmas Daily bumps 👦🏻👦🏻

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    MY FAMILY HAS A CHRISTMAS SONG THAT IS COLD let's catch Santa. I sing it every year.

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    You are so cute 🥰

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    Yes catching a close with me I like your song Brian

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    Good god

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    I love it so much

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    I love it I wish I was as good as Ollie and brayan merry Christmas like and comment if it is true

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    I like ti

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    Let's catch Santa Claus I want to make him stay my favorite part

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    Awesome song! 😄

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    Love it 😍

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    🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰korbyn Reese Faulk’s love 💗

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    i was this so many times i love it

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    I haven't watched you vid In ages but when I knew it was Xmas I decided to not text my friends the whole Xmas day and at the end of the day I would screen record this and show it to them at night ♥️

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    Lindsay HoskinsMonth ago

    This one of my favorite Christmas songs

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    Oh my god when the song came out I was like not gonna stop listening but now I can see you sing it

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    I love this song super so much it sounds really good

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    I have bin a big fan I love tis song

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    I love how missy oso says "LET'S CATCH SANTA CHLAZ" and I have pin listening to this song every since it came out

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    Happy Christmas How are you doing I'm Neri by name.

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    i love it

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    i lovw you guys love the song love all your vid

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    Omg Ollie is so good at singing so proud of him

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    Happy Christmas How are you doing I'm Neri by name.

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    I am so proud of you. You have work so hard

  81. Kathleen Francia

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    im listening to it all year round... seeing the music video makes me think that Ollie and fin can be a star in a HOME ALONE movie... ☺️☺️☺️

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    Merry Christmas... im fine... hoping you are also fine... God bless you..

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    Happy Christmas How are you doing I'm Neri by name.

  84. Neri Guasparre

    Neri Guasparre29 days ago

    Happy Christmas How are you doing I'm Neri by name.

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    I am going to listen to this every Christmas

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    Good song guys good good good you guys are good

  89. Chelsie VanDyke

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    Do you now that was not Santa Claus it was there grampa

  90. Iron Zeus

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    I loved when Finn started singing it as well in the back there even though he wasn’t apart of it as he was 2 years old and was babbling

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    this is soooooooo pretty i love this song whenever i hear i say love it today is my birthday too!!!!!!!!!

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    me And my siblings we were singing that song together

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    So cute

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    This is my vibe

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    I Love ❤️ u

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    i love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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    Who else noticed it was there papa

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    Well I did

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    I liked the video and subscribed and pressed the bell 🔔

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    My favorite Christmas song !!!!

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    Ok who else sung along word for word

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    Im so excited I haven’t been so excited for this in so long

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    This song is amazing I have listen to it like 30 time I counted

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    Honestly olie and fin are getting better whit there vocal cords