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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps4 months ago

    Where should we head first if we go on tour?! Let us know!!

  2. Janine Upston

    Janine Upston9 days ago


  3. Beauty by Randi kay

    Beauty by Randi kay24 days ago

    Charleston WV PLEASE

  4. Vaeh LeCross

    Vaeh LeCross3 months ago

    You should go to Disney World!

  5. John Parker

    John Parker2 days ago

    Huntington Beach California

  6. Amanda anne

    Amanda anne3 days ago

    Ollie's reaction to seeing the rv is priceless so cute I love it

  7. Salking

    SalkingMonth ago

    Lake no swimming

  8. Mila Lecito

    Mila LecitoMonth ago

    I don't know

  9. Kailiea Saman

    Kailiea SamanMonth ago

    Your going to see Ellie and Jared or Cassie and Carlos

  10. Isabella Rickett

    Isabella RickettMonth ago

    hi im issy mabe you can come to mitchell its rilly cool and thare is cool campgrouns and 1 has a pool itscalled deckota campgroud

  11. Rocky Fanatic 68

    Rocky Fanatic 682 months ago

    That isn’t a tour bus.

  12. Your local Idiot

    Your local Idiot3 months ago

    Did you forget about Gabriel?..

  13. Parker Crim

    Parker Crim3 months ago


  14. Diego Camey Santos

    Diego Camey Santos3 months ago


  15. Kevin Moreno

    Kevin Moreno4 months ago

    Sory daily bumps I did not wack your vids

  16. Angus Tan

    Angus Tan4 months ago


  17. Jaelyn Luna

    Jaelyn Luna4 months ago


  18. Benjamin Octaviano

    Benjamin Octaviano4 months ago

    Are y’all voting for the upcoming presidential elections? If you do please vote for my future 💙

  19. Three Funtime dudes Funtime

    Three Funtime dudes Funtime4 months ago

    This video is cool

  20. Cynthia Felix

    Cynthia Felix4 months ago

    Why does she dos not a tel

  21. maxxdude

    maxxdude4 months ago


  22. Leah Hampton

    Leah Hampton4 months ago

    Ellie and jared

  23. void stomp abuse

    void stomp abuse4 months ago

    i am onley nine years old and i just had surgrey

  24. Kristofer Clark

    Kristofer Clark4 months ago

    Love ❤️ love 💕

  25. Sendy Castillo

    Sendy Castillo4 months ago


  26. Bryce Delaney

    Bryce Delaney4 months ago

    That is the same RV that I have

  27. Lois Jarrold

    Lois Jarrold4 months ago

    Actually Finn I think now

  28. Taryn_Jaskulke

    Taryn_Jaskulke4 months ago

    Come to Durham North Carolina I’ll show you around

  29. Ava Ryan

    Ava Ryan4 months ago


  30. Julie Raymen

    Julie Raymen4 months ago

    I love you guys a lot

  31. Harriet Metcalfe

    Harriet Metcalfe4 months ago

    It makes me laugh that they stay in a trampoline for 14 hours for 20 dollars

  32. Jenny Minano

    Jenny Minano4 months ago


  33. Cooper Chambliss

    Cooper Chambliss4 months ago

    my dog just died :( but your dogs are sooo cute:)

  34. Kelly Hight

    Kelly Hight4 months ago

    I was listening to mix country and I hear hey !!

  35. Cooking. With. Christopher The cook

    Cooking. With. Christopher The cook4 months ago

    Hope all is well with the wild fire 🔥 in California are you ok and your house 🏠 🙏🏻I will pray for you

  36. sunnier chung

    sunnier chung4 months ago


  37. Song cover 1000

    Song cover 10004 months ago

    Fin winning by drinking water

  38. swati prasad

    swati prasad4 months ago

    Yellow stone

  39. don123 go

    don123 go4 months ago

    go to Ollie's friend

  40. shermin Chen

    shermin Chen4 months ago

    I still remember the day Ollie was given birth and now his so big already 🥳🥺

  41. XxFNAFxX

    XxFNAFxX4 months ago

    Broooooo your one of those of youtubers that I watched allllll day

  42. Kim Lozano

    Kim Lozano4 months ago


  43. Travis Weldon

    Travis Weldon4 months ago

    You guys should go to Nebraska

  44. AzianSpirit

    AzianSpirit4 months ago

    That’s right!! I knew I saw beer! Bud light Platinum! Cheers 🍻

  45. Błüê Bøį

    Błüê Bøį4 months ago

    i lost the name of this and i seen the boys and almost started crying- they are huge now! i remember watching the birth videos-

  46. Leah B

    Leah B4 months ago

    Your dogs get more love than me. I never knew a life like this existed... A happy and positive life! Must be great!😊

  47. Leah B

    Leah B4 months ago

    @Beverly Leshuan Thank you!!😊

  48. Beverly Leshuan

    Beverly Leshuan4 months ago

    Leah B you are amazing and worth it!

  49. Emma Olsen

    Emma Olsen4 months ago

    You did a terrible thing

  50. Rocky Fanatic 68

    Rocky Fanatic 684 months ago

    A prevost is a tour bus that is a RV not a entertainer coach

  51. Kimmy Valdivia

    Kimmy Valdivia4 months ago

    Las Vegas? Cause everyone is going like everyone ☹️

  52. Chloe Miller

    Chloe Miller4 months ago

    You can take trip to Leavenworth Washington

  53. Marisa&Maya G

    Marisa&Maya G4 months ago

    First ;)

  54. Waffle Killer

    Waffle Killer4 months ago

    Awww I haven’t watching in so long they have grew up so much!

  55. Live dog life

    Live dog life4 months ago


  56. Live dog life

    Live dog life4 months ago

    Ha ha HAy

  57. Martha Guzman

    Martha Guzman4 months ago


  58. Kathy Miller

    Kathy Miller4 months ago

    Florida maybe? My whole family watches you guys!!! 💕 Keep being awesome and ignore all the bored haters out there!!

  59. Luis Rosas

    Luis Rosas4 months ago

    that was awesome

  60. Rosie Chen

    Rosie Chen4 months ago

    I’m think you’re guys are going to Vegas

  61. Tania Mendoza

    Tania Mendoza4 months ago


  62. NinjaPlaysRoblox

    NinjaPlaysRoblox4 months ago

    Ollies bed room

  63. Sky

    Sky4 months ago

    u are the best

  64. Fairy Grider

    Fairy Grider4 months ago

    I have a question for you guys when I’m 18 can I live with you guys

  65. Alek Hernandez 20

    Alek Hernandez 204 months ago

    Idk I think that is not legal

  66. Wanupgurl

    Wanupgurl4 months ago

    You should take a drive to ellie and jared's new place and surprise Jackson, Calvin and Tommy

  67. Kai Ward

    Kai Ward4 months ago

    Hi can you please add me o fortnite my username is Avenger104129

  68. Measha Edwards

    Measha Edwards4 months ago

    I think you should go to clear lake California or to Florida

  69. Kylie Cakes

    Kylie Cakes4 months ago


  70. Christone Brennema

    Christone Brennema4 months ago

    Lol. So cool. Fun.

  71. Soggy potato REE

    Soggy potato REE4 months ago

    I've been here since day 1 ❤️

  72. Alex Persad

    Alex Persad4 months ago


  73. Blanca Herrera

    Blanca Herrera4 months ago

    You guys are forgetting to say bye boop


    CANDICE HEART4 months ago

    I love your vid

  75. roblox dude 2018

    roblox dude 20184 months ago

    so posh

  76. Cheryl monny

    Cheryl monny4 months ago

    Why doesn't Luna have a tail

  77. Santa splashiツ

    Santa splashiツ4 months ago

    Me seeing USlikes videos of people outside makes me feel like corona isn’t even a thing

  78. Peter Elliott

    Peter Elliott4 months ago

    What lunar doesn’t have a tail

  79. Caprial Nichols

    Caprial Nichols4 months ago

    You guys should tour all over the United States and Europe


    KHLOE LEE WEI YEN Moe4 months ago

    5 years ago i watched this chanel and ollie was like 3 and finn was just a baby and now they are so grown up

  81. christa mccarn

    christa mccarn4 months ago

    Where did the goats

  82. christa mccarn

    christa mccarn4 months ago


  83. Kirrily Newton

    Kirrily Newton4 months ago

    WHAT I thought Ollie was gonna win

  84. KML Kiddos

    KML Kiddos4 months ago


  85. George piggy

    George piggy4 months ago

    how old is ollie now?

  86. Lane Brassfield

    Lane Brassfield4 months ago

    Montana or New York

  87. felipe caparos

    felipe caparos4 months ago


  88. Brianna Hardman

    Brianna Hardman4 months ago

    That looks so cool

  89. 0ptic on 0 ping

    0ptic on 0 ping4 months ago

    Omg 10 hours ago

  90. Debra Wronker

    Debra Wronker4 months ago

    Way to go Finn,. That's a beautiful motorhome. We live in the Northern California High Sierra mountains one mile away from Lake Davis, great camping, fishing and boating Were giving you a invite,if you come to the Northern California were here and have full hook up. Love you guys and love your beautiful family videos.I been watching your videos since your early pregnancy with Finn.

  91. Emily oskorep

    Emily oskorep4 months ago

    south carolina

  92. matt p

    matt p4 months ago

    Yellowstone National Park

  93. Ƀłøssøm_ŦɇȺ

    Ƀłøssøm_ŦɇȺ4 months ago

    Omg my friend has the exact camper!

  94. KingDogePlayz

    KingDogePlayz4 months ago

    I’m supposed to be getting an RV- always wanted one

  95. Kati Nava

    Kati Nava4 months ago

    I think they should go to the jungle 🙉🔦🐦🐍🐸🐞🐝🐌🐛🐜🌿🍃🌳

  96. Tony Gobroski

    Tony Gobroski4 months ago

    There was a pour outage last evening at my place and I saw red sky there were fires far from is we were closes to tocama

  97. Jeremy Gizmo

    Jeremy Gizmo4 months ago

    I’ve been a fan since I was 4 and now I’m 9 still love your vids keep it up

  98. Sassy SAMMI

    Sassy SAMMI4 months ago

    Answer to question number 1: I think you guys are going to Wyoming.

  99. Crystal Jones

    Crystal Jones4 months ago

    Ollie and Finn set up there in the buss when they were 4 year and 2 years old ...

  100. Kian Cace Jasani

    Kian Cace Jasani4 months ago

    hi may favorite youtuber

  101. kekeb1991

    kekeb19914 months ago

    Hi I'm the biggest fan

  102. ɐɹƃɐN uǝǝlǝʌƎ

    ɐɹƃɐN uǝǝlǝʌƎ4 months ago

    I I I I I I so call whenever you guys home

  103. Gracie Jordan

    Gracie Jordan4 months ago

    Ok cool

  104. One Of A Dozen

    One Of A Dozen4 months ago

    How cool is this??!! 😎

  105. Brandon Sheppard

    Brandon Sheppard4 months ago


  106. arlis haske

    arlis haske4 months ago

    Ellie and Jared and boys camping! Have fun !❤❤

  107. Galaxy Husky

    Galaxy Husky4 months ago