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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps2 months ago

    Who remembers when Ollie and Finn were this tiny!! I don't think Auntie believes that babies are this small! 😂😂

  2. Eric Atwell

    Eric Atwell5 hours ago


  3. Susana Araujo

    Susana Araujo7 days ago

    Ha yep exactly

  4. Carlos Perez

    Carlos Perez11 days ago


  5. Penny G

    Penny G23 days ago


  6. Mohamed El Hamri

    Mohamed El HamriMonth ago

    Btw I just wanna say this to Bryan YOU'RE ROCKING THAT BENNY

  7. scoot fam

    scoot fam4 hours ago

    Cassie is having a baby and my sister is going to have her second baby she's already had a boy and she is due in fuebuery

  8. Candice Blackwood

    Candice Blackwood5 days ago

    You is watching this in 2021

  9. Gigi Merlo

    Gigi Merlo5 days ago

    I haven't watched you in like 2 years

  10. Timothy Thompson

    Timothy Thompson5 days ago

    She's really not getting a baby

  11. Ailyn Meza

    Ailyn Meza12 days ago


  12. Nick Schoner

    Nick Schoner14 days ago

    I am so happy that is a boy it is a boy i now this apay

  13. Nicole Pavlovich

    Nicole Pavlovich16 days ago

    I’m excited to see Cassie‘s newborn

  14. Ninet Varghese

    Ninet Varghese21 day ago

    Why do you want to move out

  15. Jill Smeall

    Jill Smeall23 days ago

    I can do the trick

  16. Paloma Rodriguez

    Paloma Rodriguez26 days ago


  17. Staci Griffith

    Staci Griffith26 days ago


  18. Rutchiti Warriors

    Rutchiti Warriors29 days ago

    really want to get crash bandicoot 4 as it would be amazing to play a brand new game from naughty dog.

  19. Aubree China

    Aubree China29 days ago

    No I never have heard heard about that trick

  20. Rachael Hefflefinger

    Rachael HefflefingerMonth ago

    He did what

  21. Allison Ortiz

    Allison OrtizMonth ago

    Hi you guys are my favorite

  22. Mohamed El Hamri

    Mohamed El HamriMonth ago

    I know this trick but I don't use a pencil I actually use a pen

  23. Mohamed El Hamri

    Mohamed El HamriMonth ago

    At 2:30 the thing that Bryan said was hilarious

  24. Mohamed El Hamri

    Mohamed El HamriMonth ago

    In April 2021 how old will Ollie and Finn be

  25. Jacqueline Castaneda

    Jacqueline CastanedaMonth ago

    I have been here since Ollie was born too

  26. aunilonjose8

    aunilonjose8Month ago

    I now that game I have it it fun

  27. Rebecca

    RebeccaMonth ago

    Omg what baby! 6:56 missy said “imma keep this for my baby”

  28. Emeryシ

    EmeryシMonth ago

    But ur right

  29. Emeryシ

    EmeryシMonth ago

    I think she meant for ollie and Finn to look at memories or something

  30. Haley Brown

    Haley BrownMonth ago

    I’m rfe

  31. Scharene Griggs

    Scharene GriggsMonth ago

    Daily bumps family u guys make awesome videos bryan missy Oliver Finn

  32. Scharene Griggs

    Scharene GriggsMonth ago

    Awesome videos daylibumps


    MALEAH CYRMonth ago

    I Love y’all so stinking much Y’all have such a cute fam XOXO

  34. Raine Dancer

    Raine DancerMonth ago

    Aww i remember when Ollie and Finn were so young

  35. Maddi Carter-19

    Maddi Carter-19Month ago

    maddi cartre

  36. Jay Mandel

    Jay MandelMonth ago


  37. Richard Michael Uy

    Richard Michael UyMonth ago

    Q baby ko

  38. Charlie Englebrecht

    Charlie EnglebrechtMonth ago

    I do now

  39. Sara Valentina

    Sara ValentinaMonth ago

    I can do the trick Ollie does!😄😅😅

  40. Kristin

    KristinMonth ago

    for your nails, get a polygel kit, they are like acrylics in a way but you can learn how to do them yourselves really easily:))

  41. Kailiea Saman

    Kailiea SamanMonth ago

    Cassie is so fabulous and amazing youtuber ever and I Love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much

  42. Peter’s Playtime

    Peter’s PlaytimeMonth ago

    Ollie just want to say I now that that pencil is always been rubber I once got one in a party bag

  43. Jeff Tractor stuff

    Jeff Tractor stuffMonth ago

    i love your chanle i hope i can see you one day

  44. Geena Licausi

    Geena LicausiMonth ago

    How old is fin

  45. Windyvlogs

    WindyvlogsMonth ago

    Its so nice to see the boys grow up and cass baby is gonna filled with lovee

  46. jennessy castaneda

    jennessy castanedaMonth ago

    Love your guys videos crazy how fast Ollie and Finn have grown ive been watching u guys since Ollie was born

  47. Autumn Loving MyMiracles

    Autumn Loving MyMiraclesMonth ago

    This was fun to watch because my Ollie is 7 now as well. I saw a few things he also had in this video. SUCH SWEET MEMORIES. We had the first onesie as well. And Cassie, babies spit up and make quite a few messes. I believe you cannot have too much clothing for babies. Lol

  48. Gamewithme

    GamewithmeMonth ago

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  49. Gamewithme

    GamewithmeMonth ago


  50. Haileybean12 Rambarrna

    Haileybean12 RambarrnaMonth ago

    Who else was here before Ollie was born ❤️

  51. Faith Russell

    Faith RussellMonth ago

    I’m due in April too😊

  52. Katie Kat

    Katie KatMonth ago

    My sister is having a baby next year in May and it is a boy to!!

  53. Colleen Greco

    Colleen GrecoMonth ago

    I know that trick

  54. Victoria Sosa

    Victoria SosaMonth ago

    I love how Ollie thinks the pencil ✏️ is actually bending it's so cute he has also grown so fast also Ollie if your reading this the pencil is actually bending I was just kidding and you are so cute.😊

  55. Kinzey Parrish

    Kinzey ParrishMonth ago

    Them trying to be country in the intro

  56. Str Climaco

    Str ClimacoMonth ago

    I remember Ollie's clothes and all of those memories it makes me 😥

  57. Jackie loera

    Jackie loeraMonth ago


  58. THE ROYALTY Ritika

    THE ROYALTY RitikaMonth ago

    Gujab ali😜😏👍🙂🙂🙂

  59. Linus2409

    Linus2409Month ago


  60. Samantha Nelson

    Samantha NelsonMonth ago

    Missy I think you should do a video showing Cassie how to use the baby wrap. Would love to see you wrap up Finny again. ♥️♥️♥️

  61. iicandyplayzxxii

    iicandyplayzxxiiMonth ago

    My birthday is April 17!

  62. Sassy SAMMI

    Sassy SAMMIMonth ago

    Answer to question number 1: No, Bryan I don’t know the pencil trick.

  63. Saige Brandhorst

    Saige BrandhorstMonth ago

    okay is it just me or do you think they would get along with collen balinger and rachel balinger sorry if i spelled wrong

  64. Lovvvie Baby’s

    Lovvvie Baby’sMonth ago

    What happens to the 🐐goats

  65. Haschtag TVZOE

    Haschtag TVZOEMonth ago

    I remember when Finn was born, gosh i feel old

  66. sarah reyes

    sarah reyesMonth ago


  67. Kirby M

    Kirby MMonth ago

    Wow I used to RELIGIOUSLY watch them and I was there when fun was just being born and I just remembered about them and omg they have grown so much!

  68. Amahni Hallinan-Smith

    Amahni Hallinan-SmithMonth ago

    What is the babies due date

  69. Henry Nel

    Henry NelMonth ago

    Yes I can

  70. Libby Kitten5

    Libby Kitten5Month ago

    Yes I do know that pencil trick! You have to hold it just right!

  71. Cameron Rawlings

    Cameron RawlingsMonth ago

    I have never seen that trick

  72. Daily bumps Offical

    Daily bumps OfficalMonth ago

    They are so adoorbale

  73. Tam tam

    Tam tamMonth ago

    Ollie and finn new baby girl

  74. Abbster Maya

    Abbster MayaMonth ago

    Plot twist: The Coronavirus Lays In Each Box!! 🤣🍼😥

  75. Callie _ Gurl

    Callie _ GurlMonth ago

    Who else remembers when missy was prego with oliver

  76. Sage Marie

    Sage MarieMonth ago

    I remember all Oliver in all these clothes🥺

  77. Milk andCookie

    Milk andCookieMonth ago

    Ive been here since ollie was a little baby

  78. daphne hisey

    daphne hiseyMonth ago

    Missy ypu have pretty eyes

  79. Sal Trusso

    Sal TrussoMonth ago


  80. Sal Trusso

    Sal TrussoMonth ago


  81. Raquell

    RaquellMonth ago

    Missy is going to be the best auntie!! ♥️

  82. Hannah Hunt

    Hannah HuntMonth ago

    I remember a lot of those clothes!

  83. Ty Uthe

    Ty UtheMonth ago

    I can do the pencil trick

  84. Hannah Hunt

    Hannah HuntMonth ago

    I know how to do the rubber pencil trick!

  85. Morgan emily

    Morgan emilyMonth ago

    Where did missy get her shirt!!!!! I love it sooooooo muchhhhhhh

  86. Minji Moeykens

    Minji MoeykensMonth ago

    Luna would be such a good mama dog.

  87. Minji Moeykens

    Minji MoeykensMonth ago

    My don’t have a baby because I’m only 12 years old. But I like to swaddle my bunny 🐰 Clover.

  88. Midmorning Animates

    Midmorning AnimatesMonth ago

    Your sister is prego and your cousins sister is prego

  89. Minji Moeykens

    Minji MoeykensMonth ago

    Love you guys

  90. Cameron Bolding

    Cameron BoldingMonth ago

    Missy when are y’all going to have another baby!? 😍😍😍❤️❤️

  91. Riana Ahmed

    Riana AhmedMonth ago

    Ollie’s pencil trick is easy af

  92. Avery Brown

    Avery BrownMonth ago

    Love you guys

  93. Shirley Senkler

    Shirley SenklerMonth ago

    Missy, if your nails are fragile try taking biotin, I've been taking it for years and my nails are fast growing and very strong.

  94. Jackie Spade

    Jackie SpadeMonth ago

    My full name Holly Marie Spade

  95. Jackie Spade

    Jackie SpadeMonth ago

    Sorry I’m not like my sister Anna please tell me she’s it’s almost Christmas Christmas is seven days away and she decorating our house is built Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas but if you look up my whole family my name is Holly Spade or like do you have to know my full name Holly Marie Spade

  96. Lisa Q

    Lisa QMonth ago

    MY BIRTHDAY IS IN APRIL ( April 17 )

  97. Jace /JJ

    Jace /JJMonth ago

    I can’t believe how old friend has gotten

  98. Jace /JJ

    Jace /JJMonth ago

    I remember when Oliver used to wear those clothes they were so cute

  99. Marie Casimir

    Marie CasimirMonth ago

    i love moncy

  100. Nunn Labron

    Nunn LabronMonth ago

    Your son is big

  101. Marie Casimir

    Marie CasimirMonth ago


  102. Marie Casimir

    Marie CasimirMonth ago

    good eavng

  103. Karina Roberts

    Karina RobertsMonth ago

    Is missy and Brian trying for another baby?

  104. Ailsa Gear

    Ailsa GearMonth ago

    Hows nacho as we haven't herd or seen him in a while

  105. Sky

    SkyMonth ago

    u are the best

  106. DreamsInLilac

    DreamsInLilac2 months ago

    Can’t wait to see Cassie’s baby boy & my niece Cheyanne had my great niece Ariella last month xx Ollie & Finn are so beautiful & l can’t wear false nails as my nail are always longer then the false nails lol xx

  107. Destiny Lopez

    Destiny Lopez2 months ago

    and am older now to