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  1. Victoria Plays Roblox123 Bosquez

    Victoria Plays Roblox123 BosquezDay ago

    Yes I have eating my tooth before but it was just one and it was with a Cheetos

  2. Kason Griffith

    Kason Griffith3 days ago


  3. simply. madeleine

    simply. madeleine3 days ago

    Yes I have swallowed a tooth Why are you moving??

  4. sammi starkey

    sammi starkey4 days ago

    No Bryan I haven't eaten my tooth before but I have swallowed it before.

  5. Gabi Ponte

    Gabi Ponte4 days ago

    I though it was pizza but it turned out to be a tooth that was so crunchy

  6. It’s Ur Crazy Grandma

    It’s Ur Crazy Grandma4 days ago

    I have loved you since my granddaughter introduced me to you when she was about 4! She is nine now! I love Bryan’s songs and I love this house!

  7. Haidee Montiel

    Haidee Montiel5 days ago

    Yes i have but when I was eating a mango

  8. Natalie Beighley

    Natalie Beighley5 days ago

    Missy are you going to be an anemal freak in the new house or not

  9. Josiah Ellison

    Josiah Ellison6 days ago

    And Finn talking daaang I’ve been gone for aaaaaaages

  10. Josiah Ellison

    Josiah Ellison6 days ago

    They’ve groooown sooooooooo much

  11. victoria tori

    victoria tori6 days ago

    I ain't my tooth before when I was eating at school

  12. victoria tori

    victoria tori6 days ago


  13. Chick Nugget

    Chick Nugget7 days ago

    Don’t worry Ollie I have swallowed my tooth before I am fine

  14. Unicorn girl 2020

    Unicorn girl 20207 days ago

    Hi 🙋‍♀️ Missy Bryan Ollie Finn Luna Karma the dogs 🐕 the chickens 🐓 and the goats 🐐 too awesome 🤩 video as always hi 🙋‍♀️ Darcey O Isabel Rose 🌹 isobel C and everybody else in the world 🌎 of daily bumps Ollie has collected bugs 🐛 he caught 3 millipedes yesterday cool 😎 bugs 🐜 Ollie he’s in a ball 🏀 lots of worms 🪱 that Ollie has collected he enjoys new places to explore karma and Luna have been playing good 😌 Ollie is happy 😃 everywhere Ollie’s tooth 🦷 fell out

  15. PowerGirlz

    PowerGirlz7 days ago

    I watched you when I was four but I forgot you're youtuber nsme

  16. PowerGirlz

    PowerGirlz7 days ago

    I can't believe ollie was born the year. After me

  17. PowerGirlz

    PowerGirlz7 days ago

    Keep your good work going

  18. Delicia Brooke

    Delicia Brooke8 days ago

    Lol I live in Idaho and I just call them Rollie pullies 😭

  19. Ashley Bellerose

    Ashley Bellerose8 days ago

    Ollie is way to cute

  20. Cassidy Saravia

    Cassidy Saravia9 days ago

    It’s ok if you ate your tooth Ollie I accidentally ate mine once when I was about your age😂😂😂

  21. vblanco0215

    vblanco02159 days ago

    I've been watching I was 3 and now I'm a 8 now

  22. Leila

    Leila10 days ago

    Wait who remembers Bryan’s grumpy cat calendar

  23. jess griebenow

    jess griebenow10 days ago

    My brother ate heaps of his teeth

  24. Nicol C

    Nicol C10 days ago


  25. Sky

    Sky10 days ago

    u are the best

  26. Zabeen Zabeen

    Zabeen Zabeen10 days ago

    Yess my son ate his very first tooth....@ dinner time :p Best of luck Oliver 💞

  27. Heather McKinney

    Heather McKinney10 days ago

    It's sad to see you all leave this awesome place. But, onto better things. I've ate 2 teeth. Once when eating cheerios and once when I ate an apple.

  28. David Perschbacher

    David Perschbacher10 days ago

    I'm a skeleton

  29. Latosha Carter

    Latosha Carter10 days ago

    I've never ate my tooth but I almost did because I lost it while I was sleeping

  30. Tiffany Coffman

    Tiffany Coffman10 days ago

    I did today and I am 10 years old

  31. Mollieplays

    Mollieplays10 days ago

    Yes l have l ate 3

  32. miley lloyd

    miley lloyd11 days ago

    Hey Finn just wanted to let you know that there are xp coins in Fortnite

  33. Ronnie Gomez

    Ronnie Gomez11 days ago


  34. Teddy Squad

    Teddy Squad11 days ago

    I’ve never ate my tooth but I have lost so many and I love your channels 🥳❤️

  35. Family RMM

    Family RMM11 days ago

    my boy cousin swallowed a tooth because his brother choked him

  36. Harz

    Harz11 days ago

    Hearing Oliver speaking properly is insane to me I haven’t watched them in 2 years.

  37. Josiah Ellison

    Josiah Ellison6 days ago


  38. Tracy Seng

    Tracy Seng11 days ago

    I had that little bug catcher thing I remember using it with my brother

  39. Gamingwith Dev

    Gamingwith Dev11 days ago

    That’s cool

  40. Gacha Savannah

    Gacha Savannah11 days ago

    I just realized in the intro ollie has a lizard in his hair.

  41. Ibrahim Thunder

    Ibrahim Thunder11 days ago

    Do you ryan world

  42. vanessa denila

    vanessa denila11 days ago

    l remem ber when thls home was the lnfro😂😂l haven tbeen wafchlnh for years but l ba k to see how eve yone is xx

  43. Team Indialippines

    Team Indialippines11 days ago

    Awesome, god bless u guys Full support from Abu Dhabi. Filipino indian family here Team Indialippines

  44. vanessa denila

    vanessa denila11 days ago

    l remember when ' this hoame

  45. Lego Fun Reviews

    Lego Fun Reviews11 days ago

    I am so excited to see your new house 🏡

  46. Ayannah Jorel Tongco

    Ayannah Jorel Tongco11 days ago

    I used to watch them😭😭😭😭 im so sorryy, they boys grew so much now😭😭

  47. Hyper Hype

    Hyper Hype11 days ago

    Wow y’all are moving 🥲🥲🥲🥲

  48. Sheridan Steele

    Sheridan Steele11 days ago

    I think I ate my own tooth once

  49. Shawna Jungmeyer

    Shawna Jungmeyer11 days ago

    I was a fan since fin was 1 year old i have been hoping for a shout out

  50. teddy land

    teddy land11 days ago

    i havent watched you guys in years

  51. Brynn Kiel

    Brynn Kiel12 days ago

    I lost my tooth world so had it3 times and she came still so yeah it's fine buddy

  52. The ABS FAM

    The ABS FAM12 days ago

    I love the daily bumps

  53. Pip 27

    Pip 2712 days ago

    Where are the goats

  54. Janaiya Cook

    Janaiya Cook12 days ago

    The boys have gotten so BIG WOW!

  55. Jeremy Merritt

    Jeremy Merritt12 days ago

    Omg I thought I only left you guys for a couple months but they turned into years you guys have grown so much :(

  56. Rosefam Vlogs

    Rosefam Vlogs12 days ago

    It looked like someone broke into your house when you opened the door 😂😂😂😂

  57. Landon Sudiswa

    Landon Sudiswa12 days ago

    I cot a frog today .

  58. Danielle Keating

    Danielle Keating12 days ago

    It is ok Oliver

  59. Danielle Keating

    Danielle Keating12 days ago


  60. Danielle Keating

    Danielle Keating12 days ago

    I Love you so much

  61. McKenzie Collins

    McKenzie Collins12 days ago

    they are so big now 🥺🥺

  62. James Rieman

    James Rieman12 days ago

    My sister has

  63. Jamie Stafford

    Jamie Stafford12 days ago

    tell the boys there very cute

  64. Gamer girl 1221

    Gamer girl 122112 days ago

    POV: your refreshing their page waiting for a new video

  65. Stephanie Dailey

    Stephanie Dailey12 days ago

    One time I swallowed my tooth because it was loose and I was eating a cookie :)

  66. Steffany

    Steffany12 days ago

    Back to your roots living with Mimi and papa again!

  67. xPhoebex

    xPhoebex12 days ago

    Why was the house fumigated?

  68. xPhoebex

    xPhoebex12 days ago

    Yes, I have swallowed a tooth...not particularly pleasant😂

  69. Diddylu88

    Diddylu8812 days ago

    When she was 7

  70. trudy garforth

    trudy garforth12 days ago

    I have eaten 2 of my teeth lol

  71. Sherri Volanti

    Sherri Volanti12 days ago

    Why did they need the fumigation? What were they infested with?

  72. Emme Porter

    Emme Porter12 days ago

    The last time I watched you guys was when Finn was a baby now he’s so big and Ollie is so grown up to 🥺

  73. John Ainsworth

    John Ainsworth12 days ago

    Finn knows hoelw to play fortnite

  74. Rebecca Willison

    Rebecca Willison12 days ago


  75. Brad Km

    Brad Km12 days ago

    Omg the boys are so grow up now I haven’t been here in such a long time 😭😭

  76. Matthew's Miscellaneous Fans!

    Matthew's Miscellaneous Fans!12 days ago

    move to chicago

  77. Jenny Gibbons

    Jenny Gibbons12 days ago

    I have never eat my tooth

  78. Riley And blizzard

    Riley And blizzard12 days ago


  79. Elizabeth Hughes

    Elizabeth Hughes12 days ago

    No but I lost it and then it fell in the drain lol

  80. the dragon show

    the dragon show12 days ago

    Late I mean

  81. the dragon show

    the dragon show12 days ago

    I'm so late im a day kate

  82. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo12 days ago

    Ollie and Finn are so cute

  83. Leilani Stevens

    Leilani Stevens12 days ago

    It’s gonna be so sad when you guys move out of that House I have memories of that

  84. Lexi Elkins

    Lexi Elkins12 days ago

    Never ate my tooth

  85. Jamanda09

    Jamanda0912 days ago

    Missy said the chicken coop was staying for the new owners, but where are the chickens going?

  86. Ezra Reyes

    Ezra Reyes13 days ago

    today is my birthday and I am a big fan

  87. Jennie Denton

    Jennie Denton13 days ago

    I almost fell in my tooth when I was in 4th grade we had a test and I knew the tooth was loose I was just playing and I lost it

  88. Junior Mejia

    Junior Mejia13 days ago

    What happened to your farm animals?

  89. kait

    kait13 days ago


  90. Puppygamer 57

    Puppygamer 5713 days ago

    I would never eat my tooth before

  91. Wondrous Luna

    Wondrous Luna13 days ago

    I wanna be Olli’s friend so we can look at animals together. 🥺

  92. Tray On Quack

    Tray On Quack13 days ago

    bro they got so big . i've been watching since ollie was born

  93. [Alien _ Senpai]

    [Alien _ Senpai]13 days ago

    I haven’t watched you guys in so long😭 Ollie and Fin has grown so much. I was surprised! 💕✨

  94. mlfuqua09

    mlfuqua0913 days ago

    Bryan: she will probably dig threw the trash Me: ummm Wouldn’t she get lost in it because she’s TINY

  95. kyle ramdass

    kyle ramdass13 days ago

    The first time i saw daily bumps was with carl and ginger with the ball pit ball pool

  96. kyle ramdass

    kyle ramdass13 days ago

    They are so grown up

  97. Kinley Rutter

    Kinley Rutter13 days ago

    If you are leaving the coop there . Does that mean you leave the chickens there also?

  98. Caydon Girling

    Caydon Girling13 days ago


  99. Arno Griesel

    Arno Griesel13 days ago

    i had a realy tough night and then i listend some of your musick and wach ur videos and now im happy😁😀😃 thank you and love you guys!

  100. Devin Brown

    Devin Brown13 days ago

    It is so sad

  101. Amberlee marquis

    Amberlee marquis13 days ago

    And the tooth fairy got me 20 bucks