Our Plans Changed.

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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily BumpsMonth ago

    Things are changing so fast! 😭

  2. Penny G

    Penny G22 days ago


  3. Jonie Cochise

    Jonie Cochise26 days ago


  4. Jonie Cochise

    Jonie Cochise26 days ago


  5. Bradley Lyle

    Bradley Lyle28 days ago

    you are so cute

  6. Str Climaco

    Str ClimacoMonth ago

    when you move to nashville you will be a few states closer to me

  7. Molly Smith

    Molly Smith3 days ago

    i stopped watching for ages and i wish i didn’t bc i love you guys 😭😭

  8. erasingg sunn

    erasingg sunn8 days ago

    I forgot about you guys OMG I used to watch you all the TIMEEEE

  9. Santos Villela

    Santos Villela20 days ago

    Can you make a video of Karma and luna wedding

  10. Beckett Harrison

    Beckett Harrison27 days ago

    I love the daily bumps

  11. Repton926_NYMR

    Repton926_NYMR28 days ago

    I'm from Britain and our TV shows are hilarious

  12. Emma Webb

    Emma Webb29 days ago

    I'm British

  13. Hyunjin's AmErIcAnO JoWaH jOwA

    Hyunjin's AmErIcAnO JoWaH jOwAMonth ago

    1:28 Tell me the bridge DOES NOT look like the rail road for the Hogwart's Express?!?!

  14. jelai montinola

    jelai montinolaMonth ago


  15. Str Climaco

    Str ClimacoMonth ago

    did you know that i was 4 when i started watching you and that is the same year that ollie was born

  16. Annemarie Ruffing

    Annemarie RuffingMonth ago




    I was going to see the light's but we got lost

  18. Eva Denver

    Eva DenverMonth ago

    I,m from Britain

  19. Ashley Benitez

    Ashley BenitezMonth ago

    I been watching in 2017

  20. Justice Jones

    Justice JonesMonth ago

    Merry Christmas daily bumps

  21. Justice Jones

    Justice JonesMonth ago

    Daily bumps u guys are the best but covid ninten😩😩😩

  22. Sophie Ainsworth

    Sophie AinsworthMonth ago


  23. Quinn Grieveson

    Quinn GrievesonMonth ago


  24. amanda hall

    amanda hallMonth ago


  25. Hailey Jones

    Hailey JonesMonth ago

    can i join the famiey daily bumps

  26. Lexi dancer Roblox Albertson

    Lexi dancer Roblox AlbertsonMonth ago

    OMG you are so good

  27. Tristan Ellis Gaming

    Tristan Ellis GamingMonth ago

    I have a show recommendation for you guys, Avatar The Last Airbender if it’s available for Acorn TV

  28. Claudia Gonzalez

    Claudia GonzalezMonth ago

    I know me to

  29. MsPurrsia17

    MsPurrsia17Month ago


  30. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi TumeloMonth ago

    Love you guys so much

  31. honkblaze

    honkblazeMonth ago

    omg it has been so long since i have watched u guys !! im so glad to tune in again... i missed yall :((

  32. Natalie Ray

    Natalie RayMonth ago


  33. ashley sorto

    ashley sortoMonth ago

    I’m so sad or happy for you guys’

  34. Emily Bramble

    Emily BrambleMonth ago

    Ollie im sorry i didnt know how to spell it soz

  35. Emily Bramble

    Emily BrambleMonth ago


  36. Emily Bramble

    Emily BrambleMonth ago

    How old is olloie

  37. Mumble wolfie

    Mumble wolfieMonth ago

    You should watch the crown

  38. Jessica Magee

    Jessica MageeMonth ago

    Where are the goats ?

  39. Trinity Mccann

    Trinity MccannMonth ago

    Nice hair brain

  40. Brian Hardman

    Brian HardmanMonth ago

    My dad has the name Brian and yours is Brian that’s cool

  41. Itz._.Jayy

    Itz._.JayyMonth ago

    i haven’t seen you guys in forever!!!

  42. One Funny Little Man

    One Funny Little ManMonth ago


  43. Laz RoseThorn

    Laz RoseThornMonth ago

    Awwww I rmember Watching These in i think 2017 not sure its been really long XD But I sued to love theseee.

  44. Kristofer Clark

    Kristofer ClarkMonth ago


  45. Zoey Dow

    Zoey DowMonth ago

    One I’m so exited to see your new house and memories y’all are gunna make

  46. Kristin Fujimura

    Kristin FujimuraMonth ago


  47. Maria Yupe

    Maria YupeMonth ago

    I love the new intro ❤️♥️💖💜💗💝💞💓💕💛👍

  48. Avery Brown

    Avery BrownMonth ago

    Merry Christmas

  49. david somogyi

    david somogyiMonth ago

    when do you move guys?

  50. Matt Leis

    Matt LeisMonth ago

    curly mop is better

  51. hannah herrrera

    hannah herrreraMonth ago

    I love your videos Daily Bumps

  52. ky Wilson

    ky WilsonMonth ago


  53. Victoria Cruz

    Victoria CruzMonth ago


  54. Tiffany Tucker

    Tiffany TuckerMonth ago

    What's Ollie's and fin's elf doing

  55. Tiffany Tucker

    Tiffany TuckerMonth ago

    Hi what is Ollie and

  56. Sassy SAMMI

    Sassy SAMMIMonth ago

    Answer to question number 2: I like Bryan’s new haircut.

  57. Sassy SAMMI

    Sassy SAMMIMonth ago

    Answer to question number 1: Yes, Missy your hair is getting longer.

  58. Mirr0r T00

    Mirr0r T00Month ago

    when i was 7 i watched this all the time

  59. scar and Cake_LaRs13

    scar and Cake_LaRs13Month ago

    In our family too we were supposed to have a another sibling but it...died ☹😔😭😭😭😭☹

  60. kari jensen

    kari jensenMonth ago

    I am moving this Friday!! So exciting, yet so stressful! Am I right?

  61. Josue Orozco

    Josue OrozcoMonth ago


  62. Yesenia Y

    Yesenia YMonth ago


  63. Riley Bishop

    Riley BishopMonth ago

    no know more men bun

  64. Luke Chi

    Luke ChiMonth ago

    What a coincidence I was practicing jingle bell rock for a Christmas party and it's in the vid

  65. Maj Em

    Maj EmMonth ago

    what plans?!?!!?!?!?!?!

  66. Maj Em

    Maj EmMonth ago

    what plans?!?!!?!?!?!?!

  67. Ben H

    Ben HMonth ago

    Hi guys

  68. Albie Warburton

    Albie WarburtonMonth ago


  69. chloe

    chloeMonth ago

    watching this made me happy as i’m british :))

  70. Jarrod Whybrow

    Jarrod WhybrowMonth ago


  71. sarai shalders

    sarai shaldersMonth ago

    I guys are the best

  72. sarai shalders

    sarai shaldersMonth ago

    Today is my b day

  73. Aryn Porter

    Aryn PorterMonth ago

    Bryan Is Matching With Fin Now

  74. My Journey With Meadow

    My Journey With MeadowMonth ago

    I started watching in 2013. I feel so old 😭😭

  75. le skille

    le skilleMonth ago

    Yes, Missy, your hair is definitely longer! It looks great! I like your own natural hair way better than the extensions. However, Brian's hair only looks good from the front. The back tail thing is kinda icky.

  76. vanessa denila

    vanessa denilaMonth ago

    things are changing so fast!😭461

  77. The Hawaii Files Channel

    The Hawaii Files ChannelMonth ago

    Doc Martin

  78. Mars Likes cats

    Mars Likes catsMonth ago

    Who’s been watching for a while ( over 4 years) ➡️

  79. Unicorn Girl

    Unicorn Girl29 days ago

    @Dailene Kemper same

  80. Unicorn Girl

    Unicorn Girl29 days ago


  81. Frankie !!!!!!!!!!!

    Frankie !!!!!!!!!!!Month ago

    I have ever since oliver was a baby

  82. Nyla Maignan

    Nyla MaignanMonth ago


  83. Zach’s collections

    Zach’s collectionsMonth ago


  84. Wolf gamingz

    Wolf gamingzMonth ago

    You guys are the best

  85. cjpitch

    cjpitchMonth ago

    His haircut is the Eric Hosmer

  86. stormin

    storminMonth ago

    Did Bryan get a full tank of gas too? ;)

  87. Christian Mena

    Christian MenaMonth ago

    Wow, way to go Ollie! I'm so proud of you buddy!!

  88. Dragonstar4102 Bennington

    Dragonstar4102 BenningtonMonth ago

    6:06 it’s funny because Bryan kinda look likes fin when he had that kind of cut😆

  89. Brianna Vassell

    Brianna VassellMonth ago

    I love your video and I bless you and your family, ollie and finn are so cute.

  90. Emily Winters

    Emily WintersMonth ago

    Where has nacho been

  91. Corinne Van Nort

    Corinne Van NortMonth ago

    I can’t wait to hear Oliver new song.

  92. Ana Bello

    Ana BelloMonth ago

    oml- i remember watching you wehn i was six- its been years! oliver and finn have grown so much, wow! i- im just speechless. hopefully yall grow much more :)

  93. Anonymous_101

    Anonymous_101Month ago

    Sameeeee my brothers are the same age as Ollie so it’s cool seeing them grow up ⬆️

  94. Quinn Rebecka Culla

    Quinn Rebecka CullaMonth ago

    Same missy

  95. Kate Seymour

    Kate SeymourMonth ago

    Your hair getting longer it Beautiful

  96. Kimberly Hendryx

    Kimberly HendryxMonth ago

    Hello I loveyou

  97. Shawna Deming

    Shawna DemingMonth ago

    do you have a place you are moving into and what are you going to do with the chickens and your goats?

  98. Hailey Lash

    Hailey LashMonth ago

    were are the goats

  99. Lachy Mcguigan

    Lachy McguiganMonth ago

    Just saying this is really underwhelming compared to last years vlogmas, please get better

  100. Josh Farley

    Josh FarleyMonth ago

    I wish we could see your goats

  101. Colby Martin

    Colby MartinMonth ago

    We have lights like that this year too!!! Also Bryan, I love the cut.🎄✂️

  102. ashley Demers

    ashley DemersMonth ago

    What is happening with all your animals

  103. Holly_Adams

    Holly_AdamsMonth ago

    I don’t like Bryan’s hair! Sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️

  104. Lxyla_ bxe

    Lxyla_ bxeMonth ago

    People who thought she was preg👁👄👁

  105. Aubree K

    Aubree KMonth ago

    Do you still have a P.o. box for christmas cards?

  106. Glock 4756

    Glock 4756Month ago

    Do you remember when Colin key came to your house

  107. Matty Spoopy

    Matty SpoopyMonth ago

    It's the fact I've just remembered you guys after 3 or 4 years the video I remember is when you went to a water park and watched the beady ice cream HELP

  108. moonlight salvatore

    moonlight salvatoreMonth ago

    aww I remember watching use when I was younger the boys have grown sm from the last time I watched. I’m really glad use are doing good:))

  109. Kim Jerew

    Kim JerewMonth ago

    Merry Christmas to all of you, I love watching your shows

  110. Mellmick26

    Mellmick26Month ago

    I think it is at least 1.5inch longer

  111. FlutterStar25

    FlutterStar25Month ago

    Will the goats go to the new house with you and you still have your horse