Starting New Christmas Traditions! - Daily Bumps Christmas Eve Special ✨

We're changing things up a lot this year! Come spend a cozy Christmas Eve with our family! More Christmas vlogs:
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  1. Nevaeh vance

    Nevaeh vanceDay ago

    Hey Ollie -

  2. Katherine Sifflet

    Katherine SiffletDay ago


  3. Katherine Sifflet

    Katherine SiffletDay ago

    Were is graco

  4. Katherine Sifflet

    Katherine SiffletDay ago

    I ThT was so funny whenbi saw brayan in the santa outfit

  5. gamer sunplaysbggamers

    gamer sunplaysbggamers2 days ago

    rember bryan says stop hitting yourself rember he said it when ollie was a baby

  6. Marshall Klawitter

    Marshall Klawitter5 days ago

    He did but his arm

  7. Doctorfatima

    Doctorfatima17 days ago

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year 🎆🎊 love you guys

  8. Zoey Dow

    Zoey Dow18 days ago

    Yo I saw it too

  9. Lydia Nicolle Swasey Arias

    Lydia Nicolle Swasey Arias19 days ago


  10. IvesFam

    IvesFam20 days ago


  11. Daisy Wright

    Daisy Wright20 days ago

    I Christmas is my fave rot time of the year

  12. Katherine Rand

    Katherine Rand21 day ago

    Nice to see you guys all sitting eating dinner together. Loved your new Christmas Eve tradition!

  13. Fred Flinstone

    Fred Flinstone22 days ago

    I haven't watched your videos for like 90 years now Merry Christmas

  14. Fred Flinstone

    Fred Flinstone22 days ago

    I swear I saw Santa Claus I swear guysgo back forward a little bit and going strong emotion you see something across the sky

  15. shyanne amirault

    shyanne amirault22 days ago


  16. 2011mellophone

    2011mellophone22 days ago

    I haven’t been able to find the letter reading video- did you guys do it this year?

  17. olivia montoya 2

    olivia montoya 223 days ago

    i love you

  18. Its Lolawolfie

    Its Lolawolfie23 days ago

    I love how When he saw Santa he went SKERT!

  19. Summer S.

    Summer S.24 days ago

    I’m 9

  20. Michele Bantz

    Michele Bantz24 days ago


  21. Karen McFarlane

    Karen McFarlane24 days ago

    I am proud to say i have been watching you for 4 years now .love you guys

  22. Karen McFarlane

    Karen McFarlane24 days ago

    I mean over 4 years now

  23. Brezza Cazares

    Brezza Cazares25 days ago

    Omg 😱 😲

  24. Brezza Cazares

    Brezza Cazares25 days ago

    He did put his hand up

  25. Olivia Hurley

    Olivia Hurley25 days ago


  26. Olivia Hurley

    Olivia Hurley25 days ago

    THE ELF DID PUT HIS ARM UP AHHHH Ollie he did that’s amazing! Merry Christmas bud! Love ya! - love subscriber


    SUZANNE GALLOWAY25 days ago

    i have a elf to and i ask if i could touch for till chrimas eve so next years if want you guy s can ask LOVE VIDES

  28. AnAccount

    AnAccount25 days ago

    i have a xbox

  29. AnAccount

    AnAccount25 days ago

    hehehehehehe hahahahahahhahahahhahahah

  30. Tawna Yrigoyen

    Tawna Yrigoyen25 days ago

    The north tracker will track him for you and show you

  31. Lea’s Cloud

    Lea’s Cloud25 days ago

    What happened to draco ollies bearded dragon

  32. dusty boy

    dusty boy25 days ago

    Who thinks everyone is cute no matter how they do or got personallity there are murderers out there so be save

  33. Penny G

    Penny G26 days ago


  34. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo26 days ago

    Ollie and Finn are so cute

  35. Family o'shea

    Family o'shea26 days ago

    Merry Christmas Brian looner goats chickens ollie fin missy and fred and jingles

  36. Doris Bain

    Doris Bain26 days ago

    Thank for being responsive and not hosting a huge christmas eve party!

  37. Peter Jinggan

    Peter Jinggan26 days ago

    Where is luna

  38. Cate Root

    Cate Root26 days ago

    I had prime ribe for Christmas

  39. Alex Ciraco

    Alex Ciraco26 days ago

    I love how you guys always have a way to have fun!

  40. TNT-Gaming

    TNT-Gaming26 days ago

    Can you do a norther livestream

  41. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith26 days ago

    is bran santa

  42. miriam shemtov

    miriam shemtov26 days ago

    I love your whole family. This was truly the best Christmas from Daily Bumps. Merry Christmas guys love you guys.

  43. QweenEms

    QweenEms26 days ago

    Margie my Lab can open presents like Karma and then Wilma out younger lab can’t open them, so she also waits till it’s opened so she can play with it, so cute! X

  44. Nemeoko Tokeak

    Nemeoko Tokeak26 days ago



    MESSY_PIXIE LEXI26 days ago

    Can I Plzzzzzzz ask who is oli like that he has blonde blonde hair?

  46. Roberto Mariscal-Arciniega

    Roberto Mariscal-Arciniega26 days ago

    •.,Merry Christmas Daily bumps!!!!!!!!•.,

  47. Its_ me

    Its_ me26 days ago

    Dang I remember y’all, I use to watch y’all a lot 😭

  48. Mack Fam

    Mack Fam26 days ago

    merry christmas

  49. Mergelove 44

    Mergelove 4426 days ago

    Watching karma open presents always makes my heart so happy 🥰❤️

  50. Bj Storm

    Bj Storm26 days ago


  51. Bj Storm

    Bj Storm26 days ago

    Merry Christmas

  52. Yolanda De La Zerda

    Yolanda De La Zerda26 days ago

    I absolutely Loved when Ollie hollered to the heavens "Happy Birthday Jesus!" And immediately the winds picked up as if the Lord was answering back "Thanks Ollie!"

  53. Kenneth wilsbach

    Kenneth wilsbach22 days ago

    @Yolanda De La Zerda same as me.🤞👍

  54. Yolanda De La Zerda

    Yolanda De La Zerda22 days ago

    Just fine! Gotta Love Daily Bumps!

  55. Kenneth wilsbach

    Kenneth wilsbach22 days ago

    @Yolanda De La Zerda how are you beautiful lady, how's it over there?

  56. Yolanda De La Zerda

    Yolanda De La Zerda23 days ago

    Happy New Year to you!

  57. Kenneth wilsbach

    Kenneth wilsbach24 days ago

    How are you? Happy new year in advance 🎉 I'm Kenneth wilsbach by name

  58. LIVI THE Best

    LIVI THE Best26 days ago


  59. Seya life s

    Seya life s26 days ago

    i saw the elf move

  60. Marta Sanchez

    Marta Sanchez26 days ago

    Oh and i wish you a merry Christmas

  61. Marta Sanchez

    Marta Sanchez26 days ago

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

  62. Kito Martinez Nochebuena

    Kito Martinez Nochebuena26 days ago

    I got a drowne to

  63. 업비

    업비26 days ago

    Idk if I’m the only one who sees this but Ollie kinda looks like Ralphie from the movie a Christmas story and Finn kinda looks like randy from that movie too

  64. Ann Mosby

    Ann Mosby26 days ago

    Merry Christmas mine has been rubbish my dog is dieing he’s really sick he might not survive a operation I’m trying to be happy for him he’s been my BFF since the start of my life

  65. Huong Huong

    Huong Huong27 days ago


  66. Huong Huong

    Huong Huong27 days ago

    Let’s Catch Santa claws

  67. Sky

    Sky27 days ago

    u are the best

  68. Cassie Whitaker

    Cassie Whitaker27 days ago

    don't move

  69. Nico Alcock

    Nico Alcock27 days ago

    Merry Christmas

  70. Nicole Chen

    Nicole Chen27 days ago

    "You can eat paper." - Missy Lanning 2020

  71. Em_and_ Olliedog

    Em_and_ Olliedog27 days ago

    i eat paper

  72. Caz

    Caz27 days ago

    Aww I love this

  73. Mitchell Mcdowell

    Mitchell Mcdowell27 days ago

    Yesterday was Christmas for me too Merry Christmas late Christmas actually guess what I got for Christmas I got a moped I'm a girl by the way it's teal blue

  74. James Gahan

    James Gahan27 days ago

    Some of my food for CHRISMAS burnt

  75. Colby Martin

    Colby Martin27 days ago

    Look at Finns arms when he is cutting the turkey

  76. Colby Martin

    Colby Martin27 days ago

    We got a Nintendo switch

  77. Elyzabeth Pruner

    Elyzabeth Pruner27 days ago

    Hi am a big fan and I have bin watch for a long tim

  78. Steve McCarthy

    Steve McCarthy27 days ago

    This is my favorite holiday

  79. Tarah o Donovan

    Tarah o Donovan27 days ago

    Omg it did happy Christmas eve

  80. Ethan Rhodes

    Ethan Rhodes27 days ago

    I live in west Virginia and I had a white snowy Christmas

  81. Ansley

    Ansley27 days ago

    I have always loved watching Karma open up his presents! 😂

  82. Jessie F

    Jessie F27 days ago

    I thought fin got a PS5 😂

  83. Michelle m wells

    Michelle m wells27 days ago

    Love how the dogs open gifts.. merry Christmas guys ❤️🎄🎅🧑‍🎄

  84. Amanda Herman

    Amanda Herman27 days ago

    Merry Christmas too you

  85. Kaiden G tv

    Kaiden G tv27 days ago

    Merry Christmas I wish you a happy and safe holiday this season.

  86. Funtime_foxy_x_ Lol-bit_ official_channel_

    Funtime_foxy_x_ Lol-bit_ official_channel_27 days ago

    How is Ollie doing with Draco I’m sure he is still annoyed it is a girl but when I say this he won’t bc Draco can have a baby and it could be a boy but you need another Male lizard

  87. Anax

    Anax27 days ago

    I’ve been watching y’all since I was 5 and now I’m 10 ,

  88. Gabby C's World

    Gabby C's World27 days ago

    I got books,drum set and piano:)

  89. Gabby C's World

    Gabby C's World27 days ago

    For Christmas

  90. Krystal Kidwell

    Krystal Kidwell27 days ago

    At what age can Ollie call you dad or daddy ?

  91. The Halloween Channel

    The Halloween Channel27 days ago

    Merry xmas

  92. mommy bear

    mommy bear27 days ago


  93. mommy bear

    mommy bear27 days ago


  94. Macie Boucher

    Macie Boucher27 days ago

    I got a ps4

  95. Elizabeth T

    Elizabeth T27 days ago

    The Christmas spirit is shining bright through your boys. Adorable! Merry Christmas!

  96. vanessa denila

    vanessa denila27 days ago

    i love how karma opened up his own present!merry christmas

  97. Sheena Duffy

    Sheena Duffy27 days ago

    ....He moved his a bc the tongs where under it soo i think its ok!

  98. Jess LittleAngel

    Jess LittleAngel27 days ago

    Merry christmas

  99. Yohanna Magi-sorge

    Yohanna Magi-sorge27 days ago

    Merry Christmas from sydney Australia

  100. Caprial Nichols

    Caprial Nichols27 days ago

    Merry Christmas Eve

  101. Baan Suan Ampond Residence

    Baan Suan Ampond Residence27 days ago

    merry Christmas!

  102. Saraii Lopez

    Saraii Lopez27 days ago

    Wait you guys still have draco right?

  103. Christian Mena

    Christian Mena27 days ago

    Merry Christmas you guys! I'm glad Ollie and Finn loved their presents. Haha, Ollie 19:36

  104. Christian Mena

    Christian Mena27 days ago

    Haha, I loved Ollie's reaction to the underwear. I'm a huge Simpsons fan!

  105. TheGamingCow

    TheGamingCow27 days ago

    Wow! Merry Christmas Daily bumps! Good luck with the puzzle missy! 😊🙂

  106. vanessa denila

    vanessa denila27 days ago

    Merry Christmass and Happy New year!

  107. fi lee

    fi lee27 days ago

    Merry Christmas and happy new year be happy and have a nice day :)

  108. Pamela Medina

    Pamela Medina27 days ago

    Merry Christmas

  109. Brie Jade

    Brie Jade27 days ago

    merry christmas!