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  1. Tatiana Espinoza

    Tatiana Espinoza5 hours ago

    I love same town and hey and love brun

  2. Chrissy Leyten

    Chrissy LeytenDay ago

    ps ypu cant puse fornite lololololololololololol

  3. Louise Farrell

    Louise FarrellDay ago


  4. Jose Flores

    Jose Flores2 days ago


  5. noah paradis

    noah paradis2 days ago

    Hey 📀📻📀📻

  6. padraig.alice wilson

    padraig.alice wilson5 days ago

    I love hay

  7. raji Ved

    raji Ved5 days ago

    Hay is my first favorite song

  8. Taylor Nelson

    Taylor Nelson6 days ago


  9. Heather Wilson

    Heather Wilson6 days ago


  10. Heather Wilson

    Heather Wilson6 days ago

    I get what you mean

  11. Heather Wilson

    Heather Wilson6 days ago



    NCTCCTGNW8 days ago


  13. Sonia Saavedra

    Sonia Saavedra8 days ago


  14. Grace French

    Grace French8 days ago

    At the end of the video there was a ghost outside the window

  15. jaliyah Johnson

    jaliyah Johnson11 days ago

    Me too I love the burn

  16. jaliyah Johnson

    jaliyah Johnson11 days ago

    My favorite song is hey

  17. ALIJAH Taylor

    ALIJAH Taylor11 days ago

    And also my favorite song is hey and I love that song because is a passion of the name and I just love it and my second favorite song is love the burn because I love the burn it makes me feel like I’m like burning up into frames and I really wanted to bring the frames

  18. ALIJAH Taylor

    ALIJAH Taylor11 days ago

    My favorite song was I love the burn

  19. ALIJAH Taylor

    ALIJAH Taylor11 days ago

    My favorite song was hey and feel the burn

  20. April Flores

    April Flores12 days ago

    Hey and Dirt

  21. Aaliyah Rodriguez

    Aaliyah Rodriguez13 days ago

    My favorite song is Hey

  22. Joseph Fenwick

    Joseph Fenwick13 days ago

    I like hay

  23. Adrian Walenciej

    Adrian Walenciej13 days ago

    This is home it is my favourite song

  24. DC Gaming

    DC Gaming13 days ago

    My is hey it’s really good end cool

  25. Patricia Alemán nolasco

    Patricia Alemán nolasco13 days ago


  26. Bmx Alpine

    Bmx Alpine14 days ago

    Love the bern and hey

  27. Celi Longoria

    Celi Longoria15 days ago


  28. Irma N

    Irma N15 days ago

    Thats a toatlly a ghost

  29. Natali Flores-Lopez

    Natali Flores-Lopez15 days ago


  30. Kayla Stephens

    Kayla Stephens16 days ago

    i dont have a favorite i like them all

  31. Donna Mcpherson

    Donna Mcpherson17 days ago

    I love the burn

  32. Kelly Clegg

    Kelly Clegg17 days ago

    My favourite song is Hey

  33. Jaydon Oquinn

    Jaydon Oquinn17 days ago

    This is sus sus means suspicious

  34. Rayla Simone

    Rayla Simone19 days ago

    nope no more nightmare's for me no mama🎟️🎟️

  35. amandaiholloman

    amandaiholloman19 days ago

    Get a camera take a picture of the ghost get a EMF reader if it went to five go out side and get a croosafekt drop it in the house and get out of there

  36. candelas83

    candelas8320 days ago

    I say dresses as a gosh

  37. Rich & Amye Nolen

    Rich & Amye Nolen20 days ago

    Hey is my fravorit song

  38. Aimee Mattingly

    Aimee Mattingly20 days ago


  39. Leslie Buenrostro

    Leslie Buenrostro20 days ago

    Omg hay hay hay its the best in my opinion

  40. Daniel Stones

    Daniel Stones21 day ago

    poor fin :[ :[ :[

  41. Daniel Stones

    Daniel Stones21 day ago

    aww so cute in the out fits btw profile is my dad

  42. Lydia Nicolle Swasey Arias

    Lydia Nicolle Swasey Arias21 day ago

    DailyBump i like your songs

  43. Sue Smith

    Sue Smith22 days ago

    Love the burn and hey

  44. Jamie Pena89232

    Jamie Pena8923222 days ago


  45. Xes 0

    Xes 027 days ago

    My favorite is hey

  46. Sunny Salazar

    Sunny Salazar27 days ago


  47. Paloma Rodriguez

    Paloma Rodriguez28 days ago

    The best song is hey

  48. dglendinning0518

    dglendinning051829 days ago


  49. Dani McGlennan

    Dani McGlennan29 days ago


  50. Suraj Subba

    Suraj Subba29 days ago

    You love hi Hello😄 There😱😨

  51. Suraj Subba

    Suraj Subba29 days ago

    you hi L Love 💗💜💓❤️💙💜💟

  52. Suraj Subba

    Suraj Subba29 days ago


  53. Suraj Subba

    Suraj Subba29 days ago


  54. shaina joseph

    shaina josephMonth ago


  55. Hunter The dinosaur

    Hunter The dinosaurMonth ago

    One of you can Guard the pictures

  56. Hockey_ Chick364

    Hockey_ Chick364Month ago

    Yeah a ghost

  57. Hockey_ Chick364

    Hockey_ Chick364Month ago

    It is almost Christmas here and 3 days tell Christmas

  58. Moe's Callie Orth

    Moe's Callie OrthMonth ago


  59. Ashlee Nickole Petero

    Ashlee Nickole PeteroMonth ago

    my favorite is hey

  60. Brad Jackson

    Brad JacksonMonth ago


  61. POR GAMES YT YT 1000%

    POR GAMES YT YT 1000%Month ago

    Please ghostbusters is not i is is a movie

  62. Johannes Palola

    Johannes PalolaMonth ago

    My favourite song of the Same Town album is 'See the Stars' because it's the calmest song of the album. I also like 'Follow the palm trees home' because it has a beautiful meaning.

  63. it's rachel ann Serra

    it's rachel ann SerraMonth ago

    Mime fav is you I'm ur fan and my fav is hay

  64. it's rachel ann Serra

    it's rachel ann SerraMonth ago

    Mime is hay

  65. Layzay786 Layzay

    Layzay786 LayzayMonth ago

    My favourite song is treefan

  66. Simon Major

    Simon MajorMonth ago

    I love you guys

  67. Brandy Walker

    Brandy WalkerMonth ago


  68. Jayden Eiley

    Jayden EileyMonth ago

    It see what the fukck

  69. Adriana Cordero

    Adriana CorderoMonth ago

    hay is my favrite

  70. Gavin Halley

    Gavin HalleyMonth ago

    it is a ghost it dont fan lak that

  71. Keyla Mora

    Keyla MoraMonth ago

    I Like hay yeah

  72. Zoey Bug

    Zoey BugMonth ago


  73. Jamie Miller

    Jamie MillerMonth ago

    This is home is my favorite album

  74. Johannes Palola

    Johannes PalolaMonth ago

    This is home is actually a single but I know what you mean :) It was Bryan's first original song and the start of his music career.

  75. Chika Matondang

    Chika MatondangMonth ago

    Si hey

  76. Bryan Morales

    Bryan MoralesMonth ago

    Como me gusta el juego de los

  77. Alexander Orwen

    Alexander OrwenMonth ago


  78. Cupcake 1234

    Cupcake 1234Month ago

    my fav song is hey

  79. Amalia Sage

    Amalia SageMonth ago

    My favorite song is hey!!

  80. omtjfhjhhjabbyBeth Chadock

    omtjfhjhhjabbyBeth ChadockMonth ago

    I saw the video

  81. Unleashing potential

    Unleashing potentialMonth ago

    Mine is hey

  82. Jade LePoidevin

    Jade LePoidevinMonth ago

    I like your video ☺️ Love Zalee

  83. RUDY G

    RUDY GMonth ago

    I listen to that guy every day never 2️⃣9️⃣8️⃣

  84. Tison Chavez

    Tison ChavezMonth ago


  85. Belkys Gómez

    Belkys GómezMonth ago

    Hay because is the best

  86. Breege McCann

    Breege McCannMonth ago

    I'm your biggest fan and I love you guys so much hopefully I get a photo and getting an iPhone 12

  87. Jessie Duffney

    Jessie DuffneyMonth ago

    I have coronavirus too I hope to stay away jess

  88. Kayden Sorensen

    Kayden SorensenMonth ago

    Good morning guys and your pets

  89. Jazmine Turcios

    Jazmine TurciosMonth ago

    omg can we play im a big fan and i play fortnite too

  90. Kimberly Wilson

    Kimberly WilsonMonth ago


  91. Jac Combs

    Jac CombsMonth ago


  92. Mary Jane Bevil

    Mary Jane BevilMonth ago


  93. I am mangle I am a ft

    I am mangle I am a ftMonth ago


  94. Hugo Zendejas

    Hugo ZendejasMonth ago

    Yes it was the best of my day to get a good idea lol

  95. Trisha Leonard

    Trisha LeonardMonth ago

    I love you guys

  96. Maisie Rand

    Maisie RandMonth ago

    The same as you

  97. Jocelyn Reese

    Jocelyn ReeseMonth ago

    Do what they don’t like 👍

  98. RockStar Kidz

    RockStar KidzMonth ago

    I can’t wait for 2021 and I postThis comment it was six months after the video was

  99. Jaxon Van Dam

    Jaxon Van DamMonth ago

    Hey It’s so cool

  100. JoAnn Oswald

    JoAnn OswaldMonth ago

    Can you please show gost video

  101. Raquel Almeyda

    Raquel AlmeydaMonth ago