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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps6 months ago

    Thanks for watching!! 🙏🏻 What is the WEIRDEST thing you've ever found in your hair??

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  3. Alyssa Monarez

    Alyssa Monarez4 months ago

    I love you🐐🐐🐐

  4. Alyssa Monarez

    Alyssa Monarez4 months ago

    Hi DAILY Bumps I have been watching you since I was six years old

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  6. Em hoad

    Em hoad4 months ago

    🐐🐐🐐 i love ❤️. You

  7. james pederson

    james pederson2 months ago


  8. ErzaScarlet4300

    ErzaScarlet43003 months ago

    Ollie and Finn have gotten sooo big

  9. Jessica Sweet

    Jessica Sweet3 months ago

    I haven’t wach Ed you in 3 years

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    Hi hi hi hi missy

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    Noah Brockway4 months ago

    i love the video

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    Atlantius Terry4 months ago


  20. Octogirl alvarez

    Octogirl alvarez4 months ago

    Alice’s is so grow up

  21. Carlos 4real

    Carlos 4real4 months ago

    Can you tell Ollie if those glasses came with a orange circle thing.

  22. Edna Lui

    Edna Lui4 months ago


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    Laura Southam4 months ago


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    Katrina's Dancing Fun Here4 months ago


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    I had a snake in my head

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    Matthew Moreno4 months ago

    Bang bang bang I can’t find the goat but I don’t know Nathaniel my mouth up

  30. gaming gang

    gaming gang4 months ago

    yall are my fave youtuber

  31. gaming gang

    gaming gang4 months ago

    i love you gyes

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    karim santiago4 months ago

    Who’s watching this in Aug 26?

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    Jennifer Werthman4 months ago

    I love your videos🐐😀

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    Alec Grubbs4 months ago

    I have been watching you guys from the beginning

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    Silvia Barragan4 months ago

    I stop watching you

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    Teresita Bobadilla4 months ago


  49. Tiffany Markins

    Tiffany Markins5 months ago

    Daily bumbs are a loving caring amazing family I love watching they family STOP WITH THE THUMBS DOWN THEY NOTHING WRONG WITH THE DAILY DUMBS

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    Ella G5 months ago

    🐐 I love you guys❤️

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    A bug

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    I am so sorry about that

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    I love goats and squirrels🐿🐐

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    You grabbed a squirrel that’s cool

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    Omg I live I Oregon

  82. Finn 6

    Finn 65 months ago

    🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 do you want you to give me a shout out for winning something

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    I hab I tick literally 3 days ago

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    hi i love you guys i have a pet... its a turttle

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    Homer Ray5 months ago

    Ticks are gross 😝. I don't think you should move though your house I amazing and don't want to watch you move out of it😣

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    I live in Idaho

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