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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps3 months ago

    Can you believe that snake bite?!? 😳

  2. Averylynn Woodson

    Averylynn Woodson2 months ago

    It a boy

  3. インドTakayami

    インドTakayami3 months ago

    Cool and he just like panji petualang TwT

  4. シBxbby.bxrrys

    シBxbby.bxrrys3 months ago

    Katy Ping boy bc she buys the pink drink to trick us so we think its a girl

  5. Jaylene Aguilar

    Jaylene Aguilar3 months ago

    Hi i love you

  6. Keedyn Searcy

    Keedyn Searcy3 months ago

    Nooo I can’t

  7. LeAnn Troyer

    LeAnn Troyer27 days ago

    it's a boy baby.

  8. Aiden Shivel

    Aiden ShivelMonth ago

    Merry Christmas too all hope great year for all

  9. Salking

    SalkingMonth ago


  10. Curtis Paltoo

    Curtis PaltooMonth ago

    I think Cassie is having a boy

  11. Giselle Santillan

    Giselle SantillanMonth ago

    I think Cassie is having a girl

  12. Averylynn Woodson

    Averylynn Woodson2 months ago

    It a boy

  13. Laura s

    Laura s2 months ago

    It's a girl💌

  14. Jerrid Baumgartel

    Jerrid Baumgartel2 months ago


  15. Jerrid Baumgartel

    Jerrid Baumgartel2 months ago

    it is a girl

  16. anaya dubuc

    anaya dubuc3 months ago

    Poor ollie he will probably never touch a snake again 😂😂

  17. Unima The Unicorn

    Unima The Unicorn3 months ago

    Thought it was boy cause everything was pointing to it but now I think girl cause of pink drink

  18. Magical Drawer

    Magical Drawer3 months ago

    I love the daily bumps

  19. Unlikely Cat

    Unlikely Cat3 months ago

    Missy: “Look at all these chickens!” Me: (meme plays in my head)

  20. Lupe Aguilar

    Lupe Aguilar3 months ago

    Lupe Hola 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  21. Stacey Walock

    Stacey Walock3 months ago

    It means she’s having a girl

  22. Kaila Gloria

    Kaila Gloria3 months ago

    Who else has been watching since Ollie was a baby 👶🏼 He I so big omg 😯 he is catching scorpions 🦂 🤠

  23. Tami Robb

    Tami Robb3 months ago

    It a girl

  24. Lindsey Ort

    Lindsey Ort3 months ago

    I can’t believe how much Oliver looks like Bryan

  25. Rafaela Placencio

    Rafaela Placencio3 months ago

    Its a girl

  26. Angus Hathorn

    Angus Hathorn3 months ago

    Your baby is a gerl

  27. Rock and Roll RC

    Rock and Roll RC3 months ago


  28. Faith Russell

    Faith Russell3 months ago

    I’m 13 weeks and 4 days! We are so close together 😊

  29. Elizabeth Vurmeski

    Elizabeth Vurmeski3 months ago

    I think it’s a boy 💙💙

  30. the yacoub familia

    the yacoub familia3 months ago

    XD lol

  31. the yacoub familia

    the yacoub familia3 months ago

    Omg i havent watched u in forever and u guys are so much older but nitbreally lol XD

  32. Isabella Baris

    Isabella Baris3 months ago

    daily bumps are the bats

  33. Jessica Provo

    Jessica Provo3 months ago

    I like watching this knowing is a girl

  34. Jöšśėłÿn żênnön

    Jöšśėłÿn żênnön3 months ago

    About he is so big 💗💗

  35. Amber Dawn

    Amber Dawn3 months ago


  36. Crazel Graham

    Crazel Graham3 months ago

    it a boy

  37. Darcy Jones

    Darcy Jones3 months ago

    do you still have your horse

  38. Phoenix Digraziano

    Phoenix Digraziano3 months ago

    I have been here since I was 5 and I will be 14 in a few months ❤


    SOPHIE KNUFFMAN3 months ago


  40. Dotty cooke

    Dotty cooke3 months ago

    Is missy trying to say that her sister is having a girl.

  41. Charlotte Moses

    Charlotte Moses3 months ago

    It means that you’re having a girl

  42. Giselle and eevee Mexico rocks

    Giselle and eevee Mexico rocks3 months ago

    It’s gonna be a boy 👶🦋

  43. Dom Doyle

    Dom Doyle3 months ago

    I love how fearless Ollie is. Most of the time 😂

  44. Dom Doyle

    Dom Doyle3 months ago

    I love how fearless Ollie is ❤️

  45. Jays Peters

    Jays Peters3 months ago

    It men’s vat not got a girl

  46. Jays Peters

    Jays Peters3 months ago


  47. Leah Hampton

    Leah Hampton3 months ago

    It's a girl

  48. Luccia Loretta

    Luccia Loretta3 months ago

    I'm sure that is a boy

  49. Adilynn Sanchez

    Adilynn Sanchez3 months ago


  50. Juan Aguilar

    Juan Aguilar3 months ago

    Omg if been here a since the first flog btw in my dads phone

  51. Hai Hoang

    Hai Hoang3 months ago

    “This is how your telling me this is really lame”

  52. Bree

    Bree3 months ago

    Omg I have been here since I was little and Ollie was a tiny little baby

  53. heidistar 456

    heidistar 4563 months ago


  54. Matthew Harding

    Matthew Harding3 months ago

    It is a girl

  55. Kylee B

    Kylee B3 months ago

    Pink drink Cassie is having a Girl! I haven’t watched the next video either , but I hope she’s having a girl!

  56. Emm Klein

    Emm Klein3 months ago

    I was not expecting poor ollie to get bitten! Once the camera shook and i heard screams, i was so confused! I blinked and all of a sudden, im hearing screams!😂

  57. Miyah Hampton

    Miyah Hampton3 months ago

    She is having a boy 💙💙💙so cute I'm so excited

  58. Cecily Saenz

    Cecily Saenz3 months ago

    I love the pink drink!!! It actually does have caffeine in it. It’s made with green coffee extract. 💕

  59. Lennex Smidt

    Lennex Smidt3 months ago

    Im happy she is having a baby

  60. Craig Deitch

    Craig Deitch3 months ago


  61. Peyton Davis

    Peyton Davis3 months ago

    I've been waiting a day for y'all to respond to my comment

  62. Peyton Davis

    Peyton Davis3 months ago

    I'm going to love it and then when it grows up to about half show about 2 years old who gets cuter and cuter and cuter

  63. Peyton Davis

    Peyton Davis3 months ago

    Imagine how cute that baby is going to be

  64. Peyton Davis

    Peyton Davis3 months ago

    I love Oliver

  65. Peyton Davis

    Peyton Davis3 months ago


  66. Bailey Palacios

    Bailey Palacios3 months ago

    It means it’s a boy

  67. Bailey Palacios

    Bailey Palacios3 months ago


  68. Surinder Malhotra

    Surinder Malhotra3 months ago

    are you ok Oliver

  69. Rogerio Moraes

    Rogerio Moraes3 months ago

    it is a girl

  70. Hannah Birchall

    Hannah Birchall3 months ago

    the pink drink means that maybe the baby is a girl

  71. Aubrey Ruble

    Aubrey Ruble3 months ago

    She is having a girl

  72. Amy Durham

    Amy Durham3 months ago


  73. Amanda Lee

    Amanda Lee3 months ago

    Amy Durham. Are you sure?

  74. jessica collins

    jessica collins3 months ago

    she is having a girl

  75. Rahma Vlogs

    Rahma Vlogs3 months ago

    The Name of the intro Song please

  76. Britney Elizabeth

    Britney Elizabeth3 months ago

    Dragon drink (light ice) is MUCH better than the pink drink! 😉

  77. vanessa denila

    vanessa denila3 months ago

    miassylwegla dailybumpspilnnedbahh canyoubeilev that snakebiie

  78. Kelly Oldham

    Kelly Oldham3 months ago

    I think it might be a girl because of the pink drink but I could be a boy because missy is giving lots of girl hints

  79. vanessa denila

    vanessa denila3 months ago

    niassylwegal dailybumps

  80. lauren gulbins

    lauren gulbins3 months ago

    Cassies having a boy, a first nephew for missy !!!

  81. Kendra Snook

    Kendra Snook3 months ago

    she is prego

  82. Romy Ibra

    Romy Ibra3 months ago

    oh i nowwww

  83. Josiah McKenzie

    Josiah McKenzie3 months ago


  84. Josiah McKenzie

    Josiah McKenzie3 months ago

    It a bo

  85. Salxty Chxrry

    Salxty Chxrry3 months ago

    Ohh it’s a girl I thank

  86. Dylan Weston

    Dylan Weston3 months ago

    is a grl

  87. Mike Porteous

    Mike Porteous3 months ago

    I love you Mises

  88. Kayleigh the best YouTuber Kbjlop

    Kayleigh the best YouTuber Kbjlop3 months ago

    Some people might of watch the video to see the gender reveal so we know what it is

  89. Rebekah Oliva

    Rebekah Oliva3 months ago

    It a 🎀🎀🎀🧸🧸 🎊

  90. Metta Su

    Metta Su3 months ago

    So excited for the gender reveal ❤️ I think it's GOING TO BE A GIRLLL 😭❤️

  91. Laura Crowe

    Laura Crowe3 months ago

    I have been there sens day one


    KIERA HAWKES3 months ago

    its a girrrrrrrlllllllll

  93. Quetzalli Gutierrez Arteaga

    Quetzalli Gutierrez Arteaga3 months ago


  94. Aaishah :D

    Aaishah :D3 months ago

    ALJDSKJD i’ve been watching you guys since oliver was born and now cassie is prego and finn has gotten so big

  95. Crystal Jones

    Crystal Jones3 months ago

    Missy is talking about the pink drink???awfully lot

  96. Crystal Jones

    Crystal Jones3 months ago

    I think she will try to tell you the gender of your baby 😉😉

  97. Robert Drew

    Robert Drew3 months ago

    Oli is so big!!

  98. Janice

    Janice3 months ago

    Cool 😎

  99. Joann Abaygar

    Joann Abaygar3 months ago

    Congrats.i say GIRL. When i found out I was with my son, i stopped drinking coffee

  100. Casey Harrington

    Casey Harrington3 months ago

    Is it a girl or boy ????

  101. Kathleen Mae Antonio

    Kathleen Mae Antonio3 months ago

    Hello daily bumps I am a biggest fan of you I always watch you're vids when finn was small he looked cute and ollie hipe you read my comment i already liked this vid hipe you res my comment.😊

  102. Kysha Thomson

    Kysha Thomson3 months ago

    Girl maybe yes Boy maybe


    DJ JACKSON3 months ago

    Among Us References 😂😂

  104. Renee Kowalski

    Renee Kowalski3 months ago

    Are you guys still selling? Are you guys still have the goats?

  105. Livy Bug

    Livy Bug3 months ago

    I think she is going to have a baby GIRLLLL!!!!! Because Missy wanted Cassie to have/try the pink drink. LOL

  106. Alexis & Arabella

    Alexis & Arabella3 months ago

    Your gender

  107. Adriana Andrade

    Adriana Andrade3 months ago

    I think she is lying and I feel like it’s a boy

  108. Sara Cox

    Sara Cox3 months ago

    Boy boy boy boy boy boy