Elf Marks the Spot! ❌ (What Buried Underground?)

Our Elf buried something!! Watch as we dig it up! Then head on over to @Bryan Lanning channel and watch the new music video for "Baby It's Cold Outside - the 2020 Version! (you might see Santa!) uslikes.info/house/oa6jsbqgya99gtg/video.html


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    Hi 🙋‍♀️ missy Bryan Ollie Finn Luna and karma the dogs 🐕 and the goats 🐐 and the chickens 🐓 too awesome 🤩 video as always hi 🙋‍♀️ Isabel Rose 🌹 Darcey O isobel C and everybody else in the world 🌎 of daily bumps ✊ halfway up the mountain 🏔 the 2nd part of the ride 🎢 it’s super fun 🤩 got home 🏡 sprinkles the elves 🧝‍♀️ have disappeared 👻 sprinkles outside they didn’t see Fred and jingles the elves 🧝‍♀️ at the house 🏡 sprinkles everywhere they missed Fred and jingles 🧝‍♀️ no more sprinkles relax x marks the spot the elves 🧝‍♀️ are in the tree 🌲 Fred must be around somewhere jingles is a naughty 👿 elf 🧝‍♀️ read the letter Fred is underground 🚊

  4. Amy Taylor

    Amy TaylorMonth ago

    I don’t know why I said that because I just started watching the video

  5. Amy Taylor

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    You’re lucky that your elf is staying don’t really behave good T^T

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    For my elf

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    Fin is starting to talk more 🥺

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    Our elf’s name is Fred too!!!!

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    They went to big bear

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    0:16 is the fun part

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    u are the best daily bumps

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    Ollie: oh my god Me: what did you just say!

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    I'm your biggest fan

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    It looks so fun over there

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    I love you guys so much

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    Lupe hola Good morning 🤧🤕

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    This is my childhood❤

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    im crying of nostalgia right now

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    I have an elf named jingles but she is a girl and she is now a plushie

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    When will you move to your new house ?

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    I haven’t watched them in a while omg 🧑🏻‍🦯

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    You guys are so cool

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    I just remembered that I used to watch them in 2016 I can’t believe there still posting

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    Hi there

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    i like that finn says owie instead of ollie Lol-

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    I've been through some rough times you're making My Heart swell. I love you guys and your videos so much your all my childhood you make my day every day and also Bryan your songs are the best from josh

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    Merry Christmas from josh I love you guys so much and your video's

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    Who’s been here before Karma past?

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    I like your elfs Ollie and Finn😄😄

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    How old is oliver And how old is finn

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    I just stop watching this for 1 day and this is what I see when I came back...wow

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    Those tracks were so fun when i went

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    I’m gonna cry I forgot about you guys for a few years and I just shuffled to one of Bryan’s songs and it made me think of you guys T^T

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    Wow cool

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    So like omg

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    My cousin says one of your songs would be better without ollie but i love you guys so much

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    I went to Disney world

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    As I want to be there Lol

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    love this video

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    ME there so cute

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    Dig down to China lol

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    0:58 I have no more worries as a result of, *G R E A T E A S Y P A Y . C O M*

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    u must go manritius

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    Ha ha ha ha so funny 😄 😆 🤣 😂 😀 😁 😄

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    Why did Ferdy get Buried by jingle

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    I love the roller coaster thingy😎

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    I love Finn. Instead of freaking out he continually screams not fun 😂

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    Good luck moving to your new house missy and bryan

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    Love you guys

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    Poor elf

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    These are going to be great memories for your boys

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    You guys are moving to Nashville Tennessee

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    these people were my whole childhood208

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    Poor Fred! I hope he is ok!

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    I love your videos Daily Bumps

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    ik like your vis and i like you dogs and casndy

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    I love you ollie

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    you guys my childhood youtuber i watch you when i was 4 years old i think

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    I heard the “ones WE packed” Bryan 🤣🤣🤣 I’ve almost have slipped up a couple of times myself lmaooo

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    Who else loves Ollie and Finn?


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    Hay USlikes

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    Jingles is such a naughty little elf I think Fred should get his own back lol

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    Today is my birthday

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    The Christmas spirit is alive in your house. I love it!

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    Missy This video was a funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny video today

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    Who else thinks Ollie and Finn are so cute

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    Hi i

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    Finn’s YEAH when Bryan said Jingles wouldn’t bury Fred made me laugh so hard lol 😂

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    Where did you get the green elf app

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    Love you please let me know when you’re coming home by tomorrow

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    I have not wach u gis in a wil find got so big

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    Everyone:😮 Ollie:next don't just dig a hole all the way to China🤣

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    so many youtubers barley post but i love how you guys post😁

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    But just notice that Fin or his ever you spell his name sorry is wearing a fort nite hat. Gee that game has taken over the WORLD 😂

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    Thats so cute

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    my respect for finn w his fortnite hat ^ | |

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    I love your video can you please make more and you say happy holidays to all of your friends and family and you to

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    Actually nine

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    Sorry daily bumps I meant watch I’m only eight years old and I use Siri to help me

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    Love you daily bumps big fan I want you when you post something new every day

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    Why did you not take so many videos at big Bear for three days I only saw the one

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    I love your vidsss

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    My elves are Siil

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    Where are your goats?

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    Omg he wouldn’t dare

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    this is how we do it baby

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    I absolutely love this family

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