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  1. Tracie Dominguez

    Tracie Dominguez4 days ago

    is that moonlight Beach?

  2. Tracie Dominguez

    Tracie Dominguez4 days ago

    I love kiwico

  3. You Tube

    You TubeMonth ago

    It’s crabs in the ocean

  4. Marvel Magic

    Marvel Magic4 months ago

    Ollie: *sees any animal to ever exist* Also Ollie: *catches it*

  5. Anne Signs

    Anne Signs4 months ago


  6. Muk Heung Li

    Muk Heung Li4 months ago

    I life in Albany NY lol

  7. Muk Heung Li

    Muk Heung Li4 months ago


  8. Muk Heung Li

    Muk Heung Li4 months ago

    You guys are awesome

  9. Emma Delgado

    Emma Delgado4 months ago

    Emma d

  10. Lexi Marie Dotson

    Lexi Marie Dotson4 months ago

    I LOVE catching those sand fleas when they dig into the sand, lol! It’s so fun!

  11. Julieta Barroso

    Julieta Barroso5 months ago

    ollie is so fuuny haha omg

  12. harry Kim Sabine O. Almario

    harry Kim Sabine O. Almario5 months ago

    I Love Mise

  13. Sydnie Noga

    Sydnie Noga5 months ago

    Ollie lol 5:20

  14. Sydnie Noga

    Sydnie Noga5 months ago

    Like it if Ollie is awesome

  15. Clinnon Galloway

    Clinnon Galloway5 months ago

    Cool and amazing


    JONATHAN GITHINJI5 months ago

    I dont forgive karma but love you guys you are the best

  17. Chuck Strickland jr

    Chuck Strickland jr5 months ago

    U should get oley a Xbox he'll love it and I'm a girl I've been watching sense day 1

  18. Jarrod200

    Jarrod2005 months ago

    I love you'd vid keep up the good work😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  19. EmmaTheBannaFariy Scroggins

    EmmaTheBannaFariy Scroggins5 months ago

    I watched since I was 4 now I'm 8 soooooo your my most fav YT

  20. Allison Woodward

    Allison Woodward5 months ago


  21. Amy Valdez

    Amy Valdez5 months ago


  22. Cindy Maguire

    Cindy Maguire5 months ago

    I love the beach

  23. Rae Gogan

    Rae Gogan5 months ago

    😬I'm not really just don't get it

  24. Graciela Martinez

    Graciela Martinez5 months ago

    I love Daily Bumps since I was about three years old incloding fgetv

  25. The princess Best friends

    The princess Best friends5 months ago

    Graciela Martinez okay

  26. Graciela Martinez

    Graciela Martinez5 months ago

    @The princess Best friends ya

  27. Graciela Martinez

    Graciela Martinez5 months ago


  28. The princess Best friends

    The princess Best friends5 months ago

    You mean fgteev right?

  29. Gaby Bucio

    Gaby Bucio5 months ago

    Hi I don’t see your videos because I have a new iPad but I see you in my iPad and I love your videos and I dare ol sorry I don’t know hes name I forgot 😅go to the pool :) byeee

  30. Lola Paciorek

    Lola Paciorek5 months ago

    We do kiwico to

  31. Dalianys Crespo

    Dalianys Crespo5 months ago

    I love yore intro

  32. Juicy Gamer

    Juicy Gamer5 months ago

    I have watched all of your vids

  33. moha aga

    moha aga5 months ago


  34. Jayda Martinez

    Jayda Martinez5 months ago


  35. Leyza Shines

    Leyza Shines5 months ago


  36. Gio Cruz

    Gio Cruz5 months ago

    What is 8x is

  37. Daniel Shammas

    Daniel Shammas5 months ago


  38. L

    L5 months ago

    I love the girls who were in the video 😂😂😂😂

  39. holl hampton

    holl hampton5 months ago

    Uhhhhhhhhh I spelled eight wrong

  40. Zabina Eulaine's World

    Zabina Eulaine's World5 months ago

    Can i see obout it??

  41. Sean Connery

    Sean Connery5 months ago


  42. Matty V

    Matty V5 months ago

    I forgive karma 🐶

  43. Fan Charli and addisonrea

    Fan Charli and addisonrea5 months ago

    Hi can I have shout out plz

  44. faye gepp

    faye gepp5 months ago


  45. faye gepp

    faye gepp5 months ago

    Omg I think that there a huge crab in the snas

  46. faye gepp

    faye gepp5 months ago

    Idk what dis is

  47. stella Grahame

    stella Grahame5 months ago

    I love you guys I wish I could meet you guys

  48. SnapesPrincess4

    SnapesPrincess45 months ago

    What an awesome day!! 😊😊 Loved the cool sand crabs you were catching, Ollie!!

  49. Itsme_LEYLEY!

    Itsme_LEYLEY!5 months ago


  50. Itsme_LEYLEY!

    Itsme_LEYLEY!5 months ago


  51. Itsme_LEYLEY!

    Itsme_LEYLEY!5 months ago

    Me: about to fall asleep +daily bumps+ posts :me: *YELLS* They post yay 😁 I love the daily bumps!=

  52. Marcos Cuizon

    Marcos Cuizon5 months ago

    I love you guys and I love ollie finnster and you Missy and Bryan and Mimi and Papa

  53. A'aliyah Edwards

    A'aliyah Edwards5 months ago

    AWHH karma is like Huh??

  54. William Hayward

    William Hayward5 months ago

    It’s funny when Ollie was using the camera

  55. Zombiegreenman -Fortnite

    Zombiegreenman -Fortnite5 months ago

    I’ve got to say hit the bell and give me a 👍 Messi

  56. Jeffery Banks

    Jeffery Banks5 months ago

    You guys do you wear mass coronavirus

  57. Keily Sigaran

    Keily Sigaran5 months ago


  58. OneGirlsVoice

    OneGirlsVoice5 months ago


  59. Oscar Pacas

    Oscar Pacas5 months ago


  60. Oscar Cortes

    Oscar Cortes5 months ago


  61. Susel Maldonado

    Susel Maldonado5 months ago

    Lmao karma is so funny..... the way he gives missy that innocent face like “I didn’t mean to do it i was hungry” 😂😅😂😅

  62. Chelsea Davidson

    Chelsea Davidson4 months ago


  63. Brooke Evans

    Brooke Evans5 months ago

    Hey I have been watching you guys since ollie was born and a couple months ago I got a new huskey and is name is ollie

  64. Blynn Murr

    Blynn Murr5 months ago

    I’m going to go get some food 🥘 was a little bit too early

  65. sara archer

    sara archer5 months ago

    Why are you going to the beach in the Cabarrus


    RAVIKUMAR TG5 months ago

    Missy : doing this for two days Me: sounds fun right Like if you agree

  67. Nimo Aden

    Nimo Aden5 months ago

    Yn l

  68. Susana Valdez

    Susana Valdez5 months ago

    The boys are so cute and your goats ❤️❤️💙💙

  69. Xhaferi Leon

    Xhaferi Leon5 months ago

    In 🇦🇱 the beach ⛱ is amazing

  70. Rosie Ray

    Rosie Ray5 months ago

    I am going to the beach to

  71. Laudina Lobo

    Laudina Lobo5 months ago


  72. Kinley James

    Kinley James5 months ago

    Ollie: It peed AAAAA! It peed

  73. Caleb Pettit

    Caleb Pettit5 months ago

    You guys should go to destin florida we were going to but aparently the water is realy clear

  74. Chris Edwards

    Chris Edwards5 months ago

    What is your last name

  75. Carly Rangel

    Carly Rangel5 months ago

    please stay home

  76. Nancy Wehmeyer

    Nancy Wehmeyer5 months ago

    Happy birthday Oliver

  77. Nancy Wehmeyer

    Nancy Wehmeyer5 months ago

    Awww so nice

  78. Nancy Wehmeyer

    Nancy Wehmeyer5 months ago

    I'm 7 years old too

  79. Kaylee i love wathing your videos i love itWilson

    Kaylee i love wathing your videos i love itWilson5 months ago

    Ninja fithe

  80. Samsha Merchant

    Samsha Merchant5 months ago

    I’m watching this after along Time and the song is so amazing

  81. Maria Rojo

    Maria Rojo5 months ago


  82. Maria Rojo

    Maria Rojo5 months ago


  83. Meryl Liwanag

    Meryl Liwanag5 months ago

    I think that Mrs.Missy said alot of things to bring at the beach

  84. Chely Alfaro

    Chely Alfaro5 months ago


  85. Courtney Scott

    Courtney Scott5 months ago

    I haven't been at the beach in 2 years because I am 6 hours away.😭

  86. Xander Castro

    Xander Castro5 months ago

    Wait dont go to the beach theres covid 19😰

  87. Susan Rodriguez

    Susan Rodriguez5 months ago


  88. Bella Cordova

    Bella Cordova5 months ago

    That is not a sand crab that is a sand flea

  89. Rylee Jarmin

    Rylee Jarmin5 months ago

    moonlight beach is amazing, when i went there the water was so warm!

  90. xx26kzyyxx

    xx26kzyyxx5 months ago

    Can i get a happy bday my bday is in 3 more day

  91. mandapanda2925

    mandapanda29255 months ago


  92. Finley’s Gaming / Dancing

    Finley’s Gaming / Dancing5 months ago

    It Is Hot Here In Galveston. It’s 2 Degrees Hotter Back In Cypress

  93. Alish Shakya

    Alish Shakya5 months ago


  94. Bryan Ziga

    Bryan Ziga5 months ago

    Hmmm what the

  95. Elijah Stiltner

    Elijah Stiltner5 months ago

    I built a kiwi co card shuffler

  96. Noah Eddie

    Noah Eddie5 months ago


  97. Kimberly Aldridge

    Kimberly Aldridge5 months ago

    i live at flordu

  98. Cole CAvanaugh

    Cole CAvanaugh5 months ago

    I want to Florida the beaches were amazing

  99. Mya Filipowicz

    Mya Filipowicz5 months ago

    I live in Florida

  100. Alexia Eileen

    Alexia Eileen5 months ago

    I love you daily bumps ❤️😘😍😍💖💗💮❤️😍😍💞💞💞💞💋💕💘💘♥️💖💖💮💮🍒😝😝😽😽😻😻😇🤩🤩🤩🤩😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  101. Bethany layla Crouch

    Bethany layla Crouch5 months ago

    I’ve not watched this in half a year

  102. Kay. bbs

    Kay. bbs5 months ago

    Missy: Is This Called Helping Ollie Thinking: Duh 🙄

  103. Brinley Playz

    Brinley Playz5 months ago


  104. Zaida Arellano Reyes

    Zaida Arellano Reyes5 months ago

    I when to the beach for 4 of July

  105. Sky

    Sky5 months ago

    u are the best daily bumps

  106. Elf on the shelf

    Elf on the shelf5 months ago

    I went to the beach the same DAY!! 😃

  107. Gachawolfy Glitch

    Gachawolfy Glitch5 months ago

    I love watching the very fun vids

  108. Meegan Weiler

    Meegan Weiler5 months ago

    I have been subbing to u guys for 6 years