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  1. Daily Bumps

    Daily Bumps4 months ago

    I can't believe we actually pulled off this surprise on the boys! I love their friendship!

  2. Roberto Mariscal-Arciniega

    Roberto Mariscal-Arciniega26 days ago

    Daily Bumps so do I!

  3. Just Mia

    Just MiaMonth ago


  4. Just Mia

    Just MiaMonth ago


  5. Shari Virtue and ALEAH

    Shari Virtue and ALEAH2 months ago


  6. Shari Virtue and ALEAH

    Shari Virtue and ALEAH2 months ago

    Hey dude I'm sorry I love your videos especially the ones that are both sleeping over

  7. Kristen Henderson

    Kristen Henderson2 days ago

    yes i love there frendship so much!😁

  8. Stacey Blackmore

    Stacey Blackmore3 days ago

    I love daily bumps more than prestonplayz

  9. Stacey Blackmore

    Stacey Blackmore3 days ago

    Do you guys agree

  10. Vivian Ho

    Vivian Ho6 days ago

    Who's been here since missy and Bryan did that long draw my life

  11. Sabz Laurencell

    Sabz Laurencell8 days ago

    I want your amazing life:)

  12. Jodie Price

    Jodie Price19 days ago


  13. Homie G Campos

    Homie G Campos25 days ago


  14. Red Panda GUCCI

    Red Panda GUCCI26 days ago

    (Missy in front of Finn) Finn: MAMA YOU GUNNA DIE!

  15. Angel Pesado

    Angel PesadoMonth ago


  16. Dusty playesgames2

    Dusty playesgames2Month ago

    In the intro Finn looked liked he had a mullet

  17. kathryn hans

    kathryn hans2 months ago

    i wot to bey bff i like you sow you or oum i wot you a 24 thow a polu thalin

  18. Christian Jeanty

    Christian Jeanty2 months ago


  19. Lesley Marney

    Lesley Marney2 months ago

    Mimi, his papa,Jimmy,Bryan, Missy ,Cassie, Cassies Boy friend, karma. I think that’s all

  20. Theresa Easter

    Theresa Easter2 months ago

    Ollie. Face was the. Cute

  21. Io Pos

    Io Pos2 months ago

    I watch you guys every day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😀😀😀😀

  22. Rainbow Rainbow

    Rainbow Rainbow2 months ago

    OMG Ollie you are so sweet 🥰

  23. alberto Juarez

    alberto Juarez3 months ago

    I saw that tik tok

  24. Emily Gaddis

    Emily Gaddis3 months ago


  25. tonya gable

    tonya gable3 months ago


  26. Galia Rios

    Galia Rios3 months ago

    Me, I started watching when Oliver was not born

  27. Oscar y Collado

    Oscar y Collado3 months ago


  28. Maisie Hallas

    Maisie Hallas3 months ago


  29. Tenesha Niblet

    Tenesha Niblet3 months ago

    When oliver saw Jackson he was like 😲

  30. Gaming Beaver and seri pixel biologist fan Fan

    Gaming Beaver and seri pixel biologist fan Fan3 months ago

    14 more days before my birthday happens

  31. Gaming Beaver and seri pixel biologist fan Fan

    Gaming Beaver and seri pixel biologist fan Fan3 months ago

    And look at my profile picture its a green tree python 🐍

  32. Nightshadeandnightmare

    Nightshadeandnightmare3 months ago

    I haven’t seen jackson in forever ollies his face was priceless 🥺❤️

  33. RobloxGaming_fireball playz

    RobloxGaming_fireball playz3 months ago


  34. Layton Anderson

    Layton Anderson3 months ago

    They were so bummed before so far I didn’t watch all the video it’s just when you getting out of the car but I think you guys are gonna have a Lotta fun but yeah I’m really excited to see what happens next so I’ll keep in touch and I can’t believe you latest you already watched it three times so yeah

  35. Olivia Schuuring

    Olivia Schuuring4 months ago

    I love you

  36. Jessica Lebel

    Jessica Lebel4 months ago

    Hey Daily Bumps guess what I talk about my cousins every day I’m not sure if they’re cousins but guess what I got surprised with them to today me and my cousin Jackson are watching you because we really love you and guess what we’re gonna do today since we live in Colorado we can’t go to the beach sadly but we can go to twin silo‘s twin silo does it’s great park I can’t wait but I still have one more hour we have one more hour to go so me and Jackson are going to play

  37. Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig4 months ago

    I love a Series of Unfortunate Events! I watched it with my family and it was phenomenal!

  38. joaquinthukig

    joaquinthukig4 months ago

    I realy wont you todo a dog Video playa. 🐱🐺🐩🐖🐎🐱🐫🐐🐑🐏🐃🐂🐗

  39. maxxdude

    maxxdude4 months ago


  40. chris 1243

    chris 12434 months ago

    I am a House

  41. Jayden Cadena

    Jayden Cadena4 months ago

    They got so big 🥺 it’s been along time :C

  42. Kenisse Duenas

    Kenisse Duenas4 months ago

    Seeing all the boys grow up together gives me such a good feeling cs I love being apart of there lives :)

  43. Sendy Castillo

    Sendy Castillo4 months ago


  44. Tim Town

    Tim Town4 months ago

    Why doesn’t the youngest one not look like a lizard? Maybe Someone else was dipping their pen in her ink well

  45. Tim Town

    Tim Town4 months ago

    Who else thinks Ollie looks like a lizard? It’s like the lizard family

  46. Rhylee Maesch

    Rhylee Maesch4 months ago

    I saw that TikTok

  47. Ava Sall

    Ava Sall4 months ago

    When ollie was hugging him he goes omg hiii how are u? Thats do cute!

  48. Christian Zayn Miles

    Christian Zayn Miles4 months ago

    I luv your vitoz

  49. Christian Zayn Miles

    Christian Zayn Miles4 months ago


  50. Christian Zayn Miles

    Christian Zayn Miles4 months ago


  51. Christian Zayn Miles

    Christian Zayn Miles4 months ago


  52. Christian Zayn Miles

    Christian Zayn Miles4 months ago


  53. Christian Zayn Miles

    Christian Zayn Miles4 months ago


  54. Dani Vargas

    Dani Vargas4 months ago

    Add going to Fairfield’s

  55. Cristina Arboleda

    Cristina Arboleda4 months ago

    That is so cute

  56. REEM SXB

    REEM SXB4 months ago

    How old is ollie

  57. The Farm Life

    The Farm Life4 months ago

    what happend to the goats

  58. kiarea miss k

    kiarea miss k4 months ago


  59. AbbyandAmber GTwins

    AbbyandAmber GTwins4 months ago

    What was the pregnancy test about then

  60. AbbyandAmber GTwins

    AbbyandAmber GTwins4 months ago

    Is it boy was it a girl I will he hope it’s a girl because do you have too much boys in your family

  61. Jen Pickett

    Jen Pickett4 months ago

    How long have you had your IUD? Sometimes your cycle can stop when you have one. Mine did!

  62. csexton1123

    csexton11234 months ago

    Me too

  63. Parker Crim

    Parker Crim4 months ago


  64. Louise Davidson

    Louise Davidson4 months ago

    I watch the same tik tok

  65. Rhianna Jones

    Rhianna Jones4 months ago

    Awww soo Cut

  66. dream

    dream4 months ago

    ollie is such a surfer he should definitely take lessons!

  67. dream

    dream4 months ago

    show ollie justin bieber!! he needs to know of him

  68. Angelie Dominguez

    Angelie Dominguez4 months ago

    Honestly this is so crazy cuz Ollie is so big now I remember when he was just a baby same with Finn he is getting big too

  69. Justin Clark

    Justin Clark4 months ago

    I love that movie

  70. Janelle Thornton

    Janelle Thornton4 months ago

    I love your vids 🤩🤪

  71. Charly's World

    Charly's World4 months ago

    If you guys like the sires of unfortunate events movie there is a Netflix sires of the show and it is even beter than the movie you should check it out!!

  72. Amanda Vega

    Amanda Vega4 months ago

    I love watching your videos


    MOOTUBE GAMING4 months ago

    LUV THE NEW INRO!!!!!!

  74. Summer Warren

    Summer Warren4 months ago

    Seriously there so cuuuuute

  75. KingDogePlayz

    KingDogePlayz4 months ago

    lol that the best surprise ever

  76. Laguna M

    Laguna M4 months ago

    Does anyone know which beach this is? I love how shallow it is :)

  77. Deyssi Garcia

    Deyssi Garcia4 months ago


  78. Sophia Lodge

    Sophia Lodge4 months ago

    Your guys family is adorable 🥰🥰

  79. Emerson Williams

    Emerson Williams4 months ago


  80. Hayley Mendenhall

    Hayley Mendenhall4 months ago

    Are they cousins to each other or just friends

  81. shawn Emerson

    shawn Emerson4 months ago

    Please have another baby

  82. Asiya Khandker

    Asiya Khandker4 months ago

    Who else doesn't have a clue what finn is saying but still thinks that he is so dang cute

  83. Paula Bowen

    Paula Bowen4 months ago

    So cute!!!! Ollie is so Tan!!!! :)

  84. Soccer Ken

    Soccer Ken4 months ago

    Yay I’m in the rarri

  85. Sandra Torres

    Sandra Torres4 months ago

    I saw that tic tock too

  86. Jason Adams

    Jason Adams4 months ago

    Yay I love your family

  87. Janan Hamadeh

    Janan Hamadeh4 months ago


  88. Jazmin Perea

    Jazmin Perea4 months ago

    Where's your old kitty

  89. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo4 months ago

    Love you guys so much

  90. Curt Axelson

    Curt Axelson4 months ago

    The boys are cute together

  91. Cooking with Jules

    Cooking with Jules4 months ago

    Missy I am pretty sure if u are going to have triplets or twins the test will come back negative u should do some research to see

  92. Emily Perkins

    Emily Perkins4 months ago

    What happed to tracko

  93. Noah Kirby

    Noah Kirby4 months ago

    Please play Fortnite again

  94. star shine

    star shine4 months ago

    I thought you said you still had an iud, or did you have it removed?


    SCOTTISH GHIRL X 1888 X4 months ago

    Has cassie had her pregnancy confirmed the test cud b rong

  96. Maria Moreira

    Maria Moreira4 months ago

    I’m going to the beach tomorrow for two days

  97. Jana crew

    Jana crew4 months ago

    i tombs up the video

  98. Jana crew

    Jana crew4 months ago

    Becous of the boys

  99. Jana crew

    Jana crew4 months ago

    I can’t believe daily bumps make this video so sweet and amazing

  100. Syahla Azima Daily Fun

    Syahla Azima Daily Fun4 months ago

    Hello olli and family... fans for indonesian... syahla azima daily fun

  101. Toy Bananas!

    Toy Bananas!4 months ago

    That's so cool!

  102. Mold

    Mold4 months ago

    You guys gotta be careful out there during this pandemic

  103. Adam Space

    Adam Space4 months ago

    Ollies face when u said pregnancy test

  104. evans gaming evan

    evans gaming evan4 months ago

    You should let them come over and play

  105. Eunna Shin

    Eunna Shin4 months ago


  106. Kimpossible fan77 agvsp auttp edcp ad

    Kimpossible fan77 agvsp auttp edcp ad4 months ago

    Wow soo cool

  107. Tackymeowmeowcat 010

    Tackymeowmeowcat 0104 months ago

    Wai wai wai- WHAT HAPPENED TO COVID-19 .O.

  108. Kaelyn Ysabel Rosana

    Kaelyn Ysabel Rosana4 months ago

    That was fun.

  109. Tezz Johansson

    Tezz Johansson4 months ago

    The clearblue is the best to detect pregnanse. The one were it says how many weeks you are

  110. Mxalla Plays

    Mxalla Plays4 months ago

    Missy I saw a number plate in the parking lot I thought I would say so you would know next time to blox it out

  111. Olga Pablo Ahilon

    Olga Pablo Ahilon4 months ago

    I’m HAPPY To Watching you guys again in two years

  112. Reese Margarette Doinog

    Reese Margarette Doinog4 months ago

    Ollie is so big now lol