What He'll Miss the Most About This House! 🥺 (NEW YEARS SPECIAL!)

"Walls", new song coming Jan. 22 🏡 presave: ffm.to/bryanlanningwalls
New year. New Daily Bumps! We're gonna miss a lot of things about this place, but we're also SO excited about where we're going next!
Watch more: uslikes.info/house/aHeGtMmcrG6OZtA/video.html


  1. Ruth Vitale

    Ruth Vitale5 days ago

    My favorite USlikes like is k pi’s

  2. Jimmy Asio

    Jimmy Asio5 days ago

    I love how Ollie has a old man rock I like it!

  3. mariana ortigoza

    mariana ortigoza5 days ago


  4. mariana ortigoza

    mariana ortigoza5 days ago

    I love you I love you I love you tubers tubers yo me acuerdo

  5. Sarah Mazzei

    Sarah Mazzei7 days ago

    Why does it seem that not that long ago you rebuilt your pool lol

  6. Chrīstine Mīllān

    Chrīstine Mīllān8 days ago


  7. Cooper Harley

    Cooper Harley8 days ago

    Happy 🥳 birthday

  8. Penny G

    Penny G10 days ago


  9. Alex Garrick

    Alex Garrick10 days ago

    Something tells me Ollie would absolutely adore caving

  10. Alex Garrick

    Alex Garrick10 days ago

    whats even more surprising is that everyone born in the 1900 are all over 21! if you have 1 in your birth year you are either 21 or over

  11. Angelee McCollum

    Angelee McCollum10 days ago

    How is Covid 19 with you guys

  12. Angelee McCollum

    Angelee McCollum10 days ago

    I love you guys

  13. staind.raindrop

    staind.raindrop11 days ago

    Why were there 2 different countdowns? Was there a second ball drop? I am so confused.

  14. kailee bland

    kailee bland12 days ago


  15. kailee bland

    kailee bland12 days ago

    2021 # daily bumps

  16. kailee bland

    kailee bland12 days ago


  17. Khloe Castro

    Khloe Castro12 days ago

    Yeah it’s very good you yeah I got a Lotta toys for Christmas I got it I got a hover board I got a beanbag I got some toys ready I’m going to get a phone and no one but it’s still coming in so anyways I hope you had a merry Christmas this year and happy new year even though passed happy new year

  18. Sky

    Sky13 days ago

    u are the best

  19. Life With Loki

    Life With Loki13 days ago

    Are you guys bringing the goats??

  20. Dino Lux

    Dino Lux13 days ago

    i'm here after 4 years jesus they have grown

  21. Fan Charli and addisonrea

    Fan Charli and addisonrea14 days ago

    I got sick not COVID

  22. Harvey Pullen

    Harvey Pullen14 days ago

    Haervy Manchester Vs WEST

  23. Philip Zurkowski

    Philip Zurkowski14 days ago

    I am subscribed to Ollie.

  24. Philip Zurkowski

    Philip Zurkowski14 days ago

    Hi Ollie I am your big fan Liam I use my daddy res fin.

  25. Philip Zurkowski

    Philip Zurkowski14 days ago

    Yes yes😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 solaslwmdiy

  26. Bella and tigrr Nordlof

    Bella and tigrr Nordlof14 days ago

    The robot

  27. Bella and tigrr Nordlof

    Bella and tigrr Nordlof14 days ago

    What happened to Cosmo

  28. Bella and tigrr Nordlof

    Bella and tigrr Nordlof14 days ago

    The robot

  29. Gracie

    Gracie14 days ago


  30. Fire Galaxy Kit-sune Foxs

    Fire Galaxy Kit-sune Foxs15 days ago

    Ollie i get growing pain a lot TwT rip ur foot

  31. Erika Alvarez

    Erika Alvarez15 days ago


  32. Drama Hawks

    Drama Hawks15 days ago

    So happy for you guys and can’t wait to see the new home

  33. Hannah Fischer

    Hannah Fischer15 days ago


  34. a face you can trust

    a face you can trust15 days ago

    love ur vids!!!!!!! im pinoy

  35. inayah kazmi

    inayah kazmi15 days ago

    Jimmy was just looking at everyone ! Lol

  36. arijit chatterjee

    arijit chatterjee15 days ago

    happy new year 2021

  37. Paytyn Ramos

    Paytyn Ramos15 days ago

    Why do you guys move


    CAVI-ANN WILLIAMS15 days ago

    Where are going to move to


    ALONDRA ESQUIVEL15 days ago

    I haven’t seen you guys in a while

  40. lory maleengam

    lory maleengam15 days ago


  41. lory maleengam

    lory maleengam15 days ago

    how is the house. how is the packing going

  42. carly 2020

    carly 202015 days ago

    omg i come back after a couple years (used to watch daily bumps when i was younger) and omg ollie and finn have gotten so big !!

  43. Angela stavropoulos

    Angela stavropoulos15 days ago

    I love you guys

  44. Maja Hrustic

    Maja Hrustic16 days ago

    I love watching you videos

  45. Teresa Van Buren

    Teresa Van Buren16 days ago

    Happy anniversary

  46. Stacy Gurewitz

    Stacy Gurewitz16 days ago


  47. Delta

    Delta16 days ago

    The boys must have watched a different country’s new year so the adults could have alone time

  48. Grace Allen

    Grace Allen16 days ago

    How else has been watch since Olly was born

  49. Lori Markle

    Lori Markle16 days ago


  50. From Elmy To You

    From Elmy To You16 days ago

    Can't wait to see what's coming next! Our family loves watching you guys

  51. Michelle Celuck

    Michelle Celuck16 days ago

    2020 won the worst year ever reward 😪

  52. Chaz g

    Chaz g16 days ago

    I'm a biggest planet in the universe of the daily

  53. Joey C

    Joey C16 days ago

    😪😫😫😫😫😫😫☹ 20 21

  54. David Chiasson

    David Chiasson16 days ago

    I like your vidos

  55. Tom Sanderson

    Tom Sanderson16 days ago

    Ollie is like me whith a hurting foot

  56. Ultimate Gamer 303

    Ultimate Gamer 30316 days ago

    Hey I dont know what day it is for you guys but it Jan 6 today is

  57. Anna Roden

    Anna Roden16 days ago

    Wait you live in London same

  58. Seerat Ayesha

    Seerat Ayesha16 days ago


  59. Chloe leigh

    Chloe leigh16 days ago

    i cant belive how big ollie is getting i remember when he was such a tiny baby

  60. Melissa Nesteruk

    Melissa Nesteruk16 days ago


  61. Anna Wade

    Anna Wade16 days ago

    I just realized I have been watching you guys since I was 5 and I'm 13 now. I love you guys so much!

  62. Andrea Andrea

    Andrea Andrea16 days ago

    Happy new year ! Daily Bumps! Hungary !

  63. Shelby Powell

    Shelby Powell16 days ago

    So... anybody see the weekends "new" face

  64. Kgaladi Tumelo

    Kgaladi Tumelo16 days ago

    Love you guys

  65. anhthi tran

    anhthi tran16 days ago

    Why are u guys moving???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹

  66. Eddie Furnell

    Eddie Furnell16 days ago

    look at this 2012 then 2021 hopefully the word doesn't end

  67. shannon young

    shannon young16 days ago


  68. Sophie Taylor

    Sophie Taylor16 days ago

    Who's moving in your house plus are moving too xx

  69. Rebecca Chapman

    Rebecca Chapman16 days ago

    l hope you are well and happy new year 2021 love from rebeeca

  70. Alison Andrews

    Alison Andrews16 days ago

    It’s not really looking better because we’re in lockdown 4 And we have to stay home from school

  71. Alison Andrews

    Alison Andrews16 days ago

    Mike Cousin cried because he said all of The London people did hear the banging

  72. Ing

    Ing16 days ago

    I’ll I say good bye soon🥺 don’t blame yourself now..😖 buts if it’s true😢 I’ll sorround you and I will give life to the world

  73. Ashes Condon

    Ashes Condon16 days ago


  74. gamer sunplaysbggamers

    gamer sunplaysbggamers16 days ago

    finn is so cute when he say you made me fall

  75. Zoraver Dhawan

    Zoraver Dhawan16 days ago


  76. Rebekah Hess

    Rebekah Hess16 days ago

    Please never get rid of the intro song. It’s so perfect

  77. mommy bear

    mommy bear16 days ago

    happy new year

  78. funtime foxy and lolbit

    funtime foxy and lolbit16 days ago

    Me when he hurt his foot: Welcome to my world bud...

  79. Lamborghini Cyan

    Lamborghini Cyan16 days ago

    Well it over January 1st

  80. hannah herrrera

    hannah herrrera16 days ago

    I love your videos Daily Bumps

  81. Red Panda GUCCI

    Red Panda GUCCI16 days ago

    oh no 2020 won lol



    Happy new year guys🎆🎇

  83. Alida Mendez

    Alida Mendez16 days ago


  84. Heidi Deleon

    Heidi Deleon16 days ago

    Me to i can wait for the new house

  85. Leigh Hutto

    Leigh Hutto16 days ago

    i staydup tell tow in the mornig at new yeARS

  86. Nico Fan

    Nico Fan16 days ago

    Who else thinks Ollie and Finn are so freaking cute ?

  87. Fortnite Sweat Luke

    Fortnite Sweat Luke14 days ago


  88. William McCormick

    William McCormick16 days ago


  89. James Rieman

    James Rieman16 days ago


  90. Nerdwork ravenyasss

    Nerdwork ravenyasss16 days ago

    Yasssss they are yassssssssss

  91. Laura Crowe

    Laura Crowe16 days ago


  92. Nico Fan

    Nico Fan16 days ago

    Who else just loves daily bumps ?

  93. Nathaniel Lerio

    Nathaniel Lerio16 days ago

    So cute

  94. Charles Stephens

    Charles Stephens16 days ago

    I have mixed emotions about you guys moving!!

  95. Demi King

    Demi King16 days ago

    I remember I’ve watched this for AGES. And I’ve watched the boys grow up and there so big now and Ollie is so tallll

  96. LilaRuby BK

    LilaRuby BK16 days ago

    Happy new YEARS yay wow what a years....................

  97. Michelle Sanchez

    Michelle Sanchez16 days ago

    Jimmy just there looking at everyone lol

  98. Itz Gacha Tornado

    Itz Gacha Tornado16 days ago

    Lol XD

  99. Tatiana Espinoza

    Tatiana Espinoza16 days ago

    I love you guys you are the best people I ever met thank you for making so much videos and thank you for keeping me this far because I had cancer you made it this far for me thank you for doing this making all these videos to make me happy I I’m ur biggest fan

  100. Amazing Rowan

    Amazing Rowan17 days ago

    Happy new year’s to Daliy bumps

  101. Ricky Willoughby

    Ricky Willoughby17 days ago

    Yall had so many memories in that house ❤

  102. Andy Pilkilton

    Andy Pilkilton17 days ago

    Why are y'all moving

  103. Valentina Stewart

    Valentina Stewart17 days ago

    hehe 202won hahah

  104. Valentina Stewart

    Valentina Stewart17 days ago

    omg she said it to

  105. Jordan Cruz

    Jordan Cruz17 days ago

    God Bless You All 💙🙏🏻

  106. Merlyn Downer

    Merlyn Downer17 days ago

    Happy new year and I am new to your USlikes video

  107. Laura Milone

    Laura Milone17 days ago

    They never respond to any questions , how sad!!!

  108. alyssa

    alyssa17 days ago

    the way ollie said he wants to be better at meditating... at 7 years old 🤯